FETCH 2013 Spring Term 11-13 year old classes Spanish

FETCH 2013 Spring Term
11-13 year old classes
Spanish (closed)
Current students need to re-register for spring term.
Drama (closed)
Current drama students need to re-register for this term.
Costume Design
We will be helping the drama club by making costumes for the upcoming performance
of "Peter Pan". We will design and construct as many costumes as needed. Basic
sewing skills are a bonus, but not necessary. (Open also to drama students)
Creative Writing (closed)
Current students need to re-register for spring term.
Teacher for the Day
This class will take some at home prep time. Each student will have an opportunity to
teach their peers. They will decide what to teach; a lesson about something they love, a
skill that they have learned, how to make something, etc. There will be no charge for the
class as each "teacher" will bring supplies for their lesson.
Farm Animal Husbandry
This class will have a general focus on a different species each week. We will learn
interesting and fun facts about many of the animals you will find on a farm.
Hemp Creations
Join us as we learn how to make necklaces, key chains, bracelets and other awesome
creations from the natural fiber known as hemp.
Family Science, Let’s Eat
class limit 6
This class is a 2 term class that was described last term as Family Science. Due to the
fun, in depth teaching, and the limited time for that time slot, those in the class decided
to focus on one topic. LET’S EAT is a class that cover’s many facets of EATING! For
the final 6 weeks we will study Food Preparation, Baking, Meal Planning and Food
Service. This class is taken from SOS curriculum and will have a certificate of
completion at the end of this term that can be used for student credit. Students need to
have a notebook and writing utensil for each class and may be asked to help provide
some items for the projects that are ahead.
Healthy Bodies
It is very important to keep our bodies fit and working properly. A person who is fit eats
well, has a healthy weight, and does lots of physical activity. Learn the 5 basic rules for
staying fit and healthy, fun exercises to do alone or with a friend, ways to move the
heart and muscles, how to keep your body balanced and more!
Please have your lego maniac bring their legos to build, create, destroy, and start all
over again. It’s imagination and engineering in overdrive!
class minimum 5, max 15
Join in this six week coarse of survival and fire starting, building shelters, first aid
techniques, adventures and learn the basic skills you would need in the great outdoors.
Students should bring a notebook, pen or pencil, and a subject folder to keep your
materials in.
Taylor Carmen/Anna Reynolds
We will touch on gymnastics to improve on flexibility and balance, ballet and jazz.
Students will have to be appropriately dressed, no skirts. And hair should be pulled
back. Bringing a drink is recommended.
Order in the Court (closed)
Current students need to re-register for spring term.
(you may choose to attend one or two hours)
Students learn the skills necessary to enjoy this wonderful sport under experienced
instruction. Parents will need to make arrangements for rides if they only want their child
to attend one hour instead of both hours. Parents are also needed to transport children
to and from the Conservation Center.
Pre-Algebra (closed)
Current student need to re-register for spring term.
Latin (closed)
Current students need to re-register for spring term.
class limit 6
We will dissect various creatures and learn about what's inside!
Cross Stitch Sampler for Beginners
class limit 8
This class will introduce students to cross stich basics like design, stitching and use of
the tools used in doing cross stitch. Students will find these skills useful not only in this
craft but will learn stitches that can be used for all types of sewing. Students need to
provide their own 8-10” embroidery hoop, scissors and a variety of embroidery floss
colors. Colors choices should include varieties that would suit florals, animals and/or
lettering. A variety of stamped poly/cotton cloth samplers will be provided with many
different designs to choose from. A completed project to be taken home will be our goal.
Come join and let’s stitch!
Adults too are welcome. Students should bring knitting needles size 10 or 11. Yarn will
be available but feel free to bring your own if you’d like.
Barn Dancing
Kaylee Burns
class minimum 6, max 22
No, we won't be learning to dance in a barn; we will be learning dances that you would
typically do at a barn dance! Dances taught will include line dances (such as the Virginia
Reel, Mary's Wedding Dance, and the Cotton-Eyed Joe); some square dances; and
possibly some basic swing. Whether you have never danced before in your life or just
want a place to practice dancing before your next barn dance, this will be a great class
to join! Each week we will be reviewing at least one of the dances we have already
learned. The class will be set at a beginner's pace. Please wear clothing and footwear
comfortable enough for dancing (or be prepared to just "kick off your shoes.")
Co-ed Outdoor Sports
Nothing like a friendly game of flag football, capture the flag, basketball, or kickball to
get moving! Dress appropriately for outdoor running with proper footwear. Weather
may be permitting, but we will try to play as long as it's not raining, but be prepared for
mud and cold. Have a change of clothes and shoes just in case. Bring your own water
Board Game Extravaganza
Join us for a time of fun and a variety of board games to play.
Chess is a game of skill and chance. Whether you are a seasoned player or just getting
started this is a great place for you to play a great game.
Senior Choir
We will be performing at the FETCH graduation ceremony for May 17th. Commitment
for graduation choir will extend beyond spring classes for a couple of practices at either
my home or St. Michael's Catholic Church in Oakley (tba). We will be working on
several pieces so attendance is important.
American Girl, Saige
Let’s learn about Saige, the 2013 American girl of the year. We will talk about her books
do some activities related to the book. Students will need to bring the books Saige and
Saige Paint the Sky.
Raggedy Ann Making
MaryBeth Davenport
class limit 6
Let's create the beloved Raggedy Ann for your doll collection. We will create a rag doll
from scratch and then make her a dress. Teacher will assist with some of the sewing
along with teaching some basic sewing that will be needed. Pattern and all material will
be provided, we just need your hands to put it together.
DeVries Nature Conservancy
class minimum 15, max 22
Take in all the wonders of nature, explore science with hands-on projects and outdoor
activities, and learn through the eyes of wildlife. This program held at DeVries Nature
Conservancy will expand your student’s horizon and science learning through problem
based activities. The 5 weeks of classes will offer many activities that will increase
problem solving skills, observation skills, behavior and more.
Topics include:
- A Live Animal Adventure: Producers, Consumers and Food Chains - Oh My!
- A wilderness hike and scavenger hunt
- The Great Watershed Caper - Wear waders and go into the river as a scientist
- Down on the Farm - Learn the ins and outs of raising chickens, and get down and
dirty in our student run veggie patch learning all about growing food
- Wolves and Bunnies: All about predators and prey
Don't miss out on all the nature fun and learning!
*Parents will need to make arrangements for their student’s transportation to Devries
Nature Conservatory.*