to Addis with love

to Addis with love
Knitting + crochet guidelines for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital
Our patients receive a handmade shawl, hospital gown and slippers on
arrival. A knitted or crocheted shawl becomes a treasured possession for
these women and girls. If you would like to make a shawl for one of our
patients, with a little love from Australia, here are the guidelines.
Finished size
40 x 50 inches or 1m x 1.3m
If you knit 10” or 25cm squares: 5 x 4 squares
Finished size is very important and shawls outside this size may not be sent to Addis Ababa
8 ply acrylic yarn - nice and easy to care for
Please do not use wool or other fibres
About 10 x 100g balls will make one shawl
4mm knitting needles or crochet hook
The brighter the better!
Sewing up
Please be sure to stitch squares together very securely for a rough but treasured life in Africa
Sending your shawl to Ethiopia
We accept shawls twice a year: February and July. Please keep your
finished creations until then as we do not have enough space to store
700+ shawls at a time. Deliver your finished shawl to our shop in
Turramurra (and have a cuppa with the team) or post it to our PO Box
address below. Please include your contact details so we can thank you.
If you are able, we would appreciate a contribution to the cost of
air freighting the shawls to Addis Ababa. If you can contribute $20
per shawl, we would be grateful. If you can’t manage a financial
contribution, don’t let that stop you knitting!
Crochet for a Cause
We run one-day workshops where you can learn the art of the Granny
Square with tuition fees going to fund a fistula operation.
Visit for details.
Goodies for our Turramurra gift shop
If you would like to make items for sale in the world’s only Hamlin
Fistula Ethiopia gift shop, we would love to talk to you. While shawls are
a wonderful way to make our patients feel loved, we also need to raise
funds to treat obstetric fistula. We would love the following handmade
• Crocheted or knitted cushion covers
• Hand made jams, marmalade or honey
• Other handmade items that will sell on the north shore
Please talk to Tanya Seabrook at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia)
about what you have in mind, before you start production.
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Ltd
Phone 02 9440 7001
Email [email protected]
Visit Like
PO Box 5066 Turramurra 2074
1396 Pacific Highway, Turramurra. Next door to the 711