SILENT AUCTION RULES Please read, very important!

Please read, very important!
The bidding will begin at 5:00pm for all Silent Auction items. All Silent Auction items will
have a carbon bid sheet. The color of the dot on the bid sheet represents the section of
items that will close together. To bid on an item, you MUST fill in your BID NUMBER and
DOLLAR AMOUNT (Please use your bid number and NOT your last name). Successful
bidders must meet or exceed the Starting Bid and they must also increase by the
minimum increase shown. If you fail to do either one of these, your bid will be
disqualified (Auction Officials will scratch out any bid that is incorrect). We use only $2.00
and $5.00 bid increases, you may increase by more, but you must increase the bid by the
minimum increase shown, either $2.00 or $5.00. Silent auction tables will begin to close
by table color at 7:45pm and will close every 15 minutes. All items will be sold to the
highest bidder who bids correctly. The closing bid will be determined by an auction
official and it will then be declared the winning bid. As the tables close, bid sheets will be
collected and the top copy will be given to the cashiers to file in the appropriate winners
folder. A copy of the bid sheet will be returned to the appropriate silent auction item and
it will show the winning bid number and bid.
Please do not remove the carbon copy of the bid sheet that is left after the section closes.
YELLOW Section SA 101-200
Closes at 7:45pm
SA 101 – Girl Easter Basket
Description: Girl Easter basket filled with lots of Easter goodies.
SA 102 – Boy Easter Basket
Description: Boy Easter basket filled with lots of Easter goodies.
SA 103 – Large Barn Photo
Description: Large framed photo of a barn with night sky backdrop.
SA 104 – Religious Décor
Description: FAITH wall hooks and standing plaque.
SA 105 – Cosmetic Bag
Description: Set includes two bright floral cosmetic bags.
SA 106 – Frozen!
Description: Basket includes dolls, books, puzzle and poster.
SA 107 – Children’s Books
Description: This set includes several books for beginning readers.
SA 108 – Hanging Bottle Opener
Description: Decorative bottle opener to hang on your wall.
SA 109 – Desktop Games
Description: Desktop beanbag game and ladder ball game.
SA 110 – Lake Pointe Grill and Play
Description: Set includes a $25 gift card to Lake Pointe Grill and two tickets to “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” at UIS.
SA 111 – Decorative Wine Glasses
Description: Pair of decorative wine glasses.
SA 112 – Bracelets
Description: Set includes two colorful handmade bracelets.
SA 113 – Everything Hair
Description: Box includes brushes, wand, bows, clips and so much more.
SA 114 – Minecraft
Description: Basket includes hat, t-shirt (youth large), and Minecraft paper kit.
SA 115 – Lunch Organization
Description: Insulated cups, reusable lunch containers and freezable lunch bag.
SA 116 – Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Description: Basket includes two movies, book and candy.
SA 117 – Religious Desk Items
Description: Paperweight and prayer book.
SA 118 – Insulated Cups
Description: Basket includes six insulated cups of varying styles.
SA 119 – Will & Estate Planning
Description: Will and Estate planning by Cathedral parishioner Tony DelGiorno.
SA 120 – Mortar and Pestle Set
Description: Decorative mortar and pestle set.
SA 121 – Home Decor
Description: Wooden display bowl and decorative balls.
SA 122 – Cupcakes
Description: Basket includes mixing bowls set, two muffin pans and two recipe books.
SA 123 – Wine Basket and More
Description: Basket includes Bella Bows Boutique and Bling t-shirt (XL), wine, platter, wine glasses, glass charm and candy.
SA 124 – Cooler
Description: Patterned cooler embroidered with “Cold Snacks”.
SA 125 – Toys for Boys
Description: Storage bin includes foam dart grenades, duck hunter game, and G.I. Joe play set.
SA 126 – Caramel Vase
Description: Tall decorative caramel color vase.
SA 127 – Love Candle Holder
Description: LOVE votive candle holder.
SA 128 – Necklace
Description: Handmade, beaded cranberry colored necklace.
SA 129 – Blackhawks Backpack
Description: Backpack includes hat, t-shirt (XL), and clip watch.
SA 130 – Girl Backpack
Description: Backpack filled with quilted binder, pencils, pens, calculator, and notebooks.
SA 131 – Cathedral Summer Camp
Description: One week of Cathedral Summer Camp.
SA 132 – Christmas Decor
Description: Christmas basket includes a rug, platters, towel, placemats, bowl, spreader and silver poinsettia bracelet.
SA 133 – Superheroes
Description: Basket includes paint set, markers, puzzle, notebook, toy cars.
SA 134 – Outdoor Flags
Description: Basket includes flag stand and flag for each season or holiday.
SA 135 – Lake Photo
Description: Large photo of a lake scene, ready to hang.
SA 136 – Coach Wristlet
Description: Tangerine colored COACH Wristlet.
SA 137 – One Direction
Description: This basket includes singing toothbrush, pillow and case, cosmetic bag, bracelets, wall decals, poster, and perfume.
SA 138 – Bath & Body Works
Description: Basket is filled with various hand sanitizers and soaps.
SA 139 –Ninja Turtles
Description: Storage bin filled with coloring book, lawn chair, action figure and dining set.
SA 140 – Angel Art
Description: Large metal angel candle holder.
SA 141 – Dinner & Show
Description: Dinner at Ross Isaacs and tickets to the Illinois Symphony.
SA 142 – Tool Set
Description: Set includes Black and Decker rechargeable screwdriver set, Stanley chalk line reel and $25 gift card to True Value.
SA 143 – Nail Accessories
Description: Basket includes cotton balls, polish, nail files, and nail art.
SA 144 – Baby Needs
Description: Basket is filled with cups, forks, toys, and travel containers.
SA 145 – Wall Art
Description: This item is a ready to frame photo of a Church off the coast of Greece.
SA 146 – Coleman Travel Cooler
Description: This soft sided Coleman cooler is filled with three baseball themed movies, baseball book, and peanuts.
