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University of Massachusetts Boston
The University Mace
Symbols of authority and power, maces were originally hand weapons
designed for use against armor. Topped by the flame of knowledge, the
University mace has the University seal as a focal point and unifying element.
Tassels of maroon and white hang from the shaft of fourteen rods of black
walnut, symbolizing the fourteen counties of the Commonwealth.
The head of the mace is gold plate over highly polished brass. Complex
curves radiating from the hub in which the seal is centered reflect light in
constantly changing patterns, symbolic of the many-faceted environment
of the university life.
Academic Costume and Regalia
The academic regalia worn by faculty and students at this ceremony represent traditions which come down from the Middle Ages, when European
universities were institutions of the church. At that time, robes were a common
form of dress, particularly for officials of church and state. The cut of the
robe, its adornment, and the colors used comprised a specialized heraldry
that conveyed the rank and station of the wearer. At the universities, both
faculty and students were considered to be part of the church hierarchy and
were expected to wear the prescribed gowns. As society moved toward more
modern forms of dress, only royalty, clergy, judges, and academics retained
the traditional regalia, reserving it only for ceremonial use.
Modern academic regalia retain some of the symbols of the earlier forms of
ceremonial dress. The gown tends to be fullest, longest, and heaviest for the
doctoral degree. The sleeves for the bachelor's and master's gowns are typically open at the wrist. Cuffs are more common on the doctoral gown, and
its sleeves are adorned by three velvet strips, symbolic of the degree. The
mantle worn about the shoulders, called the hood, is the remnant of functional headgear worn for warmth in the unheated classrooms of medieval
universities. Today its colors refer to the school that granted the degree and
the level or discipline of the degree (e.g., navy blue for Ph.D., pink for music).
The usual color for academic gowns in the United States is black. However,
many universities in this country and many others throughout the world
have adopted more colorful robes. In general, this practice has been limited
to schools more than one hundred years old. Among the schools represented
by colorful robes at commencement ceremonies are Boston College, Boston
University, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, New
York, Oxford, Princeton, Rutgers, Stanford, Tufts, and Yale Universities,
and the Universities of California, Kansas, and Rhode Island.
Ceremonies (Please Note!)
Diploma-presentation ceremonies for individual UMass Boston colleges,
as well as the McCormack Graduate School, will be held after the main
ceremony. Graduates from all but two of these academic units will leave the
main hall and move to other locations in the Expo Center, followed by their
families and friends. College of Liberal Arts graduates and guests, and
College of Science and Mathematics graduates and guests, will stay behind.
We ask all guests to remain at their seats until the academic procession
has left the main hall. For details, please see the separate page that was
distributed with this program.
Honoring Our Graduates
(Please Note!)
To permit both the graduates and their guests to enjoy today's celebration,
we ask all members of the audience to remain seated during the ceremony,
to turn off cell phones, and to avoid making any sounds that might make it
difficult for others to hear.
This program is for ceremonial purposes. The official list of graduates is
maintained by the university registrar.
of Massachusetts
Commencement 2004
University of Massachusetts Boston
Friday, June 4, 2004
Bayside Exposition Center
Boston, Massachusetts
The Program
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Boston
The Academic Procession
The National Anthem
Christina E. DeVaughn, Class of 1999
Rabbi Leslie Keiter Tannenwald
Congregation Agudat Achim, Medway, Massachusetts
JoAnn M. Gora, Chancellor
Greetings of the University
Jack M. Wilson, President, University of Massachusetts
Presentation of the Chancellor's Distinguished Scholarship Award
to Randy Albelda
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor
Presentation of the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award
to Nelson Lande
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor
Presentation of the Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award
to Vivian Zamel
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor
Presentation of the John F. Kennedy Award for Academic Excellence
to Janet K. Marcous
Paul Fonteyn, Provost
Remarks on Behalf of the Class of 2004
Janet K. Marcous, Kennedy Award Recipient
Conferral of Honorary Degrees upon
Edward W. Forry (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dennis Lehane (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Vivian W. Pinn (Doctor of Science)
Ronald Takaki (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Principal Address
Dennis Lehane
Conferral of Doctoral Degrees
Conferral of Master's Degrees, Graduate Certificates, and Bachelor's
Degrees upon Students from
The College of Liberal Arts
The College of Management
The College of Nursing and Health Sciences
The College of Public and Community Service
The College of Science and Mathematics
The Graduate College of Education
The John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies
Induction of New Alumni
Janet K. Marcous '04, Kennedy Award Recipient
Patricia M. Flaherty '81, President, UMass Boston Alumni Association
Singing of "To UMass Boston"
The University Chamber Singers
Jeffrey Rink, Director
(See inside back cover for lyrics.)
Concluding Remarks
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor
Edward W. Forry
Doctor of Humane Letters
Edward W. Forry is founder and publisher of the Dorchester-based media
company Boston Neighborhood News. A lifelong Dorchester resident, he is a
Boston College High School and Boston College graduate who began his career
as a reporter for the Dorchester Argus-Citizen and later served as a community
relations liaison for Dorchester Savings Bank. Some thirty years after setting out
to pursue his dream of starting a newspaper, he oversees a thriving group of
journals that celebrate Boston's rich cultural diversity.
The publications provide news with an emphasis on multiculturalism, human
rights, and other issues of interest to Boston's ethnic enclaves. The Dorchester
Reporter, which debuted in 1983, is today the most widely read community
newsweekly in the city's largest and most diverse neighborhood. Launched in
1990, the monthly Boston Irish Reporter was one of the first community
newspapers to go online. The Boston Haitian Reporter, serving one of
Massachusetts' fastest-growing ethnic groups, was added in 2001. And just
last year, a fourth paper-the Mattapan Reporter-was introduced. The
papers have been recognized for journalistic excellence by the New England
Press Association.
Ed Forry has given back to the Boston area through a sustained involvement
in civic concerns, having served in the boardrooms of the Irish Cultural Centre,
Cedar Grove Cemetery, the Dorchester Family YMCA, and the Neponset
Health Center. For his contributions to these causes and others, he has been
honored with an "Always the Irish Heart" Award by the Irish Chamber of
Commerce in the USA, a Silver Key Award by the Charitable Irish Society, and
an Ignatian Award by Boston College High School, the highest award presented
by the school to an alumnus.
We honor Ed Forry for his understanding of the value of an educated and
aware public, for his service to charitable causes, and for his dedication to
improving the quality of life in all of Boston's communities.
Dennis Lehane
Doctor of Humane Letters
Dennis Lehane has used his knowledge of Boston's mean streets to carve out
a successful career as a novelist and film director. Since 1994 the Dorchester
native has published seven novels, all set in Boston and all notable for their
hyperreal, hard-bitten characters and suspenseful prose. His A Drink Before the
War won the Shamus Award for Best First Novel, and his fifth novel, Prayers
for Rain, was selected as a New York Times Notable Book. Lehane has also
written, produced, and directed a feature film, Neighborhoods, and he is
currently at work on a new film script and another novel.
He graduated from Boston College High School, spent a year at Emerson
College and a year at UMass Boston, then transferred to Eckerd College in
Sr. Petersburg, Florida, where he received a BA. After college he worked at an
assortment of odd jobs-as a bookstore clerk and as a counselor for victims
of physical and sexual abuse, among other positions-before being awarded
a fellowship by the Graduate Writing Program at Florida International
University in Miami, where he studied with John Dufresne, Lynne Barrett,
and Les Standiford.
His novel Mystic River was a finalist for the 2001 PENlWinship Award, won
both the Anthony Award and the Barry Award for Best Novel, and received the
Massachusetts Book Award in Fiction from the Massachusetts Center for the
Book. Said Library Journal of the book, "Lehane once again proves himself
non-pareil in writing about the dark side of the human character." Reviewers
also appreciated the book's energy and depth of emotion; the New York Times
Book Review called it "a powerhouse ... heart-scorching ... penetrating." The
novel inspired the 2003 Academy Award-winning movie of the same name,
a film that was shot in Boston and was directed by Clint Eastwood.
We honor Dennis Lehane for attaining prominence in the arts through
hard work and talent, and for translating his experience of life in Boston's
neighborhoods into a rich artistic vision.
Vivian W. Pinn
Doctor of Science
Vivian W. Pinn is director of the Office of Research on Women's Health at the
National Institutes of Health (NIH), an appointment she has held since joining
NIH in 1991. Long active in efforts to improve health and career opportunities
for women and minorities, she recently led a national initiative among more
than 1,500 scientists, policy makers, educators, and health care providers to
examine priorities in women's health care and health research for the twentyfirst century.
She earned a BA from Wellesley College and an MD from the University of
Virginia School of Medicine, where she was the only woman and person of
color in her class. After completing postgraduate training in pathology at
Massachusetts General, while serving also as a teaching fellow at Harvard
Medical School, she joined the faculty of Tufts University School of Medicine
and Tufts New England Medical Center Hospital. Later she was named chair of
the Department of Pathology at Howard University's College of Medicine, only
the third woman ever to chair a pathology department in the United States.
She has held leadership positions in many professional organizations, she is the
second woman to be named president of the National Medical Association,
and she is a past member of the Association of American Medical Colleges'
executive committee. Among her numerous awards and honors are membership
in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Medicine,
a President's Achievement Award from the American Medical Women's
Association, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jacobs Institute.
She was one of Ladies' Home Journal's 1999 "Top 10 Researchers in
Women's Health," and last year she was named by Essence magazine as
one of "50 Women Who Are Shaping Our World."
We honor Vivian Pinn for her many valuable contributions to the field of health
care for women and minorities, and for her extraordinary leadership in the
formulation of public health policy.
Ronald Takaki
Doctor of Humane Letters
Ronald Takaki has been described as a "minority Everyman ... a rare hybrid,
a multicultural scholar." One of the foremost authorities on American cultural
diversity, he is a professor of ethnic studies at the University of California,
Berkeley, where he has taught with distinction for more than 30 years.
Born in 1939, the grandson of Japanese immigrants to the United States, he
graduated from the College of Wooster in Ohio in 1961. After receiving a
PhD in American history from Berkeley, he taught UCLA's first-ever course in
African American history and helped to found several of that university's
centers for ethnic studies. In 1972, he returned to Berkeley to teach in the new
Department of Ethnic Studies, serving as department chair from 1975 to 1977.
His research and thinking provided the conceptual framework for Berkeley's
academic programs in comparative ethnic studies and for the multiculturalism
component of the school's general education curriculum.
His views on issues such as U.S.-Japanese relations, ethnic diversity, and
affirmative action have long been valued in both academic and government
circles. During the Clinton presidency, he was influential in the development of
a number of White House race initiatives, and he was a key figure in a 1997
Council on Foreign Relations conference investigating multicultural influences
on U.S. foreign policy. He is also the author of 11 books, including Strangers
from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans, a New York Times
Notable Book of the Year; A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural
America, hailed by Publishers Weekly as a "brilliant revisionist history of
America that is likely to become a classic of multicultural studies"; and
Double Victory: A Multicultural History of America in World War II.
We honor Ronald Takaki for his work in defining the immigrant experience in
the United States and for enhancing the intellectual discourse on ethnicity in
American history and culture.
Recipients of Graduate Awards
Britte Beaudette-Zlatanova
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Cellular, Molecular,
and Organismal Biology
Francisco Bezares
The Applied Physics Program Award
for Excellence
Diane Bourque
The Craig R. Bollinger Memorial
Research Grant for Work Leading
to the Doctoral Dissertation
Elizabeth Boyle
The Lipke Memorial Travel Award
Crystal Burney
The David A. Kennedy Prize for
Outstanding Work in the Field
of Poetry
Timothy Busick
The MBA Award for Academic
Christopher G. Crawford
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Environmental,
Coastal, and Ocean Sciences
Donghui Yang-Zhou
The Craig R. Bollinger Memorial
Research Grant for Work Leading
to the Doctoral Dissertation
Luis Duque
The Vincent Cristiani Endowment
Award in School Psychology
Ivv Frances
The Critical and Creative Thinking
Award for Personal and
Professional Development
Paula Georges
The Award for Excellence in
Public Policy
Christine S. Goodrich
The Richard A. Hogarty Award for
Academic Excellence in Public
Carolyn Fink Greene
The Maxwell ]. Schleifer Memorial
Nada Fusaro Heredia
The Award for Outstanding
Scholarship in Special Education
Judith A. Huenneke
The History Program Book Award
for Excellence
Elizabeth Hufnagel
The Teacher Education Program
Award for Excellence
Catherine Jagodzinski
The Award for Outstanding
Academic Achievement in School
Jullian Jefferies
The Robert W Spayne Research
Grant for Work Leading to the
Master's Thesis
Cecilia W. Kiarie
The Chemistry Program Award for
Outstanding Achievement
Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapali
The Robert W Spayne Research
Grant for Work Leading to the
Master's Thesis
Jonathan Krentel
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Computer Science
Ellen Kuhl
The American Studies Award for
Academic Excellence
Joyce Linehan
The American Studies Book Award
Christin Manning
The Award for Academic Excellence
in Instructional Design
Anali Kratz Mathies
The Award for Academic Excellence
in Applied Linguistics
Craig McClean
The Lipke Memorial Travel Award
Richard W. McConaghy
The Gerontology Award for
Outstanding Achievement
Susan Morash
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Dispute Resolution
Heleneke C. Mulder
The James E. Blackwell Prize in
Applied Sociology
Timea Ottilia Pal
The Award for Academic Excellence
in Applied Sociology
Michael Smith
The Award for Outstanding
Leadership and Achievement in
Educational Administration
Eileen Santa Sosa
The Clinical Psychology Book Award
Merete Stensby
The English Program Award for
Outstanding Achievement
Elizabeth Stuhlsatz
The Alvan S. Ryan Award for Best
Literature Paper
Patty Szczys
The Bettina Harrison Award for
Outstanding Teaching in Biology,
the Lipke Memorial Travel Award,
and the Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Environmental
Courtney Tanzi
The Biology Program Award for
Outstanding Achievement
Manisha Vijayaraghavan
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Counseling
Eric H. Watson
The Award for Academic Excellence
in Nursing (MS Program)
Nicole Weber
The Lipke Memorial Travel Award
Paul Whelan
The Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Environmental
Sciences (MS Program)
William Woods
The Lipke Memorial Trauel Award
Glenn Katureebe Banegura
The following graduate students were elected to Sigma Theta Tau,
the National Honorary Society in Nursing:
Mary Elizabeth Harrington
Michelle Nancy Knowles
Sharon Lee Verney
Barbara Virchick
Eric H. Watson
Recipients of Senior Honors
Andrea Baresch-Bernal
Julie Elizabeth Beckerdite
Political Science
Delia Bucar
Monica Canfield-Lenfest
Allison Cook
Emmanuelle Cordier
Diane Margaret Costagliola
Patrick C. Costello
Political Science
Jenifer Elisabeth Crouse
Theresa L. Fitzgerald
Tsering W. Gesar
Peter Hunt
Computer Science
Rose Judelande Hyppolite
Computer Science
Carie J. Johnsen-Killam
Individual Major in the Study
of Religion
Bernadine R. Johnson
American Studies
Maureen H. Kellv
Michele M. Lisio
Alexa T. MacPherson
Jessica Anne Mahoney
Michael R. Malone
Walter R. Martinez
Political Science
Jeffrey P. Mogan
Political Science
Jacqueline H. Moore
Yudv F. Muneton
Yung Mel' Ng
Political Science
Mary Therese Nicoll
Laura Jean Perkins
Marina J. Rouseva
Evan Sicuranza
Anastasiya Smirnova
Computer Science
Michael K. Tauber
Morgan Ashley Turano
Kurt D. van Vloten
Susan Lynn Vogel-Smith
Elena Zakharova
Recipients of Departmental Prizes
Nancy Jean Abraham
Distinction in Management
Brennan C. Adams
Distinction in Political Science
Nicole Anzaldi
Distinction in Spanish
Susana Azkunaga
The Arthur W Martin III Scholarship
Award in Physics
Andrea Baresch-Bemal
Distinction in Biology
Elizabeth Barrett
Distinction in History
Shawn Birdsey
Distinction in Individual Major in the
Study of Religion
Robert F. Bouchard, Jr.
