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Edmond Quilt Guild
P O BOX 1843, Edmond, OK 73083
The Edmond Quilt Guild meets on the third Tuesday of each
month at 7:00 pm at the Memorial Road Church of Christ
2221 East Memorial Road Edmond, Oklahoma
Volume 7 , Issue 1
January 2009
President’s Report— Bonnie Bowman
Bonnie Bowman
[email protected]
Lee Gray
[email protected]
Brenda Esslinger
[email protected]
Cathy Dawson
[email protected]
Patti O’Neil
[email protected]
Sue Esparza
[email protected]
Judy Elliott
[email protected]
Loving Touch Com:
Vicky Wyalie
[email protected]
Quilt Show Chair:
Pam Forrester
[email protected]
Web Master:
Don Lusk
[email protected]
Mission Statement
The mission of the Edmond Quilt
Guild is to preserve, teach and
share the history and art of quilting.
Happy New Year! New....what a word. At my age, is anything new
anymore? I’m a helpless hopeful. I begin this year, as I have the last 50
plus years, with ideas of new things, new changes and new challenges in
life. Sure, I’ll find myself returning to my familiar, comfortable ruts. But,
recently, I’ve begun trying to downsize, due to the accumulation process
that naturally occurs when you have reached the 36th year anniversary of
your marriage. It’s time to decide what is really important. I certainly won’t
start in the sewing room, because everything there is so very necessary.
I’ll start in my bedroom closet. That’s where all of the ghosts of Christmas
Past now reside. That is where all of the unfinished craft projects of my
various experimentation stages rest. That is where I stashed the sewing
projects from the days in which I spent time and effort making my own
clothes. I made everything I wore except my underwear and shoes. I
dressed in gorgeous hand made suits, sports clothes and even sleep wear.
I turned a magical corner when I discovered that sewing quilts meant that
no matter what, the patterns don’t go out of style, nothing has to fit and fabrics can live forever. There is no guilt in stashing fabric for quilts, even if
you’re not sure you’ll use it or not. I began opening boxes that contained
patterns, zippers, fabrics, shoulder pads, interfacing, belt buckles and buttons. The patterns are curiously dated and not likely to return to fashion for
another 30 years, unless you consider heavy shoulder pads cool. I
laughed with glee at the thought of finishing the M.C. Hammer pants, already cut out with the pattern attached in a curiously wild Hawaiian print
poly/cotton fabric. You know the ones, the gathered waist and the droopy
crotch with the skinny ankles. I can’t imagine what I was thinking back in
the late 80's, but I had every intention of being at the height of fashion. I
felt a large boulder lift off my shoulders as I emptied boxes containing patterns, polyester blend fabrics, silky rayons in bright colors, all projects I had
every intention of finishing. Somewhere along the line I learned that buying
clothes wasn’t so bad and, now that I have quilting as my new creative outlet, I don’t have to worry about getting around to that old unfinished project.
If I don’t finish that sampler I started back in 2000, I know I’ll do it eventually. I won’t be deterred because it’s the wrong color or doesn’t fit my expanding frame any longer, or that no one else is wearing that style. The
U.F.O’s of quilting will still be appealing to someone and can fit anyone who
likes the quilt I eventually finish. I’ve decided that guilt is highly over-rated.
Sure, it can motivate you to complete something before you start
Volume 7, Issue 1
Page 2
something else. But I’m at the point in my life that joy feels better than obligation. When I work on a project that brings me joy, I can forget about the guilt of the “mistakes in purchasing” I’ve made in the past.
Make yourself the pledge today to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and start a project that will bring
you joy. Give yourself the freedom to set aside a project that is going nowhere and pick up one that
makes you happy. Make all of the resolutions you feel are necessary to your well-being, but be sure to
add the joy!
Happy New Year!
Bonnie Bowman
Outgoing President’s Report— Laura James
A fond farewell - I have to say the last two years have flown by. Why it seems like only yesterday I
was just learning to balance that crown on my head and now I have to put it away. I’ve had a wonderfully
talented and capable board to work with so I feel like all I had to do is to hold on and enjoy the ride. Thanks to all of you who made the job a joy. I will miss our monthly board
meetings and fine fellowship. Now I’m going to get to work on a quilt for our show in
Take Care
Outgoing President’s Block Request …
Make a block for our outgoing President, Queen Laura James, to
help her commemorate her reign over the guild for the last two
years. She has requested a HAND Theme for her blocks and has
left A LOT of creative room …
Block Size: Any
Due Date: March 17th—guild meeting day
Make a block depicting some representation of your own hand.
You may trace your hand and create an appliqué. You may use
photo transfer. You may paint. You may even paper piece. You
can create a block of any size or style or color with a representation of your own hand or hands. Don’t worry about it for a moment. Have fun. It will be unique and wonderful because you
made it.
MOST IMPORTANTLY - be sure to sign and date
your block.
Volume 7 , Issue 1
Page SEW
Page 3
Vice-President’s Report – Lee Gray
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Don’t forget to bring your December blocks to the January meeting, or if you have put your blocks
into a quilt, bring the quilt. We will be taking pictures of the BOM quilts in Jan, Feb, and March to put on
our web site so everyone can see the different settings used and how great they turned out. Looking forward to seeing your BOM quilt.
Lee Gray
Program Report - Alice Kellogg
Poor Johnny had a workout and was almost beat to death with a candy cane at our Christmas
Party. I hope you enjoyed the party as much as I did. From the level of noise, I think everyone had a
good time. Who was the big winner at the “high roller” table?