SA 147 – Music Lessons
Description: Four piano or flute lessons given by Cathedral parishioner Paulette George.
SA 148 – Funnel Cake Fryer
Description: This item is a Babycakes brand mini funnel cake fryer.
SA 149 –Lia Sophia Necklace
Description: Lia Sophia black and gold necklace.
SA 150 – Decorative Bowl
Description: Decorative teal bowl.
SA 151 – Decorative Wall Hanging
Description: Decorative wall hanging with cute saying.
SA 152 – Pancakes
Description: Basket includes five different flavors of pancake mixes and three different types of syrup.
SA 153 – Coffee Set
Description: Basket includes coffee grinder, beans, shortbread and biscuits, kitchen towels, coffee flavoring, coffee plaque and
two coffee mugs.
SA 154 – Little Girl Bin
Description: Teal storage bin filled with backpack, scarf, mittens, journal, headbands, socks, nail accessories, mirror, water
bottle, and fuzzy headphones.
SA 155 – Slate Serving Tray
Description: Slate two-piece serving tray.
SA 156 – Lunch with Our Principal
Description: Lunch with Principal Fuchs for two kids – Outdoor Picnic to be exact.
SA 157 – Decorative Wall Art
Description: Set of three cute, framed pictures.
SA 158 – Bubbles
Description: Basket filled with bubbles and all bubble accessories.
SA 159 –Decorative Cork Holder
Description: Green wine cork holder.
SA 160 – Smoothies
Description: Hamilton Beach single serve blender with smoothie recipe book.
SA 161 – Candles
Description: Set of two large hurricane flameless candles in glass vases.
SA 162 – Bracelet & Scarf
Description: Jeffrey Allen gold and silver bracelet and coordinating infinity scarf.
SA 163 – Tie-Dye Kit
Description: Basket contains t-shirts, bandanas and four dye colors.
SA 164 – Cardinal Wall Art
Description: Ready to hang St. Louis Cardinal wall art.
SA 165 – Spa Products
Description: French inspired hair and body products.
SA 166 – Page for a Day
Description: Page for a Day with Representative Poe.
SA 167 – Decorative Vases
Description: Two tall decorative vases.
SA 168 – Beverage Dispenser
Description: Cold beverage dispenser and set of mason jar wine glasses.
SA 169 – Candy Jar with Surprise
Description: One of four jars filled with chocolate candy and possibly a $25 or $50 gift card.
SA 170 – Leap Frog Camera
Description: Leap Frog creative camera for ages 3-6.
SA 171 – Diving Lessons
Description: Four diving lessons from Adventure Diving and Travel.
SA 172 – I Love Coffee
Description: Coffee mugs, tray and Jim Bean chocolates.
SA 173 – Pinkalicious
Description: Three Pinkalicious books and two Pinkalicious board games.
SA 174 – River Cruise
Description: River cruise on the Spirit of Peoria for two adults and four kids.
SA 175 – St. Louis Cardinal Reserved Seats
Description: Basket includes two reserved seats for a Cardinal game (subject to availability) and two insulated Cardinal cups.
SA 176 – Wind Chimes
Description: Basket includes wind chime and six seasonal coverings.
SA 177 – Home Decor
Description: Set of two hanging chalk boards and one decorative votive candle holder.
SA 178 – Wooden Game Sets
Description: Set includes wood teasers games and jumbling tower game.
SA 179 – Air Jordan Backpack
Description: Black Air Jordan backpack.
SA 180 – Ice Cream Fun
Description: Basket includes plates, serving cups, scoops, bowls, and sprinkles.
SA 181 – Prayer Basket
Description: Prayer books, rosary, candle, soap and coffee mug.
SA 182 – Kenneth Cole Wallet & Keychain
Description: Kenneth Cole black wallet and keychain.
SA 183 – Tea Time
Description: Basket includes five packages of flavored teas and two adorable tea mugs.
SA 184 – SHG Football Water Boy
Description: Water boy for the day at SHG Football game for one child.
SA 185 – Candle Holder and Candle
Description: Large glass decorative candle holder and candle.
SA 186 – Metal Candle Holders
Description: Six green metal decorative candle holders.
SA 187 – Basketball Bling
Description: Women’s XL basketball bling t-shirt (both sides), bling on front says “Basketball Mom”.
SA 188 – Cookware
Description: Gibson Home 7-piece non-stick aluminum cookware set.
SA 189 – Family Decorative Art
Description: Family art with cute saying.
SA 190 – Kids Crafts
Description: Set includes color and personalize your own flip flops and wristlet.
SA 191 – Birdhouse
Description: Beautiful wooden birdhouse.
SA 192 – Pool Time
Description: Beach bag w/two beach towels, sunscreen, waterproof cases and insulated cups.
SA 193 – Serving Platter
Description: Serving platter with three non-religious holiday decorations.
SA 194 – Easter Blessings
Description: Wooden painted Easter wall hanging.
SA 195 – Springfield Youth Performance Group
Description: Six tickets to “Once Upon a Dream”, July 12th 6:00 p.m. show and includes pre-party.
SA 196 – Christmas Decor
Description: Basket includes candles, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and journal.
SA 197 – Angry Birds
Description: Backpack includes poster book, sunglasses, t-shirt (youth large), coloring books, books and stickers.
SA 198 – LeSport Sac
Description: Black LeSport Sac includes 2-piece Calvin Klein hat and scarf set.
SA 199 – Girl Fun
Description: Set includes magnetic dress up play set, jewelry making kit, stickers and wooden jewelry box.
SA 200 – Serving Set
Description: Summer Garden 9-piece serving set includes pitcher, six glasses and serving caddy.
ORANGE Section SA 201-300
Closes at 8:00pm
SA 201 –Fisherman’s Shack Picture
Description: A photographed 24 x 16” mounted print of a scenic river and shack.
SA 202 – Engrained Brewery Company
Description: A nice evening out that includes a gift certificate for two at Engrained Brewery Company.