Distinction in History
Irina Brodskaya
Distinction in Computer Science
Ryan M. Brown
Distinction in Political Science, and
Distinction in Ethics and Social and
Political Philosophy
Beth Caritey
Distinction in Nursing
Simon Chan
College of Management Leadership
Stella Sukping Chau
Distinction in Accounting
Diane Margaret Costagliola
Distinction in English
Patrick C. Costello
Distinction in History
Jonathan Bancroft Colon
The Sam Walker Scholarship Award
in Art
Gurcu Arzu Demirergi
Distinction in Anthropology
Heather Leigh Downing
Distinction in Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Sara Perkins Driscoll
The Distinguished Service Award in
Exercise Science and Physical
Neil A. Edmonds
College of Management Leadership
Melissa Fitzgerald
Distinction in Management
Theresa L. Fitzgerald
The Adrian Jill Barnett Memorial
Prize for Academic Excellence in
Jessica L. Fontaine
Distinction in Criminal Justice
Judith Freedman
The Taffee Tanimoto Award for
Outstanding Service in
Mathematics, the Juan Carlos
Merlo Memorial Award in
Mathematics, and Distinction in
Jennifer Gamache
Distinction in Earth and Geographic
Jiang Ge
The Mary B. Newman Award for
Academic Excellence
Linda A. Gerry
Distinction in Social Psychology
Tsering W. Gesar
The Bettina Hall Harrison Award tn
Golnaz Goodarzi
Distinction in Biology
Meagan Gray
Distinction in Art
Pauline M. Gray
Distinction in Nursing
Kimberly Ann Gullage
The [oann P. Stewart Award to ""
outstanding Female Graduate tn
Deirdre Jacobs Hall
Distinction in Sociology
Rose Judelande Hyppolite
The Taffee Tanimoto Award for
Outstanding Service in Computer
Mary Ann Ingaciola
The Sally Goss Memorial Prize in
Katie M. Jones
Distinction in American Studies
Elissa Jordan
The John]. Conlon Prize in
Theatre Arts
Paul Edward Kane
Distinction in Sociology
Mary Beatrice Kelly
The Charles A. Bowen Award
for Irish Studies, and the
Marcia N. Keach Memorial Poetry
Prize in Creative Writing
Maureen H. Kelly
Distinction in Biology
Maarit Elina Kelvin
Distinction in Nursing
Samantha Eye Kennedy
Distinction in Classical Studies
Fotia Kiousis
Distinction in Italian
Amy N. Lai
Distinction in Accounting
Rocchina Lambresca
The Distinguished Service Award in
Exercise Science and Physical
Brian R. LeBlanc
Distinction in Management
Information Systems
Natalya Lopushnyan
Distinction in Biochemistry
Marie A. Lunt
The Maria Luisa Osorio Prize in
Hispanic Studies
Genna Natalie Lyons
The Susan C. Schneider Memorial
Prize in Latin American Studies
Alexa T. MacPherson
Distinction in Psychology
Megan Mainzer
The Clinton M. Jean Prize in
Africana Studies
Walter R. Martinez
Distinction in Political Science
Denise E. Maziarz
The Alice E. Trost Memorial Prize in
Courtney Lynn Mcf.ranev
Distinction 'in Individual Major
in the Study of Religion
Colleen McDonnell
The Marie I. Farrell Award in
Exercise Science and Physical
Cordia McLaurin
The Colleen Maxwell Award for
Community Service in Nursing
Bonnie Elaine McManus
The Leonard]. Kirsch Prize for the
Outstanding Economics Graduate,
and Distinction in Political Science
Gina Massa Mias
Distinction in International
Aisha Joy Milbury
Distinction in Criminal Justice
Rita Monesterskv-Sebastian
The Maurizio Vdnnicelli Award for
Distinction in Political Science
Christopher D. Murphy
Distinction in Earth and Geographic
Patricia Goggin Nestor
The Eddie Segelman Award in
Michael Joseph Newell
Distinction in English and Distinction
in Spanish
Yung Mey Ng
Distinction in Economics
Nicole M. Noel
Distinction in English
Wendy Nystrom
The Louis E. Roberts Award for
Distinction in Theatre Arts
Terence P. O'Loughlin
Distinction in Operations
Management and Information
Arleen A. O'Neill
The Eddie Segelman Award in
Michael Orlowski
Distinction in History
Georgia Papadopoulos
Distinction in Social Psychology
Diane Tueller Pritchett
Distinction in Music
Sean Robert Reardon
Distinction in Criminal Justice
Marketa Rejtarova
Distinction in Nursing
Brenda Maureen Resch
The Dean's Award for Distinguished
Service in Management
Eric S. Rich
Distinction in Sociology
David Thomas Arnold Rixham
Distinction in History
Marina J. Rouseva
Distinction in French
Diana Lynn Ruddy
Distinction in Finance
Zi Chen Sardone
Distinction in Computer Science
Janice Serdensky
Distinction in Nursing
Evan Sicuranza
The Alfred Ferguson Award for
Distinguished work in American
Literature, and The Marcia N.
Keach Memorial Poetry Prize
Ellen Wolf Stein
Distinction in German
Paul A. Styczko
Distinction in Political Science
Christopher Hamilton Thonus
Distinction in Economics
Tran Thi Bich-Phuong
Distinction in Marketing
Phuong Trinh T
The T. Scott Miyakawa Memorial
Prize in Sociology
Morgan Ashley Turano
Distinction in English
Kurt D. van Vloten
Distinction in Chemistry
Alicia M. Verlager
The Francis Russell Hart Prize for
Excellence in English Studies and
Student Mentoring
Keri Jane Vokes
Distinction in Psychology
Sandra Wooldridge
The Distinguished Service Award in
Lindsey Wotton
Distinction in Sociology
Katie Young
Distinction in Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Elena Zakharova
The Bettina Hall Harrison Award in
Biology and Distinction in Biology
The following students were elected to Beta Beta Beta, the National
Honorary Society in Biology:
Maelyssa Bauduy
Tsering W. Gesar
Maureen H. Kelly
Alexa T. MacPherson
Nhung Ngo Nguyen
Sukhdev Singh
Rie Suzuki
Maria Fernanda V. Nobre Trindade
The UMass Boston chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the
International Honor Society in Economics, wishes to acknowledge
the following graduates:
Betty T. Abajian
Stephen Bae
Shimul Barua
Derrick Emerson Belka
Thomas L. Korpal
Yung Mey Ng
John James Scully
Chun-I Wu
The following students were elected to the Iota Rho Chapter of
Gamma Theta Epsilon, the National Professional Honor Society
in Geography:
Robert Ernest Goodwin
Jason Mohre
Christopher D. Murphy
David C. Shortrnan
Todd Matthew Snider
The following students were elected to Psi Chi, the National Honorary
Society in Psychology:
Alaina L. Alibrandi
Lesli M. Baker Gazerro
Carolyn Rees Balfe
M yrline Belzince
Kelly Erin Bridges
Shannon Brianne Cardillo
Regina Carter
Stephanie Ann Chita
Kathleen Branagan Clark
Robert Walter Clark
Alison Jean Connors
Christie Elizabeth Culbert
Nicole Tiffany Davis
David Allen Dyer
Jason John English
Karen Antoinette Finnerty
Theresa L. Fitzgerald
Adriana Gambino
Paula M. Garrant
Linda A. Gerry
Meagan Gray
Randy Grossman
Nicole A. Hammers
Crystal Nadine Hudson
Denisa Husarova
Elizabeth Kathryn Jenkins
Donar M. Juba-Johnson
Kanaly Krause
Vandana Lai
Tina M. Llerena
Alison Lee Lutkevich
Alexa T. MacPherson
Mary Ellen Madden
Anne- Marie Miskunas
Lauren Elisabeth Molsser
Yudy F. Muneton
Timothy J. Murphy
Dana Erin Murphy
Ella Murphy
Carolina Ocampo Maya
R. Paul O'Keefe, Jr.
Rossen Okov
Yolanda I. Ortiz
Georgia Papadopoulos
Djara Elisa Passias
Philip Albert Pedone
Zuzana Podkonicka
Anthony M. Pompeo
Michael Ian Reynolds
Tara M. Roberts
Dave Ruffner
Christine C. Ryan
Nency Salamoun
Colleen A. Teague
Christine E. Tilley
Kara Anne Timbone
Kristin Lori Tomeo
Keri Jane Vokes
Jennifer Welch
Bonnie S. Wims
The following students were elected to Alpha Kappa Delta, the
National Honorary Society in Sociology:
Regina Carter
Paula M. Garrant
Anna Ishii
Deirdre Jacobs Hall
Bi Jay Khadka
Kalia Legere
Amanda Jean Little
Caroline Maggiacomo
Fabian E. Powell
Brian T. Robinson
Michael Thomas Warner
Candidates for Degrees and
Certificates, May 2004
Graduate Programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Laney Anne Bruner-Canhoto (BA New College of the University of South
Florida; MSW University of South Carolina Columbia; MPH University of
South Carolina Columbia) Gerontology
Dissertation title: Environmental Strategies Among People Growing Older with
Multiple Sclerosis: Experiences, Implications and Lessons
James John Bulot (BS University of Southwestern Louisiana; MS University of
Massachusetts Boston) Gerontology
Dissertation title: Online Health Care Information Access by Older Adults
Matthew jakupcak (BA University of Montana; MA University of
Massachusetts Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: Masculine Gender Role Stress and Shame in Relationship to
Men's Anger, Hostility and Aggression
Tiffany Antoinette Manuel (BA University of Chicago; MS University of
Massachusetts Boston) Public Policy
Dissertation title: Giving Mercenaries a Chance to be Missionaries: Making the
Case for Universal Paid Family Leave in the United States
Edith H. Mas (AB Radcliffe College; MS Columbia University; MS University
of Massachusetts Boston) Public Policy
Dissertation title: Why Act? The Roots and Potential of Precautionary
Environmental Action in Three Vermont Watersheds
Richard W. McConaghy (BA Haverford College; JD Temple University School
of Law; MGA University of Pennsylvania) Gerontology
Dissertation title: Mortality, Moveout and Refinancing as Factors in HECM
Reverse Mortgage Payoffs
Donna M. Sullivan (BS University of Massachusetts Boston; MS University of
Massachusetts Boston) Gerontology
Dissertation title: Aging in the Workplace: An Ethnography of Middle-Aged
and Older Waitresses
Patricia Szczys (BS University of North Dakota) Environmental
Sciences/Environmental Biology
Dissertation title: Genetic Analysis of the Endangered Roseate Tern, Sterna
Dougallii: Implications for Conservation
Doctor of Education
Elaine Bauer (BA University of Massachusetts Boston; MEd Harvard
University) Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: An Examination of the Effect of Departmental Factors on
Student Completion of Doctoral Requirements
Diane L. Bourque (AS Westbrook College; MS Boston University)
Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: Factors that Influence the Attitudes and Practices of
Postsecondary Faculty in Providing Academic Accommodation to Students
with Disabilities
Ann Froines (BA Swarthmore College; MA University of London)
Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: Institutionalization of Women's Studies Programs: The
Relationship of Program Structure to Long-Term Viability
Catherine Cummings Crowell Latham (BA Salem State College; MS Salem State
College) Education/Leadership in Urban Schools
Dissertation title: A Comparison of the Perceptions of Alternatively Certified
and Traditionally Certified Urban High School Mathematics Teachers on
Factors Associated with Dissatisfaction in Teaching
Judith C. Oleks (BA State College at Salem; MS University of Massachusetts
Lowell) Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: Student Satisfaction and Estimate of Gains From Online
Learning: Examining Electronic Engagement and Learning Style
Helen Andrzejewski Page (BA Clark University; MEd Rivier College)
Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: Redefining Faculty Priorities: An Examination of the
Individual and Institutional Factors Influencing Faculty Work
Rochelle Perry (BS Wheelock College; MS Wheelock College)
Education/Leadership in Urban Schools
Dissertation title: The Involvement of African American Fathers in the
Educational Lives of Their Young Children: Beliefs, Practices and
Experiences in One Urban Elementary School
Lunine Pierre-Jerome (BS Boston University; MA University of Massachusetts
Boston) Education/Leadership in Urban Schools
Dissertation title: Identity Development Among Low-Literacy Haitian
Adolescent Newcomers: A Case Study
Luz M. Valverde-Ulate (BS University of Massachusetts Boston; MEd Eastern
Nazarene College; MEd Eastern Nazarene College) Education/Leadership
in Urban Schools
Dissertation title: Small Learning Communities in Urban High Schools: Issues
of Implementation
E. Lynn Willen brock (BA Stetson University; EdM Salem State College)
Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: Contradicting Predictions for Service-Learning Engagement:
Why Some Faculty Do and Don't
Gail M. Zimmerman (BA D'Youville College; MS State University College)
Education/Higher Education Administration
Dissertation title: A Study of the Organizational Factors Influencing the Access
of Students With Psychiatric Disabilities to Disability Support Services
Master of Arts
Sue K. Adams-Labonte Clinical
Jeannie Adams Dispute Resolution
Miguel J. Alvarez Applied Linguistics
Joel James Andreasen History
Scott Alexander Angove
American Studies
Brad D. Arndt English
Cecelia Tuyet Hill Bain Applied
Shahin Bassiri Applied Sociology
Sara Kathleen Beszterczev
Clinical Psychology .
Cecilia L. Blaine Applied Sociology
Steven Michael Blette History
David L. Bohane, Jr.
