Airborne Molecular Contamination: - Cleanzone

26 October 2015
Workshop on
Airborne Molecular
Sampling, generation
& measurement
MetAMC Workshop
There is a clear demand from the industry for
continuous measurement and control of airborne
molecular contamination (AMC). The formation
and behaviour of AMCs are still largely unknown,
mainly due to the lack of measurement methods
that are sensitive enough to detect these
molecules at (sub) parts per billion levels in real
time. To overcome this, the three-year project
MetAMC* was started in May 2013 within the
European Metrology Research Programme, EMRP.
* Metrology for airborne molecular contamination
in manufacturing environments
The workshop will address:
• optical techniques for AMC measurements:
– photoacoustic, cavity-enhanced absorption,
and cavity ring-down spectroscopy;
• NICE-OHMS, a beyond the current state-ofthe-art optical AMC detection technique;
• traceable reference material generation;
• reliable and practical sampling of AMCs;
• results from laboratory and field tests.
MetAMC workshop
MetAMC workshop
The scientific program will show you the outcome
of the MetAMC project via oral and poster
presentations. Talks will be given mainly by the
MetAMC project partners that are experts in
optical measurements of trace gases as well as in
gas generation and sampling.
For registration please send an email to
[email protected]
Practical demonstrations of instruments and
methods developed within the MetAMC project
complete the program.
Program, Monday 26, October, 2015
Workshop fee
The workshop is free of charge.
Lunch and drinks are included.
The workshop will be held as a pre-congress
workshop of the
2015 at Messe
Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
More information including directions on how
to reach Messe Frankfurt can be found at:
For further questions, please contact:
Tuomas Hieta, tel. +358 50 511 0058
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