SA 203 – Cups on the Go!
Description: This basket includes six insulated tumblers for convenient drinks on the go.
SA 204 – Creative Jewelry Design Bracelets
Description: Two beautifully handcrafted bracelets. Wrist sizes: 6 ½ - 7 ½.
SA 205 – Religious Decor
Description: Two gold-framed Bible verses, an angel statue, and a black and gold paperweight that depicts the Last Supper.
SA 206 – Summer Camp II
Description: One free week of Cathedral Summer Camp.
SA 207 – Scrapbooking Galore!
Description: Lots of scrapbooking paper, stickers, stamps, and other supplies for your scrapbooking needs.
SA 208 – Tommy Hilfiger Duffel bag
Description: The perfect 21 x 12 x 9” carry all for travel, working out, or hauling sports equipment.
SA 209 – Woman Travel Tote
Description: Clear, black and pink totes/cosmetic bags with assorted travel-size toiletries.
SA 210 – Delightful Infant Entertainment
Description: Rattles, teethers, toys, and a colorful stuffed snake with different textured sections.
SA 211 – Canvas Wall Art
Description: A painted 67 ¾ x 34” canvas wall art that depicts an ocean scene.
SA 212 – Mia and Maxx Hair Products
Description: Shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and a hydrating hair mask from Mia and Maxx Hair Studio.
SA 213 – Trunk Full of Minnie Mouse
Description: A trunk filled with Minnie Mouse themed items including a robe, books, a lawn chair, bubbles, art supplies, and
SA 214 – Coffee Galore!
Description: Enjoy this variety of coffee selections, a box of biscotti’s, coffee syrup, and a tumbler for coffee on the go.
SA 215 – Roll-Up Beach Mat
Description: A padded beach mat with a built in pillow that rolls up in an instant and has a strap for easy carrying.
SA 216 – Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puzzles
Description: Three Mickey and Minnie Mouse puzzles for hours of easy Disney entertainment.
SA 217 – Counted Cross-Stitch Basket
Description: Book of counted cross-stitch patterns, two fingertip towels, a small hoop, embroidery stitching thread, embroidery
floss, and counted cross-stitch fabric.
SA 218 – Girls Softball Camp at Benedictine University
Description: Four-day softball camp hosted by Benedictine University.
SA 219 – Scholastic Books
Description: Ten assorted Scholastic books for Junior High students.
SA 220 – Décor Wall Quotes
Description: Check out these three cute, black square blocks with fun, catchy sayings.
SA 221 – Girls Easter Basket
Description: A pink, plastic Easter basket, filled with Disney Princess items and candy.
SA 222 – BBQ Set & Golf
Description: This is a set of grills tools for the ultimate golfer and a round of golf for 4 w/cart at Illini Country Club on a Tuesday,
Wednesday or Thursday only – package also includes lunch ($75 credit at Illini restaurant).
SA 223 – Enjoying Peace in His Presence
Description: Enjoy a prayer book and a Pope Pius XII paperweight for your desk.
SA 224 – Bella Boutique “Hostess of the Night”
Description: Enjoy and evening of wine tasting, chocolate, and shopping with at least twelve of your girlfriends. This basket also
includes a large size multi-colored rose sweater.
SA 225 – Lia Sophia Necklace and Display
Description: A teal and green necklace on a silver chain with a necklace display board.
SA 226 – Island Bay Dinner
Description: Dinner for two at the Island Bay Yacht Club.
SA 227 – Car Care
Description: A gallon bucket filled with items for your car, such as a Tire Care Kit, a basket and cleaning supplies, and a $25 gift
certificate to Noonan’s True Value.
SA 228 – St. Louis Cardinals Weekday Tickets
Description: Two tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals game. Tickets are for Monday, July 7th, at 7:15pm, Section 155, Row 22, Seats 7 &
8. Also included is a 62” St. Louis Cardinals golf umbrella.
SA 229 – Coach Cross-Body Leather Purse
Description: Cognac colored cross-body COACH purse.
SA 230 – Sarah Petty Photography
Description: $300 gift certificate
SA 231 – St. Louis Cardinals Treats
Description: Enjoy these St. Louis items which include two wine glasses, a size Large Women’s Cardinals t-shirt, and tote.
SA 232 – Picture Frame and Wooden Cross
Description: A decorative green-jeweled ceramic picture frame and wooden cross with an inspirational quote.
SA 233 – Bath and Body Package
Description: Pamper yourself in body sprays, lotions, and shower gels.
SA 234 – LEGO Movie Mania!
Description: This basket contains LEGO movie books, poster and a child size Large t-shirt.
SA 235 – Creative Jewelry Design Bracelets
Description: Two beautiful handmade beaded bracelets, wrist sizes 7- 7 ½ and 7 ¾ - 8.
SA 236 – Round Teal Serving Tray
Description: A textured round serving tray equipped with cut-out handles for easy carrying.
SA 237 – Nike Sports Bag
Description: A navy blue Nike cinch bag and plastic black Nike water bottle.
SA 238 – Girls Sleepover Kit
Description: Basket for sleepover fun, set includes a beauty case with nail polish, slumber party books and games.
SA 239 – Wall Art
Description: A catchy phrase of “Seize the Day” for your wall.
SA 240 – Chicago Bears
Description: Enjoy sporting a Chicago Bears women’s ball cap and take along this 12 can cooler bag with two beer glasses for
your tailgating party.
SA 241 – SHG Girls Softball
Description: A chance for two girls to spend the day with the SHG Girls’ Softball team/.
SA 242 – Easter Egg Plaques
Description: Set of three decorative wooden Easter eggs in small, medium and large sizes.
SA 243 – Sponge Bob Square Pants
Description: Ceramic soup bowl and coffee mug, voice changing remote toy, glassware set, movies, and a sticker book.
SA 244 – Baby Books
Description: Baby’s first words and first animal’s books for your infant / toddler.
