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Summer 2015
Carter and Holmes Orchids
Species & Primaries ~
Welcome to our New Summer 2015 eCatalog!
Inside we offer many new and exciting plants as well as customer favorites! Please notice our offerings of brand-new
mericlones on page 4 and our offerings of new and unusual houseplants on pages 8-11. This is the first time we have ever offered
many of these!
Our next paper catalog will be mailed in the Fall. This eCatalog is only available from our website and through our twice weekly
email updates. (Nearly 13,000 people have signed up so far!)
As always, we guarantee all of our orchids to be true to name, healthy and virus free, and we guarantee your satisfaction.
Thank you so much for your orders. We appreciate you, our valued customers.
Mac Holmes
See below for a brief key to the abbreviations and symbols used in our catalogs and on the website
“ *L* ” Indicates plants are suitable for artificial light culture and for growing on windowsills, due to mature plant size and/or light requirements.
“Blooming Size” indicates plants that are large enough to flower in season, within 12 months.
“Near Blooming Size” indicates plants that are large enough to flower in season within 12-18 months.
Items with “M” preceding the number are mericlones (produced from tissue culture) and are expected to be identical to the photo shown.
Seedlings (produced from seedpods) are simply listed with the four-digit number. You should expect some variation in size, shape, color,
markings and form among these plants.
Cattleya Interglossa coerulea ‘Hackneau’
Lc. Marcello Miranda ‘Emily’
9977 C. Interglossa coerulea ‘Hackneau’ AM/AOS x self.
From the popular cross of intermedia x amethystoglossa and made using
rare ‘blue’ forms of the species. The awarded parent has tall clusters of
waxy white blooms with lilac-blue lips and some faint lavender freckles.
These seedlings will have more of the same, with some showing stronger
petal spots. (Summer) New in 2.5” pots, $15.95.
10070 Cattleya labiata coerulea ‘Canaima’s Heidelbeer’ (inset)
x Lc. Marcello Miranda ‘Emily’ AM/AOS.
The second parent is a cross of C. labiata x Laelia caulescens. In this new
backcross, we have combined it with one of our best blue labiatas in the
hopes of larger, rounder blooms while keeping the elegant stem habit.
Seedlings are showing lush, slender foliage. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
For Standard sized Cattleyas we generally estimate time till first flowering as the following:
2.5”-3” pots - 3+ years 3.5” pots - 2-3 years 4” pots - 12-18 months 5”+ pots - 12 months or less.
Miniature Cattleyas are Blooming Size in a 2.5”-3” pot. Compact Cattleyas are Blooming Size in a 3.5” pot.
Throughout this special eCatalog you will see this symbol marking new hybrids and mericlones that are in very limited quantity.
We may only have a few dozen plants available and they will go on a first come basis. Item pictured on our cover:
New, exclusive mericlone, Potinara Greg Uzar ‘Newberry Majesty’- See Page 4
Cattleya lueddemaniana semi-alba
9241 Cattleya Gravesiana semi-alba
(leuddemanniana s/a x mossiae ‘Blanca’ AM/AOS).
We have remade this natural hybrid using our best
semi-alba parents. Large white blooms with faint
petal blushing and intense purple lip veining. Very
Fragrant. (Late Spring) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
10174 Epidendrum magnoliae var. mexicanum x self.
Epidendrum magnoliae var. mexicanum
The Green Fly Orchid
The former name of this species was conopseum, with the definition
meaning ‘mosquito like’ blooms. Our seedlings are bred from the
relatively larger and more floriferous Mexican form of this rare and
unique species. Each bloom stem produces sprays of tiny green and
tan blooms in the late summer through the fall.
Plants are quite small when mature, usually only six inches or less
with flower stems being only slightly taller. Normally found in nature as an epiphyte, plants grow on oak or cypress trees in lowlands
and swampy areas with high humidity. Bright but diffused light is
preferred, however good air flow is a must to prevent burnt foliage.
Water frequently throughout the year, with no rest period.
Our plants are growing (and should remain) on tree fern mounts
which can be attached to larger mounts as the plants grow.
Near Blooming Size Plants, $24.95 (Limit One Per Customer)
Laelia Canariensis
9206 Laelia Canariensis
(anceps alba ‘Newberry Ice’ (4n) x harpophylla).