HistorylTeaching History
Michelle Bolser English
R. Charles Boone Applied Sociology
Monica Marie Branley
Applied Sociology
Christopher R. Breen English
Laura J. Brown English
Crystal Rene Burney English
Denise Bylaska English
Eric J. Carlson English
Heather Marie Caunt
Applied Linguistics
Sean W Chase History/Teaching
Pin-Yu Chen Critical and Creative
David R. Clark American Studies
Kathleen Branagan Clark Applied
Emily Getnick Cooper
History/Teaching History
Brock N. Cordeiro History
Brenda D' Alotto English
Beni C. D'Amore III History/Teaching
Jennifer Dee English
Ramona Del.eon Applied Linguistics
Nancy M. DeRosa Applied
Giampaolo A. DiGregorio
History/Historical Archaeology
Gregory Douglas Dorchak Dispute
Tristan Egan English
Ivv Frances Critical and Creative
Mary T. Frangie Critical and Creative
Marilyn R. Glazer-Weisner Applied
Erin Elizabeth Goldstein Applied
Jocelyn J. Gould History/Historical
Abigail M. Grainda Critical and
Creative Thinking
Hong Gu Applied Linguistics
Carole Anne Guerin
Dispute Resolution
Sarah Gyorog Dispute Resolution
Amy B. Hackett American Studies
Hungyul Thomas Han Applied
Kristen Hanks Critical and Creative
Michele Sofia Marie Hansen
American Studies
June K. Harner Applied Linguistics
Nazneen Hasan Dispute Resolution
Sarah J. Heath English
Alvin Helfeld Applied Linguistics
Claudia Xiomara Henriquez
Applied Sociology
Holly Herbster History/Historical
Jill Hibyan Dispute Resolution
John Alan Hicks Applied Linguistics
Judith Huenneke History
Virginia L. Humphrey Dispute
Janet L. Hunkel Dispute Resolution
Robert Kenneth Johnson
Applied Linguistics
Anne Joyce-Brandt English
Thomas Eric Justice Applied
Virginia Rainsford Karlis English
Elizabeth M. Kinirv
History/Historical Archaeology
Mette Kreutzmann Dispute
Ellen Marie Kuhl American Studies
Jennifer Chantal Kuhn Clinical
Neslihan Kul Applied Linguistics
Johny Laine Dispute Resolution
Robert J. Lally History
Ethan A. Leonard Applied Linguistics
Pauline V. Leslie Applied Sociology
John McBride Lewis Critical and
Creative Thinking
Celia T. Leyva Applied Linguistics
Kvie David Lindholm Critical and
.Creative Thinking
Joyce T. Linehan American Studies
Amanda Jean Little Applied
Amy Corinne MacAlister English
Ekaterina Maher Applied Linguistics
Valentina Mara Applied Sociology
Cristin R. Martineau Dispute
Maria Angeles Martinez Yeste
Dispute Resolution
Nurvs Martinez-Fernandez
Applied Linguistics
Anna Martsinkiv Applied Sociology
Charles V. Mastrangelo History
Anali Kratz Mathies Applied
Amanda Mathiesen Applied
Paul Maxwell Applied Sociology
Rachael Mayne Applied Linguistics
Master of Science
Sheila M. McAleer Applied
Sarah Ann Minkin Dispute
Susan K. Morash Dispute Resolution
Toni Moreno English
Kate Moynihan Dispute Resolution
Melissa A. Movnihan Critical and
Creative Thinking
Heleneke C. Mulder Applied
Angela Young Murdaugh English
Manan M. Nayak Applied Sociology
Sarah Floyd Newcomb Applied
Tracey Louise Newman Applied
Robert Thomas Norris Critical and
Creative Thinking
Erin K. O'Hearn Applied Linguistics
Benjamin Anyaegbunam Okafor
Critical and Creative Thinking
Marissa A. Orsillo English
Timea-Ottilia Pal Applied Sociology
Marisol Palomino Applied Linguistics
Anahi Pari-Di-Monriva Applied
Gloria Pascual Francis Applied
John Arthur Pearson Clinical
Julia Ravinsky Applied Linguistics
Robert McMaster Rider
History/Teaching History
Lisa Rochwarg History/Teaching
Sasi Rojanapradit Dispute Resolution
Laura Jean Rojas Applied Linguistics
Jason R. Romanowski English
Raymond J. Romero, Jr. Dispute
Ricardo D. Rosa Applied Linguistics
Libardo Rueda Applied Linguistics
Christine Monica Ryan English
Craig L. Schechter American Studies
Maryann M. Scheufele Critical and
Creative Thinking
A. A. Shahroodi Dispute Resolution
Frank Ayer Smith Applied Sociology
Sherry Lynn Soares Applied
Mary Elizabeth Southworth English
Michael T. Spencer American Studies
Merete Stensby English
Beth Sternheimer American Studies
Kathryn Ann Stoeckert Applied
Heidi Straghan Critical and Creative
Elizabeth A. Stuhlsatz English
Willard Davis Sweet Critical and
Creative Thinking
Adrienne N. Szafranski Applied
Alissa M. Tempero History
Nina Tesfamariam Applied Sociology
Elizabeth A. Thompson English
Jennifer Danielle Todd Critical and
Creative Thinking
Stevany S. Tortorella Applied
Carolyn E. Troughton Dispute
Adam J. Turner History
David L. Turo Applied Linguistics
Gretchen J. Wagner Dispute
Sarah N. Wagner Applied Linguistics
Kathleen Anne Walsh Critical and
Creative Thinking
Lamei Wei American Studies
James M. Willis, Jr. History
Peter A. Wolf American Studies
Nancy Yim Jang Wong Applied
Roanna Constancia Fernandez
Yangco Critical and Creative
Sumana Adma Computer Science
Tanva Marie Anderson
E~vironmental Sciences
Vanessa Marie Armano Public Affairs
Jacob Kwabena Asiedu Computer
Renee Avery Biology
Patricia M. Aylward Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Amy Patricia Banik Environmental
Louis Barbato Applied Physics
Robertas Baronas Computer Science
Bachir Mohamed Berrachedi
Computer Science
Francisco J. Bezares Applied Physics
Ronojoy Bhaumik Computer Science
Nageswararao Boyapati Computer
Mingmei Cai Environmental Sciences
Mingyan Cao Chemistry
Catherine J. Carney Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Matthew R. Carty Computer Science
Samantha J. Catanzano Biology
Ha Eun Cho Public Affairs
Judith M. Conahan Gerontology
Mary Catherine Cronin Public Affairs
Sudheer Daka Computer Science
Kimberly Loryn Daly Nursing/Nurse
Steven Bruce Dethloff
Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist
Kelechi Chinon so Dike Computer
Feng Dong Computer Science
Jing Dong Computer Science
Anton Dormer Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Vikas Dua Computer Science
Rami EI-Hayek Chemistry
Andrea M. Enos Nursing/Nurse
Eric A. Faulkner Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Nancy Allison Ferzoco
Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist
Caileen Fitzgerald Public Affairs
Elizabeth Marie Fluet Public Affairs
Thomas J. Flynn Public
Affairs/!nternational Relations
Francis A. Frey, Jr. Public Affairs
Shengli Fu Computer Science
Thomas A. Gagnon Biology
Melissa Claire Gaudette
Environmental Sciences
Sibnath Chatak Computer Science
Alex Glushchenko Computer Science
Christine S. Goodrich Public Affairs
Phillip Jude Granberry Public Policy
Dawn Elaine Gundlach Human
Maureen Hensley-Quinn
Public Affairs
Debra Mattson Hill NursinglNurse
Richard T. Holland Public Affairs
Yanping Hou Computer Science
Chang-Cheng Hung Computer
Shantanu A. Inamdar Computer
Matthew C. Irish Public Affairs
Saritha Janaswamy Computer Science
William Edward Jensen Applied
Wenjie Jin Computer Science
Derrick Anthony Jones Public Affairs
Pradeep Kanneganti Computer
Prasoon Kejriwal Computer Science
Megan Ann Kelleher Public Affairs
Cecilia Waithera Kiarie Chemistry
Michelle Nancy Knowles
Nursing/Nurse Practitioner
Sri Rajasekhar Kothapalli
Applied Physics
Jonathan Krentel Computer Science
Theodore M. Kulik Public Affairs
Kate Weldon LeBlanc Public Affairs
Dong Eun Lee Chemistry
Nicole So-A Lee Chemistry
Giles L. Li Public Affairs
Chuanquan Liu Computer Science
Haibo Liu Computer Science
jian Lu Chemistry
Luo, Di Computer Science
Regan Kathleen Maund
Environmental Sciences
Maria McDonald NursinglNurse
Ricardo Menard Computer Science
Suniti Misra Computer Science
Jeanne M. Mitchell Nursing/Nurse
Colin David Moore Public Affairs
Mini Nair Computer Science
Charles M. Ndungu Public Policy
Nyayapati, Srinivas R. Computer
Joan M. O'Brien Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Colum P. O'Donnell Biology
Omofolakunmi E. Ogunlesi
Computer Science
Vibhuti Rathore Computer Science
Stephanie Reggiani Environmental
Sara E. Ring Public Affairs
Meghan D. Rull NursinglNurse
Anhao Sam Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Sun, Yan Computer Science
Andi Sutedja Computer Science
Ethel-Marie Sweeney Nursing/Nurse
Courtney L. Tanzi Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Tracey Ann Todd Nursing/Nurse
Edyta Tyminski Biology
Jose Daniel Urena Computer Science
Bipin Vaddi Computer Science
Erin M. Valentine Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Jill D. VandenBosch Public Affairs
Satish Vemuri Computer Science
Barbara Virchick Nursing/Nurse
Yi Wang Computer Science
Nancy Jean Ward Chemistry
Eric H. Watson Nursing/Nurse
Bonnie Wilkins Nursing/Nurse
Nathanael E. Wright Public Affairs
Yang, Shih-Ying Computer Science
Zaixia Zhang Computer Science
Zhu, Ziping Computer Science
Radouane Zouaoui Chemistry
Accelerated Bachelor of
Science-Master of Science
Master of Education
Karen A. Campiglio Nursing/Nurse
Vivian Donahue Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Teresa O'Dowd MacDonald
Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sharon Lee Verney Nursing/Nurse
Maria Agit Counseling/Mental Health
Diane E. Allen School Psychology
Stacey S. Amster Instructional Design
Joanne R. Angell Instructional Design
Giannine G. Armbruster Educational
Barbara A. Ball School Psychology
Gregory Thomas Banks Teacher
Carrie A. Baris Teacher Education
Kristine E. Barker Teacher Education
Charlotte N. Belews Instructional
David Anthonv Benedetto Teacher
Education .
Keelv O'Neill Benson Teacher
Rebecca Berger Teacher Education
Keisha L. Bing Coggs
Counseling/Marriage and Family
Robert Blanev Educational
Sandra J. Bolden Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Linda Braga Teacher Education
Mary E. Brennan Teacher Education
Tam~v L. Smith Brincheiro Teacher
Colleen M. Cooke Teacher Education
Randi A. Cooper Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Stacy Ann Corrigall Special
Angeline V. Cowgill
Counseling/School Guidance
Martha Crane Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Allison J. Craven Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Susan Elizabeth Cummings Teacher
Theodore Dalicandro Special
Neil \XI. Davis Teacher Education
Amanda Ann Dean Teacher
Gina Shea DeFelice
Counseling/School Guidance
Sarah Del Torchio Teacher Education
Amv Elizabeth DeNucci Educational
Danielle DePeter Teacher Education
Tara L. Deschene Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Amanda Devannev
Counseling/School Guidance
Alan Brian DiGennaro Teacher
Rebecca Dixon Caple
Counseling/Mental Health
Tara Donovan Instructional Design
Nancy K. Dovle Teacher Education
Charity Dun~an Special Education
Meghan B. Dyer Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Emily Eagar Teacher Education
Mati-joy K. Eisele Teacher Education
Kandi L. Everton Instructional
Jill Faherty Teacher Education
Liza Marie Farquharson Teacher
Shannon L. Farrell Teacher Education
Kevin LeRov Faust Teacher
Rachel A. Fawson Teacher Education
Ann Marie Federico
Counseling/Mental Health
Barbara Paquin Ferraro School
\XI. Megan Fidler Teacher Education
Amber Nicole Browne Teacher
Kristen Long Cacciatore Teacher
Cara A. Camire Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Tarvn Carbone School Psychology
Gary J. Carpenter
Karen A. Carr Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Rachael G. Carr Teacher Education
Shawnna M. Carroll
Counseling/School Guidance
Michael Patrick Chute Teacher
Lauren B. Clark Teacher Education
Marv Steer Clark Teacher
Education/Orientation and
Jessica M. Colangelo
Counseling/School Guidance
\XIilliam R. Collins School Psychology
Lisa M. Connery Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Carol Stack Fine Instructional Design
Kristen Marie Fleischmann Teacher
Kristin Nicole Freligh Teacher
Megan A. Gallagher
Counseling/Mental Health
Lauren M. Galvin Teacher Education
Francisco E. Garnica Educational
Jennifer L. Garrity Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Jennie L. Gartner Teacher Education
Lori Ann Marie Gauthier Reale
Teacher Education
Steven Frederick George Teacher
Richard E. Gifford Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Donna Jean Glynn Teacher
Eleni Goudanas Palumbis Teacher
Caryn Lynne Grozalsky Teacher
Audra Leigh Guba Special Education
Heidi J. Guillerault Teacher
Thomas C. Hammond
Charlese Harris Teacher Education
Michael F. Harris Teacher Education
Sandra J. Hasseltine Teacher
Holly K. Haydash Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Nada F. Heredia Special Education
Orla Colette Higgins School
Heather Lee Hinchliffe
Counseling/Mental Health
Laura Jean Hobart Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Hui-Hui Hu Counseling/Marriage
and Family Therapy
Kimberly A. Hudson
Counseling/Mental Health
Elizabeth Hufnagel Teacher
Gloriann Ingemi Rios
Counseling/Mental Health
Elif Irtemcelik School Psychology
Natalie C. Jaeger Teacher Education
Bonnie K. Johnson Barry
Counseling/Mental Health
Melissa S. Johnson School
Ashley Elizabeth Jones Teacher
Steven Ralph Joubert
Counseling/Mental Health
Jesse Michael Kaplan Special
Christopher L. Kearney Teacher
Robin Jean Kellett
Danita Kellev-Brewster Educational
Susan Roberts Kelley
Counseling/Mental Health
Nancy Killion Teacher Education
Karni Kissil Counseling/Marriage and
Family Therapy
Theresa Knight Teacher Education
Christina Anna Kourkoulis Teacher
Joseph Carl Langone Special
Michelle Olive Lazarus
Counseling/Marriage and Family
Shannon Wrigley Leary Educational
Maria Kay Leggett Instructional
Jasmine Attiyah Leonard Teacher
Brian Leussler Special Education
Cecilia R. Longenbaker Instructional
Janine W. Lotti Instructional Design
Christine Loud School Psychology
Christine A. Maguire Teacher
Laurel Lynn Maguire Teacher
Paul]. Maguire Instructional Design
Kathleen Mary Maher Teacher
Lynne Marie Mahoney Teacher
Timothy Michael McAuliffe Teacher
Kristin E. McCarthv School
Jill Ann McConaghy School
Laura Cornell Sands McConnaughey
Teacher Education
Terence McCue Teacher Education
Maurine A. McDermott Special
Erin M. McDonough Teacher
Meghan McDonough
Counseling/School Guidance
Donna M. McGarrigle School
Michael Edmund McGough Teacher
Sean Thomas McLaughlin Teacher
Shauna McMahon School Psychology
Judith A. McManus Instructional
Julie A. Meloy Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Jason Mertz Teacher Education
Andrew J. Meyers Teacher Education
Carla Miller Special Education
Dayna Miller Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Donna Marie Miller Special
Mary Elizabeth Molloy Teacher
Suzanne Webb Moniz Teacher
Melissa Ann Morett Teacher
James R. Morin Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Brenda Ann Mullins
Counseling/School Guidance
Meghan Kathleen Murphy School
Mara B. Natanel Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Hoa T. Nguyen
Jessica Noone Teacher Education
Kelly C. Oakes Teacher Education
Virginia Theresa O'Halloran School
Jeffrey M. Olson Teacher Education
Colleen Pullman Onderdonk Teacher
Megan Ordway Teacher Education
Robert Pacheco, Jr. Teacher
Eva J. Paddock Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Rosanna Pari bello Counseling/School
Guidance Counseling
Andrew Calvert Patterson Teacher
Brian D. Pendergast Teacher
Cari Lynne Perchase Teacher
Mena L. Piacentini School
Ines Pierre Louis Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Danielle Catherine Puopolo Teacher
Rene D. Puopolo School Psychology
Alexandra Avtgis Quinn Teacher
Melissa A. Quinn Teacher Education
Kristen Reilly Teacher Education
Juli Rice Teacher Education
Susan E. Riser Teacher Education
La Toya Marie Rivers Teacher
Jo-Anne M. Rizzotto Instructional
David Michael Roberts Teacher
Silvia Maria Rodrigues School
Peggy Ann Liberatore Roldan
Instructional Design
Amanda Marie Rork Teacher
Sally L. Rosen Teacher Education
Jason M. Roslonek Teacher
Nora Ross-Johnson Teacher
Richard J. Ross Counseling/Marriage
and Family Therapy
Sandra P. Salmon Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Kerri Sandler Educational
Mari Sayama Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Margaret Scott School Psychology
Jayne P. Serino Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Alexandra Sewall Teacher Education
Maura J. Sharry Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Jennifer Ann Sheehan
Counseling/School Guidance
Marybeth Walsh Shinney
Counseling/School Guidance
Heidi N. Siefkas Educational
Sylvia Marcia Monteiro Barbara da
Silva Counseling/Mental Health
Mary Musulin Silver Teacher
Alexander T. Sim Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Wesley A. Sims School Psychology
Allison Skye Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Leslie L. Smith Teacher Education
Michael J. Smith Educational
Amy L. Starzynski Teacher Education
Kristin L. Steeger Teacher Education
Terasa Cicoria Stephens Teacher
Cynthia Stern Teacher Education
Master of Business Administration
Robin K. Stewart Educational
Todd Sundstrom Teacher Education
Judith Burbine Sweeney
Counseling/Mental Health
Miwa Tanabe Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Darren Eric Thompson Instructional
Joshua William Titcomb Teacher
Donna J. Tobin Educational
Maria Margarita Torres Instructional
David C. Turcotte Special Education
Derek Van Beever Teacher Education
Sara Ellen Varella Teacher Education
Manisha Vijayaraghavan
Alissa Danielle Voss
Counseling/Mental Health
Marcus Aaron McKinley Walker
Teacher Education
Shannon M. Walker Teacher
Stefani Wasik Educational
Rebecca Weber Teacher Education
Virginia McCarthy Weiss
Instructional Design
Elizabeth Stevens Werner
Counseling/Marriage and Family
Christine Michelle Whitney Teacher
Chevelle L. Wiley Special Education
Abigail S. Williamson Teacher
laura Jennings Witte Teacher
David R. Xirau Teacher Education
Marah Atwell Business
Daniel Paul Ayer Business
William M. Bulger, Jr. Business
Tirnothv Robert Busick Business
Heather M. Callahan Business
Hsiuchen Chen Business
Jia Chen Business Administration
Inho Cho Business Administration
Valerie Delorenzo Business
Kristen ~1. Desmarais Business
Shane M. Egan Business
James Marc Elliott Business
Danielle Esposito Business
Ilham Fares Business Administration
David W. Fulton Business
Rachael R. Gelowtski Business
Andrew K. Gilleece Business
Gokal, Abbas Kassim Business
Bayu J. Hardi Business
Debra A. Harris Business
Vilte G. Karosas Business
Emily, Irn Fan Lou Business
Keith S. Martinek Business
John P. McCosh Business
Terrv Keith Means Business
Nathan J. Murray Business
Richard Njogu K. Business
Nurgul Osmanbeyoglu Business
Daniel Parkinson Business
Kurt Thomas Pearv Business
Administration .