SA 245 – Someecards
Description: Set of 4 Pint Glasses and two books of cards for all occasions from extremely important to utterly pointless
SA 246 – Hello Kitty!
Description: A fun-filled tote with Hello Kitty socks, nail polish, chapstick, DVD Movie, body lotion, book bag filled with coloring
and craft supplies and umbrella.
SA 247 – Travel Duffle Bag
Description: Men’s travel duffle bag on wheels filled with toiletries and leather toiletry case.
SA 248 – Ice Cream with Fr. Nolan
Description: Your child and their entire class with enjoy an ice cream party with Fr. Nolan.
SA 249 – Illinois State Museum Society
Description: A one-year family membership to the Illinois State Museum and an adorable Mammoth stuffed animal.
SA 250 – Action Wheels Scooter
Description: This scooter is fun on the move that folds for easy transportation.
SA 251 – Cupcake and Cake Carrier
Description: Collapsible cupcake and cake carrier for transporting goodies.
SA 252 – Indoor Basketball Fun
Description: Indoor basketball hoop includes basketball goal with net, one ball and air pump.
SA 253 – Laptop Cushion
Description: Portable laptop cushion with built-in lamp and drink holder, warm throw blanket, Aladdin plastic water bottle and a
$20 gift certificate to Luer’s Uniforms and Shoes.
SA 254 –Covered Bridge San Juan Islands Poster Print
Description: Photograph print that depicts a covered bridge over a pond in a field.
SA 255 – Yummy Cupcakes
Description: One dozen cupcakes a month for a year from Specialty Cakes.
SA 256 – Kirlin’s Hallmark
Description: A $15.00 gift certificate from Kirlin’s Hallmark in White Oaks Mall, ceramic coffee mug and a box of all occasion
handmade greeting cards.
SA 257 – Easter Books
Description: Five toddler Easter books and two cute stuffed Easter animals.
SA 258 – Mosaic Candle Holder
Description: Black and grey mosaic holder, great for candles or as a decorative piece on a mantel or coffee/end table.
SA 259 – Salsa Anyone?
Description: Terracotta salsa bowl and spoon to enjoy with three jars of salsa.
SA 260 – Plastic Table Set
Description: Enjoy a summer picnic with a decorative set of plates and glasses.
SA 261 – Our Generation Doll and Clothing
Description: This adorable Our Generation Doll is perfect for any girl to carry along in her own doll carrier and a full supply of
handmade clothes for her wardrobe.
SA 262 –Stash and Dash by Initials, Inc
Description: Large bag with oval zippered top opening and double zipper pulls.
SA 263 – Yankee Candle
Description: Yankee Candles a decorative ceramic Owl.
SA 264 –Seven Piece Amber Votive Tealight Holder
Description: Decorative metal rack that holds tealight votive candles.
SA 265 – Lunch To Go
Description: This set includes a freezer lunch bag, two reusable plastic boxes, and two insulated cups.
SA 266 – Wine Bottle Caddy
Description: A rustic metal caddy that holds seven wine bottles to display.
SA 267 – Glass Serving Set
Description: Serving set includes a platter, bowl and lid. Great for serving chips and salsa or vegetables and dip.
SA 268 – Children’s Books
Description: A variety of twelve different books that would be entertaining for any student in younger grades.
SA 269 – It’s All About Wine
Description: A box set includes two wine glasses, four bottles of wine and corkscrew.
SA 270 –Creative Jewelry Design Necklace and Earrings Set
Description: Lovely colorful beaded necklace and matching earrings for any special lady.
SA 271 – What Does The Fox Hear and Drink?
Description: This set includes a fox style water bottle, ear buds, and a coordinating compact LED flashlight/headlight set.
SA 272 – Disney Doc McStuffins
Description: Backpack filled with Disney Doc McStuffins which includes books, stickers, DVD movie, puzzles and bubbles.
SA 273 – Camp Ondessonk
Description: One week free at Camp Ondessonk and a Holy Water fixture.
SA 274 – Let’s Go To the Beach!
Description: Clear plastic beach bag with towels, insulated cups, waterproof phone case, and sunscreen.
SA 275 – Cosmo’s Anyone?
Description: This set includes a four drink cups, ice bucket, cocktail shaker, and cosmopolitan drink mix.
SA 276 – SHG Boys Baseball
Description: A chance for two boys to spend the day with the boys’ varsity Baseball team.
SA 277 – Folding Cooler Chair
Description: A perfect way to take along a folding chair and cold drinks to the beach, on a picnic or to a tailgating party.
SA 278 – STL Cardinals Fan Zone Floor Stand
Description: Two sided molded floor stand perfect for tailgating, game room or office.
SA 279 – Glass Candy Jar
Description: One of four jars filled with candy and you may possibly have a $25 or $50 gift card as well.
SA 280 – Bella Bows Boutique and Bling Girls Goodies Bag
Description: A royal blue and zebra stripe tote bag filled with a navy blue youth size large long sleeve bling “CS Logo” shirt, navy
blue bling “Comets” headband, blue and gold hair bows, and a blue and gold beaded necklace.
SA 281 – Wall Art
Description: Canvas hand painted wall art with Mark Twain saying “Live Like its Heaven on Earth”.
SA 282 – Coach Purse
Description: COACH purse with nautical design and matching wallet.
SA 283 – FAITH Picture Frame
Description: Decorative “Faith” picture frame and stand for any wall in your home or office.
SA 284 – Conair 3-in-1 Styler
Description: 1875 Watt Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler with three versatile styling attachments.
SA 285 – Comforter Cover
Description: A full/queen size, 500 thread count comforter cover made by Charter Club and a memory foam pillow.
SA 286 – Carter’s Cute & Comfy Combo
Description: Infant girl’s variety of clothing and adorable Winnie-The-Pooh and Piglet stuffed animals.
SA 287 – Wall Art Saying
Description: Antique wood décor with inspiration quote.
