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J. Ennis Fabrics is proud to be an
unlimited source for designers,
workrooms, upholstery shops and
Designers / Decorators
Fabrics for drapery, upholstery
and top of the bed with a full
line of drapery hardware to
complete an entire window
treatment. Complete any project
with fabrics merchandised by
color for easy to use searching.
Grommets, scissors, thread,
sheering tapes, drapery hooks and
so much more. Check out our
Home Décor Essentials binder.
Upholstery shops
One of the most extensive
furniture supply lines: staples,
staple guns, foam, springs, fiber
and more. Check out our website
and view all of our furniture
supplies. Our new website will
keep a profile of purchased items
to save time with reorders.
Body cloths and coordinating
pillow fabrics merchandised by
color for easy use, up to date
trends and colors for the ever
moving market. Plus we have
a wide range of supplies to
satisfy any of your needs.
02 Features / Textiles
Texture is still very important as more color is coming back into the market.
Brown shades (beige to chocolate) with bursts of color in a pattern on a pillow
or accent chair. Everyday Color Elements collection has soft, bold patterns
inspired by nature.
Patterns featured above
(L to R): Primrose 13
Sorbet, Monaco 1003
Fuchsia, Avenue 13 Sorbet
& Bracken 13 Sorbet.
Large scaled patterns in black and white are very dynamic alternative. Classical
colors with a contemporary look for chairs or bedding.
Chair by Patato Skins in Zinnia 600 Bone.
03 Features / Textiles
Black &
Custom bedding in bold
black and white patterns.
Euro Sham (Back pillows):
Allana 600 Bone;
Standard Sham (Middle
pillows): Zinnia 600 Bone,
Heiress Silk Velvet 9009
Small Waist Pillow (Front):
Carlisle 600 Bone;
Duvet Cover: Zinnia 600
Bone, Heiress Silk Velvet
9009 Ebony;
Bed Skirt: Allana 600 Bone
04 Features / Textiles
Simply Natural
Watch for our recently launched eco-friendly program in multi-purpose
weights. Fabrics made from Certified Organic cottons and sustainable
bamboo which are produced using 100% wind power. All dyes used
with these natural yarns are free of heavy metals and are compliant with
ETAD list of heavy metal. Made in the USA.
Eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, organic and natural fibres are stronger
using natural dyes making color on these products more in tune with
Use eco-friendly fabrics and be one step closer to preserving our planet.
Patterns featured above (clockwise from top): Mapleton 202 Jalapeno, New
Haven 202 Jalapeno, Quinn 202 Jalapeno and Nantucket 202 Jalapeno.
05 Features / Textiles
Product Knowledge
The Leather Story
Which one of our leathers is right for you?
Pure Aniline Leathers: Dyed for color without any pigments applied. These
hides will exhibit natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, and neck
and belly wrinkles. Expect color variation from the swatch to the actual leather
due to the fact leather is a natural product and will absorb dye differently
within the hide and from hide to hide. These leathers will fade with prolonged
exposure to sunlight.
Protected Aniline Leathers: Dyed for color and then receives pigments to ensure
color consistency. Without pigment, a protected leather is not color consistent.
The pigment ensures resistance to fading and slows the leather wear over time.
A clear water based topcoat is applied for protection only, which makes these
leathers great for high traffic areas and highly active families. Expect natural
characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, and neck and belly wrinkles
throughout the hide. Easy to maintain and have the maximum wear ability you
can achieve with leather.
Nubuck Leathers: Dyed for color and then polished to create a nap. Since
nubuck leathers have no pigment applied these hides will exhibit color
variation from hide to hide and dye lot to dye lot. Natural markings are visible
throughout these hides and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause leather to
06 Features / Textiles
Current Product
Everyday Color Indoor Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor spaces are stronger than ever;
outdoor sanctuaries to get away from today’s
J. Ennis Fabrics has teamed up with Sunbrella®
to bring exclusive patterns durable enough for
outdoors and decorative enough for indoors.
Everyday Color Indoor/Outdoor collection is
highly decorative with the quality, warranties and
properties of Sunbrella. Soft fun textures including
velvets, chenilles and jacquards in warm, soft colors
in Villa and bright hues in Cabana.
07 Features / Textiles
Everyday color Indoor Outdoor fabric featured above (L to R):
Sunbrella® Furniture 54” 8013 Dupione Bamboo, Gazebo 1006
Fire Island, Swirl 1006 Cranberry, Sunbrella® Furniture 54”
75003-0000 Terracotta and Hothouse 1006 Garnet.
Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.
Check out our new specifications. Solace now exceeds
100,000 double rub abrasion.
Solace featured below (L to R): 17 Red Clay, 4006 Spice
and 67 Buff.
News & Events
One Year
Ten Years
Jennifer Petrie (December 10) - Credit
Eri Kobayashi (January 7) - Accounting
Mirelle Briggs (April 19) - Ontario Sales
Chad Cretney (May 1) - CFO, Accounting
Gloria Mantini (June 2) - ON Sales
Siva Chelliah (June 23) - Toronto Warehouse
Jing Ji (July 7) - Accounting
Eileen Everett (July 9) - Edmonton Sales Counter
Jesse Krane (July 21) - Toronto Warehouse
Joshua Riemens (July 21) - Toronto Warehouse
Jeremy Killoran (July 28) - Information Systems
Cecily Kilford (November 2) - Credit
Rose Langille (April 27) - Toronto Warehouse
Anniversaries Five Years
Mike Ens (November 24) - VP Merchandising
Marcy Woitte (December 1) - Product Development
Sabina Szarek (February 2) - Toronto Sales Counter
Scott Washington (February 15) - RSM, Ontario
Tracy Serna-Lucy (March 1) - Inside Sales
Barb Workum (June 5) - Human Resources
Petra Bowen (June 15) - Vancouver Warehouse
Fifteen Years
Gwen Taylor (November 9) - Accounting
Brian Cheney (January 1) - BC Sales
Twenty Years
Kim Ennis (March 1) - Administration
Twenty-five Years
Ted Sawicki (February 24) - Purchasing
Thirty Years
Burke McDonald (January 25) - VP Operations
Patterns featured (clockwise from top): Top right: Summerhill 64 Oyster, Crossroads 31 Spring Rain,
Quinn 31 Spring Rain, Crossroads 64 Oyster, Mapleton 31 Spring Rain (under).
08 Features / Textiles
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