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Healthy Living : June 2014
Healthy Living: May 2015
Why Healthy Living?
When it comes to managing your health,
the most important person involved in the
process is you. When you make healthy choices in your day-to-day activities, you reduce your risk of chronic disease, better manage already existing chronic disease, improve life for your family, and just plain feel better! Browse our current Healthy Living
opportunities and ask your doctor if one of them might be right for you.
Free Opportunities for Patients
2015 Kent County Resource Fair
Come out to the Paul I. Phillips
Boys & Girls Club on Thursday,
May 7th from 11am to 2pm to
learn about low-cost and free resources available in Kent County!
Service providers, government
agencies, educators, and community health organizations will be present.
Caregiver’s Support Group
Do you spend much of your time
caring for a loved one and helping
them to take care of themselves?
Joining a support group can be a
great way to process your experience, learn more about taking care
of yourself and others, and relax
for an hour or two. For more information, contact Jess at 616-3368800 ext. 207
Heart Healthy Class
Are you interested in learning more
about how to prevent or manage a
chronic disease such as diabetes?
Join us for our upcoming Heart
Healthy series this summer, dates to
be announced. For more information,
call Jess at 616-336-8800 ext. 207
Debra Bossenbroek, NP is
Returning to Catherine’s!
Debra is a family practice nurse
practitioner with a special interest
in Women’s Health. She is returning
to us from Spectrum Health Medical
Group. Appointments with Debra
are available starting June 1st!
Breast & Cervical Cancer
Control Program
Are you female, age 40-64, without
health insurance? You may qualify
to receive free breast and cervical
cancer screenings at Catherine’s.
To learn more, call Mark at 616336-8800
Health Coverage Assistance
CHC Navigators are available to assist
you in finding and applying for the
affordable health coverage for which
you’re eligible! For more information
or to schedule an appointment, call a
Navigator at 616-336-8800 ext. 214
1211 Lafayette Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(616) 336-8800
Low-Cost Gyms in Kent County
Listed membership rates are for one
adult (age 25-60), call locations for
additional membership options
YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids
Locations throughout Kent County
$0 start-up fee, $67 per month
Pool included in membership
Financial assistance available
Salvation Army Kroc Center
2500 Division Ave S
$75 start-up fee, $35 per month
Pool included in membership
Financial scholarships available
Fitness 19
1243 Leonard St NE
$57 start-up fee, $19 per month
Planet Fitness
4180 Plainfield Ave NE
Call 616-226-6701
$49 start-up fee, $10 per month
Funding provided for the
Heart Smart Connections program by:
See reverse side for FREE fitness classes around town!
475 Lake Michigan Dr. NW Grand Rapids
January – May 2015
ZUMBA: We take the “work” out of
workout by mixing low-intensity and
high-intensity moves for a calorieburning dance party.
COUCH TO 5K: We’ve created a
training program that builds strength
and endurance in preparation for the
Fifth Third River Bank Run.
4:30-5:03pm Zumba @ Harrison Park (1440 Davis Ave NW)
5:00-6:00pm Couch to 5K @ New Hope Baptist Church (130 Delaware SW)
6:00-7:00pm Zumba @ SECOM (1545 Buchanan Ave. SW)
6:00-7:00pm Zumba @ New Hope Baptist Church (130 Delaware SW)
11:30 AM-12:30 PM Cardio Dance @ Roosevelt Park Lodge (in Roosevelt Park)
SIT & BE FIT: A popular chair-based
exercise series designed to make
exercise fun, easy and safe for people
of all ages. We focus on therapeutic
exercises that make everyday activities
easier to perform.
KICKBOXING: We’ve combined
elements of boxing, martial arts, and
cardio movement for a high-energy
class that promises excellent physical
conditioning, fat-burning, and
WERQ: Similar to Zumba, WERQ is a
fiercely fun dance fitness class based on
pop, rock, and hip hop music.
6:00-7:00 PM Yoga @ Roosevelt Park Ministries (1530 Grandville Ave. SW)
6:30-7:30 PM Zumba @ Be Well Center (336 Hall St. SE)
7:00-8:00pm Zumba @ Alger Middle School (921 Alger St. SE)
10:45-11:45am Sit and Be Fit @ Latin American Services (121 Franklin St.)
5:30-6:30pm Kickboxing @ New Hope Baptist Church (130 Delaware SW)
6:00-7:00pm WERQ @ SECOM (1545 Buchanan Ave. SW)
8:45-9:45am Zumba @ Burton Elementary School (2133 Buchanan Ave. SW)
10:00-11:00am Sit and Be Fit @ GR International Fellowship (3765 Kalamazoo Ave)
BASKETBALL: Our drop-in basketball
program is perfect for youth and adults
looking for an indoor pickup game.
YOGA: Yoga helps to reduce stress,
strengthen the body, relax the mind,
and increase flexibility.
Contact Yvette McCutchen
at [email protected] or at
5:30-6:30pm Youth Basketball @ Baxter Community Center (935 Baxter SE)
7:00-9:00pm Adult Basketball @ Baxter Community Center (935 Baxter SE)