SA 288 – Summer Picnic Basket
Description: Picnic basket includes bright colorful placemats, a serving tray, plastic plates and cups, and two decorative towels.
SA 289 – Notre Dame Bucket
Description: Fighting Irish/Notre Dame bucket filled with a t-shirt, insulated beverage koozie, car coaster, lanyard, decal, and
cozy blanket.
SA 290 – Girls Easter Tin
Description: A tin filled with assorted spring hair bows and hair clips for any precious little girl.
SA 291 – Gold Picture Frames
Description: Two gold ornate picture frames, one 4x6 and one 5x7.
SA 292 – Creative Jewelry Design Necklace
Description: Long beaded necklace with a variety of colors you can wear with just about anything.
SA 293 – Inspiration Plaque
Description: An appealing decorative plaque to display on a stand that quotes Philippians 4:13.
SA 294 – Star Wars LEGO Set
Description: This set includes three LEGO sets and a Star Wars LEGO Mad Libs.
SA 295 – Ceramic Planters
Description: A set of two burgundy planters perfect for flowers or house plants.
SA 296 – Friendship Basket
Description: Adorable friendship theme basket that includes a display plate, cozy throw, plaque, and latte mug.
SA 297 – Crazy Socks
Description: A delightful mixture of mismatched socks anyone can wear.
SA 298 – Cooler, Chairs, and Tumblers
Description: Igloo cooler, two lawn chairs, and red solo cup tumblers.
SA 299 – Circular Candle Holder
Description: Large circular metal votive candle holder with cups.
SA 300 – Mega Blocks
Description: Large tub of Mega Blocks.
PINK Section SA 301-400
Closes at 8:15pm
SA 301 – Garden Basket
Description: Rolling tote with gardening accessories.
SA 302 – Candle Holder
Description: Large mustard colored ceramic candle holder.
SA 303 – Superman Toys
Description: Man of Steel launcher, arm band, and toys.
SA 304 – Wine Settings
Description: 4 Waterford wine glasses, table runner, and placemats.
SA 305 – Italian Kitchen Decor
Description: Chef wall hangings, salt and pepper holder, and wine bottle holder.
SA 306 –Man’s Movie Night
Description: Popcorn bucket filled with snacks, 2 seasons of Entourage, and 4 addition men flicks.
SA 307 – Candy Jar with a Surprise
Description: One of four jars filled with candy that may also have a $25 or $50 gift card.
SA 308 – Pew for Easter
Description: Reserve the pew of your choice at Easter Mass.
SA 309 – Electronic Ice Bucket
Description: Keeps wine cold for hours.
SA 310 – Canvas Print
Description: “Sing Like No One is Listening” Canvas Print.
SA 311 – Beer Glasses
Description: 4 glasses for today’s craft beers and a few beers.
SA 312 – Bug Catcher Set
Description: Everything a little bug catcher could need.
SA 313 – Love You to the Moon and Back
Description: Box sign décor.
SA 314 – Lego Friends
Description: Four boxes of Lego Friends, including Kate, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma.
SA 315 – Bath & Body Works
Description: Basket filled with 2 shower gels, 2 lotions, hand soap, and fragrance mist.
SA 316 – Glass shelf
Description: Brushed nickel, glass-topped shelf.
SA 317 – Baking Extravaganza
Description: Basket packed full with all of the baking decorations you could need for cupcakes, cookies, and more.
SA 318 – Owl Decoration
Description: Three-tier teal owl decoration.
SA 319 – SHG Cheer
Description: A chance for two girls to spend the day with the Varsity SHG Cheerleaders.
SA 320 – Lime Green Accessories
Description: Portable laptop cushion, fuzzy backrest, and water bottle containing a $20 certificate to Luer’s.
SA 321 – Men’s Club Bus Trip
Description: Four tickets to the Cardinals game on Sept. 19th with the Cathedral Men’s Club and a nice insulated cooler so your
drinks stay cold ‘til the very end.
SA 322 – Neutral Color Table Decor
Description: Leaf basket with decorative balls and table runner.
SA 323 – On the Go!
Description: Awesome beach bag with towels, water toys, sunscreen, and inflatables.
SA 324 – Coach Purse
Description: Authentic neutral colored hobo COACH purse.
SA 325 – Princess Play Time
Description: Royal dress up trunk and indoor/outdoor castle.
SA 326 – Cardinals Baseball
Description: Four tickets to the May 18th game (Section 155, Row 22, Seats 5-8) with XL shirt and NIKE ball cap.
SA 327 – Tailgate Ready
Description: Tailgate cooler filled with serving tray, sauce gun, insulated cups, and assorted snacks.
SA 328 – Boy Easter Basket
Description: Various toys and candy for Easter morning.
SA 329 – Drink Wall Hanging
Description: Adult beverage wall hangings.
SA 330 – Coach Clutch
Description: Black leather COACH clutch.
SA 331 – Beaded Bracelets
Description: Two handmade beaded bracelets in blue, green, and purple.
SA 332 – Andrew Hansen Tour
Description: Tour of the studio for 5 kids and a chance to watch the 5:00 news.
SA 333 – Beach Mat
Description: Zebra print, roll-up beach mat.
SA 334 – Hot Wheels
Description: Basket full of Hot Wheels cars with case to store them.
SA 335 – Teen Movie Bucket
Description: Popcorn bucket filled with 4 movies, candy, popcorn, and Coke.
SA 336 – Candle Holder
Description: Cream and copper candle holder.
SA 337 – Benedictine Boys Baseball Camp
Description: Baseball camp at Benedictine for one child.
SA 338 – Mary Kay on the Go
Description: Mary Kay cosmetics travel organizer with foot lotion, make up remover and hand cream.
SA 339 – Crystal Collection
Description: Beautiful 4 in 1 crystal cake dome and 6 crystal glasses.
SA 340 – His and Her Cubs Basket
Description: Men’s Large and Woman’s large Cubs t-shirts, with Cubs glasses.
