2015-2016 GEM Lead Resident Ambassador

Job Title:
Supported by:
Lead Resident Ambassador (September 1 , 2015-August 31 , 2016)
The GEM Living Learning Community
Community Director
The GEM Resident Ambassador Team
Non-Exempt FTE: 0.25
Revision Date: April 2015
Weekly office hours, monthly meeting/teambuilding/event hours, and on-call nights/weekends
$700 monthly rental stipend, $125 bi-monthly salary, parking spot, $14.10/extra hours
CHNW is a not-for-profit organization that was started by students to support students in the areas of housing, academic
success & personal development. As a community, we accomplish this mission by employing the shared cultural values of
competence, collaboration, autonomy & positive impact. This is about innovation, constant evolution and development. Our
employment positions are not static, and we fully expect that all staff will be learning, gaining skills and strengthening abilities
to move up or out in the quest to make the world a better place. The right candidate will be ready for the next challenge after
1-2 contract years.
 Collaborates with the rest of the Living Learning Community staff and resident council to provide a supportive
environment where students can thrive
 Provides the highest level of service to students at all times
 Approaches conflicts with fellow students’ behavior as teachable moments
 Proactively promotes dialogue about positive change by adding agenda items to their team and individual pages, in
addition to participating in committees and events
 Participation in company trainings, activities and events
 Must be currently enrolled in a college/university and maintain student status throughout 1 year employment
 Continue to live within CHNW housing for duration of employment contract
 Maintain or improve individually designated GPA requirement
 Remain in Good Standing with CHNW this includes: Maintaining a positive or neutral monetary balance with
CHNW’s leasing department and remaining free of conduct violations of any type
 Ability to think critically and use good judgment in new situations
 Ability to act as a positive role model for fellow students at all times
 Ability to maintain confidentiality of fellow student and staff information
Student Support/Operations:
 First responder in after-hours emergencies, including work order assessments and be within 15 minutes of the
community during scheduled on-call times (One night/week plus one weekend/month)
 Ensures office coverage and on-call schedules are covered equitably by the team (2 hours/month)
 Collaborates with the Community director in developing systems and problem solving (4 hours/month)
 Represents the Resident Ambassadors during The GEM Team Meeting (4 hours/month)
 Maintain a working knowledge of the Fire Safety systems
 Staffs the Leasing Office serving as a resource and contact for residents (One Friday and Saturday 10AM2PM/month)
 Provide guidance and ensure two mission-based resident events are completed each month (2 hours/month)
 Assist in monitoring and providing feedback on the events budget
 Serves as a resource and contact for students and as a communicative part of the larger CHNW team
 Strive to understand and contribute to the engagement of residents’ social, educational and recreational needs
 Act as a participatory member of the Resident Ambassador team by planning and facilitating a structured team
building event once per term (4 hours/term)
The GEM Lead Resident Ambassador
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Participate as a part of the larger community including attending the monthly Resident Council Meetings (1
Available during school breaks and holidays to provide coverage
Student Employee Support:
 Represents Resident Ambassador staff concerns in Employee Services and Safety Committees (2 hours)
 Participate in the on-call rotation along with acting as back-up on call in support of Resident Ambassadors and be
within 15 minutes of the community during scheduled on-call times
 Engages employees in professional development utilizing the systems created with Employee Services
Possible next steps in professional role development within CHNW:
 Student Facilities Team Member: Cleaning Focus
Work Environment:
Portion of work is completed in a general office environment with exposure to moderate levels of noise in a well-lit, wellventilated and fast paced environment; frequently required to read computer screen. Majority of work is performed within
CHNW properties with some work performed outdoors. Work locations include interior apartments, exterior grounds,
building common areas such as hallways, and lounge and reception areas as well as equipment, supplies and recycling
areas. Work performed is predominately while standing and moving, with regular exposure to equipment noise. Minimal
travel is required, 15% or less; travel is regional in scope requiring travel by driving; a valid driver’s license is required.
Physical Demands:
Up to 25%
Required to stand and/or walk for extended periods of time
Required to hear and/or respond to verbal/audio cues
Required to see and/or respond to visual cues
Required to reach with hands and arms
Required to perform repetitive motions of hands and wrists
Required to lift, push, pull and/or carry objects up to 25 pounds
Required to stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl
Required to twist and/or bend
Exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals
Exposed to fumes or airborne particles
Exposed to blood or other human bodily fluids
Exposed to outdoor weather conditions
Works near or around electricity
The GEM Lead Resident Ambassador
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