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May 6, 2015
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VOL. 9, NO. 09 • May 6, 2015
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It Is Time!
People’s Manifesto
aunching what
they called “the
People’s Manifesto” in modest style
at Stabroek Market’s
South Georgetown Bus
Park, during the April 30
afternoon, the A Partnership
for National Unity +Alliance for
Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition
made public their official plans
for the country should they get
into power after Guyana’s May
11 Elections. Surrounded by a
sizeable gathering of ordinary
citizens, invited organisations
and party officials, the Coalition announced their plans to
turn Guyana back into a country that all can be proud of.
Inspired by the people, for the
best interests of the people, the
“People’s Manifesto includes a
100-day implementation plan,
as well as a five-year strategy,
which the Coalition boasts will
be used to eradicate the major
ills affecting Guyanese society.
Presidential candidate
David Granger opined that
the party chose to launch
its Manifesto, not at a grand
Marriot or as a glitzy affair,
but among the people because
it is, “the People’s Manifesto”.
He said that the country has
six peoples and the Coalition
is made up of six parties. In
like manner the Manifesto
wages war on six areas of
deep concern in the country.
The Manifesto is about us
fighting wars against crime,
corruption, cronyism, poverty, disunity and dictatorship,
Granger said.
Using the issue of poverty
as a prime example, Granger
said there are too many poor
people in the country, “not
because Guyana is a poor
country, but simply because
the ruling PPP government is
‘thiefing’ too much!”
t Is Time. Joey
Jagan, Guyana’s
most beloved
former Head of State
Dr Cheddi Jagan’s
son has said it. Alvin
Kallicharran has
said it and we should
too. It is time for
Guyana to rid itself
of the racial shackles
that have stymied its
development for the
past fifty years by
voting for the change
the APNU+AFC offers
in the May 11 General
Since 1964 Guyana’s development has been hindered
by a racially oriented battle
for governmental supremacy
between parties wholly representative of its two main
ethnic groups, the Afro-Guyanese oriented PNC and the
Indo-Guyanese supported
PPP. The consequences have
been disastrous.
The PNC’s twenty-eight
year (1964 – 1992) rule was
characterized by rigged
elections, massive “brain
drain” immigration of
its most talented citizens
and economic devastation
that resulted in Guyana’s
classification as one of the
world’s poorest countries.
Swept to power by the
numerical superiority of its
Indo-Guyanese supporters
during the 1992 Elections,
the PPP/Civic’s record in the
twenty-three years since has
been just as bad, if not worse.
Under the PPP’s tenure,
Guyana’s capital city
Georgetown, once regarded
as the Garden City of the
Caribbean has since become
the Region’s Garbage City.
Immigration has so increased
that the country’s population
is actually declining. Guyana
was recently labelled the
most corrupt country in the
Caribbean, South America’s
poorest and in possession
of one of the world’s highest
suicide rates.
The most damning
indicator of the PPP’s
shortcomings however, is
that it now still has to rely on
the numeric superiority of its
Indo-Guyanese supporters
to retain its hold on power.
In other words it has done
absolutely nothing to achieve
a collective sense of national
unity among Guyana’s
The definition of insanity
is to do the same thing
repeatedly while expecting
different results. Fifty
years of racially oriented
politics having yielded such
unsatisfactory consequences,
Guyanese should instead give
change a chance. Come May
11 they should embrace the
opportunity the APNU+AFC
Coalition offers for a united,
peaceful and developed
May 6, 2015
Asha Leaf -Caribbean Loose Leaf Teas:
“ The warmth of the Caribbean in every cup.”
n the Caribbean, loose leaf
tea or in traditional lingo
‘bush tea’, is essential to the
culture. Made from local herbal
plants, loose leaf tea is used for
its various health benefits as a
means of maintaining an overall
state of well-being and charismatic quality of life.
Asha Leaf, which recently launched
its own line of Loose Leaf teas, aims to
share the warmth and majesty of the
Caribbean experience by utilizing traditionally used herbs combined with dried
fruits, flowers and other forms of vegetation to create enticing and rejuvenating tea infusions. Asha Leaf’s premium
Caribbean loose leaf teas are made from
delicately hand-picked and sun-dried
whole leaves and ingredients. Filled
with nourishment and pleasant aromas,
high in antioxidants, free of artificial
ingredients, added sugars, pesticides,
chemicals or GMO’s, Asha Leaf tea is
natural as natural can be. Along with its commitment to fair
trade and general sense of social responsibility, Asha Leaf provides far more than
tea. Each purchase of their teas supports
the empowerment of small scale Caribbean farmers and their local communities, through sustainable income generation and employment creation.
One of the farms Asha Leaf works
closely with to produce their teas is Gingerfield Farms. Dominica based, Gin-
gerfield Farms produces all organically
grown, and delicately hand selected,
sun-dried loose leaves, fruits and vegetation from the island’s rich riverside
soils. The farm is run by a woman of
‘Kalinago’ descent, a population indigenous to the Caribbean islands. Her tea
leaf cultivation and processing activities is supported by a team of Kalinago
women from within the local community. This beautiful farm is located
near the Rainforest, sulfur springs and
magnificent mountains of Dominica!
Pleasant Guavaya is one of Asha Leaf’s
most popular tea brand offerings. Pleasant Guavaya is a delightful Caribbean
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Included among Asha Leaf’s Soothing Lemoninger’s many benefits are its capacities to maintain low blood sugar, reduce
blood pressure, lower cholesterol and act
as a digestive aid. It is also rich in various
forms of antioxidants and can relieve insomnia. Its ingredients are organic lemon
grass, ginger and guava leaves
Asha Leaf’s Amazing Sour-Sop targets
those wishing to “honour their health!”
Described as amazing while being
known and appreciated for its outstanding therapeutic properties, sour-sop
leaves are a sure way to maintain an
overall state of well-being. Asha Leaf’s
Amazing Sour-Sop teas marvelous benefits include the abilities to relieve back
pain and cure Uric Acic while preventing diseases and infections.
Mighty Citrus, Asha Leaf’s fourth
loose leaf tea brand tempts those wishing
to “seize the moment, ”by nourishing and
awakening their senses with a mouthwatering explosion of heartwarming
aroma and citrus essence! Mighty Citrus’
tantalizing flavours of orange, lemon and
grapefruit leaves combine to fuel spirits
with new insight and motivation. This
tea truly embodies the ‘Caribbean getaway’ experience, while providing the additional benefits of detoxifying, reduced
nervousness and improved digestion.
To learn more Asha Leaf’s tea brands,
their Corporate mission and the farmers they work with, visit their website
The Tastiest Doubles, Rotis,
Dalpuries & Parathas
TEL: 416.561.1258
FAX: 416.249.9490
[email protected]
fruit infusion. Each of its ingredients possesses a unique quality of its own, creating a marriage between the tender aroma
and taste of guava & papaya with the zest
and kick of the orange peel, along with
Asha Leaf’s unique blend of citrus leaves.
In addition to being most pleasing to the
senses, this tea is also high in nutritional
value. Adding a fresh lemon slice or a little
raw cane sugar can intensify the drinking
pleasure it provides.
Consumption of Asha Leaf’s Pleasant
Guavaya teas provides several inherent
benefits. It serves as a digestive aid, is rich
in antioxidants and is aromatic as well.
Pleasant Guavaya, the ingredients of
which are organic papaya, guava and
orange peel, as well as a citrus blend of
lemon, orange & grapefruit leaves, is
best steeped for at least 8-10 minutes in
water which has been heated water to a
boiling point of 208 degrees/ 98 degrees
Celsius. It can be combined with at least
two pieces of papaya.
Asha Leaf’s Soothing Lemoninger teas allow drinkers to “retreat peacefully!’ A peaceful blend of Caribbean
treasure, it is ideally suited for those
wishing to relax and unwind after a long
fulfilled day. Retreating with a cup of
Soothing Lemoninger in hand, drinkers
can sit back and allow the Lemon grass
to calm their minds. All the while indulging in the subtle spice of ginger and
the sweet after taste of guava leafs.
Not only will this tea pamper your
spirit, it will also promote good health.
13 Kenview Blvd., Brampton, ON
905-791-ROTI (7684)
w w w. A l i m a s . t e l
May 6, 2015
aribbean Jewel
he Ranji Singh Foundation (RSF), a non-profit
charitable organization,
has announced its plans for
hosting the 2015 Caribbean &
South Asian Showcase as a two
day Festival and in conjunction with two days of Softball
Cricket. The CASAS Festival celebrates an exciting, inviting
intercultural exchange of music,
dance, food and fashion that
reflect the rich artistic and cultural contributions to the Canadian mosaic. Patrons are treated to
the Caribbean’s vibrant sounds of steel
drums, dances, calypso, reggae, soca,
and French creole zouk intermingling,
with South Asia’s classical and Bollywood dances, Bhangra, Garba, songs,
tablas and other cultural performances.
The artistic lineup includes award winning Pan Fantasy Steelband, Nachdi
Jawani, Destiny Entertainment, Glenn
Marais Band, South Asian classical and
Bollywood dancers, Levistasyon Zouk
Band, Caribbean Folk Performers, Junior Whisper, Mon-T-Hama plus deejays
Terry, Jus Flow and Andy. There will be fashion and craft vendors, yummy Island foods, South Asian
curries, rotis, chutneys, fresh coconut
water and a cash bar. Community
engagement will be fostered through a
KidsZone, splashpad, interactive music
and dance and informative demonstrations and workshops.
CASAS Festival will be held at Newmarket’s Riverwalk Commons (200
Doug Duncan Drive) from noon to 11:00
pm on Saturday, June 27 and from noon
to 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 28.
NG O: A, A, A, ,
T O YA , S D
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Carib Girl Windies
Cricket Fan!
In honour of the West
Indies cricket team’s most
welcome recent Series tying
Test Match win against
archenemy England, we
are pleased to feature
this lovely Carib Girl
Windies cricket fan. Truly
an embodiment of Carib
Beer’s spirit as the Beer of
the Caribbean!
