17th April 2015 - Caulfield Junior College

Dear Parents,
Internaonally Accredited School
April 17th, 2015
186 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North
Website: www.caulfieldjc.org.au
Email: caulfi[email protected]
Principal: Amanda Mclean
Assistant Principal: Vicki Phyland
I hope you enjoyed the holidays and had some /me to
slow down, relax and spend /me with your family and
friends. This week has started well and students have
[email protected] back into the structure and rou/nes of being a
learner at CJC.
Pupil Free Days - Monday 20th of April & Friday 1st of
On Monday all staff will be par/cipa/ng in level 2 First
Aid and Asthma Training. Camp Australia will be running
on Monday to support working families. Students will
not [email protected] school on this day. The focus of professional
learning for Friday the 1st of May is to implement a new
report wri/ng program.
Statement of Interna,onal Mindedness
At Caulfield Junior College it is an
understanding that students will develop the knowledge
and skills to appreciate our own and other people’s
cultures; exploring differences and embracing them in
order to become responsible ci/zens of our world.
April 20th—Pupil Free Day
April 23rd—senior cross country
April –28th School Council Mee/ng
April 24th—Whole school assembly for ANZAC Day at
May 1st—Pupil Free Day
May 31—CJC Working Bee
Term 1: 28 January to 27 March
Term 2: 13 April to 26 June
Term 3: 13 July to 18 September
Term 4: 5 October to 18 December
Noces sent home this week
Grade 3 / 4 Camp
Gr 1 /2 Healseville Sanctuary
1D—Class breakfast for 1D and 1E
Anzac Day Ceremony
Next Friday you are invited to [email protected] our Anzac Day Ceremony organised by Kris/na [email protected] and Katherine Keily
and lead by our student leaders. The assembly will be
held at school on the Friday 24th at 9.15am.
During this assembly, a member of the local RSL will
come to present us with an oak seedling as part of the
Gallipoli Oaks project. We are amongst 300 schools in
Victoria who are receiving a seedling, which are
'grandparent trees' of acorns from Gallipoli. The process
of receiving an oak seedling began five years ago when
Katherine put in an applica/on. It is amazing when you
think about the significance of a decision made five years
ago, in applying for an oak seedling and to be fortunate
to receive one in the 100 year commemora/on of the
Anzacs. David Southwick our local member and the Leader newspaper will also be present. All students this week
have been busy making poppies for a whole school
wreath to mark the occasion.
In addi/on, On ANZAC Day, students of Caulfield JuniorCollege have been invited by the Caulfield RSL to par-cipate in an inaugural march down Glenhuntly Road preceding the Caulfield RSL Dawn Service at 4 St Georges
Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in this
event which will include a march honouring those fallen,
hymns, prayers, laying of wreaths, the Last Post, a period
of silence, the Reveille, and both the Australian and New
Zealand na-onal anthems will be sung. The parade will be
led by two members of the Light horse Brigade followed
by a drum corps playing military solos from CBC St Kilda.
Parents are encouraged to watch on, while students
march in the parade in honour of a family member or
friend. If there is no family connec-on, students are encouraged to research a local community member using
the following database:
The march, which extends from Orrong Road to St
Georges Road, commences at 6.30am and the Dawn Service commences at 7.00am. Best vantage points are along
Glenhuntly road between Orrong and St Georges Roads.
Students are asked to muster on Orrong Rd at 6.00am
If you plan to aBend this event please email CJC on caulfi[email protected] advising the name of the
veteran your child/children will be marching for.
(Please mark the email - ABen-on: Kris-na)
I would like to thank the year 5/6 student leaders and
Kris/na and Katherine for their work to ensure that the
Anzac Day Ceremony is a significant event for our school
School Council Sub-Commi=ees
School Council [email protected] are a wonderful way for
parents and caregivers to become involved and learn
more about how DET schools work. At CJC our [email protected] include: Buildings and Grounds, Finance, PR
& Communica/ons, Hebrew Immersion Program, Policy
and Development, French Sec/on and Parent [email protected]
Buildings and Grounds – 9am 21st April – Principal’s
Finance – 9am 22nd April – Principal’s office
PR & Communica,ons – 3.30pm 23rd April – Principal’s
French Sec,on – 7pm 20th April – Staffroom
Hebrew Immersion Program – 8pm 21st April – Private
residence – please contact Lilach Shalom (Hebrew Coordinator) on [email protected] for details if you
Policy and Development – [email protected] has already met
this term and the next mee/ng is early June. (Date and
/me is yet to be decided.)
