Elastic Wood Floor Installations in Hotels and Commercial Buildings

Elastic Wood Floor Installations in
Hotels and Commercial Buildings
Increased Possibilities for Architects
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Sika Elastic Wood Floor Bonding Systems Incr
Very Versatile Designs Are Possible
Wood floors in commercial buildings
Exotic types of wood
Custom design with Bamboo
Herringbone patterns
Wood flooring with large solid wood planks
Outdoor teak decking
Freedom of Design and
Sika Modern Wood Floo
With SikaBond® elastic wood floor adhesives everything is possible
All types of wood species (beech to tropical woods)
All types of wooden floors (parquet, engineered and solid woods)
All types of installation patterns (parallel, herringbone, etc.)
All types of areas (indoors, wet rooms and outdoors)
Wood floor finishes in hotels give a high quality
image, they look clean and hygienic and suggest
good value for money, all helping the owner to
have more satisfied hotel guests and therefore
also investors.
All of these types of wood floors are reliably and safely installed.
Sika Wood Floor Installations in Hotels and Commercial Buildings - with Unlimited Po
Large areas – with no joints
Intensive use in
Aesthetic appearance around
Attractive appearance
Dinning rooms
Exhibition and Conference rooms
Hot tubs
rease the Design Possibilities and Areas of Use
Advantages with Sika Elastic Wood Floor Bonding Systems
Improved Acoustics
Wood floors installed with the unique Sika®
AcouBond® System can have their impact sound
transmission reduced by -18db and they also
have substantially reduced ambient sound.
Wood floors in bedrooms, health spa’s and other
quiet areas are therefore now frequently installed
with the Sika® AcouBond® System. Globally over
3.5 million m2 of wood floors have now been installed with the Sika AcouBond® System - improving acoustics, comfort and appearance considerably.
Health spa with the Sika AcouBond® System
Underfloor Heating
When wooden floors are installed using elastic
SikaBond® adhesives there are no longer limitations in the use of wood floors over underfloor
Sika has more then 15 years global experience
installing wood floors with elastic SikaBond®
adhesives over many different underfloor heating systems.
Wood floor bonded over underfloor heating
Little Maintenance Necessary
Improved Comfort with
ors Installation Method
Elastic SikaBonds® adhesives together with
the timeless design of a wooden floor prolongs
the time between refurbishment periods and
therefore increases value.
e around
The installation of wood floors with elastic
SikaBond® adhesives ensures a seamless and
durable floor. The high performance characteristics keep the maintenance costs at a minimum.
Elastic SikaBond® adhesives also prolong the
life expectancy of a wood floor.
Low maintenance
Faster Opening
Wood flooring is one of the last trades on site
– and by this time the site can often already
be behind schedule. The fast setting wood floor
bonding systems and products from Sika will significantly reduce the construction time and the
opening for business is sooner.
Subfloor treatment solutions are another of
Sika’s core competences.
Fast opening
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