September 4, 2014 Next Meeting: Margaret Wolf, 3rd VP-Programs and Workshops

Next Meeting: Margaret Wolf, 3rd VP-Programs and Workshops
September 4, 2014
Guild Meeting Speaker—Doug Lecko founded Antler Quilt Design in 2008, when he
was just fourteen. He'd been quilting since the age of six. Working in his mother's quilt
shop over the years helped him to develop his skills and refine his art. After pattern
testing for various designers, he began to develop his own quilt designs. Doug took off
from there, launching a full-scale design and marketing operation while he was still in
high school.
Since then, his reputation has grown along with his business. He has a vibrant and
growing collection of patterns and his work has been featured in prominent
publications such as McCall's Quilting and Quiltmaker, and will soon be seen in
American Patchwork & Quilting. When he's not busy developing new designs or
showing at Quilt Market, he divides his time between pursuing a business degree and
teaching and speaking at quilting events.
Doug Lecko
Doug takes a distinctive approach to his quilt designs. He enjoys incorporating
secondary design elements, and is absolutely passionate about color. He loves every
aspect of the quilting process, from design to fabric selection to handwork to binding.
Sharing with other quilters is what Doug likes best about his business, and he's known
as much for his outgoing nature and storytelling as for his unique
passion about quilting.
Friday Workshop September 5—Taylored Stars.
Workshop fee includes a pattern with detailed cutting instructions
for the quilt in both lap and queen sizes.
Saturday Workshop, September 6—
This Stunning quilt is made with just a few fabrics. It uses a
couple of different star blocks, and the way it's set on point gives
the quilt its distinctive look.
What to bring to
the meeting:
Membership form +
money for dues
Membership card
Guild Library books
Money to register for
upcoming workshops,
Completed Covers for
Kids projects
October 2, 2014
Guild meeting speaker—Flavin Glover, “Waste Not, Want Not—Depression Era
Quilts”. Flavin Glover is a quilt designer, national teacher and author. Innovative Log
Cabin and geometric patchwork quilts composed of many fabrics in vibrant colors
have become her trademarks over the past 30 years.
(Please see Programs on page 3)
From the Continue to Make a Difference
President Let’s give a ‘big shout out’ and THANK YOU to Judy and her leadership team for all
they have accomplished over the past two years. Judy and her team made a difference
to you as a member, to our Guild and to the quilting community by:
Recognizing your contributions with the Yellow and Red Rose Awards and Life
Preserving our Keeper Collection
Updating our Bylaws
Offering the Helena Hibbs Scholarship.
Providing funding for the Helena Hibbs Endowment Grants and the Maverick Quilt
exhibit at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
Bonnie McElearney
Guild President
These are amazing accomplishments for an all-volunteer organization! I know that the
new board and you will join me by expressing our appreciation for a job well done.
As an organization we are fortunate to have a group of talented volunteers who are
willing to take leadership roles. The incoming board is made up of individuals who are
volunteering time and energy to further the mission of the guild for members, the
community and for the quilting world.
We want to hear from you as a member about what is important and we will look for
opportunities for you to express your thoughts during this year. Continue to make a
difference for our Guild by:
Attending monthly meetings
Volunteering for the annual Show
Participating in the Guild projects, such as Covers for Kids.
It is through this participation that we to continue to grow and learn about quilting, each
other, and how to serve the community where we live.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to make a difference for this organization!
Slate of Officers
Peggy Keirstead,
Nominating Chair
The members of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas elected by an overwhelming margin
the following slate of officers for 2014-2015:
1st VP Community Service
2nd VP Ways and Means
3rd VP Programs/Workshops
4th VP Membership
5th VP Finance
6th VP Show
7th VP Education
Bonnie McElearney
Mary Howard
Cindy Matthews
Margaret Wolf
Lut DeMeulder
Glynnis Wood
Judy Kriehn
Linda Bartley
Mary Jane Burton
November 6, 2014
(Continued from page 1) Guild meeting speaker—Linda Hahn, “A New York Beauty State of Mind”
Friday Workshop: New York Beauty Simplified
Saturday Workshop: New York Beauty Diversified
December 4, 2014
Guild meeting speaker—Donna Hall, "Needles to Notions, Threads to Guessing:
What Works Best"
No Workshops this month
January 8, 2015 --**Note Date Change**
Guild meeting speaker—Modern Quilt Studio, “Quilts Made Modern”
Friday Workshop: Improv Piecing
Saturday Workshop: Kaleidoscopes Simplified
For further information on programs, workshops, supply lists, etc., contact
Margaret Wolf at [email protected] or visit the QGD website:
Enjoy quilting with your friends at Linda’s Retreat.
Located on 33 acres in Sadler, Texas, we are set up
to accommodate 12 enthusiastic quilters.
For complete information go to
or contact Linda Gray at 817-456-4090.
Attention Members!
Our membership year begins September 1,
and dues must be paid by the September meeting.
Late renewals incur a $5 late fee!
For your convenience, a membership form is included
in this newsletter on page 14.
If you haven’t already renewed, print it out and bring to the September meeting.
Membership info is available on the membership form and also on the website at
Quilt Show
The 2015 “theme” category is STILL “Funny Quilts.” Get used to it.
If that’s a hard concept to wrap your brain around, then try using synonyms. Whimsical.
Amusing. Comic.
September 4th will not only be the night of our September guild meeting, but it will also be
only eighteen weeks until the deadline for show entries, and only 27 weeks until Preview Night
the evening before the Show opens to the public! If you haven’t already started, rev up those
sewing machines and get to work! Remember, we can only take up to 400 entries.