Thank you guild members, for all the support that you have given me over the last 5 years. With
your help, I feel the guild is on a firm foundation and I am confident enough to take at least a year off and
recharge my batteries. It is going to feel weird to be a “member” but that will be my title starting in January.
In January, Mary Ellen Johnson from Newalla will speak to us about circles. She is the inventor of
the WonderArc Ruler and has published patterns that use her ruler. We will also have cake to celebrate
our 5th Anniversary, so save room for dessert!
January 20, 2009: Mary Ellen Johnson and Happy 5th Anniversary EQG
February 17, 2009: TBA
March 17, 2009: Charlotte Hickman
June 16, 2009: Irena Bluhm (contract pending)
November 16, 2009: Toni Steere
Alice Kellogg
Reveille Quilt Studio
Longarm Quilting, Memory & T-shirt Quilts
Kerry Fisbeck
2000 Reveille Road
Edmond, OK, 73013
[email protected]
The Savage Quilter
Fabrics, Patterns, Books, Notions & Classes
6815 N May Ave.
[email protected]
Volume 7, Issue 1
Page 4
With Spring and warmer weather comes the return of the quilt shows and shop hops! Make plans for checking out
some of the ones listed below ...
Sooner Quilts
Quilting Supplies & Custom Longarm Quilting
Michelle Schroeder
7821 S Sooner Rd
Guthrie, OK 73044
Toadally Awesome Quilting
Brenda Esslinger
3428 NW 26th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
[email protected]
Volume 7, Issue 1
Page 5
Loving Touch– Cheryl Boles
Rachel and I took the dozen quilts that we had completed for girls in foster care to Citizens Caring
for Children. They were thrilled to get the quilts and were going to give them to the youngest ones in foster care who have no coats. They had just run out of blankets for this use. Vicky and I will be working
together and still use the Bernina Booth at Hancock’s as a drop-off and pick-up point
Thanks again!!!
Cheryl Boles
Membership Report– Patti O’Neil
Hello members!
We had a great Christmas party at our December meeting. I’m sorry so many of you missed it!
There were only 47 members who signed in and 2 visitors. We’ll be collecting the 2009 dues in January.
The dues are $20.00 for an annual membership and an additional $8.00 if you wish to have the newsletter mailed to you. I hope to see you in January. Please wear your name badge to the meetings so we
can put a name to a face. Let’s make a New Year Resolution to bring a friend to visit or join our club in
Patti O’Neil
2009 OKC Winter Quilt & Embroidery Show - January 8-10, 2009, Cox Convention Center, OKC. Judy Niemeyer will
be teaching workshops and presenting a trunk show. Sue Hausmann, of “America Quilts Creatively”, and Walt Floriani, of
machine embroidery fame, will also be featured. A special exhibit will feature quilts from the “Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative”.
For more information … or 405-853-6801
“Behind the Scenes: Curatorial Quilt Preservation” - January 24, 2009, Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City,
MO. Museum curator will talk on quilt preservation and demonstrate best practices for preserving family heirlooms. For
more information …
Dallas Quilt Celebration - March 12-15, 2009, Dallas Market Hall, Dallas, TX, They are
also part of the Quilt Mania II.
Pieces of Our Lives - 30 Years of Walnut Valley Quilters Guild - March 28 & 29, 2009, Winfield Middle School,
Winfield, Kansas, or Carolyn at 620-221-6544 & Penny at 620-221-0848.
40th Annual NQA Quilt Show - June 18-20, 2009, Greater Columbus convention Center, Columbus OH,
Up to a Challenge? Try the “KONA COFFEE” QUILT
CONTEST”! Deadline for entries is Sept 1, 2009 and
all quilts must be coffee related to maintain their coffee
theme. For more information and the rules for entering, go to their web site …
Our condolences go to Mira Langley, whose
husband passed away on Nov 28th following a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.
Please keep her in your thoughts and
Volume 7, Issue 1
Page 6
Opening January 5, 2009
January Birthday List
Mary Ann Legako
Custodia Ewald
Jere Marcotte
Shonda Lovelace
Brenda Esslinger
Jeannie Sikes
Judy Howard
Gailyn Phelps
Toni Galley
Lucy McAnelly
Sue Esparza
Cameron Potter
Volume 7, Issue 1
Page 7
The Edmond Quilt Guild board would like to announce a new feature on
the web site. We have developed and included “EQG Highlights”, a retrospective review of our activities for 2008. We have also gone back and provided a retrospective review of our activities for 2007.
Our intent is to complete a written summary for each year to document
our comings and goings. As the years roll along, it becomes harder to remember all the facts of our guild. As such, we figured we needed to get this going
before our memories faded too much and too many years came and went.
The Highlights section is listed with the newsletters of each year, basically just another column in the current newsletter archive set-up. Look for
both the 2008 and the 2007 summaries on the web site.
We hope you enjoy the summaries!
EQG Board
The EQG board would like to welcome Pam Forrester and Shonda Lovelace as chairs for our next quilt
show! They have accepted the challenge of coordinating and organizing the rest of us for our 2010 quilt
show. Pam’s contact information is listed on page one
of this newsletter. Please give her a holler and let her
know what you can do to help out the show effort. We
had a great show in 2007 and anticipate the same rave
reviews for our 2010 show!
Thanks for accepting the challenge ladies!!