Basar Poray Business Administration
Thomas M. Savoie Business
Edward T. Sherlock Business
Jill Simpson Business Administration
Josephine G. Sturgis Business
John L. Sullivan Business
Christopher Njuguna Thuku Business
Peter Elias Vasilopoulos Business
Junyong Wang Business
Wang, Ya-Yun Business
Guangping Wei Business
Post-Master's Certificate
Mary E. Gallant Family Nurse
Mary Elizabeth Harrington
Adult/Gerontological Nurse
Lori A. Keough Family Nurse
Claire Marie Murphy Family Nurse
Barbara Schledwitz-Maselunas
Family Nurse Practitioner
Certificate of Advanced
Graduate Study
Jerry Chu Educational Administration
Faythe J. Cote Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Mary E. Duggan Educational
Stephanie Ann Dukette School
Luis A. Duque School Psychology
Tara J. Forrest School Psychology
Efi Fotiadis School Psychology
Tracv Ann Frosino School
Tracy Ann McLaughlin Grandeau
Educational Administration
Catherine Alida Jagodzinski School
Robin Jean Kellett Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Kimberly Kerr School Psychology
Miriam Kornitzer School Psychology
Erin Elizabeth LeFevour School
Brenda D. Mannix School Psychology
Jennifer Lynn Medeiros School
Rachel Elizabeth Murphy
Educational Administration
Daniela M. Paparo
Counseling/Mental Health
Raffaella C. Paparo
Counseling/Mental Health
Arlene Ita Reidinger
Counseling/Mental Health
Lydia Rundell-Gjerde School
Allison Skye Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Jennifer Woodworth Sulc Educational
Amy Joyce Sundheim School
David Charles Svkes
Counseling/Ivientat Health
Gayle Lynne Valiant School
Manisha Vijayaraghavan
Counseling/Mental Health
Wendy Jenai Walker Casal
Counseling/Mental Health
Naomi Yukie Yamaguchi School
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Betty T. Abajian Economics
Laila Khalid Abdullah Psychology
Vahal Abdulrahman Political Science
Rose Abido Criminal Justice
Antonio Elias Cavalcanti Aburj
Political Science
Marco Acosta Economics
Brennan C. Adams Political Science
Kelly Elizabeth Adams Psychology
and American Studies
Melissa Ann Adams English
Kokou Justina Agbonon Political
Ayan Ahmed Sociology
Wendy T. Alas Psychology
Wanda C. Alasa Economics
Daphne Aldeus Psychology
Vincent Lee Alessi Psychology
Alaina L. Alibrandi Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Christine Allen Art
Mary L. Allen American Studies
Seth Cormack Allen Political Science
Stephen Allen Art
Nicole Allman Psychology
Arda Alpagut Economics
Jaime Alvarez, Jr. History and
Political Science
Dianna Alves Philosophy and
Political Science
Christina Maria Amaral Psychology
Geraldine Cecile Anderson
Mary Jane Andrade Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major), and
Criminal Justice
Melinda Anton Psychology
Nicole Anzaldi Spanish
Jasenka Arsic Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major), and
Ai Atsumi Psychology and Sociology
(Joint Major)
Michael P. Auffinger Political Science
Sundee E. Aungkhin Spanish
Nicole Renee Avellani Spanish
Mustafa Azeem Sociology
Matthew Scott Babich Economics
Matthew Jacob Bachman Psychology
and Spanish
Stephen Bae Economics
Mark Orlando Jonathan Bailey
Ronald Baker, Jr. Political Science
Carolyn Rees Balfe Psychology
Elizabeth Marie Ball English
Julie A. Baratta History
Sydonya E. Barker Individual Major
in Sociocultural Health Studies
Arthur Bradford Barnes III Criminal
Ryan M. Barrack Psychology
Sheila Marie Barron Political Science
Jennifer Barry Psychology
Shimul Barua Economics
Edwin E. Batch III History
Eric Baumgarner Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Joseph Kingston Beale III Criminal
Julie Elizabeth Beckerdite Political
Mary-Bridget Bell Sociology
Theresa Bellone Sociology
John Ashburn Bercher Individual
Major in Communication with
Focus on Writing
Joseph S. Berman Individual Major in
Eurasian History and Archaeology
Ernst F. Berrouet Theatre Arts
Stephanie Elizabeth Bertone English
Shawn Birdsey Individual Major in
Comparative Religious Thoughts
Blair Patton Bisher Psychology
Pamela K. Bishop Psychology
Michael Badge Art
Angela Boley Philosophy
James J. Bonasoro English
Kendall D. Boninti Political Science
Alexei Borisov Political Science
Robert F. Bouchard, Jr. History
John T. Boyd Sociology
Jillian C. Boyle Criminal Justice
Gregory Paul Brace II English
Jamal Brathwaite Economics and
Political Science
Linnea Bredenberg English
Peter I. Breen English
George C. Bremner Philosophy
Heather A. Brennan Political Science
John Brennan English
Nicole M. Brennan Psychology
Maura Rita Brennick Criminal Justice
James R. Brewer, Jr. Political Science
Karen Houston Bricker English
Kelly Erin Bridges Psychology
Danol Brien Psychology
Heather A. Brown Psychology
Jason E. Brown Political Science
Rvan M. Brown Political Science, and
.Ethics and Social and Political
Veronica Lea Brown Political Science
Jonathan R. Bruno History
Amy E. Buckley Theatre Arts
Kenya Buckmire English
Delia Bucur Economics and French
Simon Raymond Budzisz American
Andrew M. Burns American Studies
Adam Benjamin Butera Art
Courtney A. Butnor Spanish
Patricia Cadet Psychology
Olivia Anne Caffrey Psychology
Sherllev Calixte Economics
Amyb~th Calvanese English
Corey 1. Campbell Psychology
Jason M. Campos English
Monica Canfield-Lenfest
Kristi Cappellini Psychology
Shannon Brianne Cardillo Psychology
Janine Marie Carney English
Mary Margaret Carney Theatre Arts
Kristina Carrara English
Cynthia Jean Carroll Psychology
Regina Carter Psychology
Jessica L. Cassick Criminal Justice
Ines M. Catala Psychology
William E. Catanesye Music
Matthew A. Cater English
Nathan Chang Economics
Shanshan Chang Psychology
Moyenda Emmanuel Chaponda
Political Science
Lindsey Marie Charon Psychology
William M. Chau Economics
Julie S. Chen English
Elizabeth Lemp Cheney Music
Alan Cheng Sociology
Stephanie Ann Chita Psychology
Choi, Yoonyoung Economics
Josephine Chutta Political Science
Philip Ciccarelli English
Mark Julius Cipriano Economics
Julie Anne Cipullo Sociology
Maureen E. Cirillo Sociology
Georges B. Ciuc Political Science
Tracy Ciulla Anthropology
Kathleen Branagan Clark Psychology
Robert W. Clark Psychology
Masuka Clary Psychology
Ann Joyce Cloonan Art
Tara Marie Coakley Political Science
John J. Cochrane Psychology
Megan E. Coffey American Studies
Jeanette Cofran Psychology
Justin Daniel Cohen Music
John Charles Cole English
Maureen A. Coletta History
Christopher F. Col hard Political
Colleen Cummings Collings Sociology
Lauren A. Collins Psychology
Margaret Collins English
Jonathan Bancroft Colon Art
Robert J. Comerford Criminal Justice
James V. Compagnone, Jr. History
Heidi M. Conneely Political Science
and Psychology
Raymond E. Conners Criminal
Colleen A. Connerty Psychology
Alison Jean Connors Psychology
Nancy Constant Psychology
Maura Conway Sociology
Allison Cook English
Emmanuelle Cordier Spanish
Daniel Costa Economics
Diane Margaret Costagliola English
Patrick C. Costello History and
Political Science
Anthony Coviello-Blinn English
Mark R. Creedon Economics
Amy Croce Psychology
Brooke Ellen Crowley Spanish
Mvles Patrick Crowlev Historv
Sh~ila L. Crowley Psychology
Siobhan N. Cruise Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Natalie J. Cumberbatch Sociology
Mary E. Cummings Psychology
Katja Cunio History
Kathlin Ann Curran Criminal Justice
and Psychology
James R. Czehowski Criminal Justice
Mattia-Marie D'Amico Psychology
Monica Taylor Dapkas History
Filomena Daveiga Criminal Justice
Nicole Tiffany Davis Psychology
Timothy J. Davis Economics
Crystal Dawn Psychology
Kimberly Day English
Michelle Dean Political Science
Amandineia M. Degnim Psychology
Raquel 1. Dejesus Psychology
Kristen Elizabeth DeMino Psychology
Gurcu Arzu Demirergi Anthropology
Christine Ann DePalma English
Indera DePina Criminal Justice
Tarshe Derival Women's Studies
Patrick B. Desroches Psychology
Edward G. Deveau Sociology
Ana Melena Diaz Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Greg W. DiCicco Economics
Bryan Dickson Criminal Justice
Nicole B. Didrikson Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major), and
Matthew DiFava Criminal Justice
Nicole Patrice DiMinico Psychology
Anne Margaret Ditonno Psychology
Ernest Dodson Psychology
Erin Katherine Dolan Spanish
Daniel Patrick Donoghue Psychology
and Sociology
Elizabeth Christine Doolan Sociology
Kathleen Therase Driscoll Sociology
Thomas Joseph Drobyski History
Amanda Beth Ducharme English
Mucahit Duman Economics
Leo Joseph Duplessis Criminal Justice
Christina M. Duncan English
Bridget Burke Easler Anthropology
Jason A. Eccleston History
Sherri Lynne Edwards Psychology
Martin Egboh Economics
Amber Eisenbraun Psychology
Kazi Zubayr Naheen Ekram
Mohammed EI-Khatib Philosophy
Adel G. El-Massih Economics
Zouheir Elalami Political Science
Jason John English English
Jacqueline Enos Psychology
Andres Escobar Political Science
Tvler M. Evans Political Science
Meghan Ewart Psychology
Patrick Fagan Political Science
Rachel Fallert English
Kristen A. Farmer Psychology
Nicholas A. Favarito Political Science
Daniel Martin Hanrahan Feerick
Lisa Marie Ferraro Psychology
Carey Ferris English
Michelle T. Fine Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Karen Antoinette Finnertv
Theresa L. Fitzgerald Psychology
Brian Fjeld Anthropology
Jennifer L. Flaherty Criminal Justice
Paul Flint Classical Languages
Achu C. Fan Criminal Justice
Jessica L. Fontaine Criminal Justice
Nicholas Forgione English
Michael Forns English
Aimee Foss Political Science
Kaliopi Foudoulakis English
Rene Monette Francis Sociology
Lourdes C. Franco Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Sonny Franklin Psychology and
Adam P. Franks Anthropology
Elizabeth A. Frattasio History
Joseph J. Fredenburg Economics
Emma J. Freeman Sociology
Daniel J. Friel Criminal Justice and
Billv Chun K. Fu Economics
Pat~ick Fuhrman Political Science
Katonya Gaines Sociology
Joanna-Marie Galanis Classical
Robert Michael Gallagher Psychology
Timothy M. Gallagher English
Anne Rebecca Gallin Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Adriana Gambino Psychology
Rakeea I. Gardner Psychology
Aaron Elliott Garfield Political
Jennifer Gamache Anthropology, and
Earth and Geographic Sciences
Joshua Shemin Garneau English
Paula M. Garrant Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Lesli M. Baker Gazerro Psychology
Michael Gebreselassie Economics
Avan Ismail Gedi Economics
Gina M. Gelsomini Economics
Linda A. Gerry Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Sharon Ghantous Music
Brian P. Gilchrist English
Christopher C. Gilliam Political
Adam T. Goetzl History
Carina M. Gomez English
Steven C. Goodness Psychology
Albert E. Goslin III Political Science
Stephen P. Goslin Criminal Justice
Nicholas Paul Gould English, and
Indiuidual Major in Natural
Resource Management and Policy
Brian Peter Grady Psychology
Amv Grasso Art
Elia'Manuela Graziella Italian and
Patricia A. Grealish-Rust Classical
Jessica Green English
Benn William Grover English
Patrick Steaven Guilfoy History
Kristin L. Guite Criminal Justice
Kimberly Ann Gullage Economics
Jack Guo Economics
Deirdre Jacobs Hall Sociology and
Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Hall Art
Nicole A. Hammers Psychology
Daniel Charles Hamn Historv
Casandra Handorff Psychology
Melissa Beth Hardiman Psychology
and Art
Aisha S. Harding Sociology
Sherry De-Lois Harley History and
Jessie Harvey Criminal Justice
Patrick S. Hayes Theatre Arts
Siobhan Erin 'Healy English
Jennifer G. K. Hendrey Anthropology
Samantha M. Hennessy Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Andrew Hermie Economics
Danielle Marie Hirl English
Alan T. Hirsch Spanish
Daniel Hirschkop Psychology
Kristeen Ho Psychology
Lai Ping Ho Economics
Eboni Latishah Hobbs Sociology
Katie Alyse Hogan Art
Kylie Catherine Hogan English
Christina Jo Holcomb Criminal
Justice and Sociology
Joshua David Holcomb History
Christie Nicole Holmes Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Emilv Rose Horenian Art
David R. Howard Political Science
Jesse Asher Howes Psychology
Crystal Nadine Hudson Psychology
Justin M. Hughes Art
Leslie Marisa Hutchings
Michelle A. Iantosca Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Stephen C. Infascelli Anthropology
Mary Ann Ingaciola Anthropology
Johnny F. Ingalls, Jr. Criminal Justice
Anna Ishii Sociology
Misako Ito Political Science
Quiana Marie Jackson Psychology
Sadada 1. Jackson Theatre Arts
Jamison Jacobs English
Michelle Beth Jacobs Criminal Justice
Mona Saeed Janjua Psychology
Elona Prilutsky Jaquez English
Diannah V. Jean Sociology
Melissa Jean-Bart Political Science
Adeline Jean-Louis Criminal Justice
and Sociology
Elizabeth Kathryn Jenkins Psychology
Vladimir Alexander Jimenez
Paul Johns English
Carie]. Johnsen-Killam Individual
Major in Studies in Religious
Alissa Michelle Johnson Psychology
Bernadine R. Johnson American
Marta janee Johnson Theatre Arts
Keri Dawn Jones Sociology
Bernice Jordan English
Bruce Eric Jordan Africana Studies
Elissa Jordan Theatre Arts
Kim Joseph Economics
Erin Patricia Joyce Criminal Justice
Renee Julian Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Renee Yanga D. Junior Economics
Sharon E. Kalagher Spanish
Gurran Peter Kane Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Paul Edward Kane Sociology
Carey R. Kaprelian Political Science
Caoilfhionn Pauline Kavanagh
Allison M. Keaney History
Colum Noel Kearns Political Science
Michael James Keill Criminal Justice
Christine Kelley English
Jill 1. Kellner Art
Amanda Kelly Theatre Arts
John Kelly Sociology
Mary Beatrice Kelly English
Stephen M. Kelly Psychology and
Classical Studies
Thomas]. Kelly Criminal Justice
Tyler R. Kelly History
Samantha Eve Kennedv Classical
Jennifer Kenney Criminal Justice
Amber Marie Keppler Psychology
and Spanish
Rebekah L. Kerr English
Katherine Z. Kesaris Political Science
Kristin Bryn Khachadoorian
Bijay Khadka Sociology
Molly Kierein Psychology
Chiho Kikukawa Economics
Mairim Kilmister Art
Grace Kim History
Justin Patrick Kleya Music
Kevin M. Kobos Sociology
Lauren Elizabeth Kong Criminal
Justice and Sociology
Thomas L. Korpal Economics
Kanaly G. Krause Psychology
Milan Kristoff Economics
jayun Ku Political Science
Francis K. Kucick Historv
Reiko Kuramoto Politica~l Science
Rita L. Labad Sociology
Darline Lafortune Economics
Vandana Lal Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Sarah Clare Lamont Anthropology
Doug Langley Political Science
Amanda E. Lapham Psychology
Theresa E. Lawrence Political Science
Jessica L. LeClair Spanish
Johnny]. Lee Economics
Nicole Lee Political Science
Young A. Lee Art
Kalia Legere Criminal Justice
Jonathan Lehman Political Science
Dawit Shiferaw Lemma Criminal
Latoya Lewis Sociology and Criminal
Meaghan Lewis Sociology
Andrew Shiang Li Psychology
Georgia Lianos English
CristI' Liaw Psychology
Jie Lin Economics
Michele M. Lisio English
Amanda Jean Little Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Tina M. Llerena Psychology
Lvnn M. Locklear Economics
David A. Londino English
Kellie Loucks Psychology
Gina Marie Luca English
Marie A. Lunt Spanish
Jade E. Luongo Art
Tiffany Luongo History
Kurt Adam Lusas Theatre Arts
Stephanie M. Lussier Political Science