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May 6, 2015
Philosophy, Objectives And Action Plans For
One Party, Future Visions From The Other
s Guyana’s May 11 General Elections approaches, both of the main contesting political parties, the ruling
People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/Civic) as well as the Opposition A Partnership For National Unity –
Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition have since released their respective manifestos. Titled “ Guyana 2.0” the PPP Civic’s Manifesto, which was released much earlier than that of APNU+AFC Coalition, outlines
the ruling Party’s plans to reform Guyana within the next five years. By contrast the APNU+AFC Coalition’s “It Is
Time” Manifesto outlines its philosophy, objectives and concrete action plans for addressing Guyana’s major ailments which it has identified as being crime, corruption, cronyism, poverty, disunity and dictatorship.
The following are outlines of the
respective Manifestos:
• PPP/Civic’s VISION 2020
• A united country where all our
people regardless of gender, race,
ethnicity or religious affiliation can
continue to reach new heights in
peace and harmony.
• A proud country playing a leadership role in regional and hemispheric
cooperation and integration.
• A beacon of environmental steward
ship for the rest of the world and a
leader in charting a new developmental path for green growth.
• A country that is a model of cultural
and religious tolerance.
• A country where our people respect
hard work and honest living.
• A democratic country governed by
the rule of law and where the Constitution is sacrosanct; where the rights
and freedoms of the individual are
safeguarded and where there are effective and efficient law enforcement
and judicial systems in place.
• A nation where poverty is eliminated and where the fruits of economic growth are fairly and equitably
distributed. THE PPP/C IS ABOUT
• A globally respected, sovereign
and independent Guyana with
secure borders, enjoying friendly
and good relations with our neighbours.
• A country with a sustainable,
expanded, modern and diversified economy with new frontiers
of economic growth, job-creation
programmes and transformative
• A Guyana with modern industries,
innovative technologies, attracting
investment, improving the competiveness of our goods and services and a
Brand Guyana boosting growth.
• A nation linked through markets and
communications to the rest of the
world, a gateway to South America
and a hub for markets to the North
and South.
• A country where transparency and accountability are principles that guide
our work.
• A country with equal opportunities for all; where people can access
opportunities to pursue their goals
as workers, farmers, entrepreneurs
and professionals in a safe and secure
• A country where children can
work towards and achieve their
• A country providing world class
healthcare and educational services
to all its people; technical and tertiary
education for all to meet the needs of
• A caring and responsible society in
which the needs of the elderly and
retired are taken care of so that they
can spend their golden years in even
greater dignity.
• A Guyana where the security
services are properly resourced to
guarantee internal security and so
be able to protect our territorial
• A Nation that ensures the social,
emotional and mental wellbeing of
its citizens, particularly the most
vulnerable groups ( women, children,
disabled, elderly and youth).
• Implementing a governance model
of empowering and devolving
greater responsibilities and autonomy to local government authorities; deepening inclusivity and
bringing decision making closer to
the people.
• Support the development of Amerindian People’s quality of life so as
to ensure cultural preservation and
social advancement.
Launched at Stabroek Market on April
30, the APNU+AFC Coalition’s ‘It Is
Time” Manifesto outlines its philosophy, objectives and action plans as
• Perhaps nothing is more important
to APNU+AFC than being a change
agent for healing and reconciliation
in our beloved Guyana. Since the beginning of our recorded history, we
have known conflict and strife, most
notably in the deliberate manipulation of the races by our colonial
rulers to ensure that, until today,
we remain distrustful, disrespectful and disdainful of each other. It
is our quest to pick up the mantle of
those who have gone before by working assiduously to achieve a better
understanding and appreciation of
each other so as to forge consensus
and, ultimately, a united, peaceful
and developed Guyana. Thankfully,
most Guyanese are committed to
working towards a unified Guyana.
APNU+AFC will make every effort
to forge healing and reconciliation,
thereby preventing tension and
to establishing lasting peace and
prosperity. To this end, APNU+AFC
will take a multi-pronged approach
to healing and reconciliation by addressing the following areas:
Governance :
• Allowing cultural and religious
leaders to advise Cabinet on policy
• De-politicising and strengthening the Ethnic Relations Commission, Women and Gender Equality
Commission, Indigenous Peoples
Commission and Rights of the Child
• Ensuring that citizens’ complaints
against state officials are heard and
addressed by enhancing the prominence and importance of the Office of
the Ombudsman.
Education and Culture :
• Including subjects in our schools’
curricula that will lead to a better
understanding and appreciation of
our origin, cultures and religions,
and encourage civic responsibility.
• Establishing research programmes
at the University of Guyana to study
the causes of ethnic and racial tension and conflict in our society and
make recommendations on how to
address these.
Social and Economic Disparities :
• Instituting Community peace and reconciliation programmes for settling
disputes and differences by peaceful
• Reforming the land and house lot
distribution systems to remove bias,
Legal: Graphic Design: discrimination and fraud.
• Addressing issues of “ancestral lands”
and land rights of our Indigenous
• Ensuring as far as possible that
when government contracts are
awarded, a minimum of 50% of contractors and employees live in the
administrative regions where the
works will take place.
• Ensuring that all Guyanese have
equal access to education, housing,
health care and justice.
The APNU+AFC Coalition Is Resolutely
Committed To:
• Establish and entrench an inclusionary democracy through the appointment of a Government of National
Unity which would create opportunities for the participation of citizens
and their organisations in the management and decision-making processes of the state, with particular
emphasis on the areas of decisionmaking that affect their well-being.
• Governance that is transparent and
accountable while placing emphasis
on national development for the benefit of all our people.
• The implementation of a sustained
programme for the healing, reconciliation and social integration of the
nation. In this context, all legal, political and economic improprieties would
be dealt with within the framework of
the Rule of Law, without any form of
• Setting Guyana on a path where all
Guyanese regardless of ethnicity
and geography can feel fully motivated to be proud of our nation and
afforded the opportunity to make
meaningful contributions to the
society while successfully caring for
themselves and family.
• The creation of a Guyana in which
all citizens can live productive lives
free from the ravages of poverty,
secure in their homes and in their
communities and enjoy the benefits
of political, social, economic and
cultural development.
• Come May 11, Guyana’s population
will demonstrate through their votes,
which of the two Manifestos it deems
more appealing.
Tony McWatt
Sandra Ann Baptiste, Akua Hinds,
Christine Reid, Sir Ronald Sanders,
Oumarally and Baboolal
Adryan Manasan ( | 416.716.2362)
Website: • Tel: 905.831-4402 • Fax: 416.292.2943 • Email: [email protected]
May 6, 2015
No More
Red Caps?
ST JOHN’s, Antigua With their
bright yellow shirts and signature red hats, the Red Caps are
a part of life at the VC Bird International Airport, but they may
soon be a thing of the past. During a scheduled walk-through
of the new terminal, on May 1,
airport officials announced that
the well-known baggage carriers
will no longer be allowed inside
the establishment. Instead, passengers will use baggage trolleys stationed at the airport to
transport their luggage, while
the Red Caps will be relegated
to waiting outside.
Similar systems exist in London
and at many airports throughout
Europe and the United States.
The trolleys are usually available
at a cost.
Meantime, speaking at the
launch of the soon-to-be new carrier JetBlue, on Friday, Minister of
Aviation, Robin Yearwood touted
the amenities available in the new
facility, including its baggage handling system.
Tourism Minister Asot Michael
also heralded the new airport.
“Our new terminal has been
designed to meet the needs of
today’s modern travellers and will
give the destination a competitive
advantage. It will also expand our
capacity for conducting business
and will increase our carrier and
landing capacity,” he said.
One of the Red Caps told local
media the change, however, will be
hard on the group.
“Yes; it’s going to affect us in
many different ways, because we’re
not going to get to go inside and
probably when the people and
them get outside they not going to
want no help.”
The man, who did not want to
be named, said the group has had
one meeting with airport officials
to discuss how the move would
affect them and were scheduled
to have follow-up talks afterwards.
However those discussions have
not been forthcoming.
Strategy People
Financial & Planning Consultants
Wishing all the mothers among our valued clients
Eden Gajraj
Managing Partner
[email protected]
38 Norhead Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1S 2X6
May 6, 2015
Life Sentences for St
Lucia’s Cathedral Killer
CASTRIES, St.Lucia, Two men accused of
setting fire to worshippers 15 years ago,
have been sentenced to life imprisonment.
After spending 14 years in jail
during which a re-trial was held, the
sentence was handed down on Friday
in the High Court.
The men – Kim John and Francis Phillip were sentenced in the aftermath of
the December 31, 2000 tragedy in which
stormed into the Minor Basilica of the
Immaculate Conception here, shortly
after midnight dousing worshippers with
gasolene and setting them on fire.
They also bludgeoned Sister Theresa
Egan, 73, to death while Rev. Charles
Gaillard, 62, died from severe burns to
his body.
In all, close to a dozen worshippers
suffered burns in the attack.
The men had pleaded guilty to manslaughter after the Privy Council overturned their death sentence for murder.
The crime – one of the heinous in St.
Lucia’s history, the police said the men
declared that they were Rastafarian
prophets sent by God to fight corruption
in the Catholic Church.
EU Funds Project To
Help Protect Coconut
Farming Industry
CASTRIES, St Lucia, The European Union is financing a project
aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale coconut
farmers by identifying market
opportunities, creating synergies
between national and regional
programmes and improving
access to advisory services for
improved production.
The Caribbean Agricultural
Research and Development Institute (CARDI) in partnership with
the Geneva-based International
Trade Centre (ITC) and the EU
are implementing the Euro3.5
million (One Euro=US$1.29 cents)
project. The project will be undertaken in nine Caribbean Forum
(CARIFORUM) countries.
CARDI said that within recent
years the demand for coconuts
and coconut bi- products has
skyrocketed on both the region-
al and world markets.
“Many Caribbean countries have
been unable to satisfy this growing demand due to setbacks experienced by industries in the early
1980’s. Principal among these have
been the loss of international markets for traditional products, loss
of consumer confidence, ageing
populations and growing pest and
disease problems.”
CARDI said it welcomed the support to revitalise the coconut industry in the Caribbean because of
its “significant potential to contribute to economic development and
poverty reduction in the benefiting
Phase one of the project will
engage national stakeholders in
formulating road maps for marketled development of the coconut and
coconut products sector, as well as
to agree on implementation plans.
