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Welcome to the Seasonal Decorations Project! Please read through this guide carefully, as it
contains information and suggestions that are important for your project. 4-H Leaders can
obtain further resources and locations of resources from the PEI 4-H Office. Hopefully you,
as a member, will “Learn to do by Doing” through hands-on activities that will encourage learning
and enjoyment. If you have any questions, contact your District 4-H Officer or your 4-H project
May 2013
You complete a project by:
• completing the project Achievement Day requirements
• completing a communication project
• completing a community project
• completing an agriculture awareness project
• taking part in Achievement Day
You must complete all
of the listed aspects
in order to show at
Fairs and Exhibitions.
Table Top Decoration*
Wall Decoration*
Sample , one of the following ...
Halloween Treat Bag
Easter Egg
Collection of three (3) Christmas Tree Ornaments
100 Marks
*Suitable for a special holiday such as Halloween, Christmas,
Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day or Thanksgiving.
It is recommended that as you complete these required items, you store them
safely together in a box or container. When Achievement Day arrives, all your
project items are together and ready to be judged. Carefully label all of your
items with your name for Achievement Day.
One Table Top Decoration
One Wall Decoration
One Door Type Decoration
If sending your exhibition requirement to the 4-H Fairs, consider making a sturdy decoration
that will withstand the packing and unpacking and travel. You are encouraged to package
your decoration exhibit carefully to protect it from breaking or crushing in travel.
It is recommended you get a duotang or a three ring binder in which to keep this
member guide and any other project materials you receive from your leader. The
duotang or binder can be displayed at your Achievement Day with the above listed
A variety of books are available at the PEI 4-H Office which can
be borrowed for a two week loan period. To book these, call 368
-4833 or drop by the PEI 4-H Office at 40 Enman Crescent,
It is very important that members
follow safety procedures when
making crafts.
Remember: Glue
guns are HOT! The glue comes out
quite fast and can burn your skin if
you are not careful. Keep your
fingers away from hot glue. Use a
toothpick or craft stick to hold pieces
in place until the glue sets. Be
careful with sharp pointed items like
scissors, knives or other cutting
tools. Always carry and pass
scissors with the handles turned
toward the other person.
doing handstitching, use a thimble to
prevent needles from stabbing your
In the spirit of learn to do by doing, all those involved in 4-H are
encouraged to practice good sportsmanship, use common sense
at all 4-H activities, and the work in any 4-H project should be
the member’s own work.
Your Leader’s Project Guide has some ideas and some
instructions for projects, but you are free to select patterns and
ideas from other craft magazines, books or web sites.
Check out the PEI 4-H Web Site
Ages for 4-H members as of
January 1st of the 4-H year:
9-11 years
Intermediate: 12-14 years
15-21 years
Is the article clean and neat?
Is the article completely finished and ready for its intended
Is the article safe to use?
Are the ends of yarns or threads finished appropriately
without knots or loose ends?
Do the articles fit the intended use?
Are wooden figures well sanded and finished on all sides?
Are the materials used suitable to the design and the
intended use?
Are the colours suitable for the design and well matched?
Are stitch tensions even?
Are tole painted articles free from smudges, smears and
obvious mistakes?
Are stuffed items securely stitched and well joined? Is the
stuffing even?
General Score Card
for Handcrafts
Creative Design
General Appearance
(Achievement Day Requirement)
As an introduction to your Seasonal Decorations Project, you are required to complete ONE sample item.
Use your imagination and be as creative as you can. The sample should be ONE of the following…
• A Halloween Treat Bag, or
• A Valentine, or
• A Decorated Easter Egg
You will find it more enjoyable to do these at their particular time of year, and you may
also find it easier to find ideas when everyone is decorating for the particular event or
Halloween Treat Bag
You are free to design your treat bag as you wish. But here is one design you could
use. Using a large brown grocery bag, glue a 7 cm hem at the top of the bag. Then add
a handle for carrying the treat bag. A strong paper handle glued to each side of the bag
should be sufficient. Now you are ready to decorate your bag. Decorate with felt, fun
foam, fun fur, fabric, markers, crayons, paint, glitter, stencils, etc. Again the options are
A Valentine
You may decide to make a Valentine for your sample. This may be made of fabric,
lace, paper, baker’s dough, or any other suitable material. If you make a card, it should
be a least 11cm x 15 cm.
