Horse Mastership Workshops

Horse Mastership Workshops
Ben Nolt has over 50 years of experience working with horses and helping people become more
successful with their horses. He founded Horse Mastership Essentials for that purpose, Ben says:
“I've found that helping people develop a system to regularly refresh, refine and fully develop "the
basics" of horse mastership helps to bring out the brilliance in both horse and handler, rider or driver.
Solid safe communication skills utilizing the natural and artificial aids, adopting a training and
handling style of continually observing, evaluating, accessing and refining along with deeper levels of
confidence and trust can help add the little extras to your current successes with your horses.”
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”!
Apr. 24-Fri.-6:30- 8:30-Lunging Basics
May 6- Wed.-7pm-8:30-Controlling speed & Direction
May 20-Wed.-7pm-8:30-Introduction to mini horses
May 30-Sat. - 7pm-8:30-Communicating w/horses
June 3- Wed.-7pm-8:30-Fun with miniature horses
Jun. 17-Wed.-7pm-8:30-Working horses in hand
July 8- Wed.-7pm-8:30-Prepare horse for obstacles
July 22-Wed.-7pm-8:30-Leading, Lunging, Long-Lining
Aug. 5- Wed.-7pm-8:30-Preparing the Horse to Drive
Sept. 9- Wed.-7pm-8:30-Working with miniature horses
Oct. 11- Sun.-7pm-8:30-Building Stronger Relationships
Nov. 15-Sun.-7pm- 8:30-Simple steps to success
Please choose the date(s) that you would like to attend and return this form to CATRA, PO
Box 339, Grantville, PA 17028. Workshops are compliments of CATRA.
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