Where Women Work Ad re o

Where Women Work
An inspiring communal
space for muses and visionaries
trending higher in the past couple of years, providing a more affordable and professional
solution than the neighborhood coffee shop. But
Lena Hyde, the powerhouse behind the webbased photography resource site designaglow.com,
took that notion a bit further in 2011, when she
opened Muses & Visionaries with her business
partner Erin Rossitto in West Palm Beach, Fla.
With membership open to women only, Muses
& Visionaries cultivates a working environment
that’s beautiful and spacious at 4,000 square
feet, and above all, quiet and accommodating
to a range of professions.
Hyde drew inspiration from the European
artist salons of the 17th and 18th centuries,
transforming what was once a male-dominated
idea incubator into a more modern concept,
where “women could meet each other and
make connections, get support and advice
from people that they wouldn’t normally
meet in their everyday lives.”
Different membership levels provide access
to a range of amenities, from dedicated desk
and office space to conference room usage
and other perks like covered parking and free
event hosting and guest passes. (There’s
even an option for women who may be traveling
through the area and seasonal residents.)
A life coach visits once a month to consult with
interested members, and the space is a constant
hub of event activities from speakers to art
openings to Pilates classes.
“Coworking is so hot right now — I love it,”
says Hyde. “We have this group of really creative, smart women and they’re all so inspiring.
I can’t imagine working on my own again.”
Though not quite ready to announce any
additional locations as of yet, Hyde hinted that
expanding is a topic on the table. Let’s hope
that her pioneering will inspire similar salons in
other cities soon. C
Read more at musesandvisionaries.com.
Photographs by Lena Hyde
co-working and flex-office spaces have been
Stylish desks to suit every personality
Where you work should be both inspiring and a reflection of who you are. Architect and
interior designer Ili Nilsson finds the perfect desk for your space.
This is a no-nonsense desk.
I love the hand-applied
metal cladding and visible
nailheads. This sleek little
number has the tailored
look and feel of a 1930s
aircraft but channels the
fierce confidence of
pioneering icon Amelia
Earhart. The Parsons Metal
Desk, $499 at westelm.com.
Thanks to an art dealer member, the space is also an
ever-evolving gallery.
The open workspace is both free-flowing and intimate, with
cozy sofas for informal client meetings and out-of-the-way
workstations where you can focus.
Graceful and well-heeled,
this is the kind of desk
that deserves letter-press
stationery, thoughtful letterwriting and the touch of
warm trade winds. The rich
Java finish and the stunning
legs put it at the top of
my list for that Caribbean
summer home I dream
about. The Noir Ferret Desk
in distressed black. $1,080
at laylagrayce.com.
As principal owner of design-build firm TerraCotta Properties,
Ili has also designed a line of furniture for Valore, and hand
selects one-of-a-kind items and vintage finds for MarketPlace,
her online boutique. Visit terracottaproperties.com, and
browse at marketplace-tc.com.
After a fascinating hot air
balloon ride over the
Serengeti, I will sit down at
this desk and document
my amazing journey… at
least that’s what I imagine!
I love this desk for its
simple lines and beautiful
natural wood finish.
The side extension and thin
profile make it super
practical, and the price
makes it a steal. The
Campaign Desk, $229.99
at worldmarket.com.
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web concepts
creativity online:
7 New Ideas We Love
Brighten up your web presence with a few of these fresh concepts by jane johnson
As a photographer, or any small business owner for that matter, Internet presence is key.
It’s imperative to keep your online platform a step ahead of the competition, from website
and blog through the entire suite of your social media communications. Here are a few
of the most memorable online creative touches we’ve seen, and suggestions for putting a
little more impact in your web presence impression.
Going sideways. With the exploding popularity of tablets and iPads, more people are viewing web pages
on devices that are conducive to horizontal sites. When a viewer is already using her fingers as a pointer,
swiping through a horizontal site comes more naturally than dragging a mouse sideways. Something
as simple as the custom mouse icon on this site literally showing you to scroll left or right makes a world
of difference. Add to that the beautiful imagery paired with the right amount of video touches and
perfectly complementing typography, and you have one impeccably designed website!
When a potential client first visits your site you
want them to pull up a chair and stay for a
while, so ease of navigation should be high on
the priority list. A feature like a custom mouse
icon that makes getting around your site crystal
clear can make all the difference.
Overall design. The first thing I look for in a
blog design is custom fonts. It’s the simplest
way to make a site feel custom, and yet
seems to be underutilized. This site is crisp,
clean, and well designed. The minimal sidebar
advertisements enhance the site and don’t
clutter it. I love the simple little bar anchored
at the top of the screen that has the social
media icons and newsletter signups always at
the ready. The articles are well written. This is
just a really great blog overall.
don’t skip the web fonts
Cover your bases with your business — even down
to the fonts. Using a desktop font you uploaded and
converted is actually illegal. It may double the cost in
the price of a font, but you always want to purchase
the web font for copyright purposes.