Parent Commi=ee – 24th April (aVer the ANZAC Day
assembly in the MPR)
Amanda Mclean
Chers Parents
Ac/vités et événements prévus pour ce 2eme trimestre
-Lundi 20 avril : Journée sans école pour les enfants, les
enseignants seront en forma/on premiers secours
-Jeudi 23 avril : Cross-country pour les élèves du CE2 a la
6ème à Caulfield parc de 11h10 à 15h30.
-Vendredi 24 avril à 9h15 : assemblée pour commémorer
l’ANZAC Day.
-Lundi 27 avril à 9h15 : assemblée hebdomadaire des
-Lundi 27 avril à 19h dans la salle polyvalente conférence
d’Emmanuel Bernet sur la mo/va/on des élèves et les
nouvelles technologies d’appren/ssage.
-Vendredi 1er mai : Journée sans école pour les enfants, les
enseignants seront en forma/on sur l’évalua/on des
-Mercredi 6 mai : Excursion pour les élèves de CP et CE1 au
Healesville Sanctuary.
-Du 12 au 14 mai : NAPLAN tests pour les élèves de CE2 et
ceux de CM2.
-Du lundi 18 au mercredi 20 mai : camp des CE2 et CM1 à
Forest Edge.
-Mardi 26 mai : Excursion pour les élèves de CM2 et 6ème
à Sovereign Hill.
-Dimanche 31 mai de 14h à 17h : Working Bee, si vous êtes
libres pour faire de pe/ts travaux afin d’entretenir et
d’embellir notre école.
-le 23 et 25 juin : incursion pour les CE2 et CM1 sur des
expériences chimiques.
Ecole des parents
[email protected] année encore, l'EFM et la French Sec/on Elec/ve de
CJC auront le plaisir d'accueillir Emmanuel Bernet pour une
conférence sur la mo/va/on scolaire.
Emmanuel, enseignant-chercheur de l'Université de Montréal actuellement en poste au Lycée Français de Singapour, animera une soirée d'informa/on sur la mo/va/on
scolaire et les nouvelles technologies éduca/ves dans la
salle polyvalente de CJC le lundi 27 avril, de 19h à 20h30.
La présenta/on, gratuite, sera en français. Vous êtes
toutes et tous les bienvenus !
Sites interac/fs gratuits de ressources
Nous vous recommandons vivement ces sites qui vous
proposent des liens vers des sites français, des exercices
en ligne et des jeux éduca/fs gratuits pour les élèves du
préscolaire à la 6éme.
[email protected]:/pepit.be
[email protected]:/sou/en67.free.fr
Dear parents
Important events and ac-vi-es for the 2nd term
-Monday 20/04: Pupil Free Day, students don’t have
school. Professional development day for CJC staff on First
Aid and Asthma.
-Thursday 23/04 from 11.10 to 3.30: Cross country at Caulfield Park.
-Friday 24/04 at 9.15 : Assembly for the commemora-on of
- Monday 27/04 at 9.15: Whole school weekly assembly.
-Monday 27/04 at 7.00 in the mul-purpose room: conference
for parents on students’ mo-va-on and new technologies.
-Friday 1/05: Pupil Free Day. CJC staff professional development
day on assessment.
- From Monday 18/05 to Wednesday 20/05: Y3/4 Camp at Forest Edge.
-Wednesday the 6/05: Excursion for the Y1/2 students at
Healesville Sanctuary.
-From Tuesday 12/05 to Thursday 15/05: NAPLAN test for the
Y3 and Y5 students.
-Tuesday 26/05: Excursion for the Y5 and 6 students at Sovereign Hill.
-Sunday 31/05 from 2.00 to 5.00: working Bee.
-The 23/06 and 25/06: chemistry Incursion for Y3/4 .
Conference for parents
This year again, the EFM together with the French Sec-on Elec-ve of CJC will have the pleasure to welcome Emmanuel Bernet
for a conference on students' mo-va-on and new technologies.
Emmanuel is a teacher-researcher from Montreal University
currently working at the French Interna-onal School of Singapore. He will be presen-ng this session on students' engagement and new technologies in the Mul-purpose room of CJC on
Monday 27 April from 7pm to 8.30pm.
ABendance is free and the presenta-on will be in French. You
are all welcome to aBend.
