Welcome to CAS-BSS Main Submission Form:

Welcome to CAS-BSS
The College of Arts and Sciences Business Support Services office has recently transitioned to a ticketing system within Service Now. An online application portal that will allow
you to submit and keep track of requests that are sent to BSS.
From the CAS-BSS main webpage: www.cas.usf.edu/bss there are two buttons you can use to access the forms within Service Now – one to submit new requests and one to
check on the requests already submitted to BSS.
The main submission form is shown below with information to better assist you.
Main Submission Form:
Add Attachments
Red Bar indicates required fields
Enter a unique description that will allow you to recognize this request
Additional questions will be asked based upon the type of request selected
My BSS Requests Page:
Clicking on the My BSS Requests button will bring up a list of requests you have submitted to BSS and their status. Clicking on the request number will bring up your individual
request and allow you to add comments, attachments, or check on specific details of your request. PCard Submission requests are closed as soon as a staff member reviews the
Sample Request List:
Request Details:
If you have made a request for another person, guest, or student you will be listed as a “watcher” of this transaction. You can view the status of these requests by going into
Service Now through either of our links on our website and then clicking on “Watched BSS” from the Service Now Navigator (See Below). This will bring up a list of requests
identical to requests made for you.
As always BSS is continuously making improvements to our systems and processes to better assist you. Please let us know if you have any recommendations.