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Issue 33 – Aug 2013
hvt ltd is a Private Training Provider that encourages, enables and nurtures adult learners to reach their true potential,
preparing them for further training or sustainable employment.
New to the team at hvt ltd - Damien Walsh
Hello my name is Damien Walsh, but family and friends call me ‘Dee’. I was born
and raised in Australia and have been living in this beautiful country since June this year.
Why did I move to New Zealand? Well after holidaying here a couple of times, I
found myself continually drawn to the people, palaces and the culture. Four years ago, I met a
Kiwi girl (who had moved to Australia), and last year we married overlooking the stunning
mountain views near Marton. It was then that I knew I had to move here some day.
I have had the fortune to travel and live in almost every state of Australia, and one of
the most interesting things for me are the different types of people that I have met throughout
these travels. With the natural disasters that both our countries have had to endure, and the
distress that people go through, it is comforting to see that we share the common ability to pull
together as communities, cities and a people as a whole. I take pride knowing when things are
at their worst, we are at our best.
I have a diverse background from living in the scorching outback desert, to the bright lights of Sydney. I have made
career changes from teaching in remote Aboriginal communities in the far north of Australia, to running multi-million dollar
contracts for an international facilities company. I have been very fortunate with the opportunity to return to the Tertiary education Sector, through my appointment as Tutor and Work Co-ordinator for hvt ltd.
Carol, Elena, Barbara and Kevin have ensured that my transition to the Kiwi work culture has been seamless something
I am very grateful for. The students are a pleasure to work with, and if I can ever become accustomed to this freezing cold
weather (and the occasional rumble of tectonic plates), I am sure it won’t be long before I feel that I am home.
Zentangle—what is it?
Zentangle is a fun and creative way to relax, it is a
structured form of doodling. Beautiful designs can be
produced by drawing repetitive patterns. You can follow any
of the structured patterns available from Zentangle or create
your own.
The Zentangle method is easy to learn and use. People
of all ages and abilities can enjoy this art form. It can be very
relaxing and allows your mind to wind down, it also seems to
produce a sense of well being and of course great satisfaction when you have completed
your work. You do not have to be ‘an artist’ to create wonderful pieces.
If you would like to find out more about Zentangle visit
Happy doodling!
Our FFTO course will be
finishing in
December 2013.
Looking for employment
A poem by Pete
Today’s job market changes overnight. Keeping ahead of
the market and what is available is step one in being proactive
when searching for work.
To improve your chances of finding work:
 continue your education or move into further training to
enhance your skills
 increase the number of jobs you are applying for
 choose a role/job where your transferable skills can
cross into
 you could consider looking at the job shortage list on
the NZ Immigration site and find out what would be
worth up-skilling in before choosing a further study
 consider relocation, as some areas like Christchurch
have a higher need for specific roles than others
And of course; stay positive and focus on what you can do
as well as what you would like to do. Often being in a job will
change your mind-set and put you in a position to better
market yourself for your ‘dream job’.
Instead of obsessing over the things you can’t change,
focus on what you can:
Your Attitude
Computing Plus Course
It’s time to go
It’s the end of the show
I enjoyed being here
But now I’ve got to be somewhere
I got a job so I’m out of here
I’m sorry I have to leave you behind
But thank you all for being so kind
The course really did help me out
You have got to have patience
That’s what it’s all about
There is so much equipment
And tutors on hand
And a fantastic lunch room
So you must understand
That the course is designed to help you
But you have got to help yourself first
I know that much is true
Your Mindset
Your Energy
Mandy Hale
Students on the move …
It’s all down to Attitude
Your ATTITUDE today,
Determines your SUCCESS
Recent successful exits to employment and transitions onto
further study include:
Jodeci Tuhoro—Animal Care, Wetec
Vivienne Hart—Computing, Weltec
Hermelina Walker—NZDipBus, Weltec
It isn’t what we say or think that defines us,
but what we do!
Karen Mcgregor—Active Communications
Theresa Bell—MSD
Peter Godfrey—Chocolate Days
Shantelle Johnson –The Hideaway Cafe
Tracey Carter—Min Ed
Caroline Van Vliet—Family and Community Services
Mike Savoy—Active Communications
Congratulations and best of luck to you all.
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