Alison Lee Lutkevich Criminal Justice
and Psychology
Angela Ly Sociology
Neidine Lynch Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Genna Natalie Lyons Psychology
Isaiasa A. Mabiala Economics
Brooke MacAllister Criminal Justice
and Sociology
Katie Mackin Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Mary Ellen Madden Psychology
Virginia Madden Psychology
Caroline Maggiacomo Criminal
Matthew L. Magliozzi Criminal
Obed Magny Criminal Justice and
Jessica Anne Mahoney Psychology
Megan Mainzer Individual Major in
Caribbean Studies
Jennifer Malaguti English
Deborah A. Malone Theatre Arts
Thomas E. Maloney Economics
Shawn A. Malouin Philosophy and
John Manfredi III Psychology and
Patricia L. Marascio Sociology
Maria Marcella English
Luis Alberto Marchena Economics
Heather Marchio English
Lynne K. Marlette Sociology
Karina Liza Marriott Sociology and
Holloway Noel Marston Psychology
Evans Motlow Martin Psychology
Walter R. Martinez Political Science
Domingos Rodrigues Martins
Political Science
Dale A. Massey Political Science
Rhonda Massie English
Courtney C. Matthews Criminal
Denise E. Maziarz Economics
Pawel Jan Mazurek Psychology and
Michelle L. McCann History
Christine S. McCarthy English
Mary Teresa McCarthy Theatre Arts
Bridget McCormick Psychology
John P. McCosh English
Courtney Lynn McCraney Individual
Major in Comparative Religion
Melissa Ann McCular Criminal
Melinda M. McGahan Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Adam Patrick McGeever Spanish
Michael P. McGonagle Criminal
Melissa McInerney Psychology
Dellecha McLaren Economics
Jeanne McLaughlin History
Erin Bryna McMahon English
Thomas P. McManamon English
Bonnie Elaine McManus Political
Science and Economics
Thomas W. McNeill, Jr. Criminal
Justice and Sociology
Jessabeth Medina Psychology
Sonia Mehta Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Carmen W. Mei Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Dymantha Marie Mekjian Criminal
Patricia Elizabeth Melanson English
Beth Melnikas English and Women's
Danielle M. Mencey Psychology
Hugues Mentor English
Olubunmi Michael-Adenuga Political
Jessie Milano Political Science
Mildride Milien Economics
Alex A. Mireku Economics
Anne-Marie Miskunas English and
William R. Mitchell Criminal Justice
Shunsuke Mizumoto Psychology
Jeffrey P. Mogan Political Science
Abdirahman Mohamud Economics
Tania Cristina Molina Economics
Craig S. Molway History
Kevin Mont Political Science
Erica Monteiro English
John 1. Moore Political Science
Nathan Joel Moquin English
Christopher Mackeinze Morgese
Political Science
Jeanine Elizabeth Morris Psychology
Dawn Marie Mosca Criminal Justice
Lauren Elisabeth Mosser Psychology
Alma P. Mulokozi Political Science
Andrew Mitchell Muncey Economics
Brian Thomas Murphy Political
Dana Erin Murphy Psychology
John Joseph Murphy English
Katrina L. Murphy English
Patrick D. Murphy History
Aaron W. Murray English
Anthony J. Naro Political Science
Maxim O. Naumenko Economics
Manan M. Nayak Criminal Justice
and Sociology
Shameer W. Nazeer Criminal Justice
and Sociology
Melissa A. Neff Criminal Justice
John F. Nelson History
Melissa T. Nelson Political Science
Michael Joseph Newell English and
Yung Mey Ng Political Science and
Nguyen, Huu Van Economics
Thanh Nguyen English
Richard Anthony Nici II Criminal
Bernadette Nicolas Psychology
Mary Therese Nicoll English
Tanya Stoyanova Nikolova
Nicole M. Noel English
Joseph P. Norton English
Efrosina Noti Individual Major in
Communication Studies
Alena Novakova English
Marie-Louise A. Dessert Nunn
Wendy Nystrom Theatre Arts
Patricia Ann O'Gara English
Obinna Ohiri Africana Studies
Sarah Jane O'Leary Sociology
Colleen Megan O'Malley Africana
Julia M. O'Malley Spanish
Agustin Orengo Political Science
Yolanda I. Ortiz Psychology
Monica Framjul Ovalles Sociology
Alicia L. Pace Art
Mariusz Paczuski Sociology
Anthony Paletsky Economics
Elizabeth Palma Sociology
Scott Palmer Sociology
Jessica Ann Pancyck Sociology
Adeel Pandith Psychology
Georgia Papadopoulos Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Matthew Robert Parsons Criminal
Tracyann Pascarelli Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Gloria Pascual Francis Criminal
Djara Elisa Passias Psychology
Craig Paster History
Najia Path an Economics
Gregory S. Pavlock Economics
Janet Pawlowski English
Guadalupe Paz Psychology
Samantha Mary Peatridge Political
Science and American Studies
Philip Albert Pedone Psychology
Jennifer Peguero Psychology
Laura Jean Perkins Psychology
Kenneth Robert Perron History and
Christina Peterson Criminal Justice
Susan Elizabeth Peterson Psychology
Suzie Petion Economics
Carol Petschek American Studies
LaTonia Antwoinette Pettie Africana
Linda Pham Economics
Brett J. Picton-Quinn History
Paula Pienkowska Economics
Jenelle Marie Pierce Art
Ryan Christopher Pierce Political
Zachary Mica Pierce Sociology
Woodly I. Pierre-Louis English and
Africana Studies
Brunet Pierribia Economics
Neusa S. Pina Spanish
Rachel Pinder English
Michael Louis Pizzone Political
Najia Polad Philosophy
Vasilika Polen a Economics
Noah Pomerantz Political Science
Garrett Pomeroy Political Science
Anthony M. Pompeo Psychology
Debra S. Portmann Music
Fabian E. Powell Criminal Justice
Diane Tueller Pritchett Music
Nancy Quackenboss Proctor
Mary Christine Puccia English
Conor Quilty Psychology
Jeffrey T. Quinlan Criminal Justice
Kathleen A. Quintal Ethics and Social
and Political Philosophy
Karla Rainford Psychology and
Larry A. Raymond Psychology
Sean Robert Reardon Criminal
Kate R. Regan English
Holly-Beth Renaud English
Kiatipong Rerkwanchai English
Martin Z. Resich English
Antonio Restrepo Art
Eric S. Rich Sociology
Deni Rico English
Robert Nelson Riendeau IV Music
Stephen Ritzau Economics
William Roach, Jr. Criminal Justice,
and Ethics and Social and Political
Kristi Robicheau Sociology
Brian T. Robinson Criminal Justice
Kellyanne Roche English
R. Anthony Rodgers History
Biviana Rodriguez Psychology
Naomi J. Rodriguez English
Gayle A. Rogers Political Science
Susan Avalyn Rohwer English
Natasha Antonelli Romero Spanish
Michele Rooney Philosophy
Courtney Lane Ross Political Science
Nicholas James Rubino Art
Peter J. Rubio Political Science
Dave Ruffner Psychology
James Runner III Psychology
Eve Anne Ruscio English
John A. Russo History
Shannon Rose Ryan Anthropology
Alexandra Saad Saldarriaga Art
Jill M. Sadkowski Psychology
Jasmine Marie-Anne Saintelus
Criminal Justice
Nencv Salamoun Political Science and
Haley A. Salinas Sociology
Anna Saliy Sociology
Carlos R. Sampayo Philosophy
Muhria Ahmanise Sanati Philosophy
Yengewa Sandi Economics
Sandy Sarkis Psychology
Sarah Satkevich Criminal Justice
Miwa Sato Psychology
Stephen D. Savoie History
David Christopher Schipp Theatre
Aydrien Lee Schroer Psychology
Elizabeth Joy Schumacher Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Vannarith Seng Classical Studies
Kim Patricia Senior Spanish
Karim A. Serageldeen Psychology
Michael H. Shapack Psychology
Meaghan T. Shaughnessy English
Meron Shawel Political Science
Inga Lise Sheaffer Political Science
Melissa Elizabeth Shertz English
Ruth Shiman-Hackett English
Koh-Eun Shin Psychology
Edward Shknevskv Political Science
Evan Sicuranza English
April L Smith Sociology
S. Elizabeth Smith Individual Major
in Cultural Production and Politics
in Latin America and the Spanish
Omran Sobhieh Economics
Beth Soren Psychology
Christi Lynn Sousie Psychology
Damien Southwell English
Kenneth James Sovie, Jr. Psychology
and Sociology (joint Major)
Robert Leonard Spooner, Jr.
Elizabeth S. St. Martin Political
Kelly Stearn Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Mark B. Stearns English
Ellen Wolf Stein German Studies
Matthew R. Stephansky Psychology
Jennifer Rebecca Stets Psychology
Stephanie Anna Stucker English
Paul A. Styczko Political Science
Caitlin B. Sullivan Psychology
Kiernan Denis Sullivan Ethics and
Social and Political Philosophy
Timothy Patrick Sullivan Classical
Michael W. Sweet Sociology
Elizabeth Ann Swinning
Blaise G. Szabo Anthropology
and Art
Kerry Ann Szymczyk Political
Vu Hoan Ta Criminal Justice
Michael Tang Economics
Colleen A. Teague Psychology
Paula A. Tenadu Economics
Takatoshi Teragaki Economics
Dia Thabet Theatre Arts
Elton Thomas History
Shaleema J. Thomas Philosophy
Christopher Hamilton Thonus
Samuel Louis Chege Thugi Political
Teresia Wanjiku Thuo Psychology
Paul-John Eric Tierney Political
Christine E. Tilley Psychology
Kara Anne Timbone Psychology
Michael A. Todd English
Kristin Lori Tomeo Psychology
William D. Tracy Anthropology
Khanh Tram Economics
Phuong Trinh T. Sociology
Maria M. Trinidad Psychology
Daniel M. True History
Jackson Yu-Chieh Tseng Economics
Ruth Tsoi Psychology and Sociology
(joint Major)
Yuki Tsuji Psychology
Morgan Ashley Turano English
Jeremy Andrew Turoff English
Amy Turpin Psychology
Kararzyna Uchal Psychology
Hisami Ueda Psychology
Reuben F. Urmeneta, Jr. History
Michelle N. VanCurler Psychology
Kimberly Lynn Vanderburg Sociology
Sabrina A. Vanderputt History
Bonnie Jeanne van Gerven English
Athene L Vassell English
Kory R. Vergets Political Science
Alicia M. Verlager English
Andv S. V. Vidal Economics
Randeep Vinepal Psychology
Susan Lynne Vogel-Smith English
Keri Jane Vokes Psychology
Bossuet E. Wagnac Economics
Linda Jean Wagner English
Karim Murad Walkes Economics
Amber Dorothy Wall Psychology
Maureen Walsh Art
Paul Walther English
Elizabeth S. Ward Art
Francis William Ward III Sociology
Michael Thomas Warner Criminal
Taryn Watson Criminal Justice
Adam Waxman American Studies
Rachel Erin Weiss Art
Alexander Ian Wheeler Psychology
Ciara Ann Wheeler English
Danielle Wheeler Africana Studies
Tuere Lillian White Africana Studies
Zachariah Karl Wieler Historv and
Joanne M. Wilkinson Political
Science and Psychology
Bevin Catherine Williams Criminal
Justice and Sociology
Florence Daria Williams Spanish
James Thomas Williams Art and
Lorraine Williams Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Daniel P. Willig Psychology
Shawn J. Wilmar English
Alexandra E. Wilson English
Bonnie S. Wims Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Bryan Keith Withal! Economics,
Political Science, and lndiuidual
Major in Chinese Language and
Bachelor of Science
Sang Mok Won Economics
Connie S. Wong Political Science
Karen Hong Wong Sociology
Lisa N. Wong Economics
Nancy Yim Jang Wong Sociology
Brendon M. Wood Music
Paula Marie Wood Political Science
Jenni Woodley Sociology
Lindsey Wotton Sociology
Issoufou Yacou ba -Issa Economics
Philip Yang Political Science
Emilia Yeh Political Science
Laurel Beth Yonika Anthropology
Kevin R. Young Criminal Justice
Bethany A. Youngclaus Sociology
Lo Yung, Helena Suk Ha Sociology
Sisav A. Zemedkun Political Science
Ilha~ I. Zeybekoglu Philosophy
Rvan Zoeller Art
D~isy Isabel Zuleta Psychology
Iolanda Amado Psychology
Curtis L. Ballard Psychology
Ralph Francois Psychology
John Emanuel Grant Psychology
Randy Grossman Psychology
Marianne Nicole Logue Psychology
Bonnie Ellen McConologue
Psychology and Sociology
(joint Major)
Yudy F. Muneton Psychology
Timothy J. Murphy Psychology
Kerry Ann Paradis Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Samuel Toledano Psychology
Haya Soud Zedan Psychology
College of Science and Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts
Jason Bastien Earth and Geographic
Sergey Belyayev Computer Science
Seanna Lyn Berry Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Edward J. Butler Earth and
Geographic Sciences, and
Moises Curi Filho Computer Science
Kenneth M. Curley Computer Science
Edward I. David Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Atha Demopoulos Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Ronen Erlich Computer Science
Tewodros M. Girma Computer
Robert Ernest Goodwin Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Jason Michael Greyson Earth and
Geographic Sciences, and
American Studies
Shai Herman Computer Science
Elwood M. Howell Mathematics
Irina Knyazhitskaya Computer
Robyn Elizabeth Leigh Larsen Earth
and Geographic Sciences
Christine Ann McLaughlin Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Zenebe W. Mitiku Computer Science
Jason Mohre Earth and Geographic
Seth Noir Physics
Damilare O. Oladosu Computer
Tran Ngoc Pham Computer Science
David J. Pierce Earth and Geographic
Max Prudent, Jr. Mathematics
Sarah Evelyn Ratta Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Nancy M. Ritter Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Peter Rudyakov Computer Science
Johna K. Sherman Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Kai-Hsiang Tseng Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Mohammad Nauman Afzal
Computer Science
Jason T. Agosta Computer Science
Michele M. Andrews Biology
Susana Azkunaga Physics
Glenn Katureebe Banegura Computer
Science and Biology
Betel A. Bantiwalu Biology
Deanna A. Barone Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Maelyssa Bauduy Biology
Patience Bennett Biology
Seth Bernier Earth and Geographic
Sevag V. Birindjian Biology
Danielle Brennan Chemistry and
Theatre Arts
Irina Brodskaya Computer Science
Peter H. Buckbee Biology
Michael Bunch Biology
Fernando Javier Calderon Biology
and Anthropology
Mazen Chalabi Computer Science
Agnieszka Chanduszko Computer
Sheridon G. DaCosta Charmer
KP Charpentier Biology
Christian Andres Chaves Corone
Asao Chin one Computer Science
Amy Lyn Clarizia Biology
Jenifer Elisabeth Crouse Biology
Marilyn F. Dejesus Biology
Sean Edward Dinneen Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Daniel W. Donohue Mathematics
Susan Manyi Egbe Biochemistry
Benjamin Enos Biology
Kirill Fedorov Computer Science
Jean Yvon Gachette Chemistry
Tsering W. Gesar Biology
Golnaz Goodarzi Biology
Matthew Greene Computer Science
Mark Hanson Biochemistry
Haleh Hashemi Biology
Maria A. Hofbauer Biology
Roger C. Hourin Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Charlene N. Hubeny Biology
Peter Hunt Computer Science
Rose Judelande Hyppolite Computer
Farhia A. Idleh Biology
Victoria A. Johnson Physics and
Daniel G. Jones Biology
Tao-Hung Jung Computer Science
Maureen H. Kelly Biology
Antonette Kennedy Biology
Sean Kidwell Chemistry
Ami Kim Biology
Donghak Kim Biology
Goeun Kim Biology
Sihana Kim Biology
Krikor Krumlian Computer Science
Stanko Kupcevic Computer Science
Andrews Paa Kwesi Kyere
Mark A. Lackey Computer Science
Mark A. Lahlali Biochemistry
Karen Elizabeth Landry Cioffi
Pei Lau Computer Science
Jennifer A. Layden Biology
Jeremie S. LeClair Physics
Florence Lee Biology
Lee, Hwajoung Biology
Lee, Wing Yu (Diana) Biology
Shauna Requel Loren Biology
Michel Lutfi Biology
Wenna Ma Computer Science and
Alexa T. MacPherson Biology and
Daniel James Malloy Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Michael R. Malone Chemistry
Steve R. Maraj Computer Science
Jeffrey Marshall Biochemistry
Jessica Martinez Mathematics
Daphne Mathiowitz Biochemistry
Atsumi Matsumura Biology
Nathan M. Mineo Biology
Ricardo Mohammed Biology
Jacqueline H. Moore Biochemistry
Nelson Moreira Biology
Marlyane B. Motta Biology
Lucas Muiruri Biochemistry
Melissa A. Mulloy Biology