At the August guild meeting, I announced that I had some shoes that needed filling on the
show committee. I am VERY pleased to announce that one of those spots was filled to
overflowing before the evening was over! Cindy Matthews will be ably assisted with the
Volunteer Committee by Martha Smith and Candy Mahaffey, with assistance from Bili
Grozier and Carolyn Evans. I know that Tammie Bivins will be relieved to know she is leaving
Judy Kriehn, the committee in good hands.
Vice President, Show That leaves two other positions I’d love to fill with new faces:
Staff Lounge – Donna Lobelson and Donna Benedetto, aka “the Donnas,” have ably wrangled
this job for several years, and are ready for a change of scenery. Donna has the food
ordering process down to a science, so whoever takes on this task will already have wheels.
No need for re-inventing them.
2015 Quilt Show
Entry Information
begins on Page 15
Much like the Volunteer area and the Show Office, the job needs oversight from
Wednesday morning (set-up day) through Sunday afternoon. To keep it simple, we don’t
serve hot meals; just simple items like donuts and coffee in the morning, sandwiches, chips,
and fruit and soft drinks for lunch, and cookies for snacks. So even a non-cook like ME
could manage this job! And of course, the Donnas will be available to help out with on-thejob training. And our volunteers and vendors will remain happy campers too.
Please consider this! I’ll be a very grateful show chairman.
Show Co-Chair – Yeah, I’m just finally getting started, and I’m already looking for a
replacement… I’ll admit it: I’ve been nervous about taking on Show Chair since the day I
agreed to do it. And now that it’s upon me, I’m REALLY nervous. But past show chairs
who have also served as president have all assured me that Show Chair is really simple by
comparison, because the Committee members make it happen. And given that being
President worked out well, I’m telling myself that will be what I discover as well.
But I digress… If you’ve thought organizing a quilt show would be kind of fun but
wondered where to start, being my evil twin for two years will help you learn the ropes and
have you ready to rock come April 2016.
And hey. I think being my evil twin could have some good benefits! Bwah-ha-ha!
HELP US PROMOTE THE SHOW! Guild members served as “ambassadors” for the Original Sewing and
Quilt Expo that was held at Will Rogers Memorial Center last fall. We had a good time, so we’re going to do this again.
By volunteering (being an ambassador) you can sit in on some of the classes being held at the show, help collect tickets at
the door, and other activities to help the event staff. In return, we’ll have booth space provided to promote our Guild and
the 2015 Dallas Quilt Show. Such a deal! Use the link below to access the Ambassador sign-up page on the website.
Be sure to indicate that your group affiliation in Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, so we get “credit.”
Shows and
Donna Petrick,
TAQG Representative
Lu Peters
DAFA Representative
Through October 12, 2014
Saturated: Dye Decorated Cloths from North and West Africa
Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N. Harwood
Free Exhibit:
This exhibit includes a video of Indigo
dyeing and a hands-on section which
allows the viewer to touch samples of
the textiles. Before the introduction of
European manufactured printed
textiles to Africa in the 19th century,
textile designs were made with natural
dyes on plain homespun cotton, wool,
raffia, or other materials. Women
were most often the dyers, and dyedecorated cloth was a major form of
feminine artistic expression.
Visit the current exhibitions page at
Through October 25, 2014
*For additional information
on these or other events, visit
the guild website at:
Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style
George Bush Presidential Center
2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas
(on the SMU campus)
A major retrospective of legendary
American fashion designer Oscar de la
Renta, exploring his significant career
from its origins to his most recent
runway and red-carpet masterpieces.
September 19 & 20, 2014
“Ties that Bind”—Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild
First Baptist Church
115 Putnam St.
Sulphur Springs 75842
100+ quilts, raffle quilt, door prizes,
special exhibits, bed turning, and
October 16-18, 2014
The Original Sewing & Quilting Expo
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Fort Worth, Texas
Lectures, classes, vendors and more!
(Please see Calendar, continued on page 6)
(Continued from page 5)
October 25, 2014 – February 22, 2015
Mary Baskett Collection of Japanese Fashion
Crow Museum (across from the
Nasher and DMA)
are the designers most responsible for
bringing radical Japanese fashion,
technical advancements in textiles,
and abstraction to the contemporary
fashion world. Check the website for
ticket information about the scheduled
symposium with Mary on October
Early avant-garde designs by Issey
Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei
Kawakubo (Comme des Garcons),
November 21 through December 17, 2014
25th Annual San Antonio Fiber Art Show
(corner of Alamo and Probandt).
Sponsored by the Fiber Artists of San
Email for info: [email protected]
January 15-19, 2015
QGD Winter Retreat
Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma
Pottsboro, Texas
See article on page 7 of this
Mini Quilt
You want to make a “mini” for the Mini Auction 2015!
Then you think, “Where do I start?” “How do I choose an idea or pattern?”
Sound familiar??
Bonnie McElearney We can help you with this dilemma!
Mini Quilt Auction Chair
What a great opportunity to start your mini—plus learn some handy tips and skills to
help make and finish your mini.
Come to the Mini Quilt Workshop
October 18, 2014, 1-4 p.m.
Quilter’s Connection
(corner of Plano Rd and Walnut Hill Lane in Lake Highlands)
Seating is limited, so you’ll need a reservation.
Call Quilter’s Connection at 214-343-1440. We look forward to being with you.
Thanks for your support.
Thursday, January 15, through
Monday, January 19, 2015
It’s time to start planning for the 2015 QGD Retreat. The retreat will be held
at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma, (north of Pottsboro, Texas) Thursday,
January 15,
through Monday, January 19, 2015. You will have the option of one, two, three, four or five days of sewing,
talking, eating and relaxing. The resort offers additional amenities such as chair massages for retreaters as
well as discounts at the on-site spa.
