Bablake Sixth Form Boys’ Dress Code

Sixth Form Boys’
Dress Code
Whilst the regulations for the Sixth Form allow for some variation in dress, the aim should be
to combine clothes that give a SMART BUSINESS-LIKE APPEARANCE and which are
appropriate for a working environment. To avoid unnecessary expense students should seek
advice on any item of dress if they are unsure of its suitability. Jackets must be worn at
all times, to and from school and in school, unless directed by the Headmaster.
The Headmaster reserves the right in his absolute discretion to refuse entry to the School to
any student failing to observe any of these dress regulations, and to rule on the acceptability of
variations not covered by the regulations. Any questions regarding variations for religious reasons
should be directed to the Headmaster.
Students who disregard the regulations will, after warning, be sent home.
Sixth Form Boys’ Dress Regulations
Sixth Form Boys’ Games Kit
Questions of acceptability should be taken to Mrs Tumber or Mrs Press whose judgement is final.
Two or three piece suit in a dark subdued colour. A discreet unobtrusive
stripe or check pattern is acceptable.
Blazer-style jacket with or without school badge in a dark, subdued colour.
Jackets must be worn to and from, and in, school all year round. At the
discretion of the Headmaster jackets may be removed in school when the
weather dictates.
Smart, tailored trousers in a dark subdued colour, of normal cut, with conventional side pockets and in a suitable material.
No denim or casual styles.
ShirtsA formal shirt in a style, and material consistent with the maintenance of a smart, business-like appearance. A fine-striped shirt or one with a small discreet check pattern is acceptable.
Multicoloured patterns or denim not permissible.
Plain knitwear in a dark subdued colour, of light/medium weight, v-necked
in a smart style may be worn under blazer/jacket. It should not be revealed
below the line of the jacket. A small discreet logo is acceptable.
Not to be regarded as an alternative to the jacket.
Sixth Form, House or Colours tie or a tie awarded for representation in
connection with the School.
Plain, black, brown, grey or navy shoes. No training shoes.
Lightweight boots, acceptable to the Headmaster, may be worn.
Socks – plain, dark colour.
Outdoor Coat
Any smart, plain coat. Suede, leather, denim or military style coats are not acceptable.
Scarves should not be worn in school.
Plain coloured scarf acceptable with outdoor coat to and from school.
No football scarves.
No ear studs, earrings, stretcher earrings, nose or tongue studs or
facial piercing. Boys who choose to have piercings outside the school
regulations are advised to do so during the school holidays; they must ensure
that the piercing heals sufficiently for the hole not to close, as they will be
instructed to remove them at school. Body adornments e.g. tattoos are deemed inappropriate for school and are discouraged.
Should be clean and tidy and of natural colour. No extreme styles.
Facial Hair
Students should be clean-shaven other than for religious reasons.
Rugby players -
School rugby shirt, shorts, socks and school tracksuit. All available
from the school shop.
Hockey players -
School hockey shirt, shorts, socks and school tracksuit. All available
from the school shop.
Note: The tracksuit is compulsory for both rugby and hockey players.
Football players -
Players are expected to purchase a school football shirt from the
P.E. Department at the start of the academic year.
Cricket players -
Boys playing in school teams require a Bablake cricket shirt and long cream/
white trousers. Bablake cricket sweater is optional.
Black shorts, school games socks from the School Shop required.
Other games options –
For badminton, step, fitness, martial arts and tennis pupils are expected to wear school kit.
White polo shirt (school shirt preferred)
White shorts
White ankle socks
Predominantly white trainers (not boot style)
The School Shop stocks all items of kit. (Please see note re football shirts)
If unsure as to the requirements please consult a member of the P.E. Department
(preferably with a name tag or a permanent marker).
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