Cape Breton East Richmond Cursillo

 Cape Breton East Richmond Cursillo 30 April 2015 Message from Lay Director
Imagine for a moment the weekend you made your Cursillo. Remember the three encounters: with self, with Christ, with others. Everything on the weekend was shared from the food, the music, the talks, table group discussion to the morning and night prayers, the skits, the Masses and the Rosary. These three days were a lived experience, which led us into our closing, our encounter with our greater Cursillo community. After the weekend, our Cursillo focus turned to what nourishes us our group reunion and our ultreya. Ultreya, which means "onward or to proceed further" is, in totality, the sharing of our Christian life. It allows us to gather for a little while away from the circumstances of our busy lives. We are able to share what we live (our faith-­‐Jesus Christ) in friendship and joy in a true Christian community and by doing so, live what we share in our daily environment, our small world. We do this with strength and conviction as we continue to take Jesus out into our many and varied environments. DeColores and God Bless. Rick May 21-24
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1. June 25-­‐28 -­‐ CCCC Conference, Carlton University, Ottawa. (Info on website) 2. July 17-­‐18 -­‐ Defaga Fish and Game Lodge, Digby, N.S. (Access website: for info) 3. September 4 -­‐6, ACCC Conference, Villa Madonna, St. John, N.B. (more info to follow) UPCOMING WEEKENDS
~ Camp Bretondean ~
May 1-3
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Important Dates in May 1. May 10 - Mothers Day
2. May 12 - Richmond County Ultreya
3. May 22 - Feast of St. Rita
4. May 30 - Feast of St Joan of Arc QUOTE FROM The story of your life
EMMETT FOX is really the story of
the relations
between yourself
and God.
Next Ultreya 28 May 2015 7:30 -­‐ Our Lady of Fatima Hall