Christopher D. Murphy Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Sohrab Najibi Biology and Sociology
Tantan Liza Ng Biology
Nhung Ngo Nguyen Biology
Jami L. Nydam Biology
Chinyere M. Ofurum Biochemistry
Jaime Richelle O'Keefe Biology
Rossen Okov Biology
Chidozie Mekam Onyemelukwe
Sopheary K. Op Biochemistry
Laurie Paskevich Biology
Kayla Pelchat Biology
Alfredo Perez Computer Science
Anhuy Tony Pham Biology
Brendan Pierce Computer Science
Patrice Rateau Biology
Nadine Reed Biology
Justin Rendo Biology
Michael Ian Reynolds Computer
Science and Psychology
Georgia Romaine Robinson-Ebanks
Nicole E. Rodriguez Biology
Betsy Roe Biochemistry
Christine C. Ryan Biology and
Habib A. Saccoh Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Yvette E. Saleeb Biology
Marystela Moreira Santana
Computer Science
Zi Chen Sardone Computer Science
Richard P. Schiavoni Biology
Adam Christopher Schmucker
Gael Sergile Biology
Shila Sharifi Biology and Art
David C. Shortman Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Ervin Sinani Biology
Sukhdev Singh Biology
May Sabei Sint Computer Science
Roman A. Sizov Biochemistry
Anastasiya Smirnova Computer
Todd Matthew Snider Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Elena Stoyanova Biochemistry
Chadwick Strange Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Doosuk Suh Computer Science
Rie Suzuki Biology
Tuba Syeda Biology
Ah Ting Tam Biology
Jeanny Stevens Tan Computer Science
Andrew David Tannenbaum Biology
Nader Tayari Biology
Nadejda V. Tikhomirova Biology
Maria Fernanda V. Nobre Trinda
Kurt D. van Vloten Chemistry
Aurelio C. Vergara Computer Science
Jamey Christopher Roland Weizel
Shane Whelan Earth and Geographic
Michelle M. White Biology
Anita Wikina Biology
Giminna Yeo Biochemistry
Changming Yu Computer Science
Shang-Shuan Yu Biochemistry
Elena Zakharova Biology
Darius Zamani Biology
Kelly S. Zervas Biology
Arthur Zyro Biology
College of Public and Community Service
Bachelor of Arts
Brendan Adams Human Services
Michael Keith Adams Gerontology
Priscilla Pheobe Alford Criminal
Sybil Glanz Baer Gerontology
Christy Lee Barisano Human Services
Marie'D. Bazile Legal Education
Angela Bohl Community Planning
Laura M. c. Booth Human Services
Mary Beth Bowes Criminal Justice
Bianca Tiffany Bruzzese Criminal
Tanya M. Butler Criminal Justice
Regina Campbell Gerontology and
Human Services
Molly Cantor Human Services
Monique Carter Human Services
John Hugh Clark Human Services
Stephanie Craig-Francis Labor Studies
Helena Cruz Human Services
Amanda Jeanne Cutner Human
Claudia Darrow Human Services
Kevin J. Deruosi Human Services
Leo G. DeSimone, Jr. Labor Studies
Loretta Mae Epeneter Gerontology
Valerie Jean Flaherty Legal Education
Robert T. Gentile Human Services
Mina Gerber Community Planning
Theresa Marie Thomasina Gillis
Human Services
Annette O. Gonsalves Management
of Legal Institutions
Keicia D. Gonsalves Human Services
Cecilia T. Grear-Beasley Human
Sylvonne Hakim Gerontology
Christopher Stephen Hart
Community Planning
Nikishia Hawkins Human Services
Jennifer Lynn Hayward Criminal
Andrea Lynette Hendricks Human
Daniel Timothy Herman Criminal
Jeanine M. Hickey Labor Studies
Felisha L. Hinnant-Arnold Criminal
James Y. Hussey Legal Education
Nneka Latisha Jeter Criminal Justice
Gerald J. Keane Gerontology
Daniel M. Kellv Labor Studies
Lee-Ann Kcllv Human Services and
Michelle Kennedv Human Services
Cheryl Knight H~man Services
De'Lorez Knight Gerontology
Polovna Laine Human Services
Faurie Lamousnerv Human Services
Kendreia Alicia Lashley Human
Pierre Rolin Laurent Human Seruices
Mark David Lindsev Labor Studies
Mark John Lohan Legal Education
Pierre Sainteus Louis Community
Janet K. Marcous Human Services
Teresa Melendez Padilla Human
Roland R. Milton Criminal Justice
George W. Mitchell Human Services
Cheryle E. Monahan Community
Andrea L. Moore Human Services
Tracey Anne Morgan Human
Brian Nee Criminal Justice
Laurie Nigro Human Services
Mary Therese O'Connor
Kimberly Mae Oswald Human
Ardell Crite Otten Communitv
Darryl J. Palmer Legal Education
Jean-Pierre Paul Human Seruices
Frances A. Pearce-Cleckley Legal
Education Services
Immacula Pierre Human Services
Leah Susan Randolph Human Sen/ices
Karen Ann Richards Legal Education
Monique Makisha Roumo Human
Priscilla Frances Salant Human
Shirlene Sapp Gerontology
Richard Savdee, 1. Human Seruices
Louis Senarus Legal Education
Sandra Sierra Human Services
Nanette L. Skiba Communitv
Sharon E. Soltani Management of
Legal Institutions
Erin Elizabeth Sullivan Human
Eric Tran Thai Criminal Justice
Stacy L. Thrall Gerontology
Kathleen E. Tolle Legal Education
Marv Cecilia Tvrell Human Sen/ices
Tobi~s J. Vanderhoop Community
Planning and Management
Benedicta Varas-Cabezas
Management of Human Seruices
Kenneth E. Walden Labor Studies
Riche Zamor Community Planning
College of Management
Bachelor of Science
Nancy Jean Abraham Management
Gerald K. Acholonu Management
Khalid Adem Management
Teresa Albert Management
Abdelhadi Almohammadi
Nelson J. Amaral Management
Arifa Amena Management
Kumud Anand Management
Eric Anderson Management
Scott Christopher Andrews
Nafisa Yusif Antaru Management
Mercedes Aponte Management
William J. Armstrong Management
Taha Wafik Arnous Management
Stephanie Asimakopoulos
Adam Averback Management
Kelly A. Bailey Management
Christopher R. Balsamo Management
Tracey J. Bangerter Management
Mamadou S. Barry Management
Meseret Bekele Management
Melissa Bizzle Management
Allyson M. Bogdanski Management
Chary V. Bonilla Management and
Jillian Elizabeth Bourdon
Fatima Z. Breton Management
Shkeya Brittle Management and
Michelle Daniela Buxton Management
Paul Calderon Management
Jennifer A. Carfagna Management
Magda B. Cavaco Management
Simon Chan Management
Sylvia Chan Management
Iakovos Chasapis Management
Chhorvin Chau Management
Stella Sukping Chau Management
Chung-Hui Chen Management
Kimberly Chen Management
Tiffany Chen Management
Wei Q. Chen Management
Ya Su Chen Management
Samuel o. Chernoble Management
Tian G. Cheung Management
Jessica Chih-Chieh Chiang
Conceicao Chich a Management
Aaysha A. Chikhalia Management
Kerwin W. Ching Management
Wanna Y. Chu Management
Ismail Firat Ciftci Management
Schubert Claude Management
Brian Cobe Management
Teah Elizabeth Columbo Management
Kevin B. Connolly Management
Lindsay Corcoran Management
Sarah Elizabeth Costa Management
Samer Dahbar Management
Sam Afshar Davis Management
Kevin de Oliveira Management
Sonia DelSonno Management
Christine R. DeMoranville
Brian M. Deraney Management
Diana Nicole DiGirolamo
Michael DiLalla, Jr. Management
Dorothy Ann Dimarzo Management
Prisnel Dominique Management
Doukkali Tarik Management
Neal Douglas Drew Management
Elmer Duarte Management
Sergia Dupoux Management
Neil A. Edmonds Management
Sara Fajkowski Management
Elivra Pires Afonso Fanfa
Canice A. Farrell Management
Edmond Felix, Jr. Management
Jonathan S. Fields Management
Melissa Fitzgerald Management
Kevin Flaherty Management
Musa K. Fofana Management
Jonathan Michael Foley Management
Cleonilde FolIo Management
Bernadette M. Folly Management
Bryan Frankel Management
Naoko Fujiwara Management
Alice Gakuo Management
Ivy H. Gao Management
Keisha Garcia Management
Jiang Ge Management
Angela Dias Goodwin Management
Svetlana A. Graeff Management
Christine Marie Granade
Louis O. Grande Management
Atsuko Akimoto Griffin Management
Jill F. Griffin Management
Padmini Reddy Guntaka
Andrea C. Giraldo Guzman
Nang Khin Gyi Management
Mary Hall Management
Tracy Halloran Management and
John Joseph Halpin Management
Luis Henao Management
Hsu Kui-Shu Management
Sammie Huang Management
Hai V. Huynh Management
Timothy S. Irving Management
Douglas J. Johnson Management
Jacqueline Johnson Management
Natasha Johnson Management
Wilnie Joseph Management
Sovandaraith Mike Kaing
Hideaki Kamiyoshi Management
Nawain A. Kangsen Management
and Political Science
Alexander J. Kannas Management
Martin K. Kariuki Management and
Priya Karki Management
Ayako Kato Management
Nicole Vasiliki Katsilieris
Jianpin Kelly Ke Management
Jennifer M. Kelefant Management
Kayen Kerr Management
Bohyun Kim Management
Do H. Kim Management
Heedai Kim Management
Lisa Kim Management
Suyon Kim Management
Abdul K. Kimbugwe Management
Alfred M. Kiranga Management and
Amy Ko Management
Ilirjan Koci Management
Meria Kuriakose Management
Eunji Kyun Management
Amy N. Lai Management
Yan S. Lam Management
Daniel J. Langley Management
Michael A. Lanzi Management
Maria T. Lara-Jimenez Management
Lau, Chung Sau Management
Olga A. Lavrenko Management
Loc Phuoc Le Management
Le, Oanh Management
Daryl Leathers Management
Brian R. LeBlanc Management
Catherine Lorraine LeBlanc
Erik J. Lee Management
Jongwon Lee Management
Lan Lee Management
George S. Leehan Management
Christopher W. Leichty Management
Ling Li Management
May Li Management
Rui Yu Li Management
Wa Li Management
Patrick Louangxay Management
Zhongjie Luan Management
Paul Joseph Lynch Management
Kevin Ma Management
Thuy Mac Management
Shakira E. Maclyons Management
Mornina Suleman Malik
Nikiesha Marshall Management
Natalie Sevan Maserejian
Gina Massa Mias Management
Ian R. Massiah Management
Thomas Joseph McAdams
Brent P. McCarty Management
Margaret D. McMenamy
Enrique A. Mejia Management
Melissa D. C. Melo E. Silva
Teresa Mendoza-Salgado Management
Joyce Serwah Mensah Management
Michael Anthony Meshesha
Mariot Moise Management
Felizberta C. Monteiro Management
Corissa Marie Morales Management
Anne Morrissey Management
Jorge A. Moscoso Management
Keith D. Mower Management
Sarah Elizabeth Mrugala
Dennis Mwangi Mungai
Patricia W. Myers Management
Robert W. Nappier Management
Rosemary Ndungu Management
Dung Nguyen Management
Emthanh T. Nguyen Management
Monica H. Nguyen Management
Phuong B. Nguyen Management
Thomas Tran Nguyen Management
Thuy N. Nguyen Management
Trinh Nguyen Management
Vinh X. Nguyen Management
Phil M. Noel Management
Pamela P. Ntanda Management
Colleen O'Connor Management
Samuel John O'Connor Management
Olamide Olugbenga Odusami
Amela Okanovic Management
John S. Oladayiye Management
Brendon O'Leary Management
Terence P. O'Loughlin Management
Elizabeth D. Orantes Management
Alexander Ore Management
Heidi Louise Parmenter Management
Govardhini Pavuluri Management
Daren Payne Management
Sonela Pelari Management
Gleidy K. Pefia Management
Jennifer Pereira Management
Dat T. Phan Management
Kathleen A. Poirier Management
Maria Fior Polanco Management
Inna Potapenko Management
Ariel J. Potischman Management
Amanda L. Pratt Management
Carlos D. Quintino Management
Issam Rahmouni Management
Sanjeev Rajbanshi Management
Geremie E. Ram Management
Anders Rasmussen Management
Charles Raso Management
Michelle T. Reen Management
Wilner Renaud Management
Brenda Maureen Resch Management
Paul Anthony Rescigno Management
Peter Ricci Management
Lynn Ann Rimovitz Management
Emy Rojas Management
Haidee Cruz Rooks Management and
Marina J. Rouseva Management and
Diana Lynn Ruddy Management
Robert Joseph Ruggiero Management
Ginette Saintus Management
Emma Rose Sainvil Management
Nobue Saito Management
Amandip K. Sangha Management
Adilson A. Santos Management
Edwin Santos Management
E. Manuella Santos Management
Candice Saro Management
Karl M. Schuster Management and
Katie J. Schwalm Management
Jonathan B. ScobIe Management
Elaine Frances Sebak Management
Michael Seto Management
Wei Jia Shiah Management
Tomoko Shirozu Management
Jess Lok Wan Sin Management
Gina Y. N. Skaff Management
Anna Slyuzberg Management
Ashley E. Smith Management
Bryan Trude Smith Management
Mathew Soch Management
Joseph P. Stanley, Jr. Management
Radka Stepanska Management
Jimmy Suselo Management
Tawanya R. Sydney Management
Asghar Syed Management
Ho Yin Sze Management
Peggy Pik Kei Szeto Management
Kuljit Tabri Management
Joseph Peter Tamber Management
Leakhena Tan Management
Matthew Tapley Management
Doukkali Tarik Management
Behzad Taymouri Management
Heenok S. Teffera Management
Jonathan Justin Paul Tekela
Demascos Tesfay F. Management
Chris M. Tjoutjakis Management
Edward C. Todd Management and
Mario P. Tomar Management
Matilda Engjell Topalli Management
Anh Y. Tran Management
Baohoang N. Tran Management
Hung Minh Tran Management
Huong Thu Tran Management
Tran Thi Bich-Phuong Management
Vinson Tran Management
Neerav Trivedi Management
Christina Lee Trudel Management
Joshua Tuboku-Metzger Management
Andrew P. Uerkwitz Management
Abigail T. Urey Management
Vsevolod Vagodny Management and
Computer Science
Andre Nelson Vertus Management
Leona M. Vocino Management
Paul Robert Walsh Management
Phyllis Wan Management
Dongxia Wang Management
April A. Washington Management
Mary M. Wat Management
Tzuhan Wei Management
Mia M. Whitaker Management
Amanda Widjaja Management
Claudia R. Wiggins Management
Zamuhua Williams Moreno
Jeremiah Williams Management
Niquicia T. Wilson Management
Laura Wolfram Management
Chun-I Wu Management
Enejda Xheblati Management
Adil Yammouri Management and
Yao Yao Management
Betty L. Yu Management
Xiaoye Yu Management
Raphael Zeno Management
Shouxian Zhou Management
Gillian Zhu Management
David E. Zukofski Management
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Nursing Program
Bachelor of Science
Exercise Science and Physical
Education Program
Bachelor of Science
Myrline Belzince Nursing and
Stephanie Bruno Nursing
Jennifer Lee Cabral Nursing
Kristin Cardin Nursing
Beth Caritey Nursing
Marcelo Bonatto Castro Nursing
Betty Chi-Ping Cheng Nursing
Sandy Chikel Nursing
Jessica Colvario Nursing
Christine M. Costa Nursing
Debra Cote Crowley Nursing
David K. Dolan Nursing
Erin M. Donovan Nursing
Ndipetta Sylvia Egbe Nursing
Marie Feldrnannnova Nursing
Dawn Marie Folan Nursing
Patricia Goggin Nestor Nursing
Kristen Marie Golden Nursing
Mary R. Graney Nursing
Pauline M. Gray Nursing
MaryJo Graziano Nursing
Candace Rose Griffin Nursing
Richard R. Guillaume Nursing
Gina E. Harootunian Nursing
Shamika Hatcher Nursing
Lauren M. Henderson Nursing
Christine Hoag Nursing
Margaret D. Hyde Nursing
Jennifer Jones Nursing
Christine M. Joyce Nursing
Jasminder Kaur Nursing
Patricia Clare Kelly Nursing
Maarit Elina Kelvin Nursing
Allison Marie Konefal Nursing
Tara Jean Lambert Nursing
Kathryn Cecelia Lynch Nursing
Thomas G. Lyons Nursing
Caitlin Mann Nursing
Melissa Marks Nursing
Leighann McCarthy Nursing
Cordia McLaurin Nursing
Paula Ann Melchin Nursing
Lisa Ann Michael Nursing
Kimberlee Anne Murray Nursing
Taisha Natasha Murray Nursing
Colleen M. Neitlich Nursing
Tracy Nellany Nursing
Anda Leigh Nigro Nursing
Arleen A. O'Neill Nursing
Rachael Ozemwogie Osagie Nursing
Stacey Ann Pecoraro Nursing
Alrette B. Peters Nursing
Sara Anna Redelfs Peterson Nursing
Andrea K. Piazza Nursing
Angela M. Rainford Nursing
Marketa Rejtarova Nursing
Sarah B. Remley Nursing
Kathryn A. Rose Nursing
Carla A. Scheer Nursing
Janice Serdensky Nursing
Elisha Smith Nursing
Melissa Sokolovic Nursing
Liza Spitalnic Nursing
Teresa M. Stetson Nursing
Christine Anne Stufano Nursing
Julie Greco Sullivan Nursing
Maureen Sullivan Nursing
Laura Gladys Surran Nursing
Joaquina Lopes Teixeira Nursing
Anna M. Trunfio Nursing
Chiamaka Unachukwu Nursing
Jessica Hale Whittemore Nursing
