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A good source
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Engineered Collection
Engineered Prefinished Hardwood Floors
Maple, Toffee
Maple, Truffle
Maple, Crème brûlée
Sweet Memories series
With its rich, soft-hued tones, the Sweet Memories series will delight those whose tastes range from contemporary to country-style living. The series is
available in 5 inch Maple with Cashmere luster, and comes in three attractive colors.
To achieve the elegance you seek, planks in the Sweet Memories series are manufactured from the sections of the tree with the most character. These carefully selected planks feature pronounced color variations, sound knots, and mineral streaks, and may show cracks, depending on use, which makes for an authentic product.
Herringbone series
The Herringbone series will satisfy those consumers looking
for a personal touch that will lend distinctive charm to their floor.
Superior quality
Manufactured with the greatest care by a team that combines a passion for
wood with state-of-the-art technology, Mirage floors are built to last and leave
a lasting impression. With their warm and rich character, Mirage prefinished
hardwood floors truly reveal the lasting trend.
Absolutely nothing compares to Mirage hardwood floors.
Strips feature standard tongue and groove edges, and grooves
at both ends. The fixed strip length permits the creation of a multitude
of symmetrical patterns. Give way to your imagination!
Herringbone series strips are 2-9/16” [65 mm] in width, and available
in 13-3/4” [350 mm] or 17-7/8” [455 mm] fixed lengths, in four species
and most popular colors.
The patterns
Enjoy the very best, in quality,
in beauty and for life.
English pattern [bricks]
American Cherry, Natural
Double Herringbone
* Basket and Cube patterns require the use of 17-7/8” [455 mm] strips only.
Maple, Auburn, Herringbone pattern
The superiority of Mirage flooring is due
to its exclusive P7 manufacturing process,
an extremely thorough process. Rigorous
quality control during the entire manufacturing
process guarantees that you will get the
highest quality for every strip in every box.
An exclusive Mirage innovation, Nanolinx™ is the first finishing system to use
nanotechnology with infinitely small, cross-linked nano particles. These particles make the finish more transparent than ever, so all the natural beauty of
wood can shine through. Offering superior flexibility and durability, and an
hypoallergenic and healthy finish that dirt can’t lay a finger on, Nanolinx™ is
up to 5 times more wear resistant than most other finishes on the market.
Plus added UV protection for some natural wood species delays and
reduces most of the sunshading phenomenon that causes wood to darken
and yellow over time. Semi-gloss or Cashmere.
Real hardwood flooring
layer, not imitation!
Lifetime warranty
• Structural lifetime
limited warranty;
• 25-year finish warranty
for residential applications;
• 3-year finish warranty
for light commercial applications;
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed [pre-installation].
• 2-9/16” [65 mm]
• 3-5/16” [84 mm]
• 5”
[127 mm]
Micron-V joint
A promising
innovative product
Mirage Engineered flooring technology is a revolutionary
step toward hardwood optimization, using 4 times less
hardwood than the conventional 3/4” [19 mm] solid strip
to cover the same floor surface.
All strips are made of a dry sawn
hardwood layer 5/32” [4 mm].
• 2-9/16” [65 mm] and
3-5/16” [84 mm] widths
Total thickness: 3/8” [10 mm]
Plywood base: 5-ply
• 5” [127 mm] width
Total thickness: 1/2” [13 mm]
Plywood base: 7-ply
Perfect tongue
and groove fit
Tongues and grooves are perfectly
adjusted on all 4 sides of the strip.
This ensures remarkable uniformity
and facilitates easy installation.
The micron-V joint, on all 4 sides
of the strips, is the smallest and
most uniform eased edge in
the industry. It offers a great look
and superior performance.
Scored strip backing ensures
enhanced flexibility and improves
glue adherence.
Wear layer
Each box contains 5 assorted lengths
for the same appearance
as 3/4” solid hardwood.
The hardwood wear layer of Mirage Engineered products
is comparable to a 3/4” solid product. It can be sanded
3 to 5 times, for a real lifetime investment!
Above grade
On grade
* Herringbone series: 13-3/4” [350 mm] or 17-7/8” [455 mm].
Below grade
The solution
for every situation
• Glued down over
concrete with a radiant
heat system
• Stapled or glued
down over a
recommended wood
* Herringbone series: glued down installation only.
Superior method
used by Mirage
• Glued down over
an “approved”
There are three basic cutting methods for the hardwood wear layer of an engineered floor.
Only the dry sawn method produces the perfect appearance and superior quality worthy of Mirage.
Cutting method
Methods used by competition
• Glued down directly
over concrete
Cutting methods
Dry sawn
Hardwood precisely
sawn in desired
thickness of plank.
Rotary peeled
Log peeled in ultra-thin
layer using a rotary cut
[method used to make
Wood block sliced
into thin strips
using a knife.
Wear layer
• Rich and natural
• Fine natural grain
• No repetitive pattern
• Ultra-thick wear layer
comparable to solid
hardwood flooring
• Can be sanded
3 to 5 times
• “Plywood look”
• Repetitive patterns
• Ultra-thin wear layer
• 1 sanding or
possibly none
• Natural appearance
• Wear layer can be
composed of two
different hardwood
characters on the
same strip
[spliced veneer ]
• Thin wear layer
• 2 sandings or less
Get a brand new look...
all in one day!
A symphony of species
Red Oak
American Walnut
Brazilian Cherry [Jatoba]*
Yellow Birch
Santos Mahogany [Cabreuva]
Mirage prefinished hardwood floors are hypoallergenic,
they install quickly and cleanly, with no dust from sanding,
no harmful solvent emanations and no drying time.
White Ash
We believe that your satisfaction
depends on two basic principles:
Be proud of your floor
from every angle.
Choosing a hardwood floor is an important, long-term decision.
American Cherry
A box of 2-9/16” strips covers 20 ft2 [1.858 m2]. A box of 3-5/16” or 5” planks covers 25 ft2 [2.323 m2].
* Herringbone series: A box of 13-3/4” [350 mm] strips covers 17.63 ft2 [1.638 m2].
A box of 17-7/8” [455 mm] strips covers 15.28 ft2 [1.420 m2].
* Brazilian Cherry [Jatoba] may present a range of
hues – from yellowish to reddish brown – and white
mineral deposits may appear as the floor ages.
Due to its specific physical properties, Brazilian
Cherry [Jatoba] must not be installed on subfloors
over radiant heat systems.
A melody of colors
Installation accessories
So easy to care for,
so easy to enjoy!
Specially formulated for maintaining your polyurethane
hardwood floor finish, Mirage Clean and Mirage Touch
products are quick and easy to use.
Rich Oak
To be proud of your floor, dare to mix and match species,
stains and widths for an innovative new look.
Experiment with different strip layouts to enhance
your interior decor. The design potential is endless.
Have peace of mind
for years to come.
Only a superior quality product can give you this satisfaction.
To evaluate the quality of a floor, you must look further
than its general appearance. Even the smallest details
must be taken into consideration. Every step counts!
There is more...
You should be able to count on a competent dealer, not only
to advise you when making your purchase, but also to help you
during installation and to provide after-sale service.
Dare to compare. We are confident that
you will demand Mirage, nothing less!
A proud
environmental partner
A printed picture does not allow a perfect reproduction of samples.
We suggest choosing your hardwood floor directly from a sizeable sample.
Environment is a major priority for
hardwood flooring manufacturer Mirage.
Given the need to protect the supply
of raw materials, Mirage financially
supports a number of organizations
that specialize in hardwood reforestation.