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248 • textile view
mens & womenswear • winter 13/14 • exhibition preview • textile view • 249
Pedigree technology For 2014, proven pedigree will coincide with a need for new technology that allows smart
solutions, considerate manufacturing, low impact processes and increased efficiency. The trust that technology will succeed
in coming up with solutions opens the gates for revitalised opulence and a fresh, more sensible fashion opportunism. If
the consumer is willing to spend on high quality swimwear and lingerie then the offering should be extremely desirable,
preferably in more than one sense. The value can come from aesthetics meeting up with performance, fun design combining
with considerate manufacturing and well being benefits linking with sensuality.
FRESH SPIRIT (swimwear)
Ways forward towards innovative design often come via the
past. The friendly, laid back vintage spirit we have become
familiar with these past seasons evolves into something
more modern and young. Contrasts are sharp, lines lucid and
colour harmonies more daring. The artful decorativeness
and carefully organised mish-mash of geometric patterns
is pleasing as well as teasing to the eye. Optical twists and
puzzles play tricks by suggesting dimensions and textures
that are, in fact, flat print. This playfulness goes further than
just the pattern. It evolves into game-like garment design
and styling opportunities - cut and pasted into engineered
patchworks or well-directed – based on combining,
exchanging, mixing and matching of contrasting swimwear
items and accessories.
GEO EVOLUTION (swimwear)
Celebrating nature and striving to reconnect! Inspired by
the deepest layers of the earth’s crust and the ocean, diving
and digging down for the unseen and the unexpected.
Value the precious imperfections of geological textures,
the constant evolution of organic growth, the continuous
change triggered by erosion, oxidation, natural distress
and nature’s own self-destructive forces. It is the science of
nature and its surreal aspects that inspire. Natural aspects
and rusticity are combined with precious luxury. The spirit
of the fabrics is opulent but garment design is quiet and
19-1624 TCX
16-1325 TCX
14-1012 TCX
19-4014 TCX
19-3830 TCX
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17-0145 TCX
19-4342 TCX
16-3525 TCX
exotic glam
candy baroque
18-1651 TCX
19-3830 TCX
13-4110 TCX
12-0642 TCX
15-1435 TCX
13-5412 TCX
11-0602 TCX
16-4020 TCX
EXOTIC GLAM (swimwear)
There is a natural bond between exotic folklore and
swimwear, but it evolves from one season to another.
Previously, culture crafts were dry, rustic and pure; this
season, the trend is layered in richness and glamour. Ethnic
patterns, folkloric motives, exotic florals, feathers and
animal skins are omnipresent and topped with high tech
finishing. Techno crafts create metallic laminations, intricate
embellishments and applications, embossing, carving and
cutting. Traditional tropical and ethnic motives are updated
by digitalised and manipulating swirls and twists. Think lush
and luxurious!
power play
relive history
18-4535 TCX
17-1562 TCX
14-1228 TCX
19-3528 TCX
16-1054 TCX
18-2436 TCX
19-0915 TCX
14-4121 TCX
17-5333 TCX
13-0650 TCX
11-0601 TCX
19-4006 TCX
14-2808 TCX
16-1542 TCX
12-0721 TCX
11-0601 TCX
12-4608 TCX
13-2806 TCX
17-1937 TCX
13-0221 TCX
14-3612 TCX
15-6442 TCX
POWER PLAY (swimwear)
Helped and motivated by modern technology, the body is
encapsulated in smart and sensitive materials - intelligent
sunscreens, contouring body-gloves and pro-active skins.
Tactile surfaces add new dimensions and futuristic capacities
to the body. Layers of sensitive mesh filter sunlight and
water and add to the aesthetics of performance swimwear.
Bonded materials, spacer fabrics, laser-cut open works,
carved patterns and padded and embossed aspects
enable sensual sculpturing. Smart fabrics and suits are
truly smart if produced in a considerate manner allowing
minimum impact on the environment and fast and efficient
manufacturing. New engineering techniques such as
sew free manufacturing, lamination and novel adhesives
combine new optics and aesthetics with effective and swift
18-3963 TCX
CANDY BAROQUE (bodywear)
Welcome to the dollhouse! Escape into a world of candy,
cakes and fairytales. This is a story, reminiscent of the past
and fuelled with daring modernity. Opening the treasure
box to find unique pieces and true collector’s items. Slightly
theatrical, definitely dressing up, but it’s not a question
of copying old lingerie pieces from some box in the attic!
Fabrics are new, fresh and vivid. High tech and sophisticated
materials make garments that are contemporary with
youthful elegance, grace and a light-hearted touch of
humour. A playful eclecticism matches 1930s frills and laces,
1950s naïf prints and 1960s synthetic tulles with a hint of
frivolous chinoisery - all translated into the
17-1464 TCX
Historical periods continue to inspire because of the extreme
richness of historical arts and crafts. All treasures are crafted
with supreme artisanship; the ornaments are expressive;
the embellishment is opulent and the details refined. An
aristocratic élan is radiated. Surface detailing refers back
to historic times, but the materials and techniques are
often extremely innovative, not to replace the authentic
but to match it. Intimate apparel for lovers of luxury, who
appreciate the value of well-rooted quality, but at the same
time, want to fit historically inspired concepts into their
contemporary lifestyles. Thus, they look for concepts that
incorporate all the values, benefits and performance of upto-date bodywear.
17-3808 TCX
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