May 23 and 24 2015

Workshops at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
with Caroline Marie Dupont, M.Sc., RHN
Working with Emotional Eating
Sat. May 23 from 10 am to 1 pm
The greatest obstacle to applying what we know about nutrition in a consistent, dynamic and effortless
way, are our emotions. They are also our greatest allies. Explore the underlying causes of food
struggles, learn how to access your innate knowledge around food and health, take home practices that
can be applied to your daily life, and share what you learn with your clients. Discover why in order to
make peace with food, it's essential to access the peace that is always present within ourselves that
consistently guides us to empowered and life-supportive choices.
Taking the Vegan Diet to the Next Level
Sat. May 23 from 2 to 5 pm
Vegan and living foods diets are one of most promising trends in the world of personal and planetary
health and peace. Yet, as a nutrition teacher and practitioner, and trainer of natural nutritionists, I see
many sincere people floundering in their efforts to make their plant-based diets really work for them in
a way that is simple, satisfying and healing. Discover the key elements of a successful and healing
plant-based diet, practical ideas for applying these principles, and the most common mistakes as well
as the most common deficiencies, and how to avoid them.
Meditation For Health
Sun. May 24 from 10 am to 1 pm
Lifestyle changes alone are often not enough for deeply healing the physical body, because they may
not get to the root cause of most diseases which is blocked energy. Meditation is a powerful tool for
clearing the energy field, working with challenging emotions, tapping into intuition to discover our
unique healing path, making the body-spirit connection and connecting to the source of healing within.
Learn what true meditation is and experience practices to help yourself and your clients heal deeply.
Cost: $25 for 1, $45 for 2, $60 for all 3
Register at CSNN Ottawa, practicum hours apply
(Register before May 15 and receive a complimentary meditation CD.)
~ Students and general public welcome ~
A senior instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Toronto branches,
Caroline is an RHN, spiritual counselor, meditation teacher,
energy worker and Yoga teacher.
… health and peace are already here …