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The FJ is one-of-a-kind. It’s both beauty and the beast. It’s more than capable
on the road and off… and adventure starts when the asphalt stops. So when you
own a vehicle that’s this much fun, it only makes sense that you want to take
it to new levels of excitement. You can do that with Genuine Toyota Accessories.
They’re designed to enhance your ownership experience while delivering the
quality, fit and finish you expect from Toyota. And that’s a winning combination.
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your spirit
of adventure .
For more information on all Genuine Toyota Accessories, please visit toyota.com/accessories or contact your Toyota dealer.
With the FJ, adventure awaits around every corner… or on the other side of a creek.
FJ’s elevated air intake and protected electrical components can defy currents up to
28 inches deep.* That’s versatility. And that’s why Toyota created a full line of Genuine Toyota
Accessories for the FJ – so you’ve got all angles covered, making your FJ uniquely yours.
One of the styling signatures of the FJ Cruiser is the
rear-mounted spare tire. Add this durable, molded cover
to protect your spare tire from dirt, debris and the sun’s
ultraviolet rays:
• Hard plastic tire cover features a molded FJ logo that’s
integrated with a unique tire tread pattern
• Engineered for a perfect fit with specific factory tires
and sizes
• Easy installation and removal
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Peace of mind: These precision-machined, precisely
balanced alloy wheel locks have one purpose – to keep
your FJ’s wheels secure:
• Triple nickel chrome plating stands up to the elements
and looks great
• Weight-matched to stock lug nut, making
rebalancing unnecessary
• Includes a spare tire lock
*Performance figures are for comparison only and were obtained with prototype vehicles
by professional drivers using special safety equipment and procedures. Do not attempt.
Let’s face it, sometimes there’s just not enough space inside –
those are the times the FJ’s roof rack comes in handy. It can handle
loads up to 150 lbs., all while enhancing the rugged off-road look:
• Aluminum basket-style rack features adjustable front cross bars
for added utility and flexibility
• Installs on factory roof rail channels for no-drill installation
• Black powder coating and electro-deposition (e-coating) finish
protect against corrosion and the elements
• Accepts most aftermarket roof rack accessories
The fun of owning an FJ? Bringing along your toys. This ball mount1
is designed specifically to match your FJ’s towing capacity, all
while measuring up to Toyota’s exacting performance standards:
• Optimized ball placement for precise drop/rise
to maintain the optimum vehicle departure angle
• Powder topcoat helps protect against UV rays
to maintain its long-term appearance
• On-road, real-world testing ensures the quality
and durability of the entire towing system
• Trailer ball sold separately
This Genuine Toyota trailer ball1 is specifically designed
to work in harmony with the Toyota ball mount:
• Available in 2 5/16-in., 2-in. or 1 7/8-in. diameters
• Cold-forged steel construction for superior strength
• Includes built-in wrench flats for ease of installation
and torquing
Tested and ready for the long haul, this Genuine Toyota tow
hitch receiver1 is designed to handle up to the maximum tow
rating for your FJ, making it easy to bring whatever you need:
• Electro-deposition coating (e-coating) and a powder
topcoat help protect against corrosion, ultra-violet rays
and environmental factors to keep it looking like new
over the long term
• No-drill installation maintains the structural integrity
of the frame
• 16 connection points to the frame distribute the towing
force, while reducing stress and preserving the integrity
of the frame and body structure
• Extensive testing ensures real-world functionality
and durability
• Ball mount and trailer ball sold separately
When you’re exploring, the last thing you want to worry about
is a nick or gouge on the rocker panels of your FJ. These rock
rails provide an added layer of protection when traversing
boulder-laden trails:
• Durable corrosion-resistant steel construction
• Robotic welding ensures a precise fit
• Electro-deposition coating (e-coating) for superior
corrosion protection and longevity, followed by
a textured black powder topcoat to prevent peeling,
chips and scratches
• Attaches to existing vehicle mounts – no drilling required
You might not be able to see it, but the protection
is priceless for certain sections of the hood:
• Durable, nearly invisible urethane film helps
maintain a like-new appearance
• Helps protect paint from sand, stones
and other road debris
• Paint protection film is also available at your
Toyota dealership in a separate kit for
the front bumper at an additional charge
This hood protector is as eye-catching as it is aerodynamic.