SA 341 – Jim Herron Pullover
Description: XL Bobby Jones red and blue pullover – can exchange at Jim Herron’s for another size.
SA 342 – Busy Bee Mowing Service
Description: Certificate good for 4 mows, edging and clean-up.
SA 343 – Camping Chairs
Description: Two Coleman quad size camping chairs.
SA 344 – East Monroe Print
Description: A John Muchow Photography print of a unique Springfield building.
SA 345 – Day at Busch
Description: A 24 pack Cardinals cooler bag with bag of peanuts and 2 Cardinals tickets for July 7- Section 155, Row 22, Seat 5 & 6.
SA 346 – Music on the Go
Description: Orange accented ear buds, headphones, wireless speaker, to-go cup and $25 iTunes Gift Card.
SA 347 – Beer Wall Art
Description: Metal hangings perfect for any man cave.
SA 348 – Lego
Description: Lego Sopwith Camel Airplane.
SA 349 – Girl’s Easter Basket
Description: Basket, which is full for Easter morning full of candy.
SA 350 –Ladies Movie Night
Description: Low-cal popcorn, 3 movies, chocolate, and flavored margaritas.
SA 351 – Ceramic Gourmet Bowls
Description: Three bowls, cream with a blue pinstripe.
SA 352 – Hotel & Breakfast
Description: Stay at the Microtel and have Breakfast at IHOP.
SA 353 – Rainbow Loom
Description: Start-Up rainbow loom accessories, with rubber bands, loom, and travel case.
SA 354 – Pasta Lovers
Description: Pasta cooker, noodles, breadsticks, sauces, and $25 to Saputo’s.
SA 355 – Terry Farmer Photography
Description: Receive 50% off a 16x20 print and free sitting fee for an immediate family.
SA 356 – Travel Cups Galore
Description: Five travel cups, one for everyone in the family!
SA 357 – Play-doh Fun!
Description: Frosting Fun Bakery set, squeeze Fun Factory, Rainbow Pack, and traditional Play-Doh.
SA 358 – Angel Statue
Description: Child angel statue made to look weathered.
SA 359 – Boccardi’s
Description: A $50 gift certificate to Boccardi’s, pasta, sauce, noodles, wine, breadsticks, and imported chocolate.
SA 360 – For your Little Princess
Description: Princess puzzles, stickers, pencils, night light, story books, magnetic drawing kit, board books, and jewelry chest.
SA 361 – Fromage Cheese Board
Description: Wooden, decorative cheese board.
SA 362 – Fun Summer Drinks
Description: Eight tumblers, shaped ice cube trays, and a pitcher.
SA 363 – Puppy Love
Description: Man’s best friend will love you for these plush toys, ropes, and other dog necessities.
SA 364 – Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
Description: Wine tasting for four and bottle of Riesling.
SA 365 – Nike Apparel
Description: Nike cinch bag, medium Dri-fit shirt, Dri-fit cap, Dri-fit socks, and a Nike water bottle.
SA 366 – Season at the Muni
Description: Two Season tickets to the Springfield Muni.
SA 367 – Canvas Print
Description: Dried flower canvas print by a New York photographer.
SA 368 – Kitchen Organization
Description: Glass canisters with natural slate tags and chalkboard key holder.
SA 369 – Cooking Essentials
Description: Stainless Steel cookware set, utensils, potholders, kitchen towels, cookbooks, and a fresh linen candle.
SA 370 – Panera
Description: A loaf of bread a month for a year from Panera.
SA 371 – Fox Set
Description: Set includes cup, ear buds, and flashlights.
SA 372 – Party Tub
Description: Party tub with attached bottle opener and flavored alcoholic beverages.
SA 373 – Immaculate Mary
Description: Set includes Italian statue of Mary with Rosary, paper weight, and Rosary made from dried roses.
SA 374 – Sophia the First
Description: Coloring books, stickers, Kleenex, jump rope, bubbles, puzzle, pencils, matching game, and pom poms.
SA 375 – The Rail
Description: Four passes for a round of golf and a cart at the Rail.
SA 376 – Decorative Bowl
Description: Multi-colored decorative bowl.
SA 377 – Kindle
Description: Very gently used Kindle with case.
SA 378 – Floral
Description: Hand designed floral arrangement.
SA 379 – Batman Scooter
Description: Three- wheel Batman scooter.
SA 380 – Da Bears
Description: Bears collapsible storage bin, ball cap, XL t-shirt, and team magnet.
SA 381 – Rainy Day Fun
Description: Set includes movies, 3 Lego kits, board games, and a $30 Target gift card.
SA 382 – SHG Girls Basketball
Description: A chance for two girls can sit on the SHG Girls Basketball Team bench and spend time with the team.
SA 383 – Another Round
Description: Golf inspired cooler, practice balls, utility brush, ball markers, tees, Callaway hat, and beer glass.
SA 384 – Games Galore!
Description: Six games for various ages.
SA 385 – Lia Sophia
Description: Long silver necklace with turquoise colored pendant.
SA 386 – Little Pet Shop
Description: Candy Cloud Café, Rainbow Sky Park, Treats and Tea Shop, and Tricks & Talents Poodle.
SA 387 – BBQ Anyone?
Description: Portable gas grill, 18 piece barbeque tool set, assorted sauces and spices, and $25 gift card to GFS.
SA 388 – Retro Clock
Description: Orange standing clock.
SA 389 – Baking set
Description: Four piece set with 3 quart dish with lid, insulated tote, and hot/cold pack and a cake cookbook.
SA 390 – Go Illinois!
Description: Galvanized Illini bucket set includes backpack, Large t-shirt, wall hanging, and matching bracelet.
SA 391 – Theater in the Park
Description: Four tickets to any show & $50 gift card to PAO.
SA 392 – Cookie Making Basket
Description: Various cookie cutters for every occasion, cookie mixes, and cookbooks.
SA 393 – Chef Signs
Description: Floor menu board and hanging wall art.
SA 394 – Fashion Pet Bed
Description: Dog bed with a removable, washable, cover.