Most fonts are available for purchase as webfonts
in addition to straight desktop fonts. Websites like
fontsquirrel.com allow you to convert any legally
eligible font into a web font. Google.com/webfonts
also has a wide variety of quality typography
specifically released for websites and apps. —J.J.
Mobile portfolio presentation. Each
album can be customized in terms of
the photos shown, and the photographer can create graphics specific
to their unique brand for the loading
pages. I love anything I can customize!
Sticky Albums are a great way to
generate buzz about a business (thus
increasing word of mouth referrals) and
can increase the average sale per client
if offered a la carte or as an incentive.
Making a splash. Photography splash pages tend to be cut out of the same boring mold: a logo stacked
on top of two or three square images pointing to a portfolio (or two) and blog link, then finished off
with a block of standard SEO text. This splash page caught my eye because it’s unexpected. With a
repeating flash file of the ocean that you can practically feel on your toes, this landing page is outside
the box, and makes you linger a little longer to breathe before entering the site. And it really has nothing
to do with the brand — which I actually love.
“Put a little more impact in your
web presence impression with intelligent
display, facebook integration, and
unique portfolio presentation.”
you can afford custom fonts
A website like fontsquirrel.com has a large selection of free fonts created
specifically for graphic designers that come with commercial-use licenses
and is a great place to start looking for custom fonts if you don’t necessarily
have the budget for a beautiful $50-plus font.
MyScriptFont (myscriptfont.com) is a free online tool that allows you to turn
your handwriting into a font in five easy steps. Simply download their PDF template, write out the letters (I used a Sharpie pen), scan it, upload the file, save
the font, and your handwriting is ready to go! For the more meticulously minded,
make sure each handwritten letter is equally spaced in the provided boxes for
accurate consistency. Inconsistencies can easily be resolved by adjusting the
tracking (and baseline shift) in the character window in Photoshop. —J.J.
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web concepts
“It’s imperative
to keep your
Internet presence a
step ahead of
the competition.”
Desktop portfolio presentation. I’m in love with the idea of an interactive wallpaper of thumbnails
as the main landing page of a website. Most pre-designed blog templates don’t allow for much in the
way of outside-the-box customizations, and this type of portfolio presentation all but brags about the
fact that the artist commissioned a graphic designer to create something special. Consistency is key
in both shooting and editing styles to be able to pull this type of portfolio presentation off. I also came
across this incredibly powerful website that utilizes the same idea (look it up — you won’t regret it):
time.com/time/beyond911. Both websites are Webby award-winners, and it’s clear why.
Intelligent display. Researchers have
found that line lengths between 3 inches
and 3.5 inches yielded the fastest reading
performance. I did a screenshot of this
website and measured the columns in Photoshop. Sure enough, the column widths
are just under 3.25 inches wide.
The curators of the site provide basic
information: one important image, basic
stats to help you decide whether or not
you should read it (much like the number of views on a youtube video dictates
whether or not it’s worth your 30 seconds
of attention), the post title, and a brief
description. All posts are organized into
clearly displayed categories making a quick
overview of content even simpler. This
website is the perfect example of putting
the psychology behind how the eye processes information to good use.
Facebook integration. When Facebook switched
to their timeline cover, they suddenly leveled the
playing field for all companies. I spent hours looking at the Facebook business pages of companies
large and small and the one that stood out the
most is not surprising. Anthropologie utilizes their
unique branding throughout the cover image,
profile thumbnail, and custom tab images. Their
designers took the time to ensure each customizable item maintained one cohesive look, which
made them a winner in my book.
In addition to being a portrait
and fashion photographer, Jane
has extensive advertising and
publication design experience
with a focus on logo and brand
development. Visit Jane at
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create your
traveling studio
Who doesn’t love Etsy? We can all get lost in the pages and pages of unique finds from all over
the world. Self-professed Etsy fan Lauren Sanderson, a lifestyle portrait photographer based in
Huntsville, Ala., shared her favorite sellers with us.
Austin, Texas-based professional photographer Jenni Jones would love to have
a beautiful studio to call her own, but between a full-time marketing career and her
own boutique photography business, a brick-and-mortar studio isn’t in the cards.
But you’d never know it based on her beautiful newborn and baby portraits. We
asked how she creates her traveling studio setups in her clients’ homes.
1. We’ve all seen the mustache props for photo booths,
but Kitty Dune Cuts takes it to the next level with Conan
hair and character pieces from Scooby Doo and Yo
Gabba Gabba. etsy.com/shop/KittyDuneCuts
2. A self-proclaimed “little bit vintage, little bit modern”
children’s clothing store, Lillipops Designs offers
handcrafted frocks using eco-friendly fabrics. etsy.com/
Click: What one thing would you never want to
forget to bring to a session?