Our remake uses two quality parents with excellent form and great vigor. Seedlings will have long
arching stems carrying pale yellow or gold starshaped blooms. (Winter) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Laelia purpurata ‘Doraci’
9248 Laelia purpurata striata ‘Doraci’ HCC/AOS
x Laelia purpurata flamea ‘Jean’ AM/AOS.
Both color forms have unique and showy petal markings. We are expecting white or pale lavender trumpet shaped blooms with generous purple petal flares
and darker lips. (Late Spring) 2.5” pots, $12.00.
9480 Cattleya schilleriana.
This is one of our favorite and most fragrant species.
Plants are compact, bifoliates perfect for basket or mount
culture. Each stem holds three to five glossy chocolate
and maroon spotted blooms with intense fuchsia lips.
Mature plants are free flowering with summer as the
main blooming season. Intense candy-like fragrance.
New seedlings in 2.5” pots, $12.00.
Cattleya schilleriana
M8673 Cattleya chocoensis ‘Elly’ AM/AOS.
(syn. quadricolor and candida).
This lovely species was awarded in 1979 and is prized
for its pristine white petals and contrasting yellow and
purple throat coloring. We have only a few plants and
these will sell fast. (Winter) 2.5” pots, $17.95.
Cattleya chocoensis
~ Standard Cattleyas
Blc. Sweet Sarah ‘Mendenhall’
Pot. Greg Uzar ‘Newberry Majesty’
M9359 Blc. Sweet Sarah ‘Mendenhall’.
We are extremely pleased to offer this exclusive new clone, produced from
the cross of Blc. George King x Lc. Lou Gilmore. Blooms are ruffled and sparkly, in a delicate shade of canary yellow with faint rose-pink picotees around
each segment. Wonderfully fragrant! (Winter) Beautiful 2.5” pots, $15.95.
M9704 Pot. Greg Uzar ‘Newberry Majesty’
Our latest and greatest stunning yellow Cattleya mericlone! Bred from
Pot. Frank Gilmore x Blc. South Island. Impressive displays of clear yellow
flowers with vivid pink lip markings. Very vigorous, and will easily produce multiple leads per year. Very Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Blc. Fort Watson ‘Mendenhall’
Lc. Lorraine Shirai ‘Raye’
M6930 Blc. Fort Watson ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS.
We have always considered this one of our best and most dependable
mericlones for radiant, non-fading red blooms. The strong upright
growth habit presents up to three well-shaped flowers per stem. The
recent AOS award proves this is an oldie but a goodie. Very Fragrant.
(Summer) 3” pots, $17.95.
8881 Lc. Lorraine Shirai ‘Raye’ x Blc. Chun Yeah ‘Canary’.
For decades Carter and Holmes has prided itself on perfecting yellow
cattleya hybridizing. Our most recent cross combines two different
breeding lines for round clear yellow blooms with distinct red markings. We expect plants to start flowering younger than most standard
growers. Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $12.00
M9379 Blc. Waikiki Gold
‘Lea’ HCC/AOS.
We especially love this clone for its
floriferousness. Twice per year you
can expect to see stems of chartreuse
and pale pink blooms. While the
color may look delicate, the blooms
are anything but, often lasting 4-6
weeks on mature plants. Lush, bifoliate growth habit. Definitely a must!
(Summer-Various) 2.5” pots, $12.00.
Pot. Susan Fender ‘Cinnamon Stick’
Lc. Amphion ‘Cherry Pie’
Blc. Campobello ‘Mendenhall’
M9361 Pot. Susan Fender
‘Cinnamon Stick’ AM/AOS.
This customer favorite is available for one last
time. Intensely colored orange art-shade blooms
on sturdy plants. Bright citrus fragrance. Blooms
twice per year. (Summer-Fall) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
M9840 Lc. Amphion ‘Cherry Pie’.
This clone is from the cross of Lc. SJ Bracey x
Laelia tenebrosa. The first parent contributes
its vibrant orange and fuchsia coloring while
the latter provides tall, slender foliage and
clean growth habit. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $12.00.
M8061 Blc. Campobello
‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS.
