Required Summer Reading with Assignments 2015

Required Summer Reading with Assignments
2015-2016 High School
Biology I, Honors
Mrs. Pamela Knopf
Required Summer Reading: It Couldn’t Just Happen: Fascinating Facts about God’s
World by Lawrence O. Richards
Read the book from cover to cover
Choose one of the five assignments to do that are given under the title “Just for
Fun” at the end of EACH of the following chapters: 3, 6, 10, 15, 18
Write several paragraphs (5-7 sentences in each paragraph), for each chapter
assignment explaining what you did. There should be five (5) sections in all.
Note: Parents are strongly encouraged to read the book and discuss these topics with
their students! Reading this book will help all students to begin our study of Biology on
the same page, with the same understanding of creation science and the scientific
method. This book also takes the place of Module 9 in the Biology textbook.
Written assignments are due the first day of class. Please type and print the assignment
and bring it with you to class. Please be sure to type your first and last name on your
Required Summer Reading & Assignments
REVISED 4/19/15