A Decorated Easter Egg
Eggs to be decorated can either be hard-cooked or blown. Blown
eggs keep from year to year. Various means of decorating eggs
include the following…
• Shadow Box
• Decoupage and Collage
• Batiking
• Coloring
• Sequined
How to Blow Eggs
Wash and dry eggs
Pierce both ends of
the egg with a large
Slightly enlarge the
hole at the small end
of the egg
Push the needle well
into the egg, to break
the yolk
Hold the egg over a
bowl with the small
end down
Blow into the hole at
the opposite end
Rinse shell with cold
Tips for Egg Crafts
A piece of thin wire strung through holes of blown egg and
knotted at one end makes a handy tool when dip-dying or for
hanging to dry.
After drawing designs with felt tip pen, let dry and coat with
clear nail polish to prevent smearing.
To make stands for decorated eggs, glue on small plastic
curtain rings, buttons, spools, stones, pieces of wood or bottle
Liquid lacquer will discolour paper cut-outs of certain kinds of
paper and some dried flowers and feathers. Try out on scraps
before applying.
Pearl nail polish will give a beautiful effect when used in place
of varnish.
Shells are highly porous. If you plan to eat the eggs later, do
not use felt tipped pens or rubber cement for decorating eggs.
Decorated eggs to be eaten should be kept in the refrigerator
till you are ready to serve them.
(Achievement Day Requirement)
Trimming the tree is always a fun part of preparing for Christmas. Homemade Christmas tree ornaments add
a special touch to your own tree or are nice to give as gifts to your friends or relatives.
You are required to make three Christmas Tree Ornaments as part of your project.
There are a wide variety of materials and methods from which to choose when making tree ornaments. You
may wish to make three ornaments of similar but not identical design, or use three different designs and
There are lots of ideas as to materials and how they might be used for your tree ornaments.
Bread dough
Knitted or crocheted
Plastic canvas
Cross Stitch
Nut Shell
Fun Foam
Old Christmas Cards
Beach Finds (i.e. drift wood, sea shells)
Clothespins (soldiers, reindeer, etc.)
Lightbulbs (angels, santas, reindeer, etc.)
Birch branches
Thread spools
Small clay pots
Embroidery floss (angels)
Styrofoam balls and pieces
Candy Canes
Leaves (wreaths)
Bells (wreaths)
Buttons (wreaths, snowmen, etc.)
Paper (some beautiful scrapbook papers available
to use—use cookie cutters for designs)
• Glass ball ornaments (stuffed with
(Achievement Day and Exhibition Requirement)
Food is an important part of many holiday celebrations. Because of this,
particular attention is paid to the table and how decorations are used to add to the
appeal. Using decorations on your table greatly enhances the appearance.
Remember, we eat first with our eyes.
In this segment of your Seasonal Decorations Project, you are required to make
one Table Top Decoration suitable for a special holiday. You are free to select
any type of Table Top Decoration that you choose which is easily recognized as
representing a particular day such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
The ideas of what you might like to make are endless. Take a look through some
craft or home decorating magazines, check out the internet for some great ideas and patterns or visit a craft
shop for more ideas. Creating a centre piece is fun. You can use whatever materials you have available and
your imagination.
Create a CHRISTMAS centre piece using a combination of candles which you can make yourself, acorns,
ribbon and a sturdy base. The combinations are endless. Use one or more candles. Combine a bit of
greenery with the acorns if you wish. What about a Gingerbread Sleigh with goodies.
