Tech Tips: NuVinci® N360™ Wheel Building

Tech Tips: NuVinci® N360™ Wheel Building
Complete NuVinci N360 upgrade boxed kit options are available in several configurations, including
spoke count of 32 or 36, color choice of silver or black, and brake set-up for rim, roller or disc. While
you can buy a complete wheel from one of our distributors, most shops elect to build out a wheel on
their own. To help in the wheel lacing process, we have a few NuVinci insider tips to help make the
build as smooth as the shifting:
• It is helpful to have a base to place the hub on its side during lacing. Try a coffee can or old zip tie tube.
• Start lacing the wheel with the set of spokes where the spoke head is on the inside of the flange. This will
keep the rim in place better as you lace the rim.
• Lace the first set of spokes in pairs by grabbing the drive and non-drive side spokes with the head inside the
flange and lacing them at the same time. This makes the wheel build go faster.
• After rotating the rim counterclockwise, start lacing the spokes with the spoke heads facing outside the
flange. It helps to pick a starting spoke near the key spoke and lace every spoke, drive and non-drive side, in a
counterclockwise direction.
• When placing the wheel in the truing stand, be sure to use the anti-shift plug or install the hub interface. This
will keep the axle level and protect the shift nut and spline from being damaged in the stand. Placing the wheel
in the stand with the axle flats perpendicular to the ground will also ensure that the axle is completely level.
• The spokes will have nearly the same tension on the drive side and non-drive side of the hub. We find that
the spokes on the drive side are roughly a half turn tighter compared to the non-drive side spokes.
Wheel Building Spoke Specifications
Maximum spoke diameter is #13 / 2.34mm.
Minimum spoke diameter is #14 / 2.00mm.
Suggested lacing is a 2-cross pattern for 26-inch and 700c wheels.
Use a 2-cross pattern only if the rim allows the nipples to be effectively in-line with spokes.
For 24-inch or smaller wheels a 1-cross pattern is suggested.
Radial lacing is not recommended.
Wheel in the truing stand with the N360™ hub interface installed a method that IS acceptable…
The N360™ hub laced with the pre-installed anti-shift retainer is also an acceptable method…
What NOT to do — The spacing would be off and you could damage the hub this way …