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DreamMaker XE VE2200
DreamMaker XE VE2200
V-Series Embroidery-only
Everything you love about embroidery, and the
space you have always dreamed of comes
together in the amazing DreamMaker XE
embroidery-only machine.
• 318 built-in embroidery designs, 13 bobbin work
designs and 14 embroidery fonts
• Large embroidery area – 300 x 180mm
• Droplight embroidery positioning marker
• V-Sonic pen for embroidery
• Up to 1,050 stitches per minute; embroidery speed
• Large 7” LCD touch screen display
Brother's most exclusive, feature packed embroidery-only machine
With its industry first features, the VE2200 is the ultimate dream machine for embroidery lovers. The V-Sonic Pen will help you automatically
place your embroidery pattern and the droplight embroidery positioning marker will show you the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy
– obtaining perfect embroidery results. Even better, the VE2200 has a large embroidery area (300x180mm) and is fully loaded with 318 built-in
embroidery designs and 14 embroidery fonts.
When you want to explore your creativity in embroidery, look no further than DreamMaker XE VE2200.
Ultra Bright LED Lighting
This ultra bright feature lighting gives a
crisp bright natural light, so you can see
colours and stitch details, no matter what
your lighting conditions are. The lighting
brightness is fully adjustable so you can
set it at a level to suit you and your
environment. 50% brighter than most
Brother machines.
V-Sonic Pen for Embroidery
Ultrasonic sensing provides embroidery positioning
and angle rotation with a simple touch.
Fully Automatic Needle Threading
Simply glide your thread through the marked
path and press the button for quick and easy
needle threading.
Large Embroidery Area
Enjoy a large embroidery area – 300 x 180mm
– that provides plenty of space for large
embroidery designs.
318 Built-in Embroidery Designs
A wide range of embroidery designs to let
your creativity run free! 318 built-in
embroidery designs, 14 embroidery fonts, 13
bobbin work designs and 3 Japanese
embroidery fonts.
Optional Continuous Border
Droplight Embroidery Positioning Marker
The LED droplight shows the needle drop position with
pinpoint accuracy – perfect embroidery placement.
300 x 100mm embroidery area. Perfect for
applying repeated designs to the edges of
items such as curtains, bed covers or
Velocity up to
1,050 SPM
The fastest Brother
series ever!
56 Square Inches
of Workspace
5" high
Large 7" LCD Touch
Screen Display
See up to 260,000 colours with little or
no colour shifting. View on-screen
tutorials, and control the machine with
the large, intuitive on-screen icons.
11 ¼" wide
USB ports
Connect to your computer to import
and export designs or perform
machine updates. Use the second
port to import and export designs
from your USB memory stick or
Embroidery card reader.
Eleven Inch Chassis
The largest needle to arm distance ever from
Brother at 11¼”.
Features at a glance
3.6 x 6.0
LCD Display Size (inches)
Onscreen Help & Editing
LED 10” lighting
Thread Tension
Needle Threading System
Fully Automatic
Built-in Scissors
Full USB
Computer Connectivity with
Update Capability
V-Sonic for Embroidery
Droplight Embroidery
Positiong Marker
Yes (Embroidery foot)
Maximum Embroidery Area
(X x Y)
Maximum Embroidery Speed
(stitches per minute)
Standard Included Frames
2 (300x180mm, 180x130mm)
Built-in Brother
Embroidery Designs
Built-in Disney
Embroidery Designs
Built-in Frame Designs
10 Shapes x 14 Stitch Patterns
Built-in Embroidery
Lettering Fonts
14 Alphabet + 3 Japanese Fonts
Basting Stitch
Before Embroidery
Display (number of colours)
What’s in the box
• Embroidery foot "W2" with LED pointer
• Needle set
• Ball point needle set
• Seam ripper
• Scissors
• Cleaning brush
• Screwdriver
• Vertical spool pin
• Spool cap
• Bobbin clip x 10
• Spool felt
• Spool net x 2
• Embroidery needle plate cover
• Touch pen
• USB cable
• Bobbin work - bobbin case
• Embroidery frame set (large)
• Embroidery frame set (extra-large)
• Brother poly #90 bobbin thread
• V-sonic pen
• Pen holder
• Dust cover
• Accessory bag
• Operation manual
• Quick reference guide
Optional accessories
King Spool thread stand
Square embroidery thread
10-spool thread
PE-Design Next & PE Design
Plus Software
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