Document 100210

“Rickard’s A.P. (All Purpose) Emerger”
By: Duane Velie
The A.P. Emerger is a pattern developed by Denny Rickard’s of Fort Klamath Oregon to imitate emerging
insects in general. The A.P.’s origins are based and were developed more for the Stillwater fly fisher in
mind but will work equally as well in moving water when insects are present. The A.P. probably imitates
a mayfly, caddisfly or damselfly best and can be tied in a variety of colors from Olive, Black, Gray, Tan or
use your imagination. This fly is fairly easy to tie and may just be the ticket when fish are feeding near or
on the surface.
Bill of Material:
Hook: Tiemco TMC 5262 or equivalent
Size: #10-#14
Thread: 6/0 Olive Dun
Tail: Mallard Breast Feather dyed olive
Body: Hare’s ear or rabbit fur dyed
olive (sparse)
Rib: Small Copper wire
Thorax: Peacock Herl (Three Strands)
Wing Case: Same as Tail
Hackle: Partridge dyed olive (Two turns
tied down over thorax)
Head: Olive Thread
Step 1: Start thread on hook shank and run to
starting point at hook bend. Tie in tail using
Mallard breast feather barbules. The tail length
should be equal to the hook shank or slightly
shorter. (*Note* Be sure that the tail comes off
the hook shank straight, a tail curved left or right
will not allow the fly to swim straight!)
Step 2: Trim tag ends from tail (Set aside tail tag
ends if long enough to be used in step #3) Tie in
Copper wire for ribbing. Dub a sparse body to
halfway or slightly past on hook shank.
Step 3: Wrap Copper wire forward to form ribbing
to front of body, tie off and trim tag. Tie in Wing
case using Mallard breast feather barbules (Tags
cut off in step #2) secure with a few tight wraps of
thread and again trim tags.
Step 4: Tie in Three strands of peacock herl, trim
tag ends.
Step 5: Run thread to a point slightly behind
hook eye. Wrap Peacock herl to form thorax, tie
off and trim peacock tags. Pull Mallard breast
feather strands over thorax to form wing case,
secure with a few tight wraps of thread.
Step 6: Trim wing case tags. Prepare and tie in
Olive dyed partridge hackle feather. Trim tag.
Step 7: Wrap hackle feather two turns and
secure with a few tight wraps of thread and trim
tag. Tie hackle down slightly over thorax.
Step 8: Form a thread head and whip finish,
apply head cement.
(Completed Fly!)