A favorite clone that starts flowering on young
plants and gets more wonderful each year. Pale
green-yellow blooms with a brighter wash of
lemon in the throat. (Fall) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Standard Cattleyas ~
The term Standard Cattleya generally
refers to plants having a large growth habit,
being a minimum of 15”-18” tall at maturity
and having blooms four inches or larger in
diameter. Many plants in this group are
noticeably fragrant.
Blc. Waikiki Gold ‘Lea’
M8671 Blc. Owen Holmes ‘Fire Cup’.
We consider this clone to be one of the best to
flower from the original cross. Large, impressive
red blooms with satin smooth texture. A tall, substantial grower. Very Fragrant. (Late Summer-Fall)
2.5” pots, $15.95.
Blc. Owen Holmes
Potinara Susan Fender
M8066 Potinara Susan Fender ‘Newberry’
One of the best clones from this famous hybrid.
Blooms have golden yellow petals with an orange
picotee around the edges and contrasting cherry red
lips. Blooms usually appear three per stem. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Blc. Dickie Brooks ‘Autumn Symphony’
M8547 Blc. Dickie Brooks ‘Autumn Symphony’.
From the cross of Blc. Oconee x Lc. Chine, this recently introduced
clone has the most distinctive art-shading we have ever seen. Flat,
open blooms have intense orange and gold petals with contrasting
cranberry red lip coloring. Sturdy foliage carries dark purple pigmentation specks. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Potinara Martha Dolge
9501 Potinara Martha Dolge
(Blc. Newberry Carnival ‘#3’ x Pot. Susan Fender ‘Newberry’).
This exact remake of an earlier successful cross, represents at least
three generations of Carter & Holmes hybridizing for quality yellows and strong growing plants. Get yours while they last! Fragrant.
(Summer-Fall) New 2.5” pots, $12.00.
~ Standard Cattleyas
Compacts & Novelties ~
M7850 Sc. June Bug ‘Venice Sunshine’ AM/AOS.
It is hard to find new words to describe this long-time
customer favorite. Cute. Cheerful. Compact. Easy to
Flower. All of these traits combined make an excellent
choice for beginners. Plants can be grown in pots, on
mounts or in hanging baskets. Tends to be free flowering
in warmer climates. *L* (Summer-Various) Near Blooming Size, Bare Root plants ready for 2.5” pots, $8.95.
Lc. Betty Monroe ‘Mendenhall’
Lc. Bonanza Queen ‘Panamint’
9478 Lc. Betty Monroe ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS
x Lc. Good Friend ‘Silva’.
Our newest cross for stunning, ruffled lavenders. Both parents are
large growing with strong stems to hold up these beautiful blooms.
We can’t wait for our first flowers! Lovely floral fragrance. (Late
Spring) 2.5” pots, $12.00.
M6497 Lc. Bonanza Queen ‘Panamint’ AM/AOS.
We are once more able to offer this large growing clone. The incredibly round, full flowers are almost seven inches across and well
displayed. The delicate fragrance is a subtle blend of vanilla and
hyacinth. If you love ‘floofy’ cattleyas this one is for you! (MidWinter) 3” pots, $17.95.
Gift Plants & Ideas
Mother’s Day is Just
Around the Corner!
8623 Cattleya Piñata Surprise
(C. Orchidom Brabant ‘Flamingo’s Child’
x C. Caudebec ‘Breckinridge’ 4N).
This cross came to us from grower Keith Davis and
was made using excellent parentage. The first to
flower have been round, waxy blooms heavily spotted with rose over cream and pink. Plants are sturdy
bifoliates that would also do well in baskets. (Summer) Blooming Size plants in 3.5” pots, $17.95
Compact Cattleyas are generally 8”-12”
in height when mature, with blooms smaller
than four inches across.
Miniature Cattleyas will be shorter than 8”
with blooms expected to be smaller than four
inches in diameter.
Novelties may share traits from multiple
We always have a variety of spiked, budded
and blooming orchids on our benches that will
Cattleya groups, such as a tall grower with
Slc. June Bug ‘Venice Sunshine’
M7946 Blc. Waianae Leopard
‘Ching Hua’ HCC/AOS.