The retreat is a great chance to meet other members of the guild and get a sneak peek at many of the quilt
show entries!
The registration form will be available on the guild website in mid-September as well as at general guild
meetings. Deadline for registration is November 30, 2014.
Co-Chairs: Rhonda Anderson, Chris Becker, Sue Holland
It’s time to turn in your Covers For Kids Challenge quilts. The judging is August 28th,
and you can turn in your finished “aliens” quilt to Rhonda Anderson or to a board
Pam Hanson, member before then.
Covers for Kids
1st VP—Community Service
The next Covers For Kids workshop is Saturday, August 30th, at Hancock’s at
Firewheel. We start at 9:30 and officially end about 4:00 or 4:30, but feel free to come
for all day or just for a few hours. Contact Rhonda Anderson
at [email protected] to reserve a seat -- as the room is cozy!
While we have a lot of individuals who currently help us with the quilting part of the
equation on our CFK quilts, we can ALWAYS use more volunteers. If you are a
longarm quilter or just a home machine quilter who would like to do something nice for
a kid in need, we would love to give you some of our “ready to be quilted” projects to
work on. Our tops are a great opportunity to try out some new stitching designs, hone
your skills, or “warm up” before tackling a project for yourself or a client. Let Rhonda
or Mary Howard know.
The deadline for Community Service hours is August 31st. These are all the volunteer
hours that are separate from your show volunteer hours. All it takes is 10 hours of your
time to qualify for the snazzy star service pin that’s presented at the October general
meeting. As members are responsible for logging in their hours, be sure to enter your
time in the Community Service book every time you turn in your sewing or have
volunteered your time in other ways.
Mary Howard will take over as VP of Community Services so please continue to keep
her as busy at the meetings as you’ve kept me.
It’s been fun!
Dallas Area
Fiber ARTists
(DAFA) News
Art and Fiber in DFW:
The Dallas Area Fiber Artists have many inspirational programs planned for this fall
and invite you to attend our monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at
Lu Peters, C.C. Young Retirement Community's The Point, Arts and Education Center. Mini
Special Correspondent workshops begin at 5:30 PM and the program is at 6:45 PM. All are welcome!
Monday, August 25, 5:30 -- 9:00 pm
"SAQA Texas Experience" at 6:45pm.
A traveling quilt show of 12" x 12" art quilts made by
Texas members of Studio Art Quilt Associates will be the
focus of the August meeting. DAFA/QGD member and
award-winning quilter Heather Pregger will show the
quilts and discuss the techniques.
Mini-workshop: "Spirit Dolls" led by Valery Guignon
at 5:30
C om ing in Septem ber 2014
Monday, September 22, 5:30 -- 9:00 pm.
"Zentangle and Gelli Printing" at 6:45 pm
Suzanne McNeill, popular crafts author and workshop
instructor for more than 20 years, is DAFA's presenter in
September. Known for her award-winning "Happy Art,"
Suzanne has been voted a Designer of the Year by the Crafts
and Hobby Association. She will present a program on Zentangle and Gelli Printing,
two relaxing forms of drawing and printing. Suzanne will also lead the mini-workshop,
"Peek-a-Boo Window Card" at 5:30 pm. More information in next month's
More news for
A special retrospective
exhibit of Oscar de La
Renta's impressive
garments is on display at
the Bush Presidential
Center on the SMU
campus -- open now
through October 5.
2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas. Phone: 214-346-1650
Information and ticket sales:
You may also enjoy the following review about the exhibit in the fashion magazine
Women's Wear Daily:
Other art news and event information is available by checking:
Happy news from Rally Day!
We had a very successful day, with lots of beautiful quilts to see and a fun couple of
Donna Petrick, lectures and quilt displays from Pat Speth. If you missed her this time, you can catch
Guild Representative her lecture and workshops when she comes to the QGD in February, 2015.
The silent auction did very well with more mini’s than have ever previously been
donated. Our area shops, along with a number of the guilds plus some national
companies, donated more than $8000.00 in merchandize to make up the two raffle
baskets and all the door prizes. TAQG raffle ticket sales were very strong due to the
great sewing machines donated by Quilt Mercantile in Celeste and Thomas Sewing
Center in Mesquite. Our first door prize was another sewing machine donated by Plano
Sewing Center in Plano. A number of the raffle quilts (including Dallas!) made some
very good ticket sales that Saturday.
I was pleased to see a number of Dallas members at Rally Day. I think we had a better
participation this year than in the previous couple of years. Also, I apologize to any of
you who had problems getting your lunch tickets. Your money was deposited and the
orders turned in. We then had a couple of computer glitches that resulted in about ten of
our lunch orders not making the final order. However, the group in charge of lunches
was able to accommodate everyone. If you have suggestions for improving the lunch
ordering process, please let me know.
Would you like to share your expertise with other guilds? Any Guild member who
presents quilt related programs to groups is invited to the November 2014 TAQG
meeting. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself to the TAQG
representatives, and possibly book some program dates with their guilds. This is very
helpful to the smaller guilds in the area, as they may not have the budget to bring in
many national speakers. We have some wonderful talent in this area and this is a great
way to share that information with the other guilds. If you are interested in presenting
your program information, please contact me at [email protected] or Charna
Gray at [email protected]
A Reminder…
It’s Time to
Update the
Resource List!
Take a look!