Cindy Wines Nursing
Sandra Wooldridge Nursing
Sharon L. Zabriskie Nursing
Oluwaseun Olatunde Ajayi Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Noelle Soule Anderson Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Kenneth P. Boyd Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Thomas J. Chippendale Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Labridgette Syron Combs Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Catalina Diaz Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Adam Thomas Dowling Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Sara Perkins Driscoll Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Holly M. Duvernay Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Jamelynn Evans Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Cory Ann Finn Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Sean T. Hennigan Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Sean Kenerson Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Rocchina Lambresa Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Stacey Christine Lutz Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Mark Mavilia Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Colleen McDonnell Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Paul Nardelli Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Amv Elizabeth O'Neil Exercise
S~ience and Physical Education
Tamara Anastasia Parent Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Lindsay Marie Roberts Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Gregory R. Rubio Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Taharri D. Turner Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Eric Wettstein Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Katie Young Exercise Science and
Physical Education
Recipients of Degrees and
Certificates, December 2003
Graduate Programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Sare J. Akdag (BS Tufts University; MA University of Massachusetts Boston)
Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: Memory Change Following Tailored Resection of the Mesial
Temporal Lobe
William H. Alexander (BA Claremont McKenna College; MA University of
Massachusetts Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: The Relationship Between Adult Attachment Styles and
Psychosocial Outcomes of African American Males
Britte C. Beaudette-Zlatanova (BA Boston University) Environmental
Sciences/Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Biology
Dissertation title: Transgenic Expression of Anti-Apoptotic Molecules in Beta
Cells; Implications for Type I Diabetes
Antonia K. Coppin Phillips (MD Universidad Nacional Experimental; MS
Virginia Commonwealth University) Gerontology
Dissertation title: Aging in Developing Countries: Health Status and Disability
Among Older Women in Latin American, A Comparison Study
Christopher G. Crawford (BS State University of New York) Environmental
Sciences/Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sciences
Dissertation title: Scale Issues in Environmental Decision Support: An
Examination of the Qualitative and Quantitative Effects of Scale
Paula Georges (BA University of Vermont; MSW The Catholic University of
America) Public Policy
Dissertation title: The Influence of Welfare Coalitions on Massachusetts Welfare
Jacob Ji Heon Ham (BA Brown University; MA University of Massachusetts
Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: The Association Between Child Behavior Problems, Parenting
Practices and Dysfunction in Sensory Integration
Szymon Jaroszewicz (BS Technical University of Szczecin) Computer Science
Dissertation title: Information-Theoretical and Combinatorial Methods in Data
Lee, Dongsoo (BA Yonsei University; MS University of Southern California)
Dissertation title: Quality of Physician Care and Changes in Health Over Time
Among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries with Chronic Illness
Jennifer M. Leigh (BSBA University of Missouri Columbia; MA University of
Massachusetts Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: Outcome Assessment of Boston's Emerging Leaders Program:
Evaluating Effectiveness of Training in Collaboration and Diversity
Wenyu Lin (BS East China Normal University; MS East China Normal
University) Environmental Sciences/Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal
Dissertation title: The Phylogeny of Natural Killer-Like Cells in the Purple Sea
Urchin Arbacia Punctulata
Craig R. McClain (BA Hendrix College) Environmental Sciences/Environmental
Dissertation title: Deconstructing Patterns of Species Diversity and Body Size in
the Deep Sea
Vinai Norasakkunkit (BS University of Oregon; MA University of
Massachusetts Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: Self-Construal Priming and Emotional Distress: Testing for
Cultural Bias in the Concept of Distress
Aditi Pain (BS University of Bombay) Environmental Sciences/Environmental,
Coastal, and Ocean S~iences
Dissertation title: Organotins and Aquatic Sediment Bacteria
Patricia Himi Song (BS University of Iowa; MEd Harvard University; MA
University of Massachusetts Boston) Clinical Psychology
Dissertation title: Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Peer Victimization in
Timothy]. Ward (BA College of the Holy Cross; MS Long Island University)
Environmental Sciences/Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sciences
Dissertation title: Evolution of Cadmium Resistance in Daphnia Magna
Master of Arts
Master of Science
Accelerated Bachelor of
Science-Master of Science
Georgeann Abbanat Dispute
Ann Kennon Breslauer Applied
Michael Free Cartledge Critical and
Creative Thinking
Choi, Kyung Won Applied Linguistics
Carolyn Anne Frisoli English
Marcelia Cortez Garcia Dispute
Carolyn A. Fink Clinical Psychology
Kevin Edward Halladay English
Kimberly E. Hebert History
Dongsook Kim Applied Linguistics
Jessica Ann Lupien Clinical
Barry]. Marquis Applied Sociology
Mary Rose Moniz Critical and
Creative Thinking
Michael Joseph Pearsall History
Eva Emmanuel Promponas Applied
Eileen Jannice Santa-Sosa Clinical
Ching-Yun Wen Applied Linguistics
Yongstar, Srijula Critical and Creative
Barbara Marie Anderson
Nursing/Nurse Educator
Lindsey A. Baker Gerontology
Gregory Thomas Banks
Environmental Sciences
Mary Wei Yuan Bennett Computer
Heather Lee Connors Gerontology
Stephanie Lacerda Farquhar
Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist
Jean Marie Gillis Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Susan E. Hoban Nursing/Clinical
Nurse Specialist
Glenn Hoffman Computer Science
Wendy J. Hubenthal Gerontology
Jimmy W. Kim Computer Science
Laurie Anne MacDougall
James T. McCarty Environmental
Steve Mullin Biology
Joan Marie Poore Applied Physics
Clare E. Reilly Public Affairs
Shah Priti M. Computer Science
Joseph P. Smith Environmental
Solveig M. Swenson Human Services
Jean-Bosco Tagne Biotechnology and
Biomedical Science
Kelly]. Tobin Public
Affairs/!nternational Relations
Aman Ullah Applied Physics
Jianqiu Wang Computer Science
Paul P. Whelan Environmental
Yixin Yu Computer Science
Fiona McCaughan Nursing/Nurse Educator
Master of Education
Dorothy A. Abberton Teacher
Randy B. Barnes Teacher Education
Tho~as Paul Barry Teacher
Julia G. Berrisford Teacher Education
Thomas Laird Bushy, Jr. Teacher
Ana M. Caldeira Teacher Education
Frank X. Campbell Instructional
Brenda M. Cullen Instructional
Brian T. Cullivan Teacher Education
Elizabeth Ann Dacey Teacher
Maureen A. Devlin Teacher
Aleisa M. Fleming-Dunn Special
Natalie Edgerly Special Education
Joe Eiler Instructional Design
Thomas A. Ericsson Teacher
Susan Elizabeth Filipi Teacher
Meredith L. Gilman Teacher
Helen Tracewell Guzzi Teacher
Jennifer Herlihy Rakeman Teacher
Joanne Elisabeth Hurwitz Teacher
Saima Huseni Teacher Education
Lisa Hutchison Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Candice Y. Kasai Teacher Education
Caitlin Kearney Teacher Education
Katherine A. King Instructional
Tara Lyn LaGreca Teacher Education
Ronald F. LeBlanc, Jr.
Matthew D. Lewis Instructional
Cecile D. Maggiacomo Teacher
Stavroula G. Mallios School
Christin Manning Instructional
Katelyn Martin Teacher Education
Kerry A. McCarthv Teacher
Patrick W. McHugh Teacher
Elaine Azalia McNeil Teacher
Terrence McWilliams Teacher
Janet Lander Naughton Teacher
Erin Kathleen Oak Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Debra O'Toole Teacher Education
Rosemary Paglia-Ehsassi Instructional
Lisa Vinette Patrick Teacher
Katherine M. Pescatore Teacher
Jennifer Anne Petze Teacher
Anna Evangelos Pipilas
Counseling/Mental Health
Daniel Ryan Powers Teacher
Robert M. Powers Teacher
Jenna Reyenger Teacher Education
Benita L. Rheddick Special Education
Jane Alicia Rubio Teacher Education
Mary Josephine Sanz Instructional
Jane D. Saunders Instructional Design
Linda S. Savage Teacher Education
Jamie Schwartz Teacher Education
Joshua Ze» Litcofsky Segaloff Teacher
Stephanie Shamoun Levin
Instructional Design
Jessica Shelton Teacher Education
Alan Louis Varney Teacher Education
Kimberly G. Vogel Teacher Education
Carl Philip Wieting Special Education
Harold Wilde Teacher Education
Kristin A. Wood Teacher Education
Stephanie E. Wooley Teacher
Master of Business Administration
Certificate of Advanced
Graduate Study
Adiba Azis Business Administration
Jamie T. Bogumil Business
Philip J. Carmody Business
Neal Caten Business Administration
James Patrick Daylor Business
Jill M. Drinan Business
John Reilly Eisele Business
Vannavasu Jotiphongse Business
Jason Kubach Business
Haojie Liu Business Administration
Bryan Jeffrey McAllister Business
Michael Mooradian Business
Petra Minh Tram Nau Nguyen
Business Administration
James P. Noris Business
Fongming Wei-Fong Nyeu Business
Prasann M. Patil Business
Laura E. Saliba Business
Jeffrey A. Skeiber Business
Kerri Topham Business
Misty Wyman-Ferrer Business
Meng-Tsu Yen Business
Jiang Zhu Business Administration
Valerie A. Busby School Psychology
Megan Elizabeth Cox School
Cara E. DiLorenzo School Psychology
Jacqueline Farese Counseling/Mental
Health Counseling
Diana Y. Gintner School Psychology
Ronald F. LeBlanc, Jr.
Counseling/Mental Health
Jacqueline R. van Leeuwen
Counseling/Mental Health
Cynthia Barrie Carlson Williams
School Psychology
Jennifer A. Wolf School Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Adeleke Tanish Abrahams Political
Adam Abrams History
Jacqueline A. Accime Criminal Justice
Jane Tracey Ainsworth Anthropology
Brian M. Albano Psychology
Vanessa Aller Spanish
Nicole Joy Allison Philosophy
Kristina Elizabeth Altieri English
Peter Ardell Criminal Justice
Jamie Leigh Ardizzoni Sociology
Elnora Austell English
Taline Avakian Political Science
Lorraine D. Baker English
Elizabeth Barrett History
Derrick Emerson Belka Psychology
and Economics
Robert F. Berman Psychology
Faye Roxanne Blanza Music
Kristen M. Bowes Criminal Justice
Seaghan Brien Art
Jamie Brown Political Science
Kristen Brown Sociology and Spanish
Fritznel Simon Brutus Economics
David A. Bryson History
Jennifer Burke Psychology
Andrew DeCost Butler History
Richard F. Carney Psychology
Smajl Cengic Economics
Michael C. Chan Sociology
Calvin Cheung Political Science and
Erica J. Chianese Philosophy and
Public Policy
Donald Clarke English
Elitane Clenord Economics
Miguel A. Colon, Jr. Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Lindsay Anne Conrad Italian
Sara Corasaniti Sociology
Patrick Coughlin English and
Classical Studies
Brooke Craveiro Psychology
Janel M. Crotty Criminal Justice and
Michelle Frances Crowley English
Christie Elizabeth Culbert Psychology
Meagan Emily Dahlgren Psychology
Stephanie A. Danforth Psychology
and English
Anibal A. DaSilva Psychology
jarred M. Davis German Studies
Kimberly A. Derome Sociology and
Criminal Justice
Christopher R. Desrochers Ethics and
Social and Political Philosophy
Andrew James D'Innocenzo
Kimberly A. Dolan American Studies
Owen Donovan Yarde Psychology
and Sociology (joint Major)
Lori J. Dow Political Science
Dawn Dubiel Criminal Justice
Christine Marie Dvornik English
David Allan Dyer Psychology
Andrea Egan English
Melinda P. Emmanuel Psychology
Michael Francis Erickson Criminal
Mary L. Ferson English
Kerry A. Flood English
Kelly Flynn English
Matthew A. Foley Political Science
Michael Joseph Fusco Economics
Deborah Gabriel Psychology
Frank J. Garcia History
Brooke Anne Goeden English
Sarah R. Gorman Art
Erin E. Gormley Economics
Meagan Gray Psychology and Art
Jed Abraham Greenberg Sociology
Mary Alice Grinnell Platt English
Kristina Mary Grossi English
Laura C. Gutierrez Economics
Christopher L. Harvey Economics
Maho Hatano Political Science
Jessica K. Hawrylciw Psychology
Joshua D. Heckman Psychology
Emile Lyns Widdy Hercule
Susan M. Holloran Psychology
Brenna E. House Sociology
Denisa Husarova Psychology
Katie M. Jones American Studies
Donar M. Juba-Johnson Psychology
and Sociology (joint Major)
Patricia A. Kachinsky English
Sophia Kapsidis Criminal Justice
Leila Karam Psychology
Damen E. Kelton Psychology
Paul Langston Kemp Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Inmay P. Kiely French
Fotia Kiousis English and Italian
Yukari Kishi Psychology
Jurgita Krasauskaite Sociology
Heidi J. Kunz Anthropology
Modi Kurn Sociology
Michael Parnel Lavne Economics
Wendy Joan Legge Political Science
Christina K. Lopes English
Holly Ann LoTruglio Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Matthew Edward Maguire English
James N. Maki History
Barry J. Marquis Psychology and
Sociology (joint Major)
Ieisha Martin Criminal Justice and
Carolina Ocampo Maya Psychology
and Philosophy
Kerri A. McCartney Psychology and
Jason M. McCuish English
Matthew McDonough American
Michelle McGrath English
Daniel Joseph McGregor III Political
Neal J. McSweeney Sociology
Regina M. Meagher American
Joao J. Mendes Sociology and
Criminal Justice
Ingrid L. Ruiz Mendez Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Aisha Joy Milbury Criminal Justice
Mary Louise Mooter Criminal Justice
and Sociology
Adin E. Morales, Jr. Political Science
Jonathan Munro Economics
Ella Murphy English and Psychology
Nakasuji, Hisae German Studies
Mayuko Narikiyo Art
Lois Teresa Nehemia Economics
Kara Rae Niemi English
Jessica M. Nisenbaum Psychology
Katherine O'Hara Economics
R. Paul O'Keefe, Jr. Psychology
Nathan Okite Music
Laura Lee O'Leary Criminal Justice
Irina Olshanskaya Individual Major
in Communications Through Mass
Michael Orlowski History
Makiko Oshima Psychology
Madhu Pandey Sociology
Sabrina Paolini Psychology
John Papadopoulos Political Science
Jonathan George Pappas Individual
Major in Japanese Language and
Michelle Pascua English
Joshua D. Paul Psychology
Jessica Pearson Psychology
Emilv Katharine Peck Individual
M~jor in Political Cultures and
Cultural Politics: Latin America
and the Spanish Carribbean
Kimberly June Petit English
Anne Ngoc Pham Economics
Binh Ngoc Phan Economics
Teresa A. Picon American Studies
Zuzana Podkonicka Psychology
Robert Pondelli Anthropology
Amber Dawn Porter Psychology
Paul C. Puccini History
Matthew Quinn English
JaNae Marice Rachel Theatre Arts
Jason Raymond English
David Thomas Arnold Rixham