This mericlone is a joy to grow as well
as flower. Mature plants are compact
and only reach about 12” tall, with lush
dark green foliage. Clusters of waxy,
peach blooms are heavily spotted with
darker maroon freckles. Wonderfully
long-lasting blooms even in the middle
of summer! Faintly Fragrant. (Summer)
2.5” pots, $12.00.
cluster type blooms.
Cattleya Caudebac
Blc. Waianae Leopard
‘Ching Hua’
make beautiful gifts for any occasion.
The selections will change weekly and may include an assortment of
Pansy-Faced Miltoniopsis,
Dendrobiums and more.
Call our offices or visit
our website for more
Pot. Golden Circle (First Bloom Seedling)
9232 Potinara Golden Circle
(Blc. Goldenzelle ‘High Noon’ x Slc. Circle of Life ‘Lone Jack’).
We are pleased to offer this latest remake of a famous compact growing cross. Vibrant orange to peach blooms on plants with sturdy dark,
green foliage. Prefers intermediate temperatures and light. (Winter)
Very limited quantities of 2.5” pots, $17.95.
Potinara Fran Jesel (First Bloom Seedling)
9222 Potinara Fran Jesel (Slc. Circle of Life x Pot. Lynette and Alan).
We have recently registered this adorable, cool growing cross.
The first to flower have been attractive orange and coral blooms
with deeper petal flares. Heavy substance and excellent, flat form.
Get yours while they last! *L* (Mid-Winter) Compact growing.
Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $15.95.
~ Gift
& Ideas
~ Ferns
& Foliage
Ferns & Foliage ~
Micro-Fern (Nephrolepis sp.)
We have had this remarkable miniature fern in our greenhouses for over two decades but until recently we have not been able to propagate it for sale. It has the look
of a large Boston Fern but matures to only about six inches tall with tiny fronds.
Slow growing and a perfect choice for terrariums and fairy gardens. Tropical.
2.5” pot, $9.95
Austral Gem Fern
(Asplenium dimorphum x difforme)
(Please note this is not the more common ‘Fluffy Ruffles’)
Ficus repens ‘Sunny Fig’
Ficus pumila ‘Quercifolia’
Also known as the Miniature Oak Leaf Fig.
A perfect choice for low light condi-
There is not a more perfect fern for deco-
This species seems made especially for ter-
tions or tight spaces though brighter
rating your home. This hybrid variety is
rariums! Slow to spread with tiny foliage
light promotes more white variega-
related to a birdsnest fern, and has heavy
that densely covers creeping stems. Also a
tion and tighter growth. This com-
almost plastic-like dark green foliage that
lovely addition to fairy gardens and bonsai
pact plant trails beautifully and is
is well suited for low indoor humidity. Al-
Do not allow media to dry out
good choice for mixed planters or
low top surface of media to dry before wa-
and fertilize lightly to prevent foliage burn.
as a stand alone specimen. To avoid
tering but do not keep dry for long as foli-
Prefers medium to bright indirect light.
wilting, water as soon as soil is dry.
age will droop. Tropical. 6” pot, $10.95
Tropical. 3” pot, $7.50
Tropical. 4” pot, $5.95
Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia ‘Duffi’)
This interesting selection is lightly fragrant with a lemony scent when touched. Fast
growing and perfect for hanging baskets or mixed planters. In tropical regions this fern
also makes a nice addition to shade gardens.
Maidenhair Fern ‘Fragrans’
(Adiantum raddianum Fragrantissimum )
Every year hundreds of these popular ferns fly off our benches to home growers, event
planners and garden centers. Tall, airy fronds give a delicate appearance. Keep soil
moist at all times to avoid browning and cultivate in low-medium light. High humidity
is a plus. We consider this a heavy feeder during the warmer, growing months and we
recommend fertilizing regularly. New crop of 4” pots, $5.95
Maidenhair Fern ‘Fritz Luthii’
(Adiantum raddianum “Fritz luth”)
Tropical Ferns and Houseplants generally prefer
temperatures of 55° and above though many can
tolerate short dips into the 40’s without damage.
Light requirements vary by species from low to
bright indirect light but not direct sun. The plants
Tropical. 6” pot, $10.95
on these pages are proven selections that will grow
well in most homes as well as tropical climates.