The list serves as a reference for anyone needing to hire someone for a quilt related
service. Some of the categories included in the list are: custom quilt making, longarm
quilting, teaching, quilt conservation, judging, appraisals, lectures, graphic design,
and website design.
Suzanne Hardebeck There is no charge to be included, but you MUST be a member in “good standing” - that
Internal Communications is, your membership has been paid/renewed for 2014-15. If you are currently included
Chair in the Resource List, you simply need to confirm with the editor (Suzanne Hardebeck)
on or before September 30, 2014, and, if appropriate, include any changes needed for
your listing. Listings that are not confirmed prior to September 30th will be deleted.
If you would like to have your business added to the list, please send the appropriate
information to the editor for inclusion. After September 30th, the names submitted will
be double-checked against the membership list, and then the Resource List will be
published on the Guild website.
Send your information to Suzanne Hardebeck [email protected]
Watch for
“Ruby” Quilts
in Houston!
Ruby Jubilee: Celebrating 40 Years
This is a special exhibit, honoring Quilt Festival's 40th Anniversary this year. Featuring
a selection of red and white quilts, the exhibit will be shown during the International
Quilt Festival in Houston this fall, and will go on tour next year.
Martha Lindberg QGD members Linda Carter, Sally Ashbacher and Martha Lindberg responded to a
Festival invitation last spring, and submitted their "ruby" and white quilts. All styles
were welcome (traditional and art quilts), and any technique—piecing, appliqué,
embroidery, photo transfer, whole cloth and/or manipulated fabric, etc. Many
applications were received and one hundred quilts were juried into the exhibit.
All three ladies were delighted to receive the following email!
“Congratulations! Your quilt Ruby Quilt has been selected for inclusion in the
special exhibit “Ruby Jubilee: Celebrating 40 Years.”
Their quilts will be on display in this special exhibit this fall In Houston and will be part
of the traveling exhibit in 2015. How exciting is that? If you go to the show, be sure
and look for their quilts:
Treaty Oaks, by Sally Ashbacher
Heart Block Swap, by Linda Carter
Ruby Irish Chain,
by Martha Lindberg
***Ed. Note—Let us know if your quilt has been accepted into the IQA Show in Houston!! We’ll watch for your quilt!
Suzanne Hardebeck [email protected] or Terry Reese [email protected]
Notes from a Doll Quilts in the Clothing and Textiles Collection
Curator As a new Curator, conducting an inventory can be one of the best ways to get to know
Marian Ann J.
Montgomery, Ph.D.
Curator of
Clothing and Textiles,
Museum of Texas Tech
the collection. Although this might sound like drudgery, it is anything but—because
beautiful and important objects are revealed every day!
Doll quilts seldom survive the playtime of children, but the MOTTU collection has
several very good examples. One of these little quilts, pictured below, is created in the
Trip Around the World pattern.
This doll quilt presents an interesting study question because it features fabrics made
earlier than the early 20th century when the Trip Around the World pattern was popular.
A one-block pattern with the colors arranged in rows around the center is a simple
pattern. Perhaps the quilt predates the Depression era, when Trip Around the World
pattern was popular. The purple fabric toward the edges is from the 19th century, but not
unusual to find in a later quilt—most likely this quilt was made from scraps in a fabric
collection. The fun blue and white stripe binding around the edge may at first blush
seem too haphazard for such a lovely piece. Since it was intended as a child’s toy the
maker may have not felt it important to be precise and may have been in a hurry to
complete the piece, or it might have been made by a child who could piece the blocks
but lacked the dexterity to do a narrow binding.
Quilt historian Mary Kay Waldvogel wrote, “Crib and doll quilts are perhaps the most
tender and personal of all quilts, treasured not only for their charm but also for the love
that went into making them. Antique doll quilts, like all old quilts, connect us to the
past. As do other works of art, they reflect the cultural and sociological attitudes of a
particular time and place.”
If you are interested in further
reading consider, Small
Endearments; NineteenthCentury Quilts for Children
and Dolls, a book by former
Los Angeles County Museum
Curator, Sandi Fox or
Childhood Treasures; Doll
Quilts By and For Children
by Merikay Waldvogel.
Minutes from the
August 7
General Meeting
President Judy Kriehn opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m., welcoming guests and new
members. There were 110 in attendance, including 6 guests.
Judy noted that it was time for renewing memberships, and that the September 4
General Meeting will be the deadline for renewing at the regular $25 rate and will be the
Linda Newman, deadline for membership information to appear in the directory. She reminded members
Guild Secretary that the membership form is on the Guild website and renewals can be mailed to Lut de
Meulder, 16212 Ranchita Dr., Dallas, TX 75248-3847, or brought to the September
meeting. An additional $5 fee will be added for renewals after that deadline.
Judy then called on the Nominating Committee to report on the results of the election of
Officers. The following slate was elected:
President - Bonnie McElearney
1st Vice President, Community Service - Mary Howard,
2nd Vice President, Ways & Means - Cindy Matthews
3rd Vice President, Programs & Workshops - Margaret Wolf
4th Vice President, Membership – Lut de Meulder
5th Vice President, Finance – Glynnis Wood
6th Vice President, Show – Judy Kriehn
7th Vice President, Education – Linda Bartley
Secretary – Mary Jane Burton
Judy also reminded members that the Board will be voting on Revised Bylaws at the
August 28 Board meeting. The revised Bylaws are available for review on the Guild
Website. Send any comments to Linda Newman, Chair of the Bylaws Committee.
Judy reported that the Farmersville Quilt Guild has its raffle quilt, “Scattered
Jewels,” on display, with raffle tickets available.
Judy then asked for reports from the Vice Presidents and Committee Chairs.
