dominica application checklist

Dominica Application Checklist
One complete and notarized copy of Application Forms D1, D2, D3 and D4 for all applicants, children
Two Notarised copies of Application form 12 required on each applicant, children included.
Letter of Employment, or if self-employed, corporate documents and your latest Audited Financial
Two Notarised copies of the Birth Certificate for each applicant.
Proof of residential address for the Main Applicant.
Certified Copy of Military Record if applicable.
Bank statements for the last 12 months.
Original signed reference letter from your bank, required of the main applicant. It must show you have
held an account for a minimum of two years.
Two original personal references, required on all applicants over 18. They must be from different people and have known the applicant for five years. A paragraph must be included on the person writing
the reference.
Police record from your country of birth, and from your country of residence if different for all applicants over 16. Children aged 12 -15 must have a sworn affidavit that they do not have a criminal
Notarized Marriage certificate/and notarized dissolution of marriage (if applicable).
Certified copy of Passport, driving license, residency permits and national identity cards if applicable.
Letter of application addressed to the Minister requesting citizenship
Resume or detailed background report for all working applicants.
Eight passport size photos. Photos must be on a white background with ears showing.
Notarized copies of university/college diplomas, if applicable.
An original letter of recommendation from the Principal/Dean of the school or university for children
aged between 12- 18 years.
All original documents that are not in the English language must be legally translated and notarised.
We require the original and the translated copies.
St.Kitts & Nevis +1 869 663 4588
Dominica +1 767 275 3295
UAE +971 509 776 474
[email protected]
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