Websites of the month
We recommend the following sites which contain a lot of links
to French sites, free online exercises and educa-ve games for
students from PREP to Y6.
[email protected]:/pepit.be
[email protected]:/sou/en67.free.fr
Gilles et Sébas-en
Welcome back to another busy term.
Next Thursday the 23rd April we are having our school
Cross Country at Caulfield Park from 11:30 onwards.
(Gr 3—6 ). Students can wear their house colours. The 8,
9,10 year olds will have a go at running 2 kms and the 11,
12 year olds are running 3 kms. All students are expected to
have a go and see how they go. Please remember to wear
running shoes, bring water and sunscreen. We would love
to see parents there to support and assist on the day as
Well done to Dylan Ting and Ethan Gaubert for
EXCELLENT results in the trials for football and tennis.
Leora Yates
Caulfield Junior College has registered
for Premier's Active April which starts in
April. Register at
www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/schools and
find team Caulfield Junior College and
join in the fun.
ICAS tes/ng can be done at Auburn High School.
Please see the below link for details.
[email protected]://www.north-shore.com.au/icas-vic/?
Dates and /mes are on the enrolment forms.
Enrolment dates.
Digital Technologies 17th April (today)
1st May
26th June
10th July
We are looking for wool dona/ons to use for an
exci/ng buddy ac/vity.
If you have any wool that you would like to donate to
us, please send it to the BER there will be a tub you
can place it in.
Thanks in advance,
Katherine & Danyelle
1E and 1D
Where: 1E classroom
When: Wednesday 22nd April at 8 a.m.
What to bring:
A plate of food to share, e.g. fruit, croissant, bread roll,
toppings such as [email protected], honey, jam, vegemite, whatever you like to eat !
A paper/plas/c plate for you and your child; a paper/
plas/c cup for your child's drink; a cup for your coffee/
Please remember not to bring anything containing
If you make crepes, then please mark if they are made
with eggs.
Hot Dogs can now be ordered for your child/ren during term
2 and 3 every second Friday.
Please place your order each week through QKR by Monday
Our suppliers are Con/nental Kosher Butcher and Vinuage
bakery. Tomato sauce and mustard can be selected for the
Vegetarian sausages are also offered in a roll.
If you would like to help with the prepara/on please email
Debbie Bloch [email protected] it only takes
1hr every second Friday.
The RSL has dropped in a box of ANZAC
badges etc. for sale to assist in raising funds. These will be
sold by the Grade 5/6 students next Wednesday and Thursday
in /me for the assembly next Friday. Items are $2.00,
Next Parents [email protected] mee/ng: Friday 24th April in the MPR in the main building. (straight aVer
the ANZAC Day Assembly)
Mother’s Day Stall: Friday 8th May
Junior & Senior CJC Triathlon Teams
Here are some photos of the inaugural Junior & Senior CJC Triathlon Teams!!!
This group of CJC students all had fun doing their best at the St Kilda triathlon on Sunday 29 March. Well done to
you all!
The parents [email protected] will be holding our mothers day stall on Friday 8th May. We need volunteers to help prewrap, set up, assist the children and then pack up the stall. Its a great morning to be a part of and we are normally
all packed up by 1:30pm. You can stay the whole morning or volunteer for an hour or so. Please email Leonie to
offer your /me. [email protected]
Hot Dogs can now be ordered for your child/ren during term 2 and 3 every second Friday star/ng week 2. (April 24)
Please place your order each week through Qkr by Monday 12 noon.
Our suppliers are Con/nental Kosher Butcher and Vinuage bakery. Tomato sauce and mustard can be selected for
the order.
Vegetarian sausages are also offered in a roll.
If you would like to help with the prepara/on please email Debbie Bloch [email protected] it only
takes 1hr every second Friday.
Orders cost $3.50 per hot dog. Many thanks
ordered and paid for ONLY via the free Qkr App. Make sure you load
the App on your smartphone.
The Parents [email protected]
Public no/ces or adver/sements in the [email protected]
are accepted in good faith but the school does not
necessarily endorse the content. A charge is made
for commercial adver/sement.
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
ANZAC landings at Gallipoli, Caulfield and New
Zealand RSL sub-branches are building Australia’s
only Back to Gallipoli scene. An area of over 800
square metres is being re-created into Gallipoli
itself with trenches, uniforms, replicated scenes
and simulated artillery – we are stepping back in
time to Turkey, 1915
CJC Garden Tea Party