J.J.: Semi-sheer curtains — those things are a
lifesaver when shooting on-location. You never
know what kind of light you are walking into, and
being able to soften the light with my curtains
has saved me on more than one occasion. Click: Are clients surprised to discover how you
achieve your shots?
J.J.: Yes! They have a hard time seeing the final
product when they see my set up, but one of
the most common comments I hear after my
sessions is that they couldn’t believe the images
were taken in their home.
Click: What are your favorite prop vendors?
J.J: Props: JD Vintage Props jdvintageprops.com;
Wraps: Lilian Grace liliangracecreations.com,
Robin’s Little Nest robinslittlenest.bigcartel.com;
Girls hats and headbands: Veronika G Design
veronikagdesign.bigcartel.com; Boys hats: Goodnight Mouse etsy.com/shop/goodnightmouse,
Chickyloo Custom Knits etsy.com/shop/chickyloo;
Backdrops: Throw blankets from Restoration
Hardware restorationhardware.com.
4. Chunky knit bumps by Perfectly Sweet Items have
a wonderfully rich texture that give a simple newborn
setup that little something extra. etsy.com/shop/
5. Three Bird Nest has gorgeous and luxurious
headpieces, jewelry and accessories, perfect for senior
and model sessions. etsy.com/shop/ThreeBirdNest
Photograph by Jennifer Morrow
goes in last
Jenni purchased six 4’ x 8” oak wood planks
from Lowe’s (pine is cheaper but it’s also softer;
oak is a better bet for this project.). She sanded
the planks and used a tack cloth to remove the
dust, then primed and painted the boards with
an antique white paint in eggshell. For ease of
use, she wanted to bind together three planks
for a set of two (making it easier to carry when
on location), so she secured a thin piece of
wood to each end using wood screws. For an
even easier option, paint hardboard ready-topaint wall paneling the color of your choice.
Click: What supplies and props do you bring to
every session?
Jenni Jones: My Shoot Baby bean bag, backdrop stand, a ton of spring clamps, semi-sheer
curtains, faux floor, and receiving blankets for
posing. I bring a variety of props, wraps, etc. with
me, but those vary from session to session. All props
3. Colorful teepees from The TeePee Guy are a fun styled
element for any session, and they provide great shade for
sunny sessions. etsy.com/shop/Theteepeeguy
«Jenni’s DIY faux floors
Top left: Jenni Jones. Bottom left: Carol Swaitkewich
Then backdrops, receiving
blankets, hats, headbands, wraps and
Flokati in suitcases
Backdrop stand
in the carrying case
goes in next
Photographs this page by Jenni Jones
Floors and step ladders first
Jenni created this shot in her traveling studio.
Flokati rug, Ikea; layering pieces, Lilian Grace; mini-blanket,
Chickyloo Custom Knits; antique wood grain measure,
Mainetrader Etsy Shop.
Fans make it fancy
Who knew a simple fan could be some photographers most prized studio tool? It’s true. Fans
add a sense of motion to a photo and can be
very flattering to women.
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Sourcing a session from start to finish by jodi arego |
featured session by julian evans
{Pre session}
{during the session}
DIY headbands
knit cap
sound machine
{studio set up}
Pre session business cards We Heart Paper, Etsy, etsy.com/shop/weheartpaper website and blog ProPhoto, prophoto.com newborn booking form Machforms,
appnitro.com gear camera Nikon D3S; Lenses Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, all from Adorama, adorama.com; camera bag Epiphanie Belle, teal,
epiphaniebags.com session backdrops Home Goods, Pottery Barn, JoAnn Fabrics posing beanbag Shootbaby, shootbaby.com sound machine Cloud B Soother
Sleep Sheep, nordstrom.com clamps Home Depot iphone app iPacifier white foam board Hobby Lobby, hobbylobby.com; blankets and wraps JoAnn Fabrics,
Target, Home Goods knit hats Chickyloo, etsy.com/shop/chickyloo diy headbands JoAnn Fabrics baskets Home Goods and Ikea diy floor boards Home Depot
Tools & Trimming
“Simplicity is the
—Leonardo Da Vinci
editing and ordering software Photoshop Creative Suite 4, adorama.com; computer
iMac hard drive Seagate External, Costco
products the client ordered
image box Loktah, hemp; wooden usb flash
drive, photoflashdrive.com; usb boxes Loktah,
alabaster; canvas gallery wraps Loktah,
loktah.com; albums Kiss Albums, kiss.us;
frames Art City Frames, artcityframes.com
packaging twine JoAnn Fabrics; kraft paper
shreds Hobby Lobby thank you cards/studio
referral program WHCC, whcc.com