May 6, 2015
Nizam Ally: Fit At 60
opular Tropical Nights
part owner Nizam Ally recently celebrated his 60th
birthday on May 5. Proudly fit
and capable of physical feats
foreign to so many of a much
younger age, Ally has embarked
on a mission to help others in
his community share the all the
benefits of physical fitness he
now enjoys.
He has a developed a fitness regimen
which he says he’s willing to share with
anyone that’s interested. His guarantee is that within 90 days, anyone who
adheres to his, again freely provided
regimen, will experience all the joys and
benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
The catalyst for Ally’s now fervent
quest to be of service to humanity
in this manner, may have been the
recent untimely passing of a very
good and dear friend at the tender
age of 50. That opened his eyes to the
fact that so many among his customers have adopted the tendency to
disregard their own good health in
pursuit of “live for today, forget about
tomorrow lifestyles. While this may
be exciting and however brief ly enjoyable for the individual it is also selfishly irresponsible and unfair to their
families and loved ones who may be
left to bear the burden of their loss,
should such an undesirable event occur.
Giving back to others has always been
one of Nizam’s many admirable personality traits. As a restaurant owner
he’s developed a very solid reputation
for being extremely customer service
oriented. Nothing he says gives him
more pleasure that to see the smiles on
the faces of customers who have enjoyed
their dining experience at his Tropical
Nights Restaurants.
Ally first started Tropical Nights in
1991 and has since made a lot sacrifices
to get where he is today. He’s calculated
that in the past twenty-years he’s put in
almost 7,500 days, over 105,000 man
hours into his restaurant business.
He came to Canada at age 17, without any education, unable to read and
write and with no friends or family.
Initially he took almost any and every
kind of job he could get. Dishwashing, factor work and countless other
low wage jobs were all enthusiastically
embraced as a means of furthering
himself. Over time through such hard
work and other sacrifices, such as
eating just flavored rice for lunch and
dinner, five to six days every week, he
accumulated approximately $90,000
which he invested in the opening of
the very first Tropical Nights.
Ally is now very proud of Tropical
Nights outstanding record of having
during its history helped so many others
to get ahead themselves. These have
included dozens of individuals who
have migrated to Canada and as result
of their Tropical Nights employment
bought houses and cars for themselves
and their loved ones.
Over the years, through Nizam’s
outstanding, most admirable sense of
corporate responsibility Tropical Nights
has made innumerable donations of
food and time to countless Charities
including many Mosques, Mandirs,
Women’s Shelters, Kids Soccer teams,
the Guyana Christian Charities, Sick
Kids Hospital, the United Way and
many more. All shining example of
Nizam Ally’s magnanimous personality
and his outstanding generosity.
Tropical Nights has helped Nizam in
founding a Charitable Oragnization:
Walk 5 5 55. Named after his May 5,
1955 date of birth, Walk 5, 5, 55 was
the beneficiary of three walks Nizam
has conducted from Toronto to New
York and also one form here to Ottawa.
Tropical Nights has to date donated
over $250,000 to Walk 5 5 55 for having
made such ventures possible. In anticipatory celebration of his 2020 sixty-fifth
birthday Nizam has already started
developing plans for a corporate sponsored walk from Guyana to Canada,
which he’s calculated should take him a
full year to complete.
Happy 60th Nizam. Here’s to your
continued good health and prosperity.
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May 6, 2015
Guyana Business Magazine’s 6th Edition
GEORGETOWN, The sixth edition of the
glossy Business Guyana Magazine was
launched on May 2 with Georgetown
Chambers of Commerce (GCCI) President Lance Hinds calling for excitement
in the local economy to be generated
both inside and outside of Guyana.
The mandate of the chamber is to
advocate policies, stimulate trade and
investment, connect businesses, sustain
economic growth, and expand member
opportunities with the aim of contributing to a stable and sustainable economic
and social environment in Guyana,
wherein businesses can prosper.
Speaking at the launch at the Pegasus
Hotel, Hinds said the magazine is a manifestation of the chamber’s overall mission.
The informative publication touches
on a number of areas, including getting
the most out of social media for businesses, the forestry sector, the changing
role of the private sector, and the real
estate enterprise.
The GCCI believes conceptually that
the private sector must continue to
expand significantly in order for the
economy to deliver the revenue, wealth,
and job creation critical to the nation’s
future. Hinds told the gathering of private sector officials at the launch that,
to facilitate this growth, it is critical
that there exists a supporting enabling
environment that is a reflection of how
businesses function in the 21st century.
The GCCI believes that it is no
longer enough to ask and nudge for
the desired business environment,
and accordingly has begun to develop
a series of policy inputs to articulate
what precisely it would like this environment to look like.
To this end, the chamber has developed a blueprint for an economic framework that it thinks would be instrumental in its overall effort. This framework
focuses on the following pillars: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Small-Medium
Enterprises Growth and Expansion,
Investment/Funding, Information Communication Technology (ICT) 4D, and
Overall Growth and Wealth Creation.
Hinds also said it has been a challenging year on some fronts. He noted that
international commodity prices have once
again caused a contraction in production
in the agriculture and mining sectors.
On that point, in his ‘Opening Notes’
in the magazine, he stressed that the
chamber cannot over emphasize the
need for policy and initiatives to diversify the economy.
Hinds, Chief Executive Officer of
Brain Street, a leading information and
communication technology (ICT)-based
firm on Albert Street, Queenstown,
called on all stakeholders to ensure
that the faith shown in the economy is
rewarded, and the excitement in generated both inside and outside of Guyana.
He praised those companies that
continue to push expansion of their
products, telling the gathering of
private sector executives that their
Members Cast
Early Votes
GEORGETOWN, May 2 was the date
for members of the Joint Services
to cast the first set of ballots for the
much anticipated General Elections.
The actual elections will be held on
Monday May 11 but the members
of the Joint Services who will be
required to provide security on that
day were required to vote ahead of
the normal voting populace. Over
7,000 ranks were expected to cast
their votes, during a process that was
described as a bit slow at the beginning but which picked up pace as
the day progressed.
Early lines turned into trickles of
people and before the end of the
day, most of the voting had been
completed. Polling stations were
set up at the various military locations including the Guyana Defence
Force Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, Police Headquarters, Eve
Leary and the Guyana Prison Service Sports Club on Camp Street.
Some of the voters described the
*Ocean freight only
*Air And Ocean Shipping *Offer ends June 30, 2015
*15 Minute Money Transfer Service
Isa M. Rahamat
Financial Advisor
Manulife Securities Incorporated
efforts are admirable, and that, as
business stakeholders, they all have
a responsibility to ensure that the
investments are secured.
The business executive said the
sixth edition of the Business Guyana
Magazine is particularly special for the
chamber, as it was published during the
observance and celebration of the 125th
anniversary of the chamber as a private
sector organisation, the oldest in Guyana. The sponsors of the publication are
Digicel Guyana, Guyana Oil Company
Limited, Bank of Nova Scotia, Metro
Guyana, Silvie’s General Store, Impressions, and Games Xpress.
process as a bit slow, estimating
that it took about three minutes for
each to complete the process.
However there were no major
hiccups, except for a few minor
concerns about the stamping of the
ballots, which was not done immediately. In response to these concerns
the Guyana Elections Commission
(GECOM) explained in a May 2 press
statement that the ballots would be
stamped on E-day, May 11th.
In the release, GECOM emphasized that the ballot papers issued
to the Joint Services were indeed
not stamped with the six digit
stamp when handed to the ranks
for their vote.
The release went on to state
that they will in actuality be signed
on elections day, when they are
inter-mixed with other ballots and
counted on elections day at the
gazette polling stations.
GECOM also sought to assuage
the concerns of the public by
pledging that the votes of all the
disciplined forces will be counted and that the entire process was
being observed by agents of the
political parties and Local and
international observers.
• ETFs
• GICs
Investments, Retirements,
Estate and Tax Planning
Manulife Securities Incorporated is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection
Fund. Manulife Securities and the block design are registered service marks and
trade marks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it
and its affiliates including Manulife Securities Incorporated.
Yorkdale Mall Tower
1 Yorkdale Road Suite 404, Toronto, ON, M6A 3A1
Telephone: (416) 787-1616 Ext. 230 | Toll-Free: 1-800-361-8726 Ext. 230
Cellular: (416) 346-8883 | Fax: (416) 787-8998
E-mail: [email protected]
May 6, 2015
To Be
has on hold several million Euros’ worth
in development aid from the European
Union (EDF).
This financing, to be released only
after General Elections, would also be
coming with additional conditionalities.
The newest British High Commissioner to take up office in Guyana, His
Excellency Mr Greg Quinn, made this
announcement during a recent sit-down
interview with members of the local
media corps in his first assignment
since assuming the post of British High
Commissioner recently.
Mr Quinn informed that, under the
previous arrangement, funds coming
to Guyana under the European Development Fund (EDF) were deposited
directly to the Consolidated Fund, to
be used as part of the national coffers.
This, Quinn said, will no longer be
the case, as the money would now be
The next tranche of funding under the
11th EDF, some €34M, would be projectbased, according to Quinn. This means
that “it will go exactly where you want it
to go…it will go to specific activities, and
therefore it will be targeted at specific
activities,” he explained.
Guyana began receiving funds from
the EU’s EDF following a unilateral
decision by the Europeans to no longer
offer preferential pricing and quotas on
sugar imported from these shores.
This led to Guyana’s immediate loss
of revenue to the tune of millions of US
dollars annually, plunging the Guyana
Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) into massive financial turbulence.
From the United Kingdom’s perspective,
High Commissioner Quinn explained, the
EU would like to see sugar from Guyana
being sold on the world market at a profit,
making it no longer necessary for the
Guyana Government to have to massively
subsidise the industry annually.
Quinn explained that while he personally is not wholly familiar with the
details of the changes that would have
come about regarding quotas and preferential pricing, “what is done is done,
and what we need to do is try and find a
way to move on.”
He said that one of the ways to move
on “is to figure out how to make the sugar industry here as good and as efficient
as it can possibly be.” This has to be
done in face of the prevailing low sugar
prices, “and in the light of the challenges
to the sugar industry globally.”