SA 395 – Cosmos and Sky
Description: Canvas wall art of field of flowers, ready to hang.
SA 396 – Turquoise Outdoor Picnic Set
Description: Set includes utensil caddy, 4 plates, serving bowls, wooden slat tray, 4 cups, and a pitcher.
SA 397 –Under Armour
Description: Red Adult Large hoodie and L/XL hat.
SA 398 – Kitchen Essentials
Description: Nonstick cookware set, cookbooks, and mixing bowls with lids.
SA 399 – Chip & Dip Platter
Description: Gourmet chip & dip two-tier serving platter.
SA 400 – Egg Platter
Description: Easter platter for deviled eggs.
GREEN Section SA 401-500
Closes at 8:30pm
SA 401 – Garden Arbor
Description: Wood & Wrought Iron Garden Arbor.
SA 402 – Candy Filled Apothecary Jar
Description: One of four jars filled with candy that may have $25 or $50 gift card included.
SA 403 – Dr. Seuss Goodie Bag
Description: Dr. Seuss Bag filled with books, bowl, plate & sippy cup.
SA 404 – Minions Basket
Description: Basket is filled with a talking backpack, T-shirt, poster, DVD, stuffed minion, bandages, and mini surprise figures.
SA 405 – Lantern
Description: Wooden lantern with candle.
SA 406 – Floral Beach Bag
Description: Includes beach towel, 2 plastic cups with straws, sunscreen and waterproof pouches.
SA 407 – Set of 3 Crosses
Description: Three decorative wrought iron crosses.
SA 408 – Panther Creek Golf
Description: Round of Golf for 4 with a cart.
SA 409 – Baby Cakes
Description: Waffle sticks maker, donut maker and mixes for both.
SA 410 – Flag Rack & Flags
Description: Black metal flag rack with 8 decorative flags.
SA 411 – Illini Basketball Tickets
Description: Four Illini basketball tickets with parking pass to any non-conference game.
SA 412 – Dior Sunglasses
Description: Jeweled Dior wayfarer-style sunglasses.
SA 413 – Atari Arcade
Description: Use this Atari Arcade with your iPad to enhance your gaming experience.
SA 414 – Outdoor Patio Heater
Description: Table top outdoor patio heater.
SA 415 – Monster Tool Bag
Description: Monster tool bag with a variety of tools.
SA 416 – Lottery Tree
Description: Live tree with lots of scratch and win lottery tickets attached.
SA 417 – Keurig Coffee Maker
Description: Keurig coffee maker with K cups and rack to hold them.
SA 418 – Table Setting
Description: Includes 4 placemats, 4 napkins, and 4 plates in a light green hue.
SA 419 – Google Nexus 7
Description: The latest Google tablet.
SA 420 – Mary Kay Brushes
Description: Black storage bag contains 5 Mary Kay makeup brushes.
SA 421 – Nerf Basket
Description: Basket includes basketball and hoop, disk shooter and torpedoes.
SA 422 – SHG Cyclone Bag
Description: Includes a Cyclone all sports pass voucher, 2 t-shirts, cap, pajama pants, pair of shorts and all weather wind shirt.
SA 423 – Cookies
Description: One 16 ounce cookie a month for a year from the Cookie Factory.
SA 424 – Exit Sign
Description: Exit sign.
SA 425 – Wine Decanter and Glasses
Description: Wine decanter, 4 stem less glasses and 2 bottles of wine.
SA 426 – Italian Basket
Description: Includes colander, ingredients to make spaghetti and a $25 gift card to Saputo’s Restaurant.
SA 427 – Patio Set
Description: Includes serving tray, platter, 8 plates, 8 glasses, pitcher and bowl.
SA 428 – Beer Tub
Description: Tub and stand filled with beers.
SA 429 – Crayola Basket
Description: Includes paper, markers, chalk, paint, and crayons.
SA 430 – Serving Platter and Bowl
Description: Light green hued serving platter and bowl.
SA 431 – American Girl Doll Basket
Description: Includes American Girl Doll of the Year Isabella, Cathedral uniform, hair brush, subscription to American Girl
SA 432 – Accessory Basket
Description: Includes silver pea pod bracelet, silver decorative bowl and chevron scarf.
SA 433 – Artwork
Description: Joan Brewmeister framed artwork.
SA 434 – Mom Basket
Description: Includes Mom latte mug, plaque and chenille throw.
SA 435 – Cardinal Tickets
Description: Four Cardinal tickets in Section 162, Row 15 to any mutually agreed upon Cardinal game-Cubs/Cards not available.
SA 436 – Coach File Bag
Description: COACH Zebra print File bag and slim wallet.
SA 437 – Nelson’s Catering
Description: Catering for 25 people from Nelson’s Catering.
SA 438 – Coach Necklace
Description: Gold COACH necklace with blue and crystal accents.
SA 439 – Camelback Backpack
Description: Camelback Hydration Backpack.
SA 440 – Pitcher
Description: Decorative wooden deep teal pitcher.
SA 441 – Owl Basket
Description: Includes bean bag chair, wall organizer, 2 owl hooks, fleece blanket, pillow, and pajama set.
SA 442 – 3rd Grade Picture
Description: Heart shaped picture of 3rd graders hands on the floor of the classroom.
SA 443 – 4th Grade Basket
Description: Two Duct tape activity/project books, 11 rolls of Duct tape, craft kit, and items made by three of the 4th grade
SA 444 – 8th Grade Basket
Description: Includes one Muni season pass, 31 Basket filled with plastic drink wear, blanket, and 2 bottles of wine.
SA 445 – Kindergarten Basket
Description: Includes Play-doh, puzzles, movies, popcorn, blanket and umbrella.
SA 446 – 1st Grade Basket
Description: Cake basket includes cake pans, mixing bowl, mixes, frosting and decorations.