Victorian Birdsnest Fern
(Asplenium antiquum ‘Victoria’)
The foliage on this variety is more openly displayed than some species. Narrow fronds
with deeply ruffled edges unfurl from a rosette-like center. Allow top of media to dry
before watering. Bright indirect light. Tropical
6” pot, $10.95
tighter grower than most. Its bright green
foliage has an interesting characteristic.
The black wiry stems are visible on upper
side of the fronds, giving it an almost upside-down appearance. Beautiful, lush
and perfect in pots or hanging baskets.
Never allow the media to dry and keep
in low-medium light. A lovely addition to
your home! New crop of 4” pots, $5.95
Elephant Ear Staghorn Fern
(Platycerium elephantotis)
This species is native to east & central Africa and has large rounded fronds that
reach two feet or more in length at maturity. Considered one of the smaller members of this genus. Our plants are happily growing in 4” pots but are ready for either
hanging baskets or mounts if you wish. Very rare! 3.5” pot, $19.95
Cape Primrose (Streptocarpus hybrids)
These tropical gesneriads are closely related to African Violets and requires
much of the same care. Medium to bright indirect light and moderate temperatures such as you have in your home will be the perfect choice for these showy
plants. They prefer to be watered when soil is dry to the touch and foliage should
be kept dry whenever possible. Repot only when root bound, and then use snug
Trumpet shaped blooms appear on semi-sequential stems throughout the
year, though the biggest show will be in the spring and summer. We have a variety of new and heirloom cultivars in limited production. Our growers will select
the prettiest plants for your order. These will disappear fast!
This tropical fern is less common and a
4” pot, $12.50
Staghorn ferns are best suited for growing in sunrooms and greenhouses or outdoors in
warmer climates where they can be cultivated
year round. In nature, these epiphytes grow in
trees where leaf debris collects but drains freely. As plants gain in size, they can be grown in
well-draining wire baskets or on mounts. Allow media to dry slightly between watering to
avoid root rot. Bright indirect light is best. Keep plants above 40 degrees whenever possible and avoid overwatering.
Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum)
Native to bright, rainforest areas of New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand where
they grow attached to large trees. This species grows quickly and has large green
fronds covered in silver fuzz. Very ready for hanging mounts. 4” pots, $7.50.
~ Ferns & Foliage
Ferns & Foliage ~
Aloe ‘Twilight Zone’
Like the beautiful night sky, this selection
has white stars against a dark background.
Grows to only about 6” tall.
The perfect
novelty plant to add texture and interest to
succulent dish gardens 2.5” pot , $7.50
Aloe ‘White Fox’ (Aloe rauhii )
Aloe ‘Carnival’
This variety grows to about 10” tall when
Nothing is cuter than this dwarf succulent.
Mature plants will be approximately 6”
across and will send out side shoots freely.
Requires slightly more water to keep foliage hydrated. 2.5” pot, $7.50
mature and has a prolific clumping habit,
Light blue-green foliage with colorful salmon
markings on top and edges. Drought tolerant.
2.5” pot, $7.50
Novelty and Dwarf Aloe are becoming extremely popular with home growers. Unlike many species and more common crosses,
these plants have a very compact growth habit, often maturing to less than ten inches tall and preferring to stay in small containers.
Many new hybrids have colorful foliage and interesting markings, making them unusual additions to any home or office.
Gold Club Spikemoss
(Selaginella kraussiana aurea)
This low-growing, shade-loving moss can be cultivated in many ways:
(Selaginella uncinata)
Nothing compares to the color changing foliage of this showy species.
Dish gardens, terrariums, mixed shade planters or as a ground cover
In the spring, foliage is bright teal-green, with violet highlights. In
in warm climates. Keep soil moist at all times and re-plant or divide
the late fall and winter, foliage turns orange-rose color until warmer
as plants become root bound. Not frost hardy. 4” pots, $5.95.
weather. Hardy down to Zone 6.
4” pots, $5.95.
are members of the carnivorous Pitcher Plant
family. Since roots must be wet at all times, plants should be
grown in boggy conditions or sitting in saucers of water. Do not
use fertilizer, as plants will ‘catch’ all the food they require. Acclimate seedlings to full sun, for best performance and coloring.