Both the United Kingdom and the EU,
Quinn said, have set themselves the task
of working to ensure that Guyana’s sugar
industry recovers and performs;
thereby allowing Guyana to be able to
export sugar at a profit, and not having
to subsidize “what is a very important
Joey Jagan Endorsement
GEORGETOWN, Dr Joey Jagan, the
son of the late President, Dr. Cheddi
Jagan, has officially endorsed the
APNU+AFC coalition, as the election
race draws close with just days left
before Guyanese head to the polls to
elect the next government.
During a May 4 Press Conference
at his Charlotte Street office, Dr Jagan stated that he believes in shared
governance, adding that it is time
the Guyanese people vote for change.
This he acknowledged was a
hard move to make as he distanced
himself from his traditional roots,
which is the Party his father built –
the People’s Progressive Party Civic
According to Dr Jagan, because
the PPP moved away from the ideals
of his father, he can no longer support them. In explaining his reason
for throwing his support behind
the coalition, he noted that during
the 2011 elections, the PPP/C approached him to assist the Party
along the campaign trail.
He agreed given the fact that a
number of promises were made to
him by the Party to better the lives
of the Guyanese people; however, according to Dr Jagan, the Party never
lived up to those promises.
“I was used and discarded by the
Party,” he stated.
He is also claiming that he told
the incumbent President Donald
Ramotar that David Granger should
have been made the Prime Minister,
urging them to embrace inclusionary governance but that idea was
He also spoke of the ethnic divide
that continues to plague this country, noting that Guyanese should
look at policy based politics and not
race. He pleaded to Guyanese to
“give them a chance.”
Dr Jagan also spoke highly of the
Opposition’s manifesto, specifically
the plans for the youths of the country, noting that it is time they are
allowed to take the mantle and push
Guyana to greater heights.
Jagan noted too that Guyana needs
a more vocal Prime Minister who
has a strong following like that of
Moses Nagamootoo.
“My Father’s Party has changed
course…the course they have taken
is detrimental to the nation….support coalition politics.”
When asked if he is willing to play
a role in government if the coalition
is elected to office, he said if called
upon, he will oblige.
Calls For
GEORGETOWN As the general
elections campaign winds down
to E-Day- May 11- the opposition
coalition A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change
(APNU+AFC) has appealed for calm
among its supporters.
Prime Ministerial Candidate,
Moses Nagamootoo, in an earnest appeal at a rally held in New
Amsterdam, begged supporters
to remain calm and respectful in
the critical days leading up to the
polls, reminding the gathering that
the fight is for a peaceful revolution
towards achieving unity.
“You are supposed to respect
the symbol of other parties as we
expect them to respect our symbols. We must respect their flags
and posters, we are not going to
touch them because they can have
more flags than us, more posters
than us, but they will not have more
votes than us.”
“When they try to provoke you
turn away from their provocation ...and tell them this is a Guyana
revolution... for national unity and a
new Guyana.”
That call for peaceful campaigning came against the background
of the People’s Progressive Party
Civic (PPPC) accusing the coalition
of orchestrating attacks during
political meetings. The latest such
action was the stoning down and
disruption of a PPPC meeting at
War Lock (Back Circle) on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.
In an earlier statement, the Coalition accused the PPPC of paying provocateurs to disrupt their
meetings and in turn blame their
opponents to score cheap political mileage. In that same statement, the Coalition condemned
such acts by its supporters. “In
one isolated case, APNU+AFC
condemns the acts of some
supporters who have been overexuberant in their rejection of the
PPP/C during one of their public
meetings,” APNU+AFC stated.
Should the Coalition win the
upcoming polls, an APNU+AFC
administration plans to declare
a ‘Day of National Embrace’ to
reaffirm solidarity amongst the
Nagamootoo reminded the
Region Six inhabitants of the
hardship and neglect they faced
under the PPP/C government
before urging them that it is a
time for change. He said the mission is more than just winning the
elections but to unite the country to bring peace and stability.
He promised betterment for the
Region 6 locations and highlighted
his party’s intention to ensure
integrity laws and set up a tribunal
to investigate officials of the governing party and the inexplicable
wealth that they have attained.
Medical Madness
KINGSTON, The Jamaica Medical Doctors Association (JMDA) has painted a
picture of a public health system that is
on the brink of collapse with hospitals
lacking equipment vital for surgeries
and doctors working in sub-standard
conditions that pose serious risk to
patients and themselves.
“We have flies in the operating theatre.
We have to reuse single-use instruments
that aren’t disposed of but [are] washed
and placed in antibacterial solution and
used on another patient,” a member of
the JMDA who works at May Pen Hospital in Clarendon told local media.
Another member of the JMDA, who
is assigned to Spanish Town Hospital
and who opted for anonymity, said
pads and pencils used with electrosurgical machines, which sends electrical
current to blood vessels to stop bleeding, are also reused.
“The pencils are soaked in disinfectant
and reused till they stop working,” the
Two Cops Die In
Apparent Murder-Suicide
KINGSTON, Two policemen reportedly died in
a murder-suicide in the May 3 early morning
hours . According to reports in the local media,
the lawmen who were attached to the St Ann
Division were involved in an altercation at a bar
in Ocho Rios, St Ann, around 3 a.m. It is alleged
that during the confrontation, one of the officers
pulled a gun and shot his colleague before
turning the gun on himself.
Sent Back
MIA MI, A Jamaican man wanted
for murder is now awaiting prosecution after being sent back home
from the United States. Donald
Anthony Nash, 26, departed A lexandria, Louisiana and was turned
over to authorities in K ingston
by officers from the Unites States
Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and
Removal Operations (ERO).
Nash, who is affiliated with the Scare
Dem Gang, was wanted for the alleged
murder of Ricardo ‘Duke’ Kelly earlier
this year. Kelly was killed on the morning of March 10 by a group of individu-
Cops Help
KINGSTON, Jessie Rippoll Primary
School in Kingston was given a
major facelift on May 4 , thanks to
the kind assistance from a group
of Canadian police officers who
are in the island on a humanitarian
als in a vehicle as he was leaving the
Denham Town Police Station in West
Although Nash was held by US
authorities since March, he was only
returned to Jamaica a few days ago.
According to ICE, the US Coast Guard
encountered Nash on board a 26-foot
vessel, attempting to enter the country
illegally, on March 20.
He was detained, processed by Border
Patrol and subsequently transferred to
ICE custody for his removal.
ERO Miami coordinated the removal of Nash with the ICE Homeland
Security Investigations (HIS) attaché
office in Kingston, Jamaica. Since
October 1, 2009, ERO has removed
more than 720 foreign fugitives from
the United States who were being
sought in their native countries for
serious crimes, including kidnapping,
rape and murder.
ERO works with HSI’s Office of International Affairs, foreign consular offices
in the United States, and Interpol to
identify foreign fugitives illegally present in the country.
mission."Under the school initiative
the Peter Claver Library was repainted and renovated. The supplement
of the school library collection was
also upgraded," said Stacy Clarke,
staff sergeant from the group of
approximately 40 members. Clarke
said the visiting officers, all having
Jamaican roots, were being led on
the self-funded project by chief of
the Winnipeg Police Service, Devon
Clunis, who reached out to the York
Regional Police Service and the
May 6, 2015
416 292 4370
doctor said. However, he pointed out that
the reused pencils run the risk of burning
the patient and causing electrical fires.
Another doctor said they often practise what they term ‘socialist medicine’
as leftovers from an individual’s surgery
are used on someone else. The doctors’
claims were corroborated by JMDA
President Dr Alfred Dawes during a
May 1 news conference.
Dr Dawes used a PowerPoint presentation to juxtapose what is required for
surgery and what the doctors have to
‘make do’ with. He said that proper antibacterial soap is not available. The surgeon further pointed out that even the
infrastructure presents a higher than
normal risk of infection, which places
people’s lives at risk. Dr Dawes also said
that he and other surgeons are forced to
operate without proper surgical gowns,
which result in patients’ blood soaking
through onto their skin.
“I lost underwear when I was operating on a trauma victim as a patient’s
blood soaked through my surgical
gown, because I was wearing a garbage
bag [instead of a surgical apron], which
signals a lack of supplies,” he said.
Dr Dawes cited poor resource management as another issue and said even
the masks they wear for surgeries are
not suitable. The problem also extends
to a lack of surgical equipment, for
which the doctors, according to Dawes,
often have to improvise.
“When we do not have a tube to drain
blood from your chest, we have to take
a tube for breathing and cut holes in
it and that is what we insert in the patient’s chest to use in surgery. We have
to be operating with one machine that is
showing blood pressure and pulse and
another machine showing the oxygen
saturation because neither machine can
give you both,” he said.
Dr Dawes argued that if any complications arise from the surgeries, the
surgeon is liable as surgeries should not
be conducted under such conditions and
legal representation from the State is not
guaranteed. He also charged that there
was a problem with lighting in the theatres, saying that they often have to “tie
the lights with cloth” in order to prevent
them from going out during surgeries.
One of his colleagues, who works at
Spanish Town Hospital and who also
preferred not to be named, said they
have experienced sudden power cuts
during surgeries. He also said that he
had found termite dust, which fell from
the hospital ceiling, on the neck of a
patient on a ward.
Economy Poised For
Growth Says Chung
KINGSTON, Many developing
countries like Jamaica face particular challenges that make it difficult
for them to stimulate and sustain
economic growth. But Dennis Chung,
chief executive officer (CEO) of the
Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), is confident that Jamaica's
economy is now poised to experience
some growth.
"I am projecting about two per
cent growth this year. The fiscal accounts and fiscal targets are coming
together. Inflation and interest rates
are moving in the right direction
and the exchange rate is relatively
stable and business confidence is
up along with private-sector investments," Chung said.
According to Chung, although
unemployment is a little above what
it was last year, it should be expect-
Toronto Police Service to participate
in the humanitarian mission. The
Jamaican police provided ground
Sergeant Bonnie Estwick, another
Canadian officer, said that in addition to renovating the school officers
wanted to use the opportunity as a
learning experience.
"One of our project objectives was
that we wanted to provide officers
the opportunity to enhance their
understanding of Jamaican youth,"
ed, because the labour force is the
weakest part of the economy and it
is a big risk factor.