It’s a great addition that helps guard your paint from airborne
dirt and debris:
• Impact-resistant polycarbonate construction
for superior strength and durability
• Helps save potentially costly repairs
to the hood and windshield
• Simple, no-drill installation utilizes
factory mounting points
Put the finishing touch on your FJ with a brilliantly polished
exhaust tip:
• Constructed of corrosion-resistant, double-walled 304
stainless steel for long-term durability
• Polished to a brilliant shine for long-lasting beauty
• Easy, bolt-on installation – no cutting, drilling or welding
No matter where you take your FJ, these carpet floor mats2
help keep the original carpet looking like new. Plus, a
prominently woven FJ badge adds that extra bit of detail:
• Custom fitted to the FJ
• Quarter turn fasteners on the driver’s side
help keep mats in place
• Includes two front mats and two rear mats
• High-grade durable nylon carpet construction
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Looking at the interior of the FJ, it’s clear that this design is heritage-inspired.
The FJ tradition is complemented by all the convenience of a modern Toyota
SUV. But that’s just the beginning. There’s also a full spectrum of Genuine
Toyota Accessories designed specifically for the FJ that allow you to enhance
its comfort, convenience and versatility. Let your imagination run wild.
It’s the little touches that make a big difference – like adding
these brushed-aluminum door sill enhancements, complete
with a distinctive FJ logo:
• Heavy gauge brushed aluminum construction
• Protects door sills from unsightly scuffs and scratches
• Simple, no-drill installation – comes with
self-adhesive backing
• Set of two
The fun of owning an FJ is being able to explore to your
heart’s content – and no matter where you roam, these
all-weather floor mats2 take on the elements while helping
to keep your interior clean:
• Ribbed channel design contains moisture, dirt and debris
• Driver’s mat secures with quarter-turn fasteners
• Includes two front mats and two rear mats
• Easy to clean
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You shouldn’t have to think twice when you load up an FJ.
This carpet cargo mat3 protects against premature wear
and helps keep your cargo area looking like new:
• Custom fitted to the FJ
• Skid-resistant backing helps keep the mat in position
• High-grade nylon carpet construction
Contain your supplies so they are not tipping over or rolling
around the cargo area of your FJ with this cargo net-envelope3:
• Specifically designed for the FJ
• Envelope-style design accommodates a wide range of items
urable elastic mesh construction is stain-resistant,
helping maintain a like-new appearance
asy to install – attaches to existing hooks in cargo area
• Stores flat when not in use
It’s all about organization, and that’s where this cargo tote3
excels. It’s a convenient place to contain your items so they
don’t roll around the back of your FJ:
• Collapsible, soft-sided design holds a variety of everyday items
• Two carrying handles for easy loading and unloading
• Stores flat when not in use, pops up when needed
• Removable divider panels help keep everything organized
• Durable, water-resistant fabric construction
An essential accessory to accompany you on your adventures,
this custom-fitted cargo tray3 helps keep your cargo area
clean and dry:
• Cut to an exact fit of your FJ’s cargo area
ultidimensional surface and perimeter lip help contain
dirt, debris and liquids
• Molded FJ logo adds a touch of customization
This convenient rear door storage net3 extends across your
FJ’s rear door and features an easy-access, panel-style pocket:
• Perfect for storing smaller items like maps, flashlights,
cables, first aid kit or groceries
• Helps keep items from tipping over or falling out
• Rear door can accommodate up to two storage nets
• Mini-net plastic frame installs to the rear door
(hardware included; some drilling required)
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Keep your valuables out of sight: This cargo cover quickly
attaches to the side panels and also helps protect items
from sun damage and fading:
• Conceals items in cargo area for added peace of mind
• Sturdy steel/fade-resistant vinyl construction
• Easy to install – mounts to cargo area side panels
The key is convenience: This ashtray cup fits snugly in your
cup holder and features a hinged lid to help minimize odors:
• Easy to empty and clean
Provides comfortable arm support for passenger:
• Made from durable material with a soft automotive-grade
fabric cushion for maximum passenger comfort
• Pivots upward for added convenience
This multi-functional emergency assistance kit contains tools
and supplies to help handle minor emergency situations
and repairs so you can stay on the road. Contents include:
• Versatile, stainless steel pocket tool with multiple functions,
including: pliers, wire cutters, and two screw drivers
• Heat-reflective emergency blanket
