Sewing Pattern — Blouse 4121

Sewing Pattern — Blouse 4121
Recommendations on fabric: thick blouse fabrics of natural or
mixed fibers (silk, viscose, mixed fabrics)
You will also need: fusible interfacing; 8 buttons
If the pattern has a double line around it, the seam
allowances are included.
Note: By default, seam allowances are NOT included (single
line) and will need to be added when laying out and cutting
Seam allowance: hem of the garment – 1. 5 cm, all other
seams – 1сm
Attention! First of all please print all the paper patterns and
lay them out at the width of fabric you plan to use (usually
from 90 to 150 cm) to see how much fabric you will need.
Don't forget to take into account pieces to be duplicated or cut
on a fold.
When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches, they
must match up with corresponding pieces.
The word, “beam” used on some patterns means “straight of grain”. Some pieces will be cut on the
fold, this is noted on the pattern piece. Mark all notches and other design features such as darts,
pleats etc. from the pattern onto your fabric.
Darts: The fold of the dart is always pressed toward the center of your garment, or down toward
the hem.
1. Back - cut 2
2. Front - cut 2
3. Sleeve – cut 2
4. Collar – cut 2
5. Cuff – cut 2
6. Back neck facing – cut 1
7. Buttonstand – cut 2
8. Sleeve placket – cut 2
Interfacing: Collar - cut1, Button-stand - cut 2, Back neck facing - cut 1
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1. Apply interfacing to button-stand, back neck facing, and outer collar.
2. Sew darts on back. Press toward center. Sew back center seam. Serge and press toward left.
3. Sew darts on front. Press toward center.
4. Preparing the sleeve for the placket: Cut sleeve on marked line, clipping the corner in top part of
the slit. Turn section 1.7 cm from slit up to marked line twice inwards at 0.5 cm and topstitch. Fold
placket in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew the corner up to cross marker. Trim seam
allowance close to the stitch, slash seam allowance near the stitch end. Turn the placket right side
out, press and sew along fold-line from below up to cross marker at 0.1 cm. Pin placket to sleeve,
right sides together, and sew with inner side on marked line. Trim sleeve near the stitch end
crosswise from slit up to connection
line. Turn placket onto right side, turn seam allowance under and sew. Align placket to marked line
on the sleeve and topstitch top corner on contour and along cross marker. Make evenly distributed
pleats on bottom edge of the sleeve.
*There are many ways to attach a sleeve placket to a sleeve. If you are a beginning sewist, you
may want to follow a video tutorial on Sleeve Plackets.
Tailored Sleeve Placket:
Easy Hidden Sleeve Placket:
Angela Kane: Part 1 Super Easy Placket:
Angela Kane: Part 2 Super Easy Placket:
5. Sew sleeve to back and to front, serge and press seam onto sleeve. Sew sleeve seam together
with blouse side seam. Serge and press seam allowances.
6. Fold cuffs in half, right sides together, and sew short sides. Turn cuffs right side out and press.
Sew outer side of cuff to edge of sleeve. Turn inner side of cuff seam allowance under, and
topstitch in connecting seam.
7. Sew the back neck facing to buttonstands. Press seams apart. Serge outer edge of buttonstands and facing. Sew outer collar into the neckline of the facings and button-stands. Clip into
curves and press seam apart.
8. Sew inner collar into the neckline of main garment. Clip into curves and press seam apart.
9. Pin button-stand, facing, and collar onto right side of the blouse and sew along the lower edge,
button-stand edge and collar edge. Trim seam allowances in corners. Turn onto right side and
straighten. Tack collar by hand into connecting seam. Tack facing by hand near center seam of
back and shoulder seams.
10. Serge bottom edge of garment, press onto wrong side and topstitch.
11. Make buttonholes on right front, sew buttons on left front. Make buttonholes and sew
buttons on cuffs and plackets.
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