"The one thing I will say is that
the wage negotiations could impact
that equation. That is why it is very
important for us to continue on the
path that we are on and for both the
Government and the unions to come
to a more mutually beneficial situation to ensure that we are on a more
sustainable path," he said.
The PSOJ CEO said it was important that the economy grows. If
this is not done, he said, the country
runs the risk of falling back into a
situation of inflation, high interest
rates and instability of the economy.
Chung recommended that the country bring the compensation that businesses and individuals get to be more
in line with productivity.
Eswick explained to local media.She
said the aim was to also bring back
some of the experience and knowledge back to Canada. Principal of
Jessie Rippoll Primary school, Detry
Fogah, said she was thankful for the
assistance. She also commended the
officers on their efficiency and their
level of professionalism. Officers Eswick and Clarke said the experience
gained from their interaction with
the school community was their most
May 6, 2015
GKMS’ CEO Michelle Allen Embracing The
Borderless Possibilities For Customer Service
raceKennedy Money
Services’ (GKMS) Chief
Executive Officer Michelle Allen was among the
many luminous personalities in
attendance at the Toronto May 6
hosting of Network Caribbean’s
Borderless Possibilities Townhall event. Allen, who has been
here several times before, joined
keynote speakers: Jamaica’s
Former Prime Minister, the
Most Honourable P.J Patterson,
GraceKennedy Ltd’s Group Chief
Executive Officer Don Wehby
and Western Union’s Caribbean Vice President & General
Manager Sean Mason for the
Townhall event hosted by CBC’s
Television ever popular News
Anchor Dwight Drummond.
The Borderless Possibilities Network
Caribbean Town Hall presenters spoke
and engaged in discussions with attendees on a variety of topics including
corporate social responsibility, changing lives, the cultivation of generations
through educational investment and
the importance of obtaining Canadian
citizenship. Allen described the event
as an opportunity for GKMS to interact
directly with its Diaspora based customers as a means of identifying, understanding and ultimately serving their
needs and concerns.
Now celebrating its third anniversary,
having been introduced as a community
outreach initiative in 2013, the GKMS
Western Union Network Caribbean
Townhall events are being held this year
in New York, Toronto and London. Cities which are now home to hundreds of
thousands of Caribbean born peoples,
countless numbers of whom utilize
Western Union’s money transfer services to support their families in their
countries of birth.
As a “Super Agent,” GKMS manages
Western Union’s money remittance services for a number of Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Trinidad and
Tobago, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda,
Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent
and the Grenadines, The BVI and Montserrat. Headquartered in Jamaica GKMS
is an umbrella entity which, through its
additional FX Trader and Bill Express
brands, also offers foreign exchange and
bill payment services for its customers.
Michelle Allen was formally appointed to the position of GKMS’ Chief
Executive Officer, on January 1, 2014.
Executive management of Western
Union money transfers from Canada to
the GKMS served Caribbean countries
is thus one of her key responsibilities.
Canadian based Migrant Farm Workers are primary users of money transfer services and Allen has expressed
enormous pride in the outreach work
GKMS- Western Union personnel has
done towards that constituency.
GKMS-Western Union representatives are regular visitors to farms across
Ontario, constantly interacting with their
farm worker customers. The underlying
purpose of such visits is to ensure that
those wishing to send monies back home
to support their families can do so as affordably and efficiently as possible.
In the GKMS managed Western Union
countries, similar outreach activities
are constantly being conducted among
money remittances receivers. Safe and
secure receipt of monies sent has been
identified as an area of some concern
among receivers. Allen has therefore
made the efficient provision of such one
of GKMS’ service provision priorities.
Allen has expressed satisfaction and
pride in GKMS-Western Union’s outstanding record of providing corporate
support to the activities and interests of
its Canadian money transfer customers.
Caribana/Toronto Carnival, Jamaica Day
and the Canadian Guyanese Community’s
Last Lap Lime are just some examples of
the countless community events the company has supported over the years.
Noting that an ever increasing proportion of Canadian money transfers
are now being conducted online, Allen
has also identified GKMS’ continued
pursuit of digital efficiencies as one of
the company’s most important corporate objectives. The ongoing rollout of
Deposit Direct services its Caribbean
based customers is one example of
GKMS’ having enthusiastically embraced the digital era.
Under Allen’s leadership, GKMS
has also continued its commitment to
migrant workers and to championing
the education of young people in the Caribbean Last year over 100 children of
migrant workers received scholarships,
to the tune of J$1.35M, courtesy of
GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS),
through its Western Union brand. The
scholarships are part of the company’s
ongoing mission to invest in education
and also thank its customers for their
loyalty.. The scholarship program is
driven by GKMS’ profound appreciation that the need to secure the future
of their family and loved ones is one of
the driving forces for migrant workers
and by the understanding of the importance of ensuring that their children
are ready and able to start or return to
school, to pursue the fulfillment of their
dreams. Steadfast in supporting such
needs GraceKennedy Money Services
and Western Union have for the past six
years awarded over 500 scholarships to
migrant workers’children.
Prior to her CEO appointment, Michelle held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO), GKMS, a role she
assumed in August 2012. As COO she
was responsible for providing effective and inspiring leadership for the
GKMS Team, while focusing on internal
systems and process improvements.
She had direct responsibilities for the
Trinidadian, Guyanese and Eastern
Caribbean markets, as well as the areas
of Business Development and Information Technology.
Having joined GKMS in 1993 as
Supervisor of Administration and
Operations, Michelle has also held the
positions of Operations Manager, Vice
President- Regional Markets, Vice President, Operations and Chief Compliance
Officer. She is credited for leading the
expansion of GKMS into new Caribbean markets. Her wide ranging GKMS
experience has also allowed her to gain
considerable exposure to the operations in the North American and United
Kingdom markets.
Michelle Allen holds an MBA in International Business from the University
of the West Indies, Mona and a B.A. in
Psychology and Spanish from the State
University of York-Oswego. She recently
completed a course entitled “Leading
Strategic Growth & Change” at Columbia
University; is a participant in GraceKennedy’s Senior Leadership Development
Programme (SLDP); a Director on the
Boards of GraceKennedy T&T Ltd.,
GKRS Guyana Ltd., GKMS countries in
the Eastern Caribbean and an invitee to
the Board of First Global Bank Ltd. Michelle is currently the Vice-President of
Jamaica Money Remitters Association.
As a key participant in this year’s
events Michelle has expressed the view
that the Network Caribbean Borderless
Possibilities Townhall meetings in each
of the respective Diaspora cities: New
York, London and here in Toronto, are a
most welcome and innovative opportunity for GKMS-Western Union and its customers to interact as in a manner which
triumphs the limitations of existing
physical borders. As such she is extremely confident that the May 6 Toronto event
would be a most pleasant and productive
experience for all its attendees.
Welcome back to Toronto Michelle.
It’s always nice to have you here.
GKMS' CEO Michelle Allen and GraceKennedy Ltd Group Chief Executive Officer
Don Wehby with a Debating Competition Winner!
May 6, 2015
Kamla Calls For Candidate Nominations
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Prime Minister
Kamla Persad-Bissessar has called
on her troops to get ready with an
open call for nominations for candidates from May 11. Speaking at the
May 4 Guaico Government Secondary School at the United National
Congress’ Monday Night Forum, she
noted that on May 24 the People’s
Partnership Government marks its
fifth year in office and was ready for
re-election for another term.
Still keeping the election date a secret,
Persad-Bissessar said the election was
at hand and from May 11, nomination
forms will be available at the UNC’s
Rienzi Complex, Couva, headquarters
during working hours Monday to Friday.
She invited persons to collect the
forms and propose nominees for general
elections 2015.
The Prime Minister confessed that
both she and her Government have
made mistakes which they have learnt
from and she vowed to continue developing the country and its people.
She said there have been tough times
which were overcome, adding that
under the former People’s National
Movement (PNM) there were nine years
of stagnation and wasted opportunities.
The Prime Minister said that although
the statistics show that crime is not
growing at the rate it was, the crime
fight will be a priority.
With respect to future plans, PersadBissessar disclosed that the Guaico/Sangre Grande area has been identified by
Town and Country Planning for Medium
Intensity Development — this mean that
this region will be developed to provide
all satellite services which include banking services, financial services, buildings
up to six storeys high, professional offices, retail trades, restaurants, entertainment facilities, market development
and of course Government services.
These decisions, she said, have already
been taken by Cabinet.
Persad-Bissessar said the economy
was in a better state today than it was in
2010. She pointed out that her Government dealt with the CLICO/HCU mess
and put back the economy on a stable
path. She said despite the Moody’s
downgrade from stable to negative,
her Government remains confident of
stability, growth and progress.
She noted that Moody’s said the decline
in oil prices and the diversification of the
(In Association)
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Experience Combined
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economy were also reasons for their move.
Persad-Bissessar said even as spending was adjusted because of the decline
in oil prices, revenues for the first half of
the current fiscal year were just five per
cent below the original budgeted target.
The Prime Minister added that instead of a deficit projected at over $3 billion for the first half of this fiscal year,
there was a recorded surplus. She said
further that investments in the energy
sector continue to be strong.
Leadership Debate
Set To Happen
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has
agreed to a debate with Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. Chief
executive officer of the Trinidad
and Tobago Debates Commission
(TTDC), Catherine Kumar, made
the disclosure following a May 4
workshop for journalists hosted by
the Commission, the United States
Embassy and the Trinidad and
Tobago Broadcasters and Publishers’ Association (TTPBA) at the
Embassy’s Briar Place office.
The biggest challenge facing
the TTDC at this time for “The
Leaders’ Debate” lies in finding a
moderator who is agreeable to all,
Kumar said. The moderator must
be seen as one who is impartial
and knowledgeable and both
parties must agree to the person
chosen, she added. The Commission is also set to meet with
representatives of both candidates
to agree on the rules of the event,
Kumar said.
Persad-Bissessar is bidding to
retain the Prime Ministership after
the next general elections, due this
year, while Rowley is vying for the
opportunity to sit in the chair for
the first time.
