Horrible Hex Overview

Horrible Hex
By Jon Moffat
Horrible Hex is an abstract strategy game of spatial relationships and tactical foresight. Form the Hex
patterns on your own Goal Cards while preventing your opponent from doing the same. The first player
to complete 3 Goal Cards wins.
Box Contents
Hexes (28)
There are 13 Hexes that have a grey circle and 13 Hexes that have a red star as the center symbol.
2 Hexes include both symbols and can count as either to complete Goal Cards. In addition to their
distinguishing centers, Hexes also have movement symbols along their edges which show what type of
movement (Slide, Jump, Push or Swap) each Hex can perform and in what direction the movement can
be performed. See page 3 for examples.
Goal Cards (26)
There are 26 goal cards consisting of various Hex patterns to be completed by the players.
Note: Beginners should remove the Hexes with both symbols from play.
1. Shuffle the Hexes and place 3 Hexes in a triangle
2. Shuffle the Goal Cards and deal each player 2 Goal Cards face-up
3. Place the remainder of the Hexes and Goal Cards face-down
4. Choose a player to go first, players will alternate turns
Each player’s turn has 2 phases: Movement & Scoring and Place New Tile
Movement & Scoring (Optional)
1. Select a Hex tile already in play and move it in accordance with one of its printed movement symbols.
A movement may not leave more than one group of Hexes.
2. If any Hex tile that has moved during this turn completes either player’s pattern, those patterns are
3. If a pattern is completed, discard all completed Goal Cards to the players’ Score Pile and replace with
new Goal Cards then discard all Hex tiles in play. Shuffle all Hex tiles and draw 3 new Hexes, placing
them in a random triangle pattern as per game setup.
Place New Tile (Mandatory)
1. Draw a Hex tile and place it touching at least one Hex tile already in play. Placement of a tile does not
complete Goal Cards.
Winning the Game
The first player to complete 3 Goal Cards wins. If both players complete 3 Goal Cards at the same time
the first person to complete 4 wins and so on.
Movement Details
No movement may rotate the orientation of the Hex
Slide (Single Arrow) – Move the Hex 1 space along in the direction indicated. This movement
requires there to be an open space to move into.
Jump (Curved Arrow) – Pick up the Hex and move it to the opposite side of the Hexes on its
jump side. There must be at least 1 Hex to jump over and an open space to jump into.
Push (Double Straight Arrow) – Move the Hex, along the direction indicated, 1 space. The Hex
pushes any intervening Hexes in the path of movement 1 space. All Hexes moved with Push
may be used for completing Goal Cards. If there are no intervening Hexes, the Push acts the
same as a slide.
Swap (Opposite Arrows) – Swap the positions of the Hex with the adjacent Hex on the side
indicated. Both Hexes may be used to complete Goal Cards.