Now is the time to begin making your costume for the Courir De Madri Gras to be held
on Friday Night of the 2014 ADDC Convention. The costumes are simple and
inexpensive so get your club together and surprise us all with your costumes.
Supplies Needed:
A. 1 set of Scrubs, (shirt and pants) preferably used from the second hand store.
B. 2 or 3 X-Large Mens T-Shirts (pure cotton and in your color choices)
C. Choose your color scheme, however, traditionally Purple, Gold, Green are Madri
Gras colors.
A. Cut the T-shirts in 4” strips, starting at the bottom of the T-shirt. Cut the strip’s
from around not up and down. The strips make better fringe if cut around.
B. The number needed depends on your design and the amount of color you want.
C. Lay 2 strips (different colors) on top of each other. Begin to sew the 2 strips on
the shirt, choosing to follow side seams, shoulder seams, sleeve edges, neckline
seams. Choose your own pattern of decoration. You may even stitch the strips
around the body of your shirt or up and down the body. Choose how much
decoration you want.
D. After sewing the 2 layers of strips to your shirt, take sharp scissors and begin to
cut your strips approximately ¼” wide, being careful not to cut into your sewing.
The material will begin to curl and make a fringe when cut, especially if it has
been washed before cutting into strips and if the t-shirts are older and soft.
E. To decorate the pants, undo the inside seam on both legs, nearly to crotch. You
can then lay the legs out flat to sew. Sew your 4”strips of color on the pants,
following the side seams, around the bottom of legs, or even sew rows of strips up
each leg to make the pants completely fringed. Re-stitch the crotch seam and clip
your strips into fringe.
F. Traditionally a cone-shaped hat completes the costume. The hat being decorated
to match the shirt and pants. Beads, feathers and paint can be used to finish off the
hat. They range in height from somewhere around 6 to 8 inches tall and up to
16/18 inches tall. The higher the better but hard to wear and harder to pack in
your suitcase.
How to Make a Courier De Mardi Gras Costume
Example of front of shirt
Example of back of shirt
Example of pants leg
Example of another costume
Both of the examples began with a pair of scrubs. Both top and bottom match, BUT they don’t have to. Let your creativity be
your guide.
Tshirts were used to made the ruffles. The tshirts were cut in to 4 inch pcs. Then pinned around the top and bottom – in any
shape you wish. Once pinned, then they can be sewed.
Once sewed, pieces can be cut into strips.