.An attempt in 2013 to set up a
face-off between the pair failed to
materialise when Persad-Bissessar
announced her decision to allow
leader of the Congress of the People (COP), Prakash Ramadhar, to
represent the People’s Partnership
coalition against Rowley. Saying
that as Leader of the Opposition
he expected to face no less an officer than the leader of government,
Persad-Bissessar, Rowley then
withdrew his participation,
The latest ministrations of the
Commission have seen Rowley
again giving his consent to a debate but his handlers in the People’s National Movement (PNM), of
which he is the leader, have made
it clear that he will not entertain
anyone but the Prime Minister.
The Commission has already begun to gather questions for the big
debate being planned and there
will be the opportunity for questions to be posted on social media
sites like Facebook, Kumar said.
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Moody’s Investors Service, the credit
rating agency that conducts international financial research on bonds issued by commercial and government
entities on April 30 downgraded Trinidad and Tobago’s
government bond rating, and issuer rating to Baa2 from
Baa1 and changed the outlook to negative from stable.
According to Moody’s, the key drivers behind the
downgrade are:
Persistent fiscal deficits and challenging prospects for
fiscal reforms; a decline in oil prices and limited economic diversification to weigh negatively on economic
growth prospects, as well as a weak macroeconomic
policy framework given lack of a medium-term fiscal
strategy; and inadequate provision of vital macroeconomic data.
At Baa2, the investment grade rating is supported by
a strong government balance sheet, underpinned by the
country’s Heritage and Stabilization Fund (HSF), and
also benefits from a moderate and affordable debt burden and a strong external position.
May 6, 2015
TT $1 Million
Aid For Nepal.
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Cabinet on
April 30 agreed to contribute US
$150,000 (almost TT $1 million)
to the emergency appeal of the
International Federation of the
Red Cross to provide vital aid to
earthquake stricken Nepal.
In making the announcement
at the post-Cabinet news conference, Trade and Communications Minister Vasant Bharath
said this was “a demonstration
of good will and solidarity” to
the people and Government of
the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Bharath said Nepal has received assistance from the US,
Canada, China and India and
was soon to obtain aid from
Japan, Australia, Switzerland,
UK, European Union,, the International Federation of the Red
Cross among others.
Bharath said the 7.8 earthquake which struck on April 21,
has left 5,000 dead to date but
the Prime Minister of Nepal
has estimated that the death
toll could be in the region of
10,000. He said the UN office
had estimated that 8 million
people and 39 districts were
affected, with 500,000 people
displaced and 4 million people
requiring food aid.
He added that there was
significant loss in the housing
stock, in basic infrastructurewater, sanitation and health
facilities. The Minister said it was
estimated that the long term
costs of rebuilding could be
around US $5 billion.
Calls Renewed For
Justice For Dana
PORT-OF-SPAIN, The bells
of the Trinity Cathedral
tolled the notes of the hymn
Amazing Grace on May 3 as
the first death anniversary
of murdered senior counsel
Dana Seetahal was observed
with renewed calls for justice.
Dana’s sister, Susan Francois,
was surrounded by scores of
people who turned up outside of the Hall of Justice to
not only remember a woman
who served country, but to
urge the nation to not forget
her and to speak out against
a criminal justice system that
has failed to apprehend her
assassins and those who conspired to have her killed.
Seetahal, a former State
prosecutor and Independent
Senator, was brutally murdered on May 4, 2014 as she
made her way home to One
Woodbrook Place.
Police reports had stated
that upon reaching HamiltonHolder Street, Woodbrook,
a Nissan Wingroad drove
ahead of Seetahal’s Volkswagen SUV and then pulled in
front of her, blocking her access as another vehicle, described as a panel van, pulled
alongside her and shots were
fired directly at her from the
occupants of that vehicle.
The bullets struck her in
the head and about her body.
Both vehicles thereafter fled
the scene and to date no one
has been held for the heinous
crime that gripped national
and international attention.
Gillian Wall, head of Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and
Tobago (PLOTT), who organised the candle vigil yesterday
together with security consultant Paul Daniel Nahhous
noted that at Seetahal’s funeral the crowd stretched onto
the roads but at her memorial
service at the very church last
Saturday the crowd barely
filled half the church. Just
over 50 persons including
former government minister
Mary King and Movement for
Social Justice (MSJ) leader
David Abdulah turned up at
the May 4 vigil.
“As a society we forget too
quickly,” said Wall as she
reminded the nation that
Seetahal loved and served her
country and her death must
not be forgotten. She said it
should be of great concern to
all that Seetahal’s murderers are still walking around
freely. Wall said that a call for
justice for Seetahal was a call
for justice for everyone in this
T&T Still
The Happiest!
and Tobago has been named
the “happiest” Caribbean nation again.
With its vibrant lifestyle,
dynamic culture, booming
business centre, strong government and, of course, largest Carnival celebration in the
Caribbean, it is no surprise
that the dual-island nation
leads the way in happiness,
according to the World Happiness Report from the United
Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network
(SDSN) released on April 23
which also stated that the
country ranked highest in
happiness in the Caribbean
and 41st in the world.
“Trinidad and Tobago’s flourishing culinary scene and year
round festivals, combined with
local steel pan and soca music
and picturesque beaches, bring
out the happiness in both locals and visitors alike. Whether
sampling world-renowned street
food on Ariapita Avenue, Port
of Spain, wining to the music at
cultural and food festivals, get-
ting a taste of adventure in the
mountains of Trinidad or unwinding on Pigeon Point beach
in Tobago, Trinbagonians have
plenty of reasons to smile,” the
Tourism Development Company
(TDC) said in a statement following the release of the World
Happiness Report.
“Additionally, with 15 public
holidays last year, Trinidad and
Tobago is among the top ten
countries in the world for the
number of public holidays.”
The World Happiness Report aims to help country
leaders recognise the importance of happiness and wellbeing for the success of the
world and sustainable development, the TDC stated.
Researchers examined 11
areas essential to happiness and
well-being, including health,
education, local government,
personal security, income and
overall satisfaction with life.
Trinidad and Tobago was also
the top-ranked Caribbean nation in the previous Happiness
Report, published in 2013, the
TDC said.
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May 6, 2015
ccording to the dictionary,
a contract is:
“An agreement between two
or more persons which creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular
In order for the agreement to be valid
and enforceable, there are some prerequisites. Firstly, the parties entering
into the agreement must be over the
age of majority. In other words, the law
recognizes that minors would not be
competent to form binding legal obligations. Secondly, the parties entering
into the agreement must have what is
commonly referred to as “a meeting
of the minds”. Essentially, the parties
must have a common intention with
respect to the subject matter. Furthermore, the common intention must be
to create a legal obligation. Thirdly, in
order to be valid, something of value
must move from one party to the next.
The Courts refer to this something of
value as “consideration”. It is important to note that the consideration or
thing of value need not necessarily be
money. The Courts have recognized
and stipulated that the consideration
or thing of value can be something as
small as a lollipop.
Finally, in order to create a valid
contract, the parties must enter into
the agreement voluntarily. A common
example where voluntariness would be
lacking is where indivuals are invited to
a sales seminar and promised a gift for
attending. Upon attending the person
is locked into a room and the product
is displayed, they are not given a gift
nor are they allowed to leave until they
have agreed to buy the product, which is
aggressively marketed by sales people.
In such cases one may feel constrained
or compelled to sign on the dotted line.
If you find yourself in this position,
this contract may be questionable, so it
might be advisable to see a lawyer.
Does a contract have to be in writing
to be valid? It is a common misconception that a contract must be in
writing in order to be valid. Oral contracts are valid and enforceable. For
obvious reasons a written contract is
easier to prove in a Court in the event
of a dispute. Furthermore, a written
contract will leave less room for confusion and ambiguity.
In the event that one party breaches
a contract the other party’s remedy is to
seek monetary compensation or what is
commonly referred to as “damages”. In
some cases money will not suffice. For
instance, assume you are in the market
to buy an exotic car; you have a collection of such cars but not a Porsche 959.
You locate one and enter into an agreement to purchaser it. You pay a deposit
but before delivery, the seller changes
his mind. In such a case, the Court can
order the seller to complete the transaction and sell you the car.
The foregoing is intended for information purposes only and you should
consult a lawyer if you need legal representation or a legal opinion.
Selwyn R. Baboolal is a partner at OB
Law Chambers practicing in the area of
litigation for the past 21 years.
How to Avoid 5 Common Buyer Traps
Beths Suepaul
our home represents a
major investment, of both
your hard earned money
and also yourvaluable time.
Make the most of this investment by being as informed as
possible about thehome buying
1. Blind Bidding
When purchasing a home, many questions come to mind. If you bid on a
home, what price should you offer? If
you do not research the market and
learn the selling price of comparable
homes, making an offer will be like bidding blind. Alternatively, you could bid
too low and loose a competitive edge on
a home that is of excellent value.
2. Purchasing a Home
Wrong for You
What kind of home will meet your needs,
and desires? It is essential that you carefully consider, and be honest about, your
wants and needs. Put the list in writing
and use your criteria to measure the
suitability of each home you consider. If
you fail to clearly define what you need
and want, you may end up with a home
that is not right for you. For example, you
may find yourself with an inconvenient
and unplanned commute to work, or dozens of repairs and renovations demanding your attention.
home within your budget.
More importantly, you can shop for
a home knowing that when you find
a home you love, you will be able to
finance the purchase.
3. Undisclosed Renovations
or Changes
Not every seller will admit to or report
every physical aspect of the property
that requires attention. Indeed, it is important to remember that both you and
the seller are aiming to maximize the
same investment. It is crucial that you
conduct a thorough inspection of the
property prior to purchasing. In fact, it
is strongly recommended that you hire
an independent home inspector who can
objectively review both the inside and
outside of your potential purchase.
5. Hidden Costs
Be sure to identify all costs associated
with the purchase of a home prior to
closing the deal. If all costs, be they large
or small, are uncovered ahead of time, no
fees will surprise you upon closing.
4. Not Acquiring
Mortgage Preapproval
Mortgage preapproval is cost-free, as
well as quick and simple to acquire.
Once you have been preapproved for a
mortgage, you can shop for your dream
The information contained in this article does not constitute legal or financial advice. The author makes no claims
about its accuracy, completeness, or
up-to-date character, and that applies
to any site linked to this article as well.