Committee Announcements
Judy Kriehn –incoming Show Chair for Quilt Celebration 2015. Judy asked for
volunteers for several vacancies on the Show Committee. Committee chairs are
needed for the Staff Lounge, Volunteer Coordinator Chair, and Co-Chair for the
Show. Judy also remarked on how much she has enjoyed being Guild President.
Even with the large workload, she recommends it!
Bonnie McElearney reported for the Mini Quilt Auction. Minis are already being
collected for the Mini Auction at the Show. A Mini Workshop will be held at
Quilter’s Connection on October 18. She also thanked Mary Lord who is stepping
down as Co-Chair.
Pam Hanson, 1st Vice President, Community Service, reported that the Covers for
Kids table has a number of kits made by Marilyn Dickson, ready to sew, and there
are three quilts ready to be quilted. She encouraged members to pick one up for
Community Service volunteer hours. The next Covers for Kids Workshop will be
held at the Garland Hancock’s on August 30.
She also reminded members that the Covers for Kids Challenge quilts must be
entered by the August 28 Board meeting with the quilt and form submitted to
Rhonda Anderson.
(Please see Minutes continued on page 13)
(Continued from page 12)
Judy then asked members to share their projects with Bring & Brag. Mary Lord and
Judy Kriehn were quilt holders.
She then introduced Suzanne Hardebeck, longtime Guild member, who presented her
collection of Patriotic and Political quilts as the evening’s program. Patty Scott and
Helen Conway served as quilt holders and Mary Calloway and Trae Flesher served as
After the program and the awarding of door prizes, Judy adjourned the meeting at 8:30
Sunshine and
Suzanne Hardebeck
Internal Communications
Tammie Bivins’ husband suffered a massive heart attack earlier this month.
Please send good thoughts their way as he works to recover.
2014-2015 Quilter’s Guild of Dallas Membership Form
PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. Your name should appear as you wish to have it listed in the Guild Directory.
Date Form Completed
Membership #
Mailing Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
E-Mail Address: (Notification will be sent via e-mail when the latest newsletter has been posted on the Guild website.)
We publish the NAMES of all Guild members with dues paid as of the September Guild meeting in the annual Guild Membership Directory.
However, we will withhold CONTACT INFORMATION on request.
…… Please check here if you DO NOT want your contact info to appear in the directory.
Be a Volunteer!
Please Indicate Age Group:
…… 17 & Under …… 40-49
…… 18-29
…… 50-64
…… 30-39
…… 65+
…… Database
DUES INFORMATION: In accordance with Guild bylaws, the membership year runs from
DATE. Returning/renewing members submitting dues after that date will be assessed a $5.00 late fee.
We’d love to have you
share your interests and/
or skills. Please indicate
interests and/or skills you
have to share:
…… Event planning
…… Financial
Check One:
Renewals & Rejoins:
…… Check here if any of the above
…… New Member
information has changed
…… Renewal/Rejoin*
from the previous year(s).
…… Life Member
* Renewing - member during 2013-14; Rejoining - previously a member, but not during 2013-14.
…… Graphic design
…… Greeting people
…… Library
…… Photography
…… Program assistance
(helping display quilts
during Bring & Brag,
sales table, etc.)
…… Publicity/PR
…… Quilt show
Non-refundable dues are as follows:
New Member
Joining between September 1, 2014 and March 15, 2015
+ $25.00
Joining between March 16 and August 31, 2015
(- $ 5.00) $
OPTIONAL Senior discount (must be aged 65+ to choose this option)
(-10.00) $
New Membership Dues Total $
Renewing/Rejoining Member
…… Retreat planning
Dues Paid on or before September meeting date
…… Sales/marketing
OPTIONAL Senior discount (must be aged 65+ to choose this option)
(-$ 10.00) $
Late Fee (assessed after September Guild meeting date)
+ $ 5.00 $
…… Sewing for charity
…… Taking guest speakers
to dinner
…… Teaching/educating
others about quilts
…… Transporting guest
speakers; workshop,
airport, etc.
…… Writing
…… Other
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
Renewal / Rejoining Membership Dues Total $
Life Member *
(Available only to Past Presidents, Charter Members or by recommendation of Executive Committee)
No Charge
* Life members MUST submit a completed membership form annually
in order to access the benefits of active Guild membership.
Make Checks Payable (in US Dollars) to the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE US MAIL
Return completed form and check to: Marcia Hampton
5708 Youngworth
Flower Mound, TX 75028-3877
Membership Packet given/mailed 
Check # _______________________
Cash paid: _____________________
Judged Show Entry Rules & Requirements
Thank you for your interest in the 34th annual Dallas Quilt Celebration, sponsored by the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc.
Entries will be evaluated by a panel of nationally recognized judges, and ribbon awards are given at the discretion of the
judges. Questions about rules or entry forms should be directed to Donna Petrick: email – [email protected] or
phone 972-571-0083.
Entry Submission
Individual entries will not be accepted until ALL required items are received and the entry form is COMPLETELY
and accurately filled out with the “Hold Harmless Agreement” signed by the entrant.
We will attempt to contact senders of incomplete information via phone or email. If a response is not received within
five days, the incomplete entry material(s) will be returned.
Each entry shall consist of:
Completed Entry Form
(with signature & contact info)
Guild membership number
and/or appropriate fees
$1.00 * - covers cost of mailing
entry delivery materials to you
once layout is complete.
One CLEAR color photo of the
entry (can be printed on any
white paper up to letter-size),
labeled with the entrant’s name,
quilt title and size dimensions of
entry indicated (width X length).
Photos will not be returned.
