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How to get started
Clever Car Hire
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Smart way to make money on rental
It’s a great idea to provide customers with loan vehicles, but you
deserve to be rewarded for going through all the trouble. We can
show you how you can successful rent out cars to your customers
and get paid for it.
an accident
agreement which sets
out the process for how
we can help you make
Complete a claim
By renting out a car to your
form to tell us about
your customer’s
accident. Ask us where
you can source the
replacement vehicle for
your customer.
customer you can make as much
money as you do on the repairs.
Sometimes even more.
Keep the Job
Write off Profits
Keep it Simple
Customers demand
replacement cars.
Keep your customer
by putting them into
a loan vehicle so you
can get on fixing their
Make money by
providing a rental car
to your customers even
when their car is
uneconomical to repair
You don’t need a
license to rent out
vehicles, and the
rental car does not
need to be
registered to the
smash repairer.
Email us a copy of
the hire car agreement
and hire car invoice.
Our team will recover
this money from the
insurer and then forward
it to the repairer.
1300 CLAIM 1
[email protected]
Level 5, 301 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW, 2002
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