Sewing by the Sea Internet Newsletter for Winter 2007

Sewing by the Sea
Internet Newsletter for Winter 2007
Most People Have Marbles!
Like most folks, I’ve been told that I’ve lost my marbles on more than one occasion. Well, I will state for the record
that I haven’t had any marbles for years! Since I have been in this sewing business (and probably a few years prior),
my marbles were replaced by numbers, and designs, and patterns. They are very much like the marbles, in that they
roll around a lot, get frequently lost, and generally keep my brain cluttered. And, often, people want them! So, I have
decided to share a few of my designs with you and maybe a few of your marbles will be replaced. This is how the
plan developed: I am always creating little useful things for my life. I make them and use them. Then, someone
sees them and “wants the pattern.” Well, you know where the pattern is?… juggling around in my brain—not on
paper, not filed anywhere, not recorded for all to share. Sometimes the pattern makes it to paper, but most of the
time it is “design clutter.” So, I plan to share some of these with the folks in Tuesday Night Quilters. If others
would like to learn these techniques, they can come to Tuesday Night Quilters for that night only. (Of course, if you
are a regular Tuesday Nighter, you can do your usual Tuesday Night thing ... playing with your marbles?) The first
shared pattern on Jan. 16 will be Knitting Needle RollRoll-ups: a storage case for needles, paint brushes, screwdrivers, etc.
On February 6th, I will share my backpack pattern. If you are not a member of Tuesday Night Quilters, you may join
for the winter for only $35. Others may attend any one session for $10. Please call if you’d like to participate in
the projects above so we can give you a list .. And don’t bother to ask “Can I just buy the pattern?” because, well now know where it is!
Classes for January and February
Machine Owners Class: New machine owners will want to attend to learn the basics on their
new machines. The first night is for all models of machines and the second session is for the
new owner of a computerized machine. Jan. 10 & 17 from 6:00 to 8:30. Free to owners of
new Pfaffs purchased here, $15 per session to others.
Storage Case: Use the vinyl pockets of this hanging organizer to store jewelry or craft
notions. Thurs. Jan. 18 from 1:00 to 4:00. $18.00 includes Kwik Sew pattern.
Beginner Quilt:: Learn to rotary cut, piece a 1/4” seam, layer your quilt, and add a binding on
this small wall quilt. If you have been quilting a while and maybe need to brush up on skills,
this is a good class for you, too. May be “homework.” Sats. Jan. 20 & 27 from 10 to 4 and
again on Feb. 21 & 22. $35 (See book Get Creative in our Shop with Ussection of the website
to see the quilt for this class.)
Flannel Circles:
Circles: Make these fun circles and sew them together for a baby quilt. Use flannel
or novelty fabric scraps. This class is good for beginners, too, but is not a conventional quilt:
no binding, no quilting on top. Jan. 26 from 10 to 3 (we will not finish in class). $15
Tuscan Village: This Italian inspired log cabin using 1” strips was a big hit at the retreat this
year, so we are offering it for everyone. Wed. Jan. 31 from 10:00 to 4:00 $20
Freddie’s Circles: I traveled with a few quilting friends to Jefferson, ME where we met Freddy
Moran and made her “” quilt. It involves sewing in lots of curves. I added my own
shortcuts, naturally, but it is still not beginner material. Come learn to make the quilt on Sat.,
Feb. 3 from 10 to 4. $20
Drawstring Bag: Take Two half-yards of fabric,, put in a couple of zippered pockets, webbing
or twill tape for the drawstring, and you have an easy tote. Feb. 6 from 1 to 4 $15 includes
Green Pepper pattern
Diamond Weekend: Okay, we’ve done squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles—but what
about a girl's best friends? You can most likely finish the top of this diamond quilt in our
weekend event. Fri. Feb. 23 from 6 to 9 and then back on Sat. the 24th at 9:00 for 7 more
hours of sewing. Snacks and a light lunch are included. $45
Finishing School: Come and use our space to finish projects. $5 per session.. Jan. 5, Jan. 19
and Feb. 2. Come as early as 9:30, leave by 5:30. (No instruction and minimal assistance.)
Coloring with Thread by Ann Fahl
If you are still of the mindset that machine quilting is not really quilting, skip this
book. If, on the other hand, you are really ready to try something very different with your
machine appliqué, then rush to Sewing by the Sea and pick this one up!! The first
Foxy’s Book Review thing I did with this book was to look at all the wonderful photos in both of the
gallery sections (one is quilts of the author’s; the other is students’ quilts—very
clever, as it really makes you think you can do this!). Then I went back and read the book cover to cover…The
section on tools and threads alone is worth the price of this book! And then there are the practice exercises — I
am still having difficulty working with a hoop, but I WILL get there! By the time you have finished with the 5 practice
exercises, you will be chomping at the bit to try it on a real piece. (Start small, would be my advice, but large
enough to fit in the hoop!). The “Project” section has some easy samples to make with excellent directions. Having a
wonderful Madeira thread box filled with lots of thread choices also helps...Pay close attention to the “tip” boxes, as I
think the author saves you lots of time and headaches — sounds as if she made the mistakes for you! There is also
a great “troubleshooting” section if you still have problems. All in all, I think this is one of those “must have”
books for your quilting library.
Internet Coupon
Purchase 10 fat quarters (your choice)
for only $15.00
Must purchase all 10 at same time
1 coupon per customer, please
Expires Feb. 15, 2007
Need help with your projects? Want to learn a technique not offered in the classes? Come to rent-atable! $10 per session
January 11: 10 to 1 and 2 to 5
February 16: 10 to 1 and 2 to 5
Pfaff Club
Pfaff club meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday from 10 to 12 and from 6 to 8. New Pfaff owners
receive this club free. Others pay $8.
January 23: Heirloom Techniques
February 27: TBA
Quilt Clubs:
Select one of our monthly clubs to keep you on target in making a full-size quilt. View the quilts at Click on “Shop with Us” and then on “Kit exclusives” to see photos of the
quilts. Call or e-mail to have us mail you more information.
Thimbleberries Club: We will meet monthly to complete a queen sized quilt designed by
Thimbleberries that uses their own fabrics. Meetings begin Wed. Jan 24 from 1 to 4. Kits may be
shipped. Cost depends on the payment plan selected.
Block of the Month Club: Bold and bright Kaffe Fasset and Carla Miller fabrics are the
theme for our pieced block-of-the-month qulit. Cost is only $10 per month and you do these blocks on
your own
Flower of the Month: Northcott is making “flower of the month” fabric. Come in on your birthday month and receive a free fat quarter
of this lovely fabric!
Did Santa forget to bring your PFAFF?
We have several demo-model embroidery machines available at
discounted prices as well as a few sale priced machines left and
lower-priced activity machines. Remember, our
prices start at $189 everyday and all machines
come with free classes!
Hurry in before we ship
them to be sold in our Portland Store!
Coming in March
Project Runway: Mar. 8th
Wedding Ring
Embroider & Embellish
Coming to Portland
We are establishing another store on Stevens Ave.,
Portland, ME. We will be a PFAFF Creative Sewing
Center. Check the website as more info becomes
New Fabrics
We have received a lot of new spring fabrics. You can check out the
entire groups on the manufacturer’s websites. Of course, we have not
ordered every piece, but we have quite a selection!
Beatrix Potter Garden Tea:
Flower of the month and Nature’s Whimsy (in blue) by Laurie Godin
for Northcott:
Tuscan Wildflower by Kaufman:
Sweet Hearts by Moda:
Kiku by Makower:
River Bed by Benartex: