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I have unfortunah-ly spilled
ketchup on my tally blue cashmere cardigan, which
wouldn't be so bad except it's ray girlfriend's favorite
and we're not getting along very well right now as it is.
My question is: When are you guys going to do a story
on Daft Punk?
Theodore Florldis
New York, MIT
Another good example of a
successful tag line would be: "Sweater's better!"
You're welcome.
I would just like to soy that,
first of all, Itonyand read a number of publications
covering a wide range ol interests and subjects. I
am therefore something of an "expert" on magazines in general. Let me just say this: Sweater is
the greatest! I have never before encountered a
magazine with this amount of Quality. My breath
has been literally sucked away, leaving me
"hungry for more." Or maybe just hungry,
fcan't fell. Please send me a free subscription
and some bagels.
Johan Kiigelberg
Springsteen, Nebraska
Hick Eddy
Dayton, OH
You guys suck!! I haven't seen
a magazine this lame since 1 ivas over your motto's
house!! Techno is tor pussies!! You suck times a hundred!! Die Magazine Die!!!!
1 am not convinced ol Ihe quality
of the following lag line, because I grow weary and
there is a strange humming. Here goes something:
"Sweater? I hardly hnow her!" With pleasure.
Seattle, WA
Johan KSgetberg
Poison, Idaho
Vin: Always nice to hear from the family. Probably
shouldn't have sent you that advance copy.
Ted; We like the iray you ttiink. But we're nol hiring
Is it "knit one, pearl two." or "pearl
one. knit two"? I can never remember. Also, do you
think those "hand-knit" Irish fishermen's sweaters are
really "hand-knit"? Wouldn't that hurt your fingers?
Lawrence Durrell
Cairo, VT
Are any of these letters real?
*n WhatyouVe
looking for.
Marcel Proust
Froggy (or Adventure, CA
I play in a sort of go* trance/jungle/drum'n'bass/gabber/happy harcore/house/ambientinfluenced group called Foam. We just signed 1 big
record deal with Lockjaw Records. My question is: My
favorite pullover is made from some rayon-based synthetic blend that won't stop itching when I sweat. Is
there a fabric softener that might help?
Topper Headon
London, England
; Tf PiftTa^ftS mg. m u t e at per cigarette by FIC method
Take the damn thing off. moron. And stop bothering us.
Hey. Larry, you haven't seen my bottle of lSD-25,
have you? Listen up, peabraln: Sweater is not 3
knitting magazine. Sweater is a magazine about
electronic music and club culture and a bunch of
other non-koiftfoq-retated stuff.
Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.
Our regular DJ spotlight column. If you're good, it only takes one crate of
records to create a killer set. So let's see what's in your crate, then. This month:
Breakbeat Science part-owner and renowned DJ DB. By Elysha Lenkin.
On Manhattan's renascent Lower East Side, DB takes a break from the rigors of t
Beat Science record shop which he part owns, and crouches down on the front s
record comes on, moving a couple of guys inside the store to hysterics. Separate
glass window, DB begins motioning at them in DJ sign language. Finally his voice
"It would be a good track if it wasn't a 'Horizons' rip off."
That's DB's job in a nutshell—to d
originality from a cheap replica, in
instance, the difference between tt
Bukem classic "Horizons" from a ci
vogue imitation. As a prime New Yo
and an ASR rep for Sm:)e Records,
acronym for his true name, not the
pseudonym for drum 'n' bass) lister
records all day long hoping to pick
ner. He's also got his hand in the st
to produce a few winners of his owi
"Bitch Trip" for the Nu Emotion EP
Currently, he's working on two new
collaboration with DJ Dara on a rerr
Right In," to be released on the Nu
School compilation, and a remix of •
group Dog Eat Dog featuring guest •
RZA of Wu-Tang Clan.
DB's most influential jungle tracks 90- '07
4 Hero - "Mr. Kirks Nightmare" (Reinforced)
Every Friday night, DB gets to dis|
fruits of his labors during his weekl
most unlikely venue for jungle, the I
house mecca Twilo. This upscale clu
appreciates his aggressive, techno-i
flavor much more than the typical r.
drum 'n' bass headz who usually tur
his gigs. Lately, DB finds playing at
2 Bad Mice - "Wheremouse" (Moving Shadow)
Origin Unknown • "Valley of the Shadows" (Ram)
Omni Trio - "Renegade Snares" (Moving Shadow)
Deep Blue • "The Helicopter Tune" (Moving Shadow)
Goldie - "Timeless" (Metalheadz)
humiliating, because the kids end up sitting in the middle of the dancefloor. DJs visiting
from overseas are especially mortified. "I'm sick of the rave scene where kids just want to
get away from their parents and use the party as an excuse to get as messed up as possiPhotek • "Complex" (PhoteK) ble," he explains. Some kids even make their way over to the DJ booth to comment, 'Have
you got anything good to play or anything to dance to?'"
LTJ Bukem • "Horizons" (Good Looking)
Adam F - "Metropolis" (Metalheadz)
Doc Scott - "Shadow Boxing" (3!)
The reply: "Not for you."
Which tracks does the man himself prefer? DB thinks that the best jungle love songs are
by Everything But the Girl. But when he wants to seduce his lady, he'll put on "One and
Only" by PFM. To open up minds on the dancefloor (also referred to as clearing the dancefloor) he'll try anything from Photek. And if he wants to freak out a mental patient he'll
throw on a loop of Wu-Tang Clan.
Although jungle lies closest to his heart at the moment, DB doesn't view himself simply
as a one-style DJ. Yet with so many jungly styles to choose from, it's difficult to resist.
"The rest of music just isn't as interesting," he states. "If jungle got monotonous then I'd
switch, but jungle is more musical, so people are more passionate [about the music]."
Photography by Kristin Bcline