Tara M. Roberts Psychology
Michael Lamar Robinson Black
Bachelor of Science
Jennifer Ann Hill Psychology
Isabelle V. Gancena Rodriguez
Sherry Lynn Jones Roffi History
David Bradford Rosenblatt Political
Jennifer L. Rosing Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Setara Royan History
Kelly Marie Savarese Psychology
Nadia Scafuto Sociology
David N. Schiffer English
Joseph Schmalke Art
Courtney Beth Scott Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
John James Scully Economics
Rita Monestersky-Sebastian Political
Roshani Sharma Sociology
Robert Paul Sherburne English
Kathrvn Maria Silva Black Studies
and History
Brieanne Hamelin Simon Psychology
Jennifer R. Smith Psychology
Maureen Srnvth Russian Studies
Richard john Starsiak, Jr. English
Sarah Catherine Stebbins English
Sarah Nicole Stewart English
Janelle M. Stockbridge English
Kate Mary Storella Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Michael F. Sweenev Political Science
Zian Chin Tang E~onomics
Dora Tartakovskv Political Science
Grover James Taylor, Jr. Economics
Kelsey Elizabeth Thayer Political
Sibu Thomas Sociology
Kimberly Elizabeth Tower Psychology
and Sociology (joint Major)
Marv Lvnn Travers Theatre Arts
Chri~ti~a Trivero Psychology
Rita Alice Tutunjian Psychology
Konstantinos Tzanakis Economics
Mauricio A. Urrea Economics
Sarah A. Valencik French and
Political Science
Alejandro Velezmoro Economics and
Political Science
Erica M. Vorse Psychology
Alfred Vozzella Economics
Charlvn H. Warrick Art
Jennifer Welch Psychology and
Sociology (Joint Major)
Clayton A. Weston, Jr. American
Michael S. Wilcox English
Jacqueline R. Williams Psychology
and Sociology (Joint Major)
Matthew Wolverton History
Sandra J. Woods AnthropologyHistory
Debora Wu Psychology
College of Science and Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
John F. Donovan Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Alla Faynshrayber Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Ilya M. Karlik Computer Science
Nikolas Maglione Mathematics
Mateusz P. Minskv Earth and
Geographic Sci~nces
Michael Monaghan Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Anthony C. Ryan Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Kiyoki Shinomiya Computer Science
Joseph N. Valchuis Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Yi Yang Computer Science
Susanna R. Barnett Biology
Andrea Baresch- Bernal Biology
Laura Black Biology
Randolph Andrew Callender
Mathematics, and Individual Major
in Philosophical Foundations of
Physics and Chemistry
Tanya Chiarella Biochemistry
Glen A. Christensen Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Ashley Robin Dodge Biology
Jessica-May Fang Chemistry
Judith Freedman Mathematics and
Justine E. Greim Biology
Fatema Abbas Kanji Biology
Peter Allen Kigonya Computer
Tuyen Dang Le Computer Science
Yi-Ning Li Computer Science
James Kevin Logue, Jr. Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Natalya Lopushnyan Biochemistry
Owais M. Najeebuddin Computer
Amine E. Nasr Biology
Lidia S. Nierobisz Biochemistrv
Lynda Okebalama Biology
Loida V. Pimentel Biology
Hem Kumar Pokharel Earth and
Geographic Sciences
Jessica E. Price Biology
Leah Ross Earth and Geographic
Michael K. Tauber Chemistry
Durga V. Varanasi Biology
Khoi Vu Biology
Yoko Yoda Biology
College of Public and Community Service
Bachelor of Arts
Chrystal Joy Bonner Human Services
Kimberlv B. Bowles Human Services
jennifer F Campbell Legal Education
Lisa Fennah Human Services
Philip J. Flaherty Gerontology
Arthur J. Gorham Gerontology
Sean Hamer Human Services
Belinda M. Hollomon Legal
Education Services
Francis X. Howley, Jr. Human
James R. Jones Community Planning
Maria A. Mendonca Legal Education
Shawn T. Murphy Community
Tyeshia M. Ravenel Human Services
Christie Roberts Labor Studies
Ellen M. Sharpe Legal Education
James J. Spencer II Criminal Justice
Danielle Marisa Williams Legal
Education Services
College of Management
Bachelor of Science
Ramon Antonio T. Abaya
Soji Kalili Adebagbo Management
Bassel Agha Management
Edward Alberding Management
Juann N. Alleyne Management
Sifonde Iko Anaka Management
Craig Archambeault Management
Merav Avigal-Hipsh Management
Liat Aviksis Management
Tamara Baptiste Management
Rita Nadim Barakat Management
Richard J. Bellan Management
Rabah Belloula Management
Valerie A. Caprigno Management
Diego Castellanos Management
Yuen Yu Chan Management
Erica Joan Chapman Management
Bobby L. Cheung Management
Christine Cheung Management
Chu, Shiao-Lean Management
Ervin Alqi Cobo Management
Scott Cohen Management
Jonathan Corbin Management
Karla Yolanda Corletto Management
Heather Lou Cozby Management
Miriam Dove Crandall Management
Mai T. Dao Management
Athanasios Dardonis Management
Joseph Charles Dawes Management
Kevin D. DiBattista Management
Vana Khanh Doan Management
Zhiting Du Management
Mohamed Elbechari Management
Egor Evsiouk Management
Albert J. Facada Management
Jason Joseph Fernandez Management
Meagan J. Fitzpatrick Management
Tracey A. Gallagher Management
Wei Gao Management
David Andrew Gnyp Management
Kerean T. Grant Management
Dennis A. Grogan Management and
Guled Ibrahim Nur Management
Payal Gupta Management
Khalid Hill Management
Khanh M. Hoang Management
Melissa L. Holmes Management
Bichere Zamor Joseph Management
Kaltra Kamberi Management
Kimbugwe Isaac Kayemba
Alisha Ke Management
Maria Khallouf Management
Myngan T. Kim Management
Efthimios Kiousis Management
Jawad Koraiban Management
Nathan T. Kpannah Management
Cindy Lam Management
Huen Lam Management
Linda K. Lam Management
John Stone Laraway II Management
Ryan Lauw Chia Loong Management
Hieu Quy Le Management
Loan Hong Le Management
Michelle Le Management
Kar Yee Lee Management
Kin Lee Management
Soo-Shian Lee Management
Lien, Chun-Kai Management and
Soo Sing Lim Management
Chuqiao Liu Management
Carlina A. Maldonado Santos
Kathryn Mastandrea Management
Antonietta McCarthy Management
Amber Starr McClure Management
Chevanese McGaw Management
Elizabeth Morgan McNulty
Sandra Mendoza Management
Rachel E. Miller Management
Nora Marie Minassian Management
Mirlande Montauban Management
Daniel F. Moy Management
Stacy L. Nahas Management
Michelle Lynn Neelon Management
Steffi Ching Sze Ng Management
Viet Trieu Ngo Management
Abderrahim Nmili Management
Shizuho Oba Management
M. Thomas OBrien Management
Matthew Paul Pierce Management
Andres Preciado Management
Kimberly Prescod Management
Kevin E. Richardson Management
Sami G. Saba Management
Manso Edward Samura Management
Leslie C. Sanchez Management
Pedro A. Santos Management
Sandra T. Sarno Management
Cong Shen Management
Ilchul Shin Management
Zain Tahir Soomro Management
Yueh-Ying L. Sullivan Management
Sobia Syeda Management
Abbas Adil Taha Management and
Kara M. Tarpey Management
Alwin A. Thomas Management
Jocelyn Jose Thottam Management
Savoeun Tim Management
Christina Tran Management
Phu Long Tran Management and
Computer Science
KimThuy Dinh Tran Management
Triet T. Truong Management
Gary James Walker, Jr. Management
Venetta LaRose Weeks Management
Li Xu Management
Seam Yin Management
Jakub Ziaja Management and
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Nursing Program
Bachelor of Science
Exercise Science and
Physical Education Program
Bachelor of Science
Gairlande Audiesse Nursing
Nikki S. Battle Nursing
Jennifer N. Berkeley Nursing
Maureen A. Brackett Nursing
Ruth Janet Browne Nursing
Dahlene Carew Nursing
Amy M. Carten Nursing
Chantal Cayo Nursing
Tanya Clemente Nursing
Francis L. Collins Nursing
Mary Clare Donovan Nursing
Jaime L. Evanowski Nursing
Stacey Fitzpatrick Nursing
Deborah A. Griffin Nursing
Paul Scott Hanley Nursing
Karen Hannon Nursing
Yi Jin Nursing
Joanna Johnston Nursing
Jeannie Kauper Nursing
Denise Marie Keaney Nursing
Theresa Kirby Nursing
Sara-Beth LeBlanc Nursing
Julia Levin Nursing
Cristina M. Matthews Nursing
Linda Rose Mazzei Nursing
Hoangyen T. Nguyen Nursing
Njideka Candida Nwokeji Nursing
Linda Octavien Nursing
Jill Marie O'Donnell Nursing
Okoli Vivian Iyen Nursing
Onuigbo Sunny Nduka Nursing
Mary K. Philpot Nursing
Patricia E. Pires Nursing
Leslie R. Schwartz Nursing
Daphnee Souvenir-Simon Nursing
Charleen Ann Strelke Nursing
Ellen Marie Tengstrand Nursing
Susan Whalen Nursing
Kimberly Ann Williams Nursing
Teresa L. S. Wong Nursing
Kate E. Dohertv Exercise Science and
Physical Edu'cation
Heather Leigh Downing Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Christine Ferreira Exercise Science
and Physical Education
Catherine Anne Foley Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Richard Dominic McCarthy Exercise
Science and Physical Education
Trustees of the
University of Massachusetts
Grace K. Fey, Chair
William E. Giblin, Vice Chair
Dennis G. Austin
Lawrence Boyle
Jamal Brathwaite, Student Trustee
Christine K. Cassel, MD
John A. DiBiaggio
Edward A. Dubilo
Hannah S. Fatemi, Student Trustee
James J. Karam
William F. Kennedy
James E. Mahoney
Robert M. Mahonev
Carolina B. Marcalo, Student Trustee
Robert B. McCarthy
Diane Bissonnette Moes
Matthew Morand, Student Trustee
William T. O'Shea
Stacey R. Rainev
Sean W. Reed, Student Trustee
Robert K. Sheridan
Karl E. White
President of the
University of Massachusetts
Jack M. Wilson
Administrative Officers of the
University of Massachusetts
Retiring Faculty"
Jo Ann M. Gora, Chancellor
Paul Fonteyn, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Ellen M. O'Connor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Joan M. Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Kathleen Teehan, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Annemarie Lewis Kerwin, Vice Chancellor for University Communications and
Community Relations
J. Keith Motley, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Martyne Hallgren, Chief Information Officer
Kenneth Lemanski, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff
College of Liberal Arts
Andrew Boelcskevy, Modern Languages
Dennis L. Byrnes, Psychology
James T. Campen, Economics
John J. Conlon, Performing Arts
Ann T. Cordilia, Sociology
Sheldon M. Kalick, Psychology
Monica McAlpine, English
Diane B. Paul, Political Science
Jill E. Rierdan, Psychology
M. Melissa Shook, Art
Arthur P. Simonds, Political Science (Deceased)
Louise Z. Smith, English
Castellano Turner, Psychology
Hubert Walters, Performing Arts
College of Management
Joan c. Tonn, Management and Marketing
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Gail B. Arnold, Exercise Science and Physical Education
Nancy Lovejoy, Nursing
Margaret Pappalardo-Musmon, Exercise Science and Physical Education
College of Public and Community Service
Phyllis K. Freeman, Legal Education
Marie L. Kennedy, Community Planning
Margaret McDevitt, Applied Language and Math
Barry Phillips, Applied Language and Math
College of Science and Mathematics
Thomas Brewer, Earth and Geographic Sciences
Richard H. Eckhouse, Computer Science
Richard B. Gelpke, Earth and Geographic Sciences
Jeremy Hatch, Biology
George Lukas, Computer Science
Joan D. Lukas, Mathematics
"The list of confirmed faculty retirements was not final when this publication went
to print.
Mace Bearer
Celia Moore, Representing the Faculty Council
John Tobin, University Marshal
Noushin Ashrafi
Yung-Ping Chen
Linda Dittmar
Shoshanna Ehrlich
Carroy Ferguson
AnneMarie Gallo
Peter McClure
Diana Newman
Mary Stevenson
Castellano Turner
Christina E. DeVaughn, earned her BA in music at UMass Boston and her
master's degree in opera performance at the Boston Conservatory. She has been
a finalist in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and a participant in the Chautauqua Young Artist Program. Among the groups with which
she has performed are the Boston Pops, the Boston Lyric Opera, the Cantata
Singers, the National Spiritual Ensemble, the Plymouth Philharmonic, and the
Pioneer Valley Symphony and Chorus.
The members of the Universitv Brass Ensemble are:
Terry Haleo, Organ
Seth Hamlin, Trombone
Seelan Manickam, Trumpet
James Messbauer, Trombone
Richard Miller, Trombone
Mark Sanchez, Trumpet
Daniel Teager, Trumpet
Jon Mitchell, Conductor
The members of the University Chamber Singers are:
Takashi Arima, Tenor
William E. Catanesye III, Tenor
Lisa Cheney, Soprano
Robert English, Bass
Monique Fuguet, Alto
Donna Harrington, Soprano
Elizabeth Kaminga, Soprano
Melissa Kibbe, Alto
Kelvin La, Tenor
Spring Lui, Soprano
Laetitia Lutts, Alto
Anne MacDonald, Alto
Sarah McGrade, Alto
Brian Middleton, Tenor
Matthew Morin, Bass
Negar Mortazavi, Alto
Lauren Murphy, Soprano
Angela Papierski, Alto
Debra Portman, Soprano
Jeffrey Rink, Conductor
Commencement Committee
Gail Hobin, Chair
Suzanne Allmendinger
Elaine Bauer
Jamal Brathwaite
Pat Burns
Ann Carbone
Valerie Corrente
Noel Cotterell
Chuck Coyne
Carol DeSouza
Allison Duffy
Sheila Gagnon
Brenda Gordon
Cheryl Harris
Marjorie Katz
Janis Mahoney
Michelle Manning
Thomas Marchitelli
Nancy McCarty
Anita Miller
Valerie Miller
Patrick Mulligan
Joyce Morgan
Kenneth Nolte
Linda O'Brien
Allyn Pazienza
John Potter
Linda Smith-Mooney
James Wise
Musicians and Flags
The Alma Mater
Music for the processional and recessional is provided by the
University Brass Ensemble. The alma mater, "To UMass Boston," is
sung by the University Chamber Singers. The flags of various nations
on display at this ceremony are a gift of the class of 1987.
To UMass Boston
We beheld, UMass Boston, a torch in your hand,
Saw a crown on your brow, heard your voice of command
That we follow the lead of your bold guiding light
Toward knowledge and wisdom and fervor for right ...
Toward knowledge and wisdom and fervor for right.
How that glow has burned bright through the passage of years
As our dreams dispelled doubts and our hopes assuaged fears,
As our eyes watched that gleam with conviction and trust,
And we learned to place faith in the good and the just ...
And we learned to place faith in the good and the just.
May that torch never dim as life beckons us forthMay it shine like a jewel of fathomless worth.
Like tall ships setting sail may we steer evermore
By that beacon of beauty and truth on the shore ...
By that beacon of beauty and truth on the shore.
This new UMass Boston alma mater is to be sung to the melody of
"The Meeting of the Waters," from a song by Thomas Moore
(1779-1852) based on an old Irish air. The same melody was used for
the alma mater of the State Teachers College at Boston, a predecessor
of Boston State College, which became part of UMass Boston in 1982.
The lyrics were adapted from those of a State Teachers College at
Boston class song.
The new alma mater was established in 2004 at the request of the
chancellor with the help of a Faculty Council committee including
Lisa Cheney, Larry Kaye, Thomas O'Grady, Mary Oleskiewicz, and
Diane Richardson. The adaptation of the lyrics is the work of the
committee as a whole; the musical arrangement is by Mary Oleskiewicz.
Broadcast of Principal Address
Today's principal address by Dennis Lehane will be recorded and
broadcast, together with comments by Chancellor Jo Ann Gora,
on Sunday, June 6, at 7:30pm, on the university's radio station,
WUMB (91.9 FM,
-MU · .
nrversity a f
UMASS Boston.