(* only $1.00 per entrant regardless of number of entries submitted.)
Entry Deadline:
Thursday, January 8, 2015
The 2015 Entry Form, along with
other requested entry materials,
must be received by this date.
Entries may be delivered in
person at Guild meetings up to
and including this date, or via
mail to:
Donna Petrick
3816 Dutton Dr.
Plano, TX 75023-1031
Late entries will be returned. We
are not responsible for lost or
misdirected mail.
Entry Limits:
Each entrant may submit a
maximum of four (4) entries.
Only the first 400 entries
received will be accepted. Entries
received/presented after the limit
is reached will be returned.
Each entry may have only ONE
ENTRANT. The name on the
“entrant” line must match the
release signature on the form.
Entrant must be either the owner
of the quilt/garment entered
or be the quiltmaker. The QGD
defines the quiltmaker as the
maker of the top.
Entry Fees:
Guild members in good standing
(dues paid) are exempt from
entry fees.
Entries in category 401 Juniors
(age 17 and under) are exempt
from entry fees.
Non–members of the Guild pay
a non-refundable entry fee of
$15.00 per entry.
Shipping Fees (if applicable):
$ 30/entry for entries to be
returned via UPS (exclusively.)
Entry Form &
Entry Materials
A Category number must be
clearly indicated on Entry Form.
• Master and Artisan divisions are
determined by the eligibility of
the “maker” of the quilt.
The Guild defines the “maker” as
the person who made the top.
• Some categories are denoted as
“ONE PERSON.” This means that
ONE person did ALL the work
– piecing, appliqué, quilting,
binding etc. DO NOT enter a
quilt professionally quilted by
someone else in any of the “one
person” categories.
• The Entries Committee, in
conjunction with the Judges and
Awards Committee, reserves the
right to:
(a) determine the final
placement of quilts in
categories, and
(b) to combine or divide
categories in order to
facilitate judging.
• All quilts entered must have
the quilt top completed at the
time of entry submission. The
required photo needs to clearly
• If you want both sides of the
quilt displayed (2-sided quilt),
you must submit photos of
BOTH sides.
Other Rules
Entries may not have been
displayed in the judged show
of any previous Dallas Quilt
Entries in judged categories
must have been completed after
January 1, 2010 (within the past
five years), be clean and in good
No substitution of the original
entry will be allowed.
The Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc.
reserves the right to refuse any
entry deemed inappropriate or
which fails to meet entry and/or
delivery requirements.
All entries entered in quilt
categories must be quilted
with the exception of cathedral
window quilts, yo-yo quilts, crazy
quilts or garments.
No tied quilts will be allowed.
Fused edges must be finished
in a manner appropriate to the
Entries in Category 306 –
Garments - must include a
recognizable amount of quilting,
appliqué OR piecing techniques
All entries MUST remain on
display for the duration of the
Chairman of
Donna Petrick
[email protected]
Award Information
Entries May Not:
Be framed and/or under glass.
Include complicated rigid frames,
rods or mounting devices without
prior approval from the entries
Include embellishments with
sharp edges that could be
hazardous to volunteers or
Be part of an item other than a
quilt or garment
(i.e. no furniture, tote bags, etc.)
Entry Withdrawals
We strongly discourage the
withdrawal of entries from the show.
If you find you must withdraw an
entry, the Entries Chairman must be
notified via email or phone NO LATER
than 4:30 p.m. CST on Wednesday,
February 25, 2015 – two weeks
prior to the stated delivery date
QGD distributes over $15,000.00
in cash awards:
Best of Show - $1,000.00;
All judged categories:
First Place-$300.00,
Second Place-$200.00,
Third Place-$100.00.
There are also a number of
special award ribbons with cash
QGD considers the entrant
to be the “owner” of the quilt.
Hence, this individual will be the
recipient of any prize money and
ribbon(s) won.
QGD awards the ribbon to the
QUILT, not individuals involved in
the making of same. Therefore,
duplicate ribbons are NOT
IRS guidelines require that a
1099 form be filed for all entrants
winning $600 or more total.
Prize money will not be released
before information has been
received by the Guild for IRS
reporting purposes.
by 02/25/15 that an entry is being withdrawn, will forfeit
their eligibility to submit entries for the 2016 show.
PLEASE NOTE: The Dallas Quilt
Show is NOT a Juried Show!
While we certainly attract entries of the highest caliber, it is first
and foremost our Guild show, intended to showcase the work of
quiltmakers of all skill levels. As such, we do not send out a “Notice of
• Entrants will not hear from us until we mail out the delivery instructions,
which is usually completed by mid-February.
• We have no way of knowing if your entry forms got lost or
misdirected in the mail.
If you wish to receive confirmation that your entry materials were received
prior to reaching our maximum of 400 entries, please include a self–
addressed/stamped postcard listing the items you have entered. We will
check off the entry forms received and drop the card into return mail.
Rules for Display
Each entry must have a fabric
identification label firmly
attached with stitches. (no
straight pins!) The label must
include your name and the
title of the quilt/garment. For
convenience and consistency, we
prefer the lower left hand corner
of the back. Labels for garment
entries should be stitched to the
inside of the ensemble piece(s).
To ensure impartiality in judging,
baste a plain piece of fabric across
the top of your label so that your
information is hidden. Baste only
the top side, leaving the other
three sides loose, using thread or
safety pins.
Every quilt must have an openended 4 inch diameter rod
pocket (Quilt Hanging Sleeve)
stitched to the top of the back
of the quilt.