Grow in a brightly lit window or sun room, as this will encourage full coloring. Water only when the top of the soil becomes dry and
just enough to keep foliage plump. Bring inside before frost. When repotting, use a fast draining media containing coarse grit to
prevent wet soil conditions. (Growers Note: Our plants are greenhouse grown and should be gradually adapted to bright or direct light.)
Sarracenia ‘Daina’s Delight’ (Sarracenia leucophylla x (x willisii)
Mature plants produce white pitchers heavily veined with bright
Aloe ‘Christmas Carol’
rose red. Hardy Zones 5-9 A new and drought tolerant hybrid
with festive coloring.
Peacock (Rainbow) Moss
2.5” pot, $12.50
Sarracenia ‘Carolina Yellow Jacket’
The textured
green leaves have cream speckles
Prolific plants with fat, golden-green pitchers that blush with
rose in strong light. Hardy Zones 4-9 2.5” pot, $12.50
and are edged with bright red. Adapt
plants into bright, direct light to promote the best coloring and more red
Begonia ‘Iron Cross’ (Begonia masoniana)
pigment on new growths. Water only
Light green textured leaves are marked with a bold chocolate brown
cross at the center. This tropical variety is an ideal choice for sunny
when very dry. 3” pot, $7.50
Pearl Plant
(Hawthoria margaritifera)
This small growing succulent hails
from South Africa and matures to
about 6” tall. Sturdy dark green foliage is sprinkled with faint white
markings, lending a pearly look.
Sends out side shoots freely and
grows in a variety of conditions. Be
mindful not to over water. New!
Young 2.5” pot, $7.50
Brazilian Eidelweiss
(Sinningia leucotricha)
4” pot, $5.95
Begonia ‘Red Robin’
culents. The light green foliage is covered in silvery
(Begonia rex hybrid)
Our newest offering and one that
we feel sure will become a customer favorite. This lovely compact rex variety
‘hairs’ giving it a fuzzy appearance. Tubular, salmon-
has satiny red leaves edged with black margins. A real eyecatcher! Tropical. 4” pots, $5.95
Great for collectors of the odd and unusual. This tuberous species can be grown like many indoor suc-
orange blooms appear early in the spring before leaves
are mature. Old foliage drops in late winter, to make
Begonia ‘Escargot’
(Begonia rex hybrid)
room for new growth. Very rare and in limited supply!
One of the most popular rex begonias on the market. Foliage is deeply spiraled with green and
4” pot, $12.50
silver swirls of color. Very unusual! Tropical. 4” pot, $5.95
~ Assorted Genera
Assorted Genera ~
9814 Dendrobium anceps x sibling
[sib cross of (‘Phelps farm’ x ‘Mendenhall’)].
It has been a long time since we have been able to offer
this rare and unusual species. Foliage appears to have
a braided look with miniature yellow blooms appearing in the spring. Can tolerate a range of conditions
but does best if shaded during the hottest months. Do
not allow to stay dry for long. Near Blooming Size
plants recently potted in 3” pots, $15.95.
10080 Dracula Swamp Fox (bella x cordobae).
The first flower from this remake had a 10” natural spread and currently holds twelve bloom spikes.
Keep in intermediate temperatures and do not allow
media to dry out before watering. In hot weather,
added airflow is a must. *L* (Spring-Various) Near
Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Dracula Swamp Fox
Dendrobium anceps
(Photo Courtesy of Lourens Grobler)
(Photo Shown Courtesy of Greg Uzar)
9399 Dendrobium kingianum.
Plants of this delightful species start flowering when
young but can easily become impressive specimens
over time. Great for beginners. Stems of dainty lavender, pink or purple blooms carry a sweet, floral
fragrance. Requires a temperature drop to promote
buds. (Winter) Blooming Size in 2.5” pots, $12.00
Dendrobium Angel Kisses
Vandafinetia (Bill Burke x Virgil)
(First Bloom Seedling)
(First Bloom Seedling)
9542 Vanda Paki x Vanda Bill Burke.
Our first to flower have been everything we could hope for in this compact hybrid. Strong stems of waxy cream-yellow blooms with striking red
lip markings. (Spring-Early Summer) Husky plants sent Bare-Root and
ready for 4” Hanging Baskets, $15.95.
