CARTA 2020
The College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) provides our students with the distinct experience of working closely with an awardwinning faculty, in nationally ranked accredited programs, in the heart of Miami and Miami Beach— two of the country’s most vibrant,
diverse, and creative cities!
Unique in our composition and driven by our engaged mission and commitment to interdisciplinary curricula that prepare our graduates
for meaningful careers and leadership in their chosen profession, we offer 9 graduate and 8 undergraduate degrees within 7
departments: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design, Art + Art History,
Communication Arts, Music, and Theatre.
To use the power of
architecture + the arts to
create, innovate, and
inspire solutions to
local challenges with
national and global
Respond to talent needs
to support South
Florida’s development as
an international
epicenter for
architecture, arts,
design, and culture.
BeyondPossible 2020
Build upon the success
of the college's
outstanding faculty and
nationally ranked
accredited programs.
Creative Economy
Academic Excellence
Align annual academic
performance goals with
those identified in the
university’s strategic
By 2020, the College of
Architecture + The Arts
(CARTA) will be
recognized nationally as
a preeminent college
operating at the
forefront of innovative
teaching, learning,
engagement, research,
and creative activities.
College of Architecture + The Arts
Since our inception in 2006, we have emerged as a forward-thinking college that has successfully integrated interdisciplinary arts and
design curricula and effectively partnered with public, private, and non-profit institutions. In support of our mission, we have strategically
expanded FIU’s footprint to Lincoln Road on Miami Beach and have been enthusiastically embraced and financially supported by alumni
and the community.
Miami | South Florida
Driven by a flourishing creative economy, South Florida’s economic revitalization has transformed Miami into a global city recognized as
one of the most important arts communities in the nation. Celebrated for its diversity, Miami is the 4th largest urban area in the nation,
and it has become a model city-of-the-future as it explores innovative solutions to local challenges that have national and global
Just as Miami has developed into an innovative, global city, FIU -- Miami’s first and only public university -- has also emerged as a
globally engaged, innovative leader in higher education. With over 200,000 alumni, FIU has become a very high research institution and
has positioned itself over the past five decades as one of South Florida’s anchor institutions. Guided by the BeyondPossible2020
strategic plan, FIU serves as an economic engine and solution center for our local and global communities. With a student body of more
than 54,000 students, FIU ranks among the top-5 largest universities in the country, and awards more bachelor’s and master’s degrees to
Hispanic students than any other university in the nation.
Freedom of thought and
Excellence in teaching
in the pursuit,
dissemination of
knowledge and
Respect for the dignity
of the individual.
Respect for the
Honesty, integrity, and
Strategic, operational,
and service excellence.
Prepare our graduates for seamless career opportunities, leadership roles, and for further education in order to meet the
current and future job market demands.
Ensure access, affordability, and success by expanding our recruitment, scholarship, academic advising,
retention, graduation, career services, and online education initiatives.
Integrate internships, service learning, and study abroad opportunities into all degree programs.
Partner with industry to promote learning, research, creative activities, and new degree programs that meet
the needs of the local, national, and global creative economies.
Enhance student-centered activities by creating student-gathering locations and by hosting prominent artists,
designers, scholars, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, and events.
Increase our sponsored research profile and devise non-monetary metrics that effectively capture the impact of our
research and creative activities.
Incentivize funded research and creative activities that drive innovation and economic development.
Foster integrated, interdisciplinary creative activities and research solutions that establish the college as a
national voice in STEM to STEAM (A = Art + Design) conversations and initiatives.
Launch the Miami Creative City Research Initiative, an interdisciplinary project with the Creative Class
Group, to identify the factors accelerating Greater Miami's transformation into a creative economy, and
specifically, the college’s impact on Miami’s creative talent base.
Grow FIU By Design, an interdisciplinary research and service entity within the college, into a meaningful
solution center that supports our community with design, artistic, technical, consulting, and planning expertise.
Hire, retain, and promote faculty and staff whose knowledge, skills, and experiences are strategically aligned with our
teaching, learning, engagement, research, and creative activity goals.
Support faculty and staff development by recognizing and incentivizing excellence.
Optimize faculty and staff success by investing in infrastructure, facilities, equipment, and technology.
Develop the necessary resources to address salary compression issues.
Promote intellectually rewarding interdisciplinary collaborations.
Brian Schriner, Dean
Through the hard work
and commitment of the
faculty, students, staff,
alumni, and patrons,
CARTA’s recent 5-Year
Productivity Report
reveals a College on
the ascent.
1,221% increase in
the philanthropic
1,105% increase in
the dollar amount of
externally funded grant
Obtain university designation of preeminence for our programs and initiatives.
68% increase in
Sustain prominent positions in academic productivity rankings and leadership roles in national and
international professional organizations that enhance the reputation and strengthen the credibility and brand of
the university and the college.
Address emerging global challenges and concerns by leveraging strengths, challenges, opportunities, and
characteristics unique to the college and South Florida.
Offer unique, interdisciplinary and sustainable learning, creative activities, and research opportunities.
Leverage public partnerships to provide paths to externally funded grants and philanthropy.
master’s degrees
Ensure existing resources are invested strategically and new sources of revenue are generated in support of innovative
teaching, learning, engagement, research, and creative activities.
Pursue aggressive, integrated public relations and fundraising campaign in support of the university’s Next
Horizon capital campaign.
Maximize financial efficiencies by strategically allocating resources in accordance with zero-based, incentivebased, and performance based budget philosophies.
Pursue naming rights for the college, departments, facilities, faculty positions, staff positions, and
undergraduate and graduate scholarships.
Diversify revenue streams by incentivizing innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.
46% increase in the
number of majors.
34% increase in
fundable student credit
hours (FSCH).
18% increase in the
number of full-time
faculty members.
$2.2 million
increase in auxiliary
revenues, a 243%
Build upon the success of the CARTA | Miami Beach Urban Studios by expanding our community-based, innovation
$2 million increase
Enhance curriculum, research, and economic development opportunities at the CARTA | Miami Beach Urban
Studios by establishing the Innovation Lab, the nation’s first networked, 3-D printer maker space housed in
an arts and design college.
Develop the [email protected] World Stage Collaborative to include a performing and visual arts series that
reflects the depth and breadth of the unique public-private partnership.
Establish permanent academic residency at the Coconut Grove Playhouse.
Develop an innovation center in the heart of Miami’s arts and design district that will become an international
destination for the study of contemporary arts, design, and architecture.
in Educational and
General (E&G) funding
from the Office of the
Provost, an 18%