Beths Suepaul (416) 939-2999/ is a Real
Estate Broker with RE/MAX Realty
Specialists Inc. with over 10 years
experience. She is committed to making
Your Buying, Selling and Investing in
Real Estate pain free, and successful.
May 6, 2015
Belly Bustas: Take 5!
Done Deal
Anne was on her
deathbed breathing
her last. “Anne”, said
Anne’s husband Jim.
“Please, please,tell me,
is there anything I can
do for you?” “Well”
croaked Anne, “There
is something. After
I die, it would mean
so much to me if you
would marry my best
friend Sandra.” “You
have nothing to worry
about Anne” said Jim
taking her hand, “I’ve
been thinking about
that for a while now
“Yipee!” screamed
Bobby jumping up and
down, “We are going
to Miami!”
“Huh?” Questioned
Grandpa. “Why’s
“Because Grandma
said so,” Bobby patiently explained, “she
said that after you
croak we’ll all go to
Ideally Suited
The neighbors thought
it was odd, but 93 year
old Morton was dating again. One Monday morning Morton
Inappropriate woke up with a funny
feeling that something
important happened
Jerry was in the hospital
last night. It was durrecovering from surgery
ing breakfast, that
when a nurse asks him
Morton finally rememhow he is feeling.
bered what it was. He
“I’m OK but I didn’t
had proposed to his
like the four-letter-word date Greta. But what
the doctor used in sur- she answered he just
gery,” he answered.
couldn’t seem to remember. Morton
“What did he say,”
picked up the phone
asked the nurse.
and dialed. “Hi Greta”,
said Morton, “I have
a funny question for
you, do you rememMiami Bound
ber last night when I
Bobby was sitting on
proposed?” “Oh my
the porch talking to
gosh” gushed Greta,
his Grandpa when
“I’m so glad you called,
he innocently asked,
I knew I said yes to
“Grandpa, do you
know how to make ani- somebody but I just
couldn’t recall who it
mal sounds?”
“I sure do” Grandpa
replied. “What sort of
animal sound would
Short Term you like to hear?”
Memory Failure
“How about a toad? Do Patient: Doctor! I have
you know how to sound
a serious problem. I can
like a toad?”
never remember what I
“Sure”, said Grandjust said.
pa, cupping his hand
Doctor: When did you
to his mouth, “croaaak
first notice this problem?
croaaak, how did you
Patient: What problem?
like that?!”
May 6, 2015
Spring Cleaning And Gardening Safety Tips
Dr George Traitses
ith May comes the
start of spring...
and spring cleaning.
Household chores can however
also come with unwanted pain
if not done carefully. Bending
and/or twisting at the waist is
a common cause for upper and
lower back pain. From washing
dishes, to vacuuming, you’d be
surprised to know that having
a proper technique can prevent
you from experiencing back or
neck pain. • When you wash dishes, open the cabinet beneath the sink, bend one knee
and put your foot on the shelf under
the sink. Lean against the counter so
some of your weight is supported in
• When ironing, raise one foot a bit.
Place it on a small stool or a book to
take some strain off your back.
• To vacuum, use a “fencer’s stance.”
Put all your weight on one foot, then
step forward and back with the other
foot as you push the vacuum forward
and back. Use the back foot as a pivot
when you turn.
• Use a cold pack if your back begins
to hurt. Wrap an ice pack in a towel
moistened with warm water. The
warmth gives way to gradual cold,
which likely will alleviate the discomfort. (No ice? Try frozen veggies
• If pain persists for more than a day
or two or if you experience numbness
after doing chores, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, see a doctor
of chiropractic.
palms up. Lean to one side for 10 seconds, then to the other. Repeat this
stretch three times.
• Wrap your arms around yourself and
rotate to one side, stretching as far as
you can comfortably go. Hold for 10
seconds and reverse. Repeat two or
three times.
Now that spring is finally here, you’ll
no doubt also be spending time planting bulbs, mowing the lawn and pulling
weeds. Yard work can provide a great
workout, but with all the bending, twisting, reaching and pulling, your body
may not be ready for exercise of the
garden variety. Try these stretches to
help your body prepare for a day spent
in the garden.
• While sitting, prop your heel on
a stool or step, keeping the knees
straight. Lean forward until you feel
a stretch in the back of the thigh, or
the hamstring muscle. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Repeat on the
other side.
• Stand up, balance yourself, and grab
the front of your ankle from behind.
Pull your heel toward your buttocks
and hold the position for 15 seconds.
Repeat on the other leg.
• While standing, weave your fingers
together above your head with the
FOR SALE - $955,000
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Do you brush your
teeth twice a day, floss
regularly and still have
bad breath?
Dr. Richard Lai
Dental Surgeon
re you brushing your
tongue? Did you know
that brushing your
tongue is just as important as
brushing your teeth and flossing! But don’t worry brushing
your tongue will not add another 5 minutes to your regular
routine. It is quick and very
When you wake up in the morning or after a long day, do you notice
a white, brown or yellowish film on
your tongue? This film can be the
result of residual food particles remaining on your tongue that bacteria
in your mouth has attached itself
to. A build-up of this film can cause
bad breath also known as halitosis.
You may notice that this film occurs
mainly in the back of your tongue in
a “T” shape. This is because the front
of your tongue moves more, allowing
it to self-clean easier.
Cleaning your tongue is very easy.
You can use your tooth brush or any
other tongue cleaning tool. You can
find tongue scrappers and brushers
at your local drugstore or pharmacy.
These scrappers/ brushers are usually tear dropped shaped or have an
arch of some sort. The shape of tongue
brushers are to reduce the likely hood
of users reaching the back of the throat
which often cause the “gag reflex”.
If you are using your toothbrush, ensure you clean off your toothbrush after
brushing your teeth. Begin by starting
in the back of the mouth, reaching back
as far as you can without causing yourself discomfort. Apply a little amount of
pressure with the brush and stroke your
tongue from back to front rinsing off the
brush in between each stroke. Repeat
this process until you have covered the
entire surface of the tongue.
So next time you are brushing your
teeth, don’t forget your tongue. Brushing your tongue and removing bacterial
build up is another way to maintain
good oral health.
May 6, 2015
The ABCs
is the amount paid for their investment. In simple terms, though, the
ACB is the amount of the investment
that has already been taxed. The price
you pay for the investment as well as
any distributions and allocations you
receive can impact your ACB. Spousal
transfers, special elections, superficial loss rules, and inherited or gifted
assets can also affect your ACB. It’s
difficult to get into the details of every
provision in tax law that can impact
your ACB, so we’ll start with a closer
look at three common ones.
• ETFs
1. Purchase
• STOCKsYou may buy
• GICs
the same investment, such
• BONDs as the same share class of a particular
nowing the
adjusted cost
base (ACB) of your noncorporation, or units of a mutual fund
Isa M. Rahamat
registered investments
Financial Advisor
or a segregated fund contract, at differLife
it’s calculated is part of
ent times.
It’s now Autumn — for many a time to relax and get away from it
good tax planning.
Each time you buy more of the same
all. So while you might take a vacation, your money never should.
Canadian tax rules require
at a difWe’re committed to helping you find innovative
ways to property)
cost base (ACB) calculation of an investferent
an adjustment to the ACB of
investments work
for you.
Investments, Retirements,
Estate and Tax Planning
ment’s cost for tax purposes toYorkdale
Mall Tower your total investment needs to be made
Suite you
404, Toronto,to
M6A up
3A1with an average cost. The
capital gains and1 losses
Telephone: (416) 787-1616 Ext. 230 | Toll-Free: 1-800-361-8726 Ext. 230
own, which includes
your (416)
cost is calculated as the total cost
346-8883in| Fax: (416)
[email protected]
non-registered accounts. Knowing the
for all identical properties you purchased
ABCs of ACBs can help you evaluate the tax
divided by the total number of identical
consequences of your investment decisions.
properties you own. The result is your
When you invest in mutual funds or
new ACB per unit or share.
segregated fund contracts within a nonLet’s look at how multiple purchases
registered account, you receive capital
of the same investment affect your
gains or losses when all or a portion of
ACB. Let’s assume you made two purthe investment is sold. The capital gain
chases of the same investment, each at
or loss is the difference between your
a different price. The adjusted cost base
sale price and your ACB.
(ACB) is calculated by dividing the total
Investors often believe that their ACB cost of your investments by the number
Single Ladies Buying Homes
Asif A.
t’s becoming increasingly apparent that a greater number
of women are now taking the
reigns when it comes to home
purchases. There’s a growing trend
among single women – and, more precisely, professional single women – who
are becoming independent homeowners. While many of them may be putting
off marriage, they’re not waiting around
for Mr Right before taking the plunge
into homeownership.
Women are looking for ways to
become financially independent, and
investing in real estate and building
equity for themselves are ways to invest
in their future – building financial
Women are taking advantage of historically low interest rates and recognizing homeownership is often more
affordable than renting.
Seeking expert advice
One of the amazing things about
women looking to invest in real estate is
that they’re getting more advice before
they make the decision to enter the
market. They’re seeking out mortgage
experts and real estate agents, and
building a plan for the perfect entry
into the market. They’re making lists
of areas in which they’re interested in
purchasing, itemizing amenities they
would need in their ideal neighbour-
hoods, ensuring they have all the facts
around closing costs and fees associated
with making the purchase, and securing
a mortgage.
Buying a home is likely one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make in your
lifetime, and can feel overwhelming.
That’s why working with a professional
mortgage agent, real estate agent, home
inspector and so on is essential. You’ll
be working with these professionals
closely – possibly for months – so interactions should feel comfortable, and
they should be knowledgeable and responsive even to the smallest question.
The more prepared you are, the
smoother the experience will be so do
a little research on your own over the
Internet to get a good idea of what types
of properties and areas are of interest to
you. Make a list of questions to ask your
mortgage agent or realtor – and keep
it on hand so you can add to it as more
questions arise.
Interest rates are the lowest they’ve
been in history and they have nowhere
to go but up. Industry professionals
believe that as rates begin to rise, they’ll
continue to rise for some time. There
has never been a better time for women
to make the decision to get into the real
estate market to find the perfect place to
call home.