10008 Vanda Bill Burke x Vandafinetia Virgil ‘#1’ 4N.
This cross is showing strong influence from its tetraploid parent. Plants are
compact with slender foliage and the not quite miniature blooms are pale
with pink to red lip coloring. *L* (Spring-Early Summer) Blooming Size
plants sent Bare-Root and ready for 2.5” pots, $8.95.
9680 Darwinara Walnut Valley
(Charm ‘Blue Star’ x Virgil ‘#1’).
One of our most popular miniature offerings. Dwarf
plants display showers of blooms in a range of soft blue,
lavender, pink and white tones. Very fragrant with the
scent of honeysuckle. *L* (Summer-Various) Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Dendrobium Angel’s Breath
(First Bloom Seedling)
9615 Dendrobium Angel Kisses
(Ise ‘Colorful’ x Angel Baby ‘Newberry’ AM/AOS).
We have been very impressed with this new miniature hybrid. Free flowering, small plants cover
themselves in pale pink or white blooms. Plants
are not deciduous like many crosses. *L* (Various) Blooming Size plants in 2.5” pots, $12.00.
Vanda (Paki x Bill Burke)
(First Bloom Seedling)
Dendrobium kingianum
9619 Den. Angel’s Breath
(Himezakura ‘Sanokku’ x Ise ‘Colorful’).
We know you will love this charming compact
grower. Tidy plants with round pink, white or
lavender blooms, some with darker eye coloring. (Late Winter-Various) Pretty, Blooming
Size plants in 2.5” pots, $12.00.
Darwinara Walnut Valley
(First Bloom Seedling)
9266 Neofinetia falcata ‘Mendenhall’ x self.
The famous Japanese Wind Orchid. This strain has produced a number of plants with pink blushed blooms.
Miniature plants perfect for beginners. *L* (Summer)
Blooming Size plants, New in 3” pots, $12.00.
M10233 Phal. Crème de Menthe ‘Newberry’.
Our newest mericlone and exclusive to Carter & Holmes.
Blooms are frosty white with a mint green overlay on the
front and back of each petal. Very long-lasting flowers
with sparkling texture. This was hand-picked from one of
Lenette Greenhouses last crosses. *L* (Late Spring) Near
Blooming Size 3” pots, $19.50.
(Group of First Bloom Seedlings)
10030/10034 Trichopilea suavis.
The species name means “smooth” or “sweet smelling”
which refers to the decadent, fresh-cut rose fragrance
carried by the pink and white blooms. Plants have
thin foliage atop low growing pseudobulbs. Requires
cool to intermediate conditions to avoid leaf burn, and
must have constant moisture near the roots. *L* (Early
Spring) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Trichopilea suavis
Brassia Sunrise Glow
‘Phelp’s Farm’
M8563 Brassia Sunrise Glow ‘Phelps Farm’ AM/AOS.
This unusual Spider Orchid, has some of the largest
blooms we have seen with a spread over 16” long. Slightly Fragrant. Warm grower. (Summer) 2.5” pots, $8.95.
Neofinetia falcata
9679 Phal. Connie Moody
(Phal. Venus ‘Little Stripes’ x celebensis).
We have bred this charming novelty from our vividly
striped form of Phalaenopsis Venus. Long, sequential
bloom stems with pink and white striped flowers. The
pendant foliage makes this an excellent choice for baskets and mount culture. *L* (Summer-Various) Blooming Size plants in 3” pots, $19.50.
Phal. Creme de Menthe
Phal. Connie Moody
~ Ladyslippers
10032 Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara
(haynaldianum album x primulinum).
Graceful, upright stems of apple green blooms with
lighter, slightly curly petals. Each inflorescence can
produce up to four flowers. Grow seedlings in low to
medium light but mature plants in medium to bright
light. Foliage is light green in color, due to its alba parentage. (Spring-Summer) 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara
Paph. Pinocchio
9963 Paph. Pinocchio
(moquettianum x primulinum).
Our most popular ladyslipper, hands down. Easy to
grow with sequential stems that can produce a continuos show of blooms for years at a time. *L* (Various)
Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $12.00.