SA 447 – 6th Grade Basket
Description: Includes set of 3 Divergent books, throw, magnets, t-shirt, Insider’s guide to Divergent, $25 AMC gift card, and night
SA 448 – 7th Grade Basket
Description: Frozen basket includes Magical Lights Palace, Olaf Pull Apart & Talkin’, DVD, assorted books and coloring books.
SA 449 – 5th Grade Bench
Description: Cement garden bench with hand tiled finger prints of 5th grade students with mosaic accent tiles.
SA 450 – 2nd Grade Basket
Description: Gardening basket includes wrought iron stand with pot, gardening tools, herb garden pot, foam kneeler, sprinkler
head and gardening gloves.
SA 451 – Pre-K Basket
Description: Rainbow Loom basket for the pro includes loads of bands, beads, organizer, and instruction booklets.
SA 452 – Pool Basket
Description: Basket includes slip and slide, snorkel, pool toys, diving toys, unbreakable cups, goggles and beach ball.
SA 453 – Turtle Sand Box
Description: Includes sand box, sand toys, golf set, tennis set and more.
SA 454 – Lia Sophia Necklace
Description: Silver necklace with turquoise, blue and brown beads.
SA 455 – 2013 SHG Football
Description: Football signed by 2013 SHG State Championship Team.
SA 456 – Smoker
Description: Includes smoker & smoked meat cookbook. Also includes a $25 Noonan’s True Value Hardware gift card.
SA 457 – Fishing Basket
Description: Includes 5 gallon bucket filled with various fishing gear and a picnic basket.
SA 458 – Wine Cooler
Description: Wine cooler has capacity for 6 bottles of wine.
SA 459 – Liquor Basket
Description: Assorted variety of premium liquors.
SA 460 – FirePit
Description: Wrought iron and stone outdoor FirePit.
SA 461 – Stone Garden Cross
Description: Stone garden cross to be placed outside.
SA 462 – Toshiba Lap Top
Description: Toshiba touchscreen laptop computer.
SA 463 – Insulated Cooler
Description: Wheeled insulated cooler which includes Kool-aid, Sunny D, and water.
SA 464 – Zoom Teeth Whitening Kit
Description: Zoom teeth whitening treatment.
SA 465 – Midnight Blue Coach Tote
Description: Beautiful midnight blue COACH tote.
SA 466 – Picture of Illinois State Capitols
Description: Terry Farmer framed photograph of Illinois State Capitols.
SA 467 – Cathedral Bean Bag Game
Description: Cathedral inspired bean bag game.
SA 468 – Illinois State Fair
Description: Mega Pass and Parking Pass at St. Aloysius parking lot across from the Main Gate.
SA 469 – Incredibly Delicious
Description: One loaf of bread a week for one year.
SA 470 – Coach Sunglasses
Description: Classic black COACH sunglasses and case.
SA 471 – Under Armour Basket
Description: Girls Under Armour youth large hooded sweatshirt, headbands, 6 pack of socks, water bottle, and bag.
SA 472 – Papason Pouf
Description: Brick pattern pouf.
SA 473 – Zoo
Description: Handmade wooden zoo to hold stuffed animals. Zoo has not been painted so it’s ready to match any décor.
SA 474 – Del’s Popcorn
Description: Basket of Del’s goodies,
SA 475 – First Aide Box
Description: Box of essential first aide items and lots of band-aids.
SA 476 – Governor’s Mansion Dinner
Description: Three course dinner for 4 at the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield. Also includes one hour of cocktails and a
tour of the premises.
SA 477 – Summer Fun Clothes
Description: Your student and their class can wear summer clothes every Wednesday for a month in May 2014 or September
SA 478 – Jeans for a Month
Description: Your student and their class can wear jeans every Wednesday for an entire month.
SA 479 – Sports Fun
Description: Your student and their class can wear jeans and their favorite sports team shirt every Wednesday for an entire
SA 480 – Margarita Grand Mixer
Description: Grand Marnier Mixer and Two Bottles of Margarita Mix.
SA 481 – Summer Fun at the Pool
Description: Ten day passes to Colony West Pool.
SA 482 – Ice Cream Fun
Description: – Hamilton Beach ice cream maker, serving bowls, super scoopers, and toppings.
SA 483 – Rams Tickets
Description: FIVE tickets to any noon game or Monday or Thursday night game. Pick game: Cowboys, Giants, Arizona Cardinals,
Raiders, 49er’s or Seahawks – Broncos –vs- Rams not available.
SA 484 – Floral Piece
Description: Large standing floral piece in desert colors.
SA 485 – Bowling with Mrs. Bragg
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Bragg. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 486 – Bowling with Mrs. Hoch
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Hoch. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 487 – Bowling with Mrs. Funk
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Funk. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 488 – Bowling with Mrs. Garber
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Garber. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 489 – Bowling with Sr. Martha and Mrs. Lentz
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Sr. Martha and Mrs. Lentz. Includes snack
and drink at the bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 490 – Bowling with Mrs. Murphy
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Murphy. Includes snack and drink at
the bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 491 – Bowling with Mr. Kisling
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mr. Kisling. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 492 – Bowling with Mrs. Walch
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Walch. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 493 – Bowling with Mrs. Kreiling
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Kreiling. Includes snack and drink at
the bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 494 – Bowling with Ms. Miller
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Ms. Miller. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 495 – Bowling with Mrs. Loyd
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Loyd. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 496 – Bowling with Ms. Lipsky
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Ms. Lipsky. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 497 – Bowling with Mrs. Fuchs
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Fuchs. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 498 – Bowling with Mrs. Keen
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Keen. Includes snack and drink at the
bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 499 – Bowling with Mrs. Sgambelluri
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Sgambelluri. Includes snack and drink
at the bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.
SA 500 – Bowling with Mrs. Harbert
Description: Friday, May 9th from 3:30-5:00 trip for 2 students to bowl 2 games with Mrs. Harbert. Includes snack and drink at
the bowling alley. Student’s score will be added to teacher’s score for chance to win high score trophy.