Request for Proposal for ICT based Career Assessment and

Request for Proposal for ICT based Career Assessment and Guidance
Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for Appropriate Agency to create a holistic web-based solution for
providing Standardized and Validated Career Assessment and Guidance platform for Class X, XI and XII
Pre-Qualification Criteria:
1. The agency shall have at-least 3 years experience of Designing, Conducting and Analyzing a
Standardized and Validated Psychometric Assessment (Aptitude Test, Personality Test and
Interest Test) in both English and Hindi.
2. The agency shall have the experience of providing Career Guidance and Counseling solution
based on Aptitude, Personality and Interest Assessment to at least 30,000 students.
3. The agency shall have the experience of making web based Online Assessment as well as paper
pencil OMR based Assessment.
4. The agency shall be able to completely design and implement the web based career guidance
solution in both English and Hindi by mid-april 2015.
5. The agency should have people not less than Ph.D. in Psychology or Ph.D. in HRM as part of the
core team on permanent rolls.
6. The agency should be registered with relevant tax authorities and should have achieved a
minimum turnover of Rs.5 Lakhs in last two years.
Upon selection of the agency 40% of the amount will be released as Ist installment and if the work is
found satisfactory 40% will be released as IInd insallment and remaining 20% will be released after
satisfactory completion of work.
1. Background and Objective:
The Rajya Madhyamik Shiksha Mission (Department of School Education, Chattisgarh) wants to create a
web based career assessment & guidance solution for students studying in class X, XI and XII. It wants to
do a pilot with around 1000 students to see how the effective the solution would be towards providing
holistic career guidance to it’s students. It also wants a IVR system based post assessment guidance
facility to help the students in deciding their career paths.
2. Scope of Work:
The work is divided in three broad phases:
A-1: Creation of a branded Web Portal on which the students can register and take the Online
A-2: Conducting of Assessment for 1000 students.
A-3: Processing of Assessment data and Recommendation Report Generation for 1000 students.
A-1: Creation of a branded Web Portal on which the students can register and take the Online
a) Designing of the Web portal to be branded as “Kshitij Chhatisgarh” on which the students can
register and take the Online Aptitude, Personality and Interest Assessment.
b) The Department would provide the necessary inputs in terms of overall branding ideas etc.
c) The agency would provide the specifications in terms of Hardware and Software required to
access the Web portal.
A-2: Conducting of Assessment for 1000 students
a) The department would select the schools and students who would be assessed for this pilot
b) The agency would provide training to the staff and personnel of the department who would
then go to the locations and get the students to take the assessment.
A-3: Processing of Assessment data and producing recommendation reports for 1000 students
a) The agency would provide the assessment questions after getting the work order for approval.
b) The agency would process the assessment data and produce recommendation reports for the
c) The agency would provide the soft copy of the recommendation reports for the students to the
department for further distribution to the students.
d) The agency would create an IVR system based post report query resolution that would be
manned for a specific period during which students can call and get their queries resolved.
3. General information to the bidders:
The bid has to be submitted in two documents i.e.,
a) Technical Bid
b) Financial Bid
The interested bidders shall express their interest by sending their responses in the specified formats
enclosed as Annexure 2,3,4,5 and Form no.s. 1,2,3,4
The technical bid should contain all relevant information and desired enclosures in the prescribed
format along with Earnest Money / Deposit (EMD), while the financial bid should contain only the
financial rates and quotations, along with financial terms etc.
The bidder should enclose EMD of Rs.15000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand only) in form of
Demand Draft drawn in favour of Managing Director, Rajya Madhyamik Shiksha Mission
(Department of School Education, Chattisgarh). The EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be
returned without interest after award of contract to the successful bidder. The EMD stands
forfeited in case the bidder withdraws or amends his bid after submission of tender document.
The bidder is advised to attach any additional information, which it thinks is necessary in regard
to his capabilities to establish that the bidder is capable in all respects to successfully complete
the envisaged work. He is however advised not to attach any superfluous information. No
further information will be entertained after tender document is submitted.
4. Terms and Conditions:
The agency should be registered with appropriate tax authorities.
The agency should submit it’s audited financial statement of income and expenditure for last
two years.
The agency should be registered in India for at least last three years.
The agency must employ enough backup systems to securely maintain it’s software.
The agency must mention the time line with effect from the issue of work orders.
5. Selection procedure:
Proposal should be submitted duly filled along with all required documents for
verification within 07 days from the date of publication of advertisement I e latest
by 9th April 4pm to Managing Director, SPO, RMSA, C.G., Raipur, 2nd Floor,
Ekikrit Shiksha Bhawan, Pension Bada, Raipur(C.G.) 492001.
Telephone and Fax - 0771-2429985, 2420156 (Off).
Selection will be based on the cost/per child proposed including taxes, time line for
each deliverable, IVR hours to be allotted along with number of days/ methodology
and the experience of the agency in the required field.
The decision of the Managing Director, RMSA will be final and all legal cases will be
under the jurisidiction of Raipur.
Experience of the agency:
1. Weightage would be given for minimum time taken to complete the task or assignments.
Details of key personnel’s:
Name Designation in agency
Roles/responsibilities in agency
Educational qualification
Experience Expertise in subjects(s)
Please enclose methodology / approach in creation of web based Career Assessment &
Guidance solution.
Please indicate expectations and support required from the client.
Format for FINANCIAL BID by the agency: (to enclosed in a separate envelope
mentioning as “2: FINANCIAL BID” on it.
………………………………………………………………………………………,(proprietor/agency) Propose to
charge Rs………………………….. for per candidate as mentioned in the RFP and as per the
request of Rajya Madhyamik Shiksha Mission (Department of School Education, Chattisgarh).
1. There will be no increase in the rates during the contract period.
2. Any cost apart from the contracted cost will be bearable by the contracted agency itself & not by
Rajya Madhyamik Shiksha Mission (Department of School Education, Chattisgarh).