Asif A. Kasim is a mortgage agent with
DLC’s The Integrity Professionals Inc.
(Powered by Bedrock Financial Inc
Lic. 12275) – [email protected] or
416.561.1258 or
Cost per unit ($)
Total cost ($)
Purchase 1
Purchase 2
of units owned.
If later you decide to sell, your ACB
will be used to calculate your capital
gain. Your capital gain is calculated by
subtracting your ACB per unit from the
proceeds per unit on the sale of your
investment, multiplied by the number of
units sold.
2. Year-end distributions
and allocations
If you invest in mutual funds, it’s common to receive distributions and a corresponding tax slip at year-end. If you reinvest the distribution, the amount must
be added to your ACB. For segregated
fund contracts, a distribution is known
as an allocation. Insurance companies
that provide segregated fund contracts
do ACB tracking for you, so no further
calculations are needed.
3. Return of capital
Some investment products available
today make distributions to investors
that include a return of capital, which
means part of the money you invested is
returned to you. In addition, some investors get some return of capital through
systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs).
The portion that is a return of your own
capital reduces your ACB. When you sell
the investment, you’ll have a larger capital gain or smaller capital loss to report
because of the reduced ACB.
Good tax planning
Keeping track of your ACB is part of good
tax planning. Be sure to keep in mind
that if it’s possible to increase your cost
for tax purposes by making adjustments
to your ACB, you’ll decrease a capital
gain or increase a capital loss, which, in
turn, reduces the amount of tax you’ll
pay in the long run.
Talk with a tax professional if you have
questions about the ACB of any asset you
own and to ensure your ACB is calculated properly.
Units sold
Proceeds per unit ($)
Total proceeds ($)
Capital gain ($15.00 –10.71) x 100 units = $429.00
Isa Rahamat is a financial advisor with Manulife Securities Inc. his email is isa.
[email protected] This content is provided courtesy of Solutions
from Manulife.
Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Mom’s Favorite: Stew Peas!
smelling, and tasting food prepared by my mother. My mom’s
Chef Phillip Hendricks influence is why I do what I do
here today.
Caribbean Jerk House
reat cooking is not a subject that can be summed
up in the span of a few
short years in the kitchen; lessons usually begin when an individual is too small to even see
over the kitchen counter. In fact,
my earliest culinary memories
usually stem from witnessing,
At a very young age, Mom took me
by my hand and had me help prepare meals. She would tell me, these
are skills I need to know to fend for
myself. My mother taught me how to
cook to let me know I didn’t have to
depend on anybody, so I could always
provide for myself. Part of raising
a child is making sure they have the
skills to take care of themselves. I
became her assistant in the kitchen,
cleaning, peeling, slicing and chop-
ping. I wondered what it would be like
to go and play outside with my friends!
Sometimes it felt like punishment,
you can imagine as a child I was not
always happy to be inside slicing up
onions for the escovitch or what have
you. But once the aroma of the spices
and vinegar would waft up around
me, I would smile to myself as I knew
I would soon take part in sharing this
delicious meal.
I have many memories of the family
gatherings around the table. The kitchen
was the heart of the home. It represented conviviality and times to celebrate the food we had worked so hard
to prepare. Mom and her sisters had
a big influence on me in terms of food
culture. Everyone had their specialty,
out of ten, my mother was the fish,
goat, and oxtail expert. I always told
mom, she should open up a restaurant
to share these wonderful dishes with
everyone. Even though it was not meant
to be, the heritage of mom’s recipes
doesn’t remain in her kitchen. Through
her tutelage I was inspired to share my
enthusiasm and enjoyment of food with
others. I told myself that I will have to
be the one to open a restaurant and one
fine day by the grace of God that has
happened. Now, I am able to replicate
all of my mother’s teachings and recipes
as if she were preparing and cooking
herself and carry on the traditions.
My all-time favourite Saturday dinner tradition is mom’s beloved Stew
Peas, this hearty comfort food will
surly please!
May 6, 2015
Stew Peas
- 1/2 pound of salt beef
- 1/2 pound stew beef
- 1/2 pound pigs tail or oxtail (optional)
- 2 scallion
- 1 onion
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 3 sprigs of thyme
- 1 green scotch bonnet pepper
- 1 tin of red peas (or two cups of red
peas, soaked in water overnight
- 1 tin of coconut milk
- 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 5 pimento seeds
- 2 cups of flour
Boil salt beef and pigs tail for 30 minutes then drain off the salty water
Boil salt beef and pigs tail again for
30 minutes then drain off the salty
water again
Gently fry the stew beef to seal it
Cut the meat in to small pieces
Place the peas, meat and three cups
of water in a pot, bring to the boil then
let simmer for one hour.
Chop the onion, scallion and garlic
Make dough by mixing 2 cups of flour
with water. Break off small pieces of
dough and roll them in to “spinners”
After the peas and meat have simmered for 1 hour add the tin of coconut
milk, onion, scallion, spinners, garlic,
thyme, salt, black pepper, pimento and
scotch bonnet (the scotch bonnet should
NOT be cut up).
Cook for 1 hour then remove the
scotch bonnet pepper
Serve with white rice.
May 6, 2015
Simmons Thrilled With Windies Character!
est Indies head coach Phil
Simmons has praised the
character of the regional side
after they beat England by five wickets
in the May 1 – 5 third Test , to steal a
share of the three-Test Series. Set 192
for victory, West Indies reached their
target late in the May 3 evening at Kensington Oval, to record their first win
over England in six years and only the
third in the last 15 years.
And Simmons, who took over at the
helm of the squad just prior to the start
of the series, said the victory meant a
lot to the side especially following the
results in the first two Tests.
“I can’t say about (what it means for)
West Indies cricket in general but I
know for the Test team it’s been huge
because the guys have worked hard for
the last four weeks,” Simmons told a
post-match media conference.
“To have played so well in Antigua
and Grenada and not come out with
anything, you saw the determination of
the guys – especially the bowlers – to
come out of this with something, so it’s
huge for us.”
He added: “That’s the biggest thing I
can take from it that everybody showed
character because for the bowlers to
bowl out England for such a low score in
the second innings, just shows massive
character coming out at this early stage
of my tenure so it’s great for me to see.”
West Indies came in for criticism before
the series, with England and Wales
Cricket Board (ECB) chairman Colin
Graves describing the Caribbean side
as “mediocre” and saying he expected
England to easily win the contest.
Simmons, a former Test player, said
the team had not taken on the criticism
and noted the victory now sent a strong
signal to the critics. “Let him decide that
(mediocre comment) now, I’ll leave that
for him to judge,” Simmons quipped.
“I think when he’s walking out he’ll see
a few signs going out there with the
meaning of it so I’ll leave that for him.”
And like Graves, Simmons said he
believed West Indies were underestimated
by the media, who were now likely to heap
pressure on his opposite number Peter
Moores. “I suppose the criticism will come
because the media will see it as number
three playing number eight … I think we
were (underestimated) by the media and
Colin Graves’ statement showed it that
there was an underestimation of what we
can do,” the Trinidadian explained.
“I don’t think it was done by the
(England) team but he’s going to come
into that sort of criticism because it’s
number three playing number eight.”
West Indies drew the first Test at
the Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium
before losing the second at the Grenada
National Stadium by nine wickets.
Blackwood, Holder Make
Big Leaps In Rankings
Women’s Cricket For
Scarborough, Ontario
The Scarborough (Ontario) Cricket Association has announced the
formation of a women’s cricket division in the League for 2015. The
outdoor league starts on June 13th. with a grand celebration and the
opening match between defending champs Superstars Women’s Cricket
club and Kaisoca Ladies Cricket club.
Outdoor practices will be held at Ashtonbee ground on Thursdays at 6pm.
Indoor practices are currently being held at Sorkkam sports facility on Sundays at 5pm.
Any female player who would like to participate in league hard ball cricket
should contact George Maharaj who is assisting the SCA league in the operation of this division. 905-621-6157 or email ‘ [email protected]’.
est Indies batsman Jermaine
Blackwood has made a dramatic jump in the Reliance
ICC Player Rankings for Test Batsmen,
following scores of 85 and 47 not out
versus England in the third and final
Test held in Barbados recently.
The 23-year-old leapt 31 places to 37th
spot, his highest- ever position in the
Blackwood enjoyed a match-winning
108-run fifth-wicket partnership with
Darren Bravo, whose second innings
contribution of 82 has put him up three
places to 29th, propelling West Indies to
a five-wicket win over England to level
the three-Test series at one-all.
In the bowling rankings, there were
significant gains for three West Indies
bowlers. Jerome Taylor has moved up
13 places to 36th after claiming match
figures of six for 69, Shannon Gabriel’s
match tally of three for 63 has vaulted
him seven places to 50th position. The
biggest mover, however, is Jason Holder
Narine Tested
For Offbreaks
Embattled West Indies and Kolkata Knight Riders offspinner Sunil
Narine has once again retested
himself, this time for his offbreak
which the BCCI had subsequently
banned him from bowling. Narine
took the test on April 30 in Chennai
at the ICC-accredited Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy and Sports Sciences Centre.
After a fair amount of his deliveries were reported by the match
officials during Knight Riders’ away
match against Sunrisers Hyderabad
on April 22, Narine underwent
testing last weekend. The tests re-
whose five for 49 in the match has
launched him 30 places to a career-high
51st position.
Meanwhile, England has slipped one
place to fourth in the Reliance ICC Test
Team Rankings following its five-wicket
defeat in the Barbados Test, while the
West Indies, after gaining three points,
has reduced its gap with seventh-placed
India to 14 points
vealed that Narine had a flex in his
elbow while delivering the offspin
delivery. Consequently, the BCCI,
while allowing Narine to play in the
IPL, made it clear that the he could
not bowl his stock ball. Among
other deliveries that were tested
and cleared were his knuckle ball
and straighter delivery.
According to an official privy to
the test, it is understood that during the testing last week, Narine
was noticed drifting towards delivering the offbreak with his older
action. On April 30 , Narine bowled
offspin with his remodelled action.
If he can use that delivery only if he
is cleared. The results are likely to
be out in a few days.
May 6, 2015