Quilts longer than 90 inches
must have a second sleeve
attached no more than 86 inches
from the bottom edge of the
Delivery Information
Once we have finished judged show layout, entrants will receive complete
delivery/shipping instructions by return mail (by mid–February)
(The $1.00 fee covers cost of envelope, postage, address labels, etc.)
Included in this packet will be color–coded index cards for each entry as well
as more detailed delivery instructions.
Entries to be Delivered
in Person at Market Hall:
Entries to be Delivered via
Shipping Service
All entries that are delivered in
person must be brought to
Dallas Market Hall between
8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.* on
Wednesday, March 11, 2015.
It is permissible for your designee
to deliver the entry.
for entries left at the show venue
prior to the stated delivery date
and delivery time.
The Guild reserves the right to
exclude any quilts from judging
that are delivered to the show
venue after 1 p.m.
All entries that are shipped from
out of town must be received
by Richard Larson no later than
Wednesday, March 4, 2015.
Please send shipped entries to:
Richard Larson
1939 Sussex Drive
Carrollton, TX 75007-2409
• Any special return shipping
requests must be confirmed in
advance with the Chairman of
the Entries Committee.
for entries shipped to the wrong
The only exceptions to the 4
inch rule are quilts that qualify as
‘miniature’ in size. Quilts that are
30 inches square or smaller may
use smaller rod pockets of only 2
inches in diameter.
Note for quilts longer than 90
inches: if you elect to attach only
one Quilt Hanging Sleeve, it must
be the one that is 86 inches from
the bottom edge of the quilt,
or your quilt will drag on
the floor the entire time it
is hung in the show. The
Show and the Guild are not
responsible to any damage
to your quilt if you do not
attach the second sleeve and
your quilt drags on the floor.
In addition, please note
that our show is judged
while hanging, thus if you
only put the lower sleeve
on the quilt, your quilt will
not been seen in full while
judging, which may result
in your quilt not receiving
the full consideration it deserves.
Each quilt entry must be
submitted in an individual
fabric bag/pillowcase with
the entrant’s name, address
and phone number written in
permanent/indelible marker
either directly onto the bag or on
a label firmly stitched or fused to
the bag. Garment entries may be
submitted in a garment bag with
same information.
Note: Prior to hanging, the bag is
all that is between your entry and
a bare cement floor. We don’t want
your entry to get dirt-damaged.
You will receive a color-coded
index card with placement
information for each entry along
with delivery information in midFebruary. This is to be attached
with a safety pin to the OUTSIDE
of the bag.
Are You a “Master” or an “Artisan”?
This flow chart is intended to help determine the appropriate division for your entries.
Categories listed in the “Open” or “Non-Judged” divisions are open to all, regardless of master or artisan eligibility.
You are a quilter (long-arm or otherwise)
or maker of wearable art and you sell/
accept payment for your work OR
have done so in the past.
Possibly an
You teach quilting or wearable art
techniques or have done so in the
Possibly an
You have published a quilt or
wearable art book or pattern.
Since becoming a quiltmaker, you have
won a TOTAL of two (2) or more first
place ribbons in any combination
of the following: local, county, state,
national or international judged quilting
(Ex: Dallas Quilt Show, Trinity Valley Quilt
Show, Plano Quilt Show, State Fair of Texas,
The Great Arkansas Quilt Show, Minnesota
Quilters Quilt Show, AQS, IQA, NQA etc.)
Possibly an
Possibly an
You have ever had a quilt compete
in the Master Division of the Dallas
Quilt Show or have been classified as a
“Master” or “Professional” at a different
show in the past.
Possibly an
You have won “Best of Show” in any
of the following:
local guild, county, state, national or
international quilting competitions.
Possibly an
You have had a quilt or garment juried
into a highly prestigious
exhibit, such as Quilt National, etc.
(note: for our purposes, being juried into
IQA or AQS does not apply here.)
If you got this far with all “no”
answers, you are officially
categorized as an ARTISAN
Divisions & Categories
Divisions are determined by the
eligibility of the “maker” of the quilt.
QGD defines the “maker” as the
person who made the quilt top.
Please review the flow chart on the
preceding page to determine whether
you are classified as a Master or Artisan.
A Category must be indicated on the
Entry Form.
Master Division
Artisan Division
Open Division
101 Large Pieced (ONE PERSON)
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and primarily pieced;
hand or machine quilted.
201 Large Pieced (ONE PERSON)
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and primarily pieced;
hand or machine quilted.
(Master or Artisan)
102 Large Appliqué (ONE OR TWO PERSON)
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and primarily appliqué,
hand or machine quilted.
202 Large Appliqué (ONE OR TWO PERSON)
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and primarily appliqué,
hand or machine quilted.
103 Wall Quilt (ONE PERSON)
Quilts sized for display on a wall.
No side may EXCEED 72” but at least
two sides are larger than 30.” May be
pieced, appliqué or combination;
hand or machine quilted.
203 Wall Quilt (ONE PERSON)
Quilts sized for display on a wall.
No side may EXCEED 72” but at least
two sides are larger than 30.” May be
pieced, appliqué or combination;
hand or machine quilted.
104 Two-Person Wall Quilts
Quilts sized for display on a wall. No side
may EXCEED 72” but at least two sides
are larger than 30.” Two people were
involved in the making. May be pieced or
appliqué; hand or machine quilted.
204 Two-Person Wall Quilts
Quilts sized for display on a wall. No side
may EXCEED 72” but at least two sides
are larger than 30.” Two people were
involved in the making. May be pieced or
appliqué; hand or machine quilted.
105 Two-Person Large Pieced Quilts
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and two people were
involved in the making. Primarily pieced;
hand or machine quilted.
