AP BC Calculus

George Washington Carver
High School of Engineering and Science
2015 Summer Enrichment
Due Wednesday September 16th
This summer assignment requires you to review AB calculus so that you will not
need to review all of these topics in depth during the school year. Included in this
packet, you will find two full-length AB AP practice exams. At the end of the
exams are the solutions because if you get something wrong, you need to spend
time trying to learn how to do it correctly.
Your project is to complete both exams in detail. SHOW ALL WORK (you can do
the work on notebook paper) and clearly number all problems. If there is no work
to be shown (i.e. a multiple-choice problem that says "for which function is f(-x) =
-f(x)"...the answer is just whichever function listed is ODD...so you would just pick
the odd fxn...no work to show) then explain your UNDERSTANDING (i.e. exactly
as I just did in the last set of parentheses.)
When school starts, we will spend a few days going over these
exams. Afterwards, you will spend approximately 3 days taking a full-length AP
AB Exam that will count as a test. This is so that I can assess where you stand
with regards to the AB content before we proceed to BC.
The BC exam has many, many AB questions...so you need to be performing very
well on AB material before we learn the handful of BC topics. Though there are
very few topics in BC, they are complex and very abstract.
We will work on questions from the summer project to make sure
that your understanding of AB topics is thorough. The goal is also to
“jump start” your brain out of “summer mode.”
Monday-Thursday from Monday August
17th to Thursday August 27th. We will be meeting from
12:30PM-2:00PM (right after most sports practices end).
Where? Likely in Room 145 (but I'm not 100% sure about the room.)
What do Bring your summer projects, a notebook/paper, writing utensils, your
I bring? noggin, and a graphing calculator.
E-mail and questions or concerns to Ms. Hogan at [email protected]