March Mammal Madness Round 1: Sexy Beasts

March Mammal Madness
Round 1: Sexy Beasts
Match Up
Kangaroo vs. Megaloceros
Wolverine vs. Bongo
Lion vs. Bighorn Sheep
Daeodon vs. Olive Baboon
Kangaroo: swift kick, long
& sharp claws, quick &
agile, chambered
stomachs to help digest
grass, multiple sets of
Megalocerso: antlers for
defense, slower than
kangaroo, antlers
developed for sexual
Wolverine: sharp claws
and crushing jaws, can
handle snow
Bongo: main predators
are hyenas, lions,
leopards, females raise
young, primarily
nocturnal, groups of 1013, lives in African forests
Lion: stalk, strength, and
speed, home turf in plains
of Africa, mane functions
in sexual selection,
usually 2-7 males take
over a pride
Bighorn Sheep: when not
in rutting season,
population separates into
female and male groups,
males rutt with horns in
intense head-butting, the
horns can weight more
than the rest of the
skeleton combined, found
on rocky cliffs in alpine
Daeodon: eats primarily
succulents, home turf
advantage, slashes with
tusks, 12’ long, 2200lbs,
Baboon: eats fruits, raids
crops thus targeted by
farmers, in Africa, males
quite larger than female,
large teeth,
Brown Bear vs. Vervet Monkey
Brown Bear
Gigantopithecus vs. Koala
Amphicyon vs. Yellow-Bellied Marmot
Brown Bear: omnivores,
used to be in Mexico
through Europe and
Siberia, increased
interaction with humans
w/increased human
Vervet Monkey: 2’
primate, S & W Africa,
highly socialized
hierarchies determined by
size and familial status,
mainly vegetarian
although diet expanding
due to human interaction,
fossilized ape that lived in
SE Asia from 8 million to
100,000 years ago, males
larger than females, only
fossils are teeth and
mandibles and estimated
to be 880lbs,
Koala: males make
vocalizations to, attract
mate, gigantopithecus,
flees “battle”, males
larger than females, have
gut bacteria that allow
them to digest the toxin
in eucalyptus leaves
Amphicyon: shearing,
teeth like dogs, vertebral
column/tail like cats, and
short limbs & feet like
bears carnassials
Elephant Seal vs. European Hare
Elephant Seal
(premolar teeth), Europe,
lived 23-16 million years
Marmot: eats grasses,
suns itself, doesn’t fight
rather has an alarm call
and retreats in a burrow,
live in matrilineal kin
groups (mother-daughtersister), found in Rocky
Mts to CA
Elephant Seal: male-male
competition often kills
pups due to inadvertent
crushing, vie for mates by
slashing back and forth
with their teeth, home
turf advantage
European Hare: Engage in
Fisticuffs for mates,