• Flashlight
• Work gloves with textured palm area to optimize grip
• Automotive-grade hose tape
• Booster/jumper cables with multi-lingual instructions
• Tire gauge
• Bungee cord
• Shop towel
• Tether strap
Be prepared for life’s little emergencies with this handy
first aid kit:
• Includes bandages, insect-sting relief pads, scissors,
emergency blankets and more
• Soft-sided, water-resistant and flame-retardant black
PVC zipper case
• VELCRO® brand mounting strips help the kit remain
firmly in place
When it comes to security, the RS3200+ vehicle security
system4 is the ideal addition:
• Designed to integrate with the keyless entry system –
no need for an additional remote
• Automatic rearming and relocking, door-ajar warning,
interior light activation, panic alarm, rolling code
technology and disabling of the starter
• Warn-away alarm triggers an alarm if an object strikes
a window
• Alarm is activated if someone tries to force open a door
or if glass is broken
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Dress up your FJ’s engine compartment
with the race-ready look of a TRD oil cap:
• Forged billet aluminum construction
• Highly-polished finish with a high-luster
coating so it looks sharp for years to come
• Threaded screw-in mounting
• Available in two styles
• Direct replacement for stock oil cap
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Love your FJ but want more? That’s why TRD exists.
TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development. And TRD
accessories are the perfect addition to your FJ. You can
boost performance with a TRD Performance Exhaust
System. Or refine the handling with TRD Performance
Shocks. And that’s just the beginning. Plus, all TRD
accessories are designed with one goal in mind:
to help you take your FJ from stock to “stunner”.
Cap off the good looks of your FJ by adding
a TRD radiator cap:
• Releases at higher cooling system pressures
than factory caps, raising the coolant boiling
point to protect engines under high-rpm or
high-load operation
Get exceptional filtration and lower flow restriction, along with
engine protection and durability when you switch to a TRD
oil filter for your FJ:
• Three plies of 100% synthetic glass/polyester blend filtration
medium provides the highest possible dirt removal efficiency
and the lowest possible flow restriction
• Zinc-plated steel end caps help increase structural integrity
• Red silicone gaskets provide excellent seal characteristics
at high temperatures
• Includes two replacement high-temperature Vitron housing
gaskets and a drain adapter
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One of the reasons you were drawn to the FJ is its unique style.
There’s nothing else like it on or off the road. To make it stand
out even more, you can add a set of TRD 16-in. off-road beadlock
style alloy wheels5:
• They’re as stylish as they are functional with prominent
beadlock design and bronze-painted finish
• 16 x 7.5-in. low-pressure cast-alloy construction meets
the rigors of TRD’s stringent wheel standards
• Minus-one fitment allows for larger sidewall tires
to improve off-road ride and handling
• Provides the proper weight, offset and brake clearance
to ensure proper fit, finish and reliability
FJs are unique and have their own go-anywhere, do-anything
style. By adding a TRD shift knob, you can add your own personal
touch to your FJ:
• Features the 6-speed shift pattern on top and an embossed
TRD logo on the side for added appeal
• Delivers an enhanced shifting feel while providing
an impressive addition to your interior
• For manual transmissions only
• Easy to install
Free-flowing design of the TRD performance air filter allows the
maximum amount of air into the engine with minimal resistance,
providing unrivaled engine protection and the potential for
increased engine output:
• Unique oiled four-ply cotton gauze filter media for superb
filtration and enhanced airflow
• Rugged polyurethane body includes an elastomeric seal
for a leak-free fit
• Washable and reusable – designed to last the lifetime of your FJ
• Pre-oiled and ready to install – an exact drop-in replacement
for stock air filter
When driving off-road, it’s not about speed – it’s about
quickness. For those occasions, adding a TRD quickshifter
comes in handy:
• The linkage and repositioned pivot points provide up to
30% shorter shift throw for a sporty, more responsive feel
• Designed specifically for the FJ
• Simple remove-and-replace installation – no drilling or
special tools required
• Manual transmission only
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Looking for a boost in performance? Consider this: Cold air is denser
than hot air. So in your engine, cold air means more power. That’s what
you get when you add a TRD performance air intake system6 to your FJ:
• Takes cool air from behind and below the headlights (rather than
hot engine compartment air) and supplies this cooler, denser air
to the engine to increase power and improve cooling
