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USBC Sport Report
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Team USA Experience league patterns – a closer
In this month’s edition of the Sport Report, we’ll take a closer look
at two of the medium-distance Team USA Experience oil patterns,
Atlanta and Montreal.
Atlanta – This pattern is 38 feet in length and relatively medium
volume. It can be one of the hardest Team USA Experience
patterns to tame for a few reasons. Being 38 feet long, your ball
will have plenty of dry boards to work with, so you’ll have to play
toward the outside part of the lane to keep your ball from going
high. However, there is still a lot of oil on the outside part of the
lane, and no real defined place to play. To attack this pattern, you’ll
want to use a ball with some surface, probably around 1000-2000
grit Abralon, and a layout that will help the ball read the midlane,
and have a smooth backend reaction. And bring your spare game
– you’ll need it on this pattern!
Montreal – This pattern is 41 feet in length and toward the higher
side in volume. This pattern usually isn’t quite as difficult as
Atlanta, but will be if not attacked properly. You’ll want to start out
on this pattern around the track area, using a ball with something
around 1000 grit surface. You also will want to use an aggressive
bowling ball, with an aggressive layout. There is plenty of volume
in this pattern, and at 41 feet long you will need something that will
be somewhat responsive to friction. Keeping your ball speed soft,
and making sure you don’t give the ball too much room, will be the
keys when the pattern is fresh. Then as the pattern breaks down,
you should be able to move deeper and have a little more room on
the lane to work with.
If you would like to try these patterns, along with the other 10
Team USA Experience League patterns, look for a Team USA
Experience League in your area. If there isn’t one, talk to your local
center about starting one. Visit or click
here for more information.
Tip of the Month – Use video in practice
Here’s a high tech way to get the most out of your practice session
– simply use a video camera and record a few shots. In this era of
high-tech equipment, most people have access a video camera or
have video capability on their cell phone. Video can be a very
useful tool for practice.
Sign up for the USBC
Team USA Trials
It might feel like your arm swing is doing one thing, or your
footwork is going a certain way, but that might not necessarily be
the case. Most times when someone sees themselves throwing a
ball on video for the first time, they can’t believe that’s what they
look like!
The USBC Team USA Trials gives
USBC members the shot to earn a
spot on Team USA!
Think you've got the skills to
represent the red, white and blue?
USBC Sport Report
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There are two main camera angles to get to gather the most
information. The first is directly behind you, looking down the lane.
This will show you the direction of your arm swing, as well as the
direction you walk going to the line. The other is a side view going
into your slide and release. This will help show you what type of
timing you have, as well as how well you are staying down on the
By just recording a few shots from both of these angles, you can
gain a ton of information about your game. Video can quickly show
you what you need to zero in on, what to work on, and how to
improve your game.
Also, you can upload video clips to your computer and archive
them. That way you can easily compare your progress, side by
side, as you work on different aspects of your game.
Suggestion box is now open
Is there anything in particular you would like to read about in the
Sport Report? Or is there something you would like us to cover in
the Tip of the Month?
We want to make certain you are getting the information you want
in the Sport Report. Please e-mail [email protected] with
any suggestions.
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Brunswick is offering USBC Sport Bowling members cash rebates
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Follow USBC online
This year's event will be held
January 3-7 at Sunset Station in Las
Vegas, NV.
Registration for the event is open
now! Click here to learn more.
Sport Bowling Honor Roll
Congratulations to the following
bowlers who achieved a 300 game
or an 800 series in certified USBC
Sport Bowling competition.
300 games
Anthony Buonanno
Rick Coulson
Darrin Craft
Matthew Goddard
Charlie Millard
Cory Misura
David Mutch (2)
Mike Ramsey
Eddie Schaub
Christopher Sorensen
800 Series
Patrick Kohanski
Jason McCord
USBC Sport Report
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