Orchid Growing Supplies
*Best Sellers*
We are pleased to list a selection of orchid supplies for the hobby grower. These are products we use at our nursery and we recommend
them to you without hesitation. For a complete list see the Supply section of our website.
Prices listed do not include packing & shipping. Heavy or bulky supplies may be shipped separately from orchid orders to reduce shipping costs and avoid damage to plants. In this case, we charge our customers actual shipping cost for supplies.
Sticky Strips
These handy cards are covered with a non-toxic adhesive goo to trap destructive or annoying insects
such as thrips, white flies and fungus gnats. Especially
helpful when growing inside the home.
10038 Paph. Olivia ‘TooGooDoo’ x self .
The parent was hand selected from the antique cross of
niveum x tonsum. Seedlings will have waxy blooms and
show a range of pink and cream shades. Dark variegated foliage on fast growing plants. *L* (Spring) Near
Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $12.00.
9553 Paph. Fried Green Tomatoes.
(Paph. Newberry Halo x Paph. Emerald Brocade).
We have a bountiful crop of this gorgeous chartreusegreen complex hybrid. Large blooms with slightly rippled edges and a contrasting white dorsal edge. (Winter)
Beautiful Blooming Size plants in 3.5” pots, $24.95.
5 cards for $3.95
Paph. Olivia ‘TooGooDoo’
Paph. Fried Green Tomatoes
~ Paphiopedilum delenatii ~
and its hybrids
13½” x 10½”
26” x 10½”
29½” x 13½”
38½” x 6½”
26¼” x 6½”
26” x 19½”
Peat Mix
Cypress Blend
Single Size $ 2.50 $2.50
1/4 cubic foot $ 6.50
1 cubic foot $15.00
$12.00 2 cubic feet $25.00
Peat Mix- Excellent for most Phalaenopsis
up through 6” pots. Can also be used for
Jewel Orchids and young Cymbidiums.
Cypress Blend- We use and recommend
this for most orchids in all sizes, from
compots to specimens.
Superthrive- Vitamins & Hormones
Recommended for recently transplanted orchids, ferns and other foliage.
1 oz
2 oz
4 oz
Paphiopedilum delenatii
Paphiopedilum Deperle
Paphiopedilum Delrosi
(Photo Courtesy of Milton Carpenter)
10104 Paph. delenatii ‘Shapely’ x ‘Dumbo’.
This grex represents continued line breeding
for exceptionally round blooms with large
petals and intense pink coloring. Compact
plants with dark variegated foliage. Recommended for all types of growing conditions
and especially for beginners. Blooms carry a
faint, sweet scent. *L* (Spring) Near Blooming Size 2.5” pots, $15.95
10120 Paphiopedilum Deperle
(delenatii ‘QF’ x primulinum).
We have remade this novelty cross with high
expectations. Semi-sequential stems of light
pink and possibly cream colored blooms will
appear in the late spring and summer months.
Foliage has silvery green variegation. New
and Unusual! *L* (Various) Pretty Plants in
2.5” pots, $15.95.
10109 Paphiopedilum Delrosi
(rothschildianum x delenatii).
Our remake of this proven cross uses two excellent parents with good form and intense
coloring. The results will be tall, elegant
stems of striking raspberry striped blooms
on large growing plants. Mature plants will
require brighter light than the seedlings.
(Spring) New in 2.5” pots, $15.95.
Grow-More 20-10-20
(Urea free) Recommended
as an all-purpose year round
food for most orchids. $ 7.50
10 oz
1¼ lb
3 lbs
CAL-MAG (15-5-15) Perfect for Phalaenopsis
and Ladyslippers. ½ lb
$ 2.50
1¼ lb $ 5.95
Dyna-Grow Orchid Pro 7-8-6
Excellent for growing in the
home or under artificial lights.
8 fl oz $ 9.95
$ 6.50
$ 8.75
Bayer Advanced Rose
& Flower Insect Killer
For mealy bugs, scale and
other critters. Ready to use
spray bottle. 24 oz $10.00
Safer’s Insecticidal Soap
An organic solution to everyday insect problems.
Ready to use spray bottle.
32 oz $12.95
Deadline Slug Bait
The first line of defense
against slugs and snails.
Ready to use.
Quart $16.95