205 Two-Person Large Pieced Quilts
Any quilt which is LARGER THAN 72”
on any one side and two people were
involved in the making. Primarily pieced;
hand or machine quilted.
106 Art Quilts (ONE PERSON)
Original design; any technique or
combination of techniques or materials
used in a non-traditional way.
At least two sides exceed 30”.
206 Art Quilts (ONE PERSON)
Original design; any technique or
combination of techniques or materials
used in a non-traditional way.
At least two sides exceed 30”.
Non-Judged Categories
401Juniors (17 and under)*
Any quilt made by a quilter age 17 or under. These quilts may utilize any piecing, appliqué
or quilting method, may be an individual, two-person, or group effort, and can be any size.
All entrants in this category receive a special commemorative ribbon and do not pay an entry fee.
Entrant should be the “junior” - not an adult relative or friend.
Any quilt or garment that the entrant wishes to “show,” but does not wish to have judged
or does not qualify for judging (ex: was made prior to 2010). May use any techniques. Any
number of “makers” may be involved.
301 Small Traditional Quilt
Any quilt that is equal to or less than
30” on all sides with a traditional design. Hand or machine quilted. 302 Other Techniques (ONE OR TWO PERSON)
White work, Embroidered, Cathedral
Window, Yo-Yo, Crazy Quilts or any other
quilt that doesn’t fit into the pieced,
appliqué or art quilt categories. Quilt is
larger than 30” on any one side; hand or
machine quilted.
Any quilt made by a group of
304Seniors (ONE OR TWO PERSON)
Any quilt which is larger than 30”
on any one side and made by a quilter
65 years of age or over; hand or machine
quilted. (Note: Seniors are not limited to
this category; they are also eligible for
Master or Artisan Division categories as
305 Show Chair’s Theme: “Funny Quilts”
any size, that is any interpretation of the
theme. Hand or machine quilted.
Must include a recognizable amount of
piecing, appliqué and/or quilting.
307Pictorial (ONE OR TWO PERSONS)
Any quilt which is larger than 30”
on any one side and illustrates a
recognizable image, such as portraits,
wildlife, cityscapes, etc. Hand or machine
308 Small Contemporary Quilt
Any quilt that is equal to or less than 30”
on all sides and depicts a contemporary
design. Hand or machine quilted.
309 First Quilt (ONE OR TWO PERSON)
Any quilt which is larger than 30”
on any one side and is the first quilt the
ENTRANT has entered in a judged quilt
The Entries Committee, in conjunction with the Judges and Awards Committee, reserves the right to determine final
placement of quilts in categories and to combine or divide categories in order to facilitate judging.
2015 Dallas Quilt Show Entry Form
Please review Show Entry Rules/Instructions, Entry Divisions and Categories sections before completing this form.
Complete ALL sections of the form. Please feel free to photocopy this form or download/print additional copies from
Information captioned by BOLDFACE CAPITAL LETTERS are the only items to be published or included on the signage and will be displayed at the show.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Quilt Entered By:
NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
CITY______________________________________ STATE_______________________ Zip+4 ____________________
Phone #’s:Daytime __________________________ Evening/Cell ________________________________
Email Address ____________________________________________________________
Note: We need phone & email information in case we have questions about your entry or information on the entry form.
Hold Harmless Agreement:
By my signature below, I agree to abide by all conditions stated on this entry form and the accompanying instruction sheet. I agree to permit the Quilter’s Guild
of Dallas, Inc. (QGD) to display my entry at Dallas Quilt Show 2015, March 13-15, 2015 at Dallas Market Hall. I also grant QGD the right to photograph this entry for
QGD files, publicity and/or promotional purposes, which may include print, website or video. I understand care will be taken to protect my entry through the use
of 24-hour security guards. I understand that no responsibility for loss or damage to my entry will be assumed by QGD.
Signature of Entrant_________________________________________ Date signed ____________________________
Quilt Information:
TITLE OF ENTRY_____________________________________________________________________________________ Year completed ____________
Quilt size:
WIDTH (side to side) _________ in
LENGTH (top to bottom) __________ in
I am entering a: Garment
NAME OF QUILT TOP MAKER ___________________________________________________________________________
NAME OF QUILTER __________________________________________________________________________________ Please indicate:
CATEGORY #: ____________
Techniques Used:
Help us identify entries
eligible for special awards:
Hand Appliqué
Hand Embroidery
Hand Piecing
Hand Quilting
This is two-sided quilt*
Yes No
* Photos of BOTH sides of the quilt
must accompany entry form
Did you use a published book or pattern (not your own) to create your quilt or garment?
Yes 
IF YES, PLEASE GIVE CREDIT HERE ______________________________________________________________________
QUILTER’S STATEMENT: In approximately 30 words or less, tell the viewers about your quilt (inspiration? special techniques? story?)
Please write legibly. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and/or length.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Quilt entry will be:
Current Guild Member # _________________________________
 Delivered in person
Non-Member Entry Fee ($15.00/entry) _____________________
 Shipped via UPS  Picked up in person
 Returned via UPS
OR New Member Application + Fee
$ ____________________
Return shipping Fee ($30.00 per entry) $ ___________________
OR  Pre-paid Return label enclosed
Return Shipping UPS insurance
$1/$100 valuation) $ ____________________
Insured Value $ ____________________
$ 1.00
Please Enclose
Additional fees
for this entry: $ _____________
ENCLOSED $ _____________
Make checks payable to:
Quilter’s Guild of Dallas
Please return this form, along with
 appropriate fees
 photo(s)
 $1 Donna Petrick • 3816 Dutton Dr. • Plano, TX 75023-1031 • 972-571-0083