Getting you where you need to go! To: CCTA Member Municipalities

Getting you where you need to go!
To: CCTA Member Municipalities
From: CCTA Administrative Office
Please consider the following document for inclusion in your FY14 Annual Report.
Getting you where you need to go!
Chittenden County Transportation Authority: Urban Area Annual Report Summary, FY14
Throughout the past year, the Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) has
continued to provide valuable public transportation services to Burlington and the
greater Burlington area. In FY14, services included local fixed-route bus service; interregional commuter service; supermarket and school tripper shuttles; and contracted
ADA para-transit service for individuals who are unable to ride fixed-route service.
In FY14, a 13 member Board of Commissioners governed CCTA with two
Commissioners representing Burlington and one Commissioner from Essex, Hinesburg,
Milton, Shelburne, South Burlington, Winooski, Williston, Washington County, Franklin
County, Lamoille County and Grand Isle County. The annual FY14 operating expenses,
for the urban area, were, $15,351,830.
Breakdown of Urban Revenue by Source
Passenger Fares
Misc. Purchase of Service
Misc. Revenue
Getting you where you need to go!
CCTA provided 2,536,033 fixed route trips in FY14.The Montpelier LINK Express route
performed well in FY14, experiencing a 10% ridership gain. The average system-wide daily
ridership increased to 9,847 passengers per weekday.
Improved Passenger Amenities:
Downtown Burlington Station: The Downtown Burlington Station continued to make
progress on numerous fronts. Project design reached the 60% level of design
development in FY14 and negotiations progressed with both the City of Burlington
(related to the easement for the use of St. Paul Street and adjacent areas) and with the
State of Vermont related to the Memorandum of Understanding for the Zampieri
Bus Passenger Shelters: 16 CIRC Alternative shelters, located in Williston, Colchester
and Essex, were installed and completed in FY14. Additional passenger shelters were
installed on Pine Street at the Howard Center, on Maple Tree Place in Williston, and at
Burlington College.
High Efficiency LED Lighting: Continuing its efforts to reduce energy consumption,
CCTA upgraded all of the exterior lighting at its Burlington headquarters to high
efficiency LED fixtures. In FY15, additional exterior fixtures will be added to extend
coverage and increase lighting levels in the parking area.
Operational Improvements:
In FY14, the follow trainings were performed with urban staff; Diversity training, Driver
Safety, Bus Emergency Evacuation Training, Mobility Device Training, Smith Driving
System training, Counterterrorism Training, International Bus Training, and Customer
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