• Designed to work with the factory ECU and emissions system
• Includes reusable TRD high-flow air filter with a custom-calibrated filter
service gauge that visually indicates when the filter needs servicing
• Dyno-tested to deliver an increase in horsepower and torque
for superior acceleration and greater pulling power
• Emissions legal in all 50 states
Engineered to deliver more horsepower and add a distinctive edge
to your driving experience, the TRD performance exhaust system
makes your FJ sound racier and accelerate quicker:
• Cat-back design reduces back pressure for improved
horsepower and enhanced low- to mid-range torque
(adds between 5- to 8-horsepower, depending upon application)
• Unique side exit design maximizes departure angle and allows
for a less restrictive exhaust path
• Constructed of durable stainless steel for superior
corrosion resistance
• Stylish TRD-logo-etched tip
• Produces a deep, throaty tone while meeting legal noise limits
On- or off- road, braking performance is vital. When you add
a set of TRD high-performance, high-friction brake pads
to your FJ, you improve braking performance:
• Aramid- and ceramic-strengthened compound helps
deliver an optimum combination of cold and hot friction
with minimal brake noise
• Pre-scorched to aid in initial break-in
• Reduces fade during repeated stops or extended downhill driving
• Direct replacement for stock pads
• For street and off-road use (not intended for open track sessions)
Add more stopping power to your FJ with a TRD
high-performance brake kit for the front axle:
• Four-piston opposed, fixed-caliper design for
confidence-inspiring braking performance
• Patented, directional AeroRotor design features
internal cooling vanes that help keep rotors cool
for consistent braking performance
• Cross-drilled rotors improve the initial “bite”
when braking in wet or rainy conditions
• Maintains or improves front-to-rear braking
distribution and achieves shorter braking distances
• Stainless steel braided brake lines with Teflon®
inner liner eliminate expansion under pressure
for optimum pedal feel
• Kit includes performance brake pads and stainless
steel braided brake lines (front axle only) and
is specifically designed for your vehicle with no
special maintenance required
PG 20
Want to refine your ride? Adding a set of TRD performance
shocks to your FJ will take the handling to a new level of smooth:
• Race-inspired design delivers a well-managed ride
without excessive harshness
• Refined shock valving helps reduce body lean and dive, while
providing better overall response and cornering performance
When it comes time to make your Toyota your own, remember only Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed, tested, and approved
specifically for your Toyota vehicle. Plus, when you purchase them at the same time as your new vehicle, Genuine Toyota Accessories are
backed by Toyota’s 3-year / 36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide.
To learn more about Genuine Toyota Accessories and to see how they’ll look on your Tundra with our comprehensive Build Your Toyota feature,
please visit toyota.com or to find your local Toyota dealer, please visit toyota.com/dealer.
This brochure is based upon information available at time of printing, is subject to change without notice, is for mainland U.S.A.
vehicles and may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and in other regions.
1. Before towing, confirm your vehicle and trailer are compatible, hooked up and loaded properly and that you have any necessary additional
equipment. Do not exceed any Weight Ratings and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual. The maximum you can tow depends
on the total weight of any cargo, occupants and available equipment. 2. To avoid potential interference with pedal operation, do not
install a floor mat on top of an existing floor mat. Each mat must be secured with either quarter-turn fasteners or retention hooks (clips).
This floor mat was designed specifically for use in this model and model year vehicle and SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle.
3. Cargo load and capacity limited by weight and distribution. 4. Available for vehicles equipped with factory remote keyless entry. 5. 16-in.
off-road performance tires are often expected to experience greater tire wear than conventional tires. Tire life may be substantially less than
mileage expectancy, depending upon tires used and driving conditions. 6. The TRD performance air intake is to be sold as dealer-installed
or over-the-counter options after the retail sale of the vehicle. The performance air intake may not be sold to the customer at the same
time as the new vehicle and may not be financed together with the new vehicle. Please see the TRD catalog, visit www.trdusa.com or call
800-688-5912 for a complete list of TRD products and warranty information. Emission-legal for aftermarket sale via C.A.R.B. Executive Order.
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