For a Ghostly Centre Piece for HALLOWEEN, use a foam base, pompoms for pumpkins, small popsicle
sticks for a fence, include a candle and some ghostly creatures.
For EASTER, a centre piece could be as simple as a basket created out of hobby dough, filled with you
decorated Easter eggs. Make a pompom chick, bunny or duck to add a little extra to your Easter basket.
For THANKSGIVING, use natural craft items to create your centre piece—use gourds, or corn husk dolls and
perhaps include ears of corn.
Placemats can also add a special touch to your table. Imagine placemats tailored to the occasion—make
your placemat at least 25 x 45 cm. Use fabric and/or felt and your placemat may be quilted, appliquéd, or
patchwork. By changing colours or the design, you can create different placemats for Christmas, Valentine’s,
St. Patrick’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. You may make matching or complimentary napkins and
include a novel napkin ring or holder.
(Achievement Day and Exhibition Requirement)
Wreaths, wall plaques, wall hangings, decorative straw brooms or even large Santa
Socks can be used to decorate your door or walls for a special season or occasion.
Wall hangings can be tailor-made to any season or holiday. Make it from burlap
and felt or use finer fabric and make a quilted wall hanging depicting a particular
special holiday. You can use embroidery or needlepoint if you wish to create a
design. Your wall hanging may range from a quilted hanging depicting an angel
heralding the Christmas Season, to a fabric Advent Calendar, to a ghostly scene to
hang for Halloween. The choice of designs and materials is almost endless.
Create a wreath to hang during the Christmas Season. There are many different
types to choose from. You can make fabric wreaths, evergreen ones, or how about a pine cone wreath.
More great wreath ideas can be found by searching the internet.
Stockings can be hung on your wall or mantel as a Christmas decoration. Socks may be knitted, crocheted,
or sewn. They can be decorated to suit a particular person. Names can be added to make it more personal.
From time to time throughout the 4-H year, you may wish to
contact your leader(s) or another project member for one reason
or another. Just fill in the information below, and you will have a
handy Project Member—Project Leader Directory!
How To Make Pompoms
1. Cut two identical cardboard circles that are the desired pompom size.
2. Cut holes in the centre of both circles so that the cardboard circles
look like flat doughnuts. The larger the hole, the fuller the pompom.
3. Place the two cardboard circles one on top of the other.
4. Cut several strands of your chosen yarn to a manageable length.
5. Place one strand at the centre hole and wrap yarn from the centre to
the edge and back to the centre again. Continue wrapping yarn in this
manner until the centre hole is packed with yarn. Distribute yarn
evenly around the circle.
6. Insert the blade of the scissors through the year and in between the
outside edges of the cardboard circles. Cut evenly the circle until all the yarn has been cut.
7. Pull the cards apart slightly and wrap a length of yarn tightly between the cards—around the middle of
the yarn strands—a few times. Secure the yarn tie with a double knot. Leave a trailing end of yarn long
enough to hand the pompom with
8. Adjust and fluff the pompom. Trim away an excess yarn.
Most projects will require at least six to eight project
meetings to complete the project.
Meeting Date
At this meeting, we...
Each year you are encouraged to provide a service to your community as a 4-H member.
This introduces you to the responsibilities of citizenship. You must participate in your
club’s plan for a community project and you should have a role to play. Describe your
involvement with your club’ community project this year.
Our Community Project was _______________________________________________
I helped by _____________________________________________________________________________
It was beneficial because __________________________________________________________________
I learned ______________________________________________________________________________
Agriculture is one of PEI’s main industries. You are expected to participate with your club
to complete a project (or provide a service) which helps your club or others become aware
of the importance of agriculture in our lives. As in the community project, you should
actively participate.
Our Agricultural Awareness Project was _______________________________________
I helped by _____________________________________________________________________________
It was beneficial because __________________________________________________________________
I learned _______________________________________________________________________________