March 7, 2014
Volume: 51 Issue: 6
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Song of the Month
“Get me Some of That”
By: Aubrie Millard
“Get me Some of That” is a newer
country song by Thomas Rhett. It is
easily addicting and may never get
old to some people. It has a catchy
beat and the cutest music video. If
you haven’t been lucky enough to
hear it, here’s a sneak peek of some
of the lyrics.
“You’re shakin’ that money maker,
like a heartbreaker, like your college
major was
Twistin’ and tearin’ up Friday nights
Love the way you’re wearin’ those
jeans so tight
I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my
favorite flavor, want it now and later
I never seen nothin’ that I wanted
so bad
Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me
some of that
Yeah, gotta get me some of that”
The song is about a guy who lays
eyes on a pretty girl for the first
time. He can’t get her out of his
head for anything, and he just
has to get him some of her. If you
haven’t heard it, be sure to give it a
listen, you won’t regret it!
Arts & Entertainment
What does it mean?
By: Allison Smith
The college prep english class
is having to bump up the vocab
words. Mrs. Konkol thinks that
the words they were doing before
where to easy so lets see what other
students have to say when they see
this word!
Megan Luedke: A lot of stupid people together.
Leslie Murphy: To be out of sync.
Tiffany Thyssen: Not having the
slightest clue on what is happening.
Terrel Welch: Idiots synchronizing
Mrs. V (librarian): A trait that is
unique to a certain individual.
The definition of idiosyncrasy is:
a peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify.
Mrs. V was the closest of the five
people that the Wolftalk ask. If you
are planning on taking college prep
make sure you know your vocabulary!
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New Movie Releases
By: Shawn H.
Looking for a great movie to
see with a hot date or just some
friends? March has a ton of upcoming flicks being released. What
kind of movie are you looking for?
Action, Romance? This month has
it all!
Need For Speed is coming out
March 14th. It is an action film
based on the video game about
racing cars. The film centers around
Tobey Marshall, a blue-collar
mechanic who races muscle-cars
on the side in an unsanctioned
street-racing circuit. Struggling
to keep his family-owned garage
afloat, he reluctantly partners with
Arts & Entertainment
the wealthy and arrogant ex-Nascar
driver Dino Brewster. But just as a
major sale to car broker Julia Bonet
looks like it will save Tobey's shop,
a disastrous race allows Dino to
frame Tobey for a crime he didn’t
commit, sending Tobey to prison
while Dino expands his business
out west.
Other movies coming out are Divergent, 300: Rise of an Empire, and
Another movie coming out is The
Right Kind of Wrong. It is a romance film about a guy named
Leo the dishwasher. He falls in love
with the girl of his dreams; the only
problem is it’s the day of her wedding.
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March’s Famous Quotes
Lucky March Games
By: Brandon Addington
By: Brandon Addington
“I’m tired of ignoring that I march
to a different beat.” - Charlie Sheen
There are some great games hitting the U.S. this month, and one is considered the most anticipated game of 2014. One bestows you with a stick,
the other a robotic suit, and the last has you fighting for survival in a
post-apocalyptic world.
“March is a month without mercy
for rabid basketball fans. There
is no such thing as a ‘gentleman
gambler’ when the Big Dance rolls
around. All sheep will be fleeced,
all fools will be punished severely... There are no rules when the
deal goes down in the final weeks
of March. Even your good friends
will turn into monsters.” - Hunter S.
“The march of the human mind is
slow.” - Edmund Burke
“This, then, is the test we must set
for ourselves; not to march alone
but to march in such a way that
others will wish to join us.” - Hubert H. Humphrey
Arts & Entertainment
South Park: The Stick of Truth is a game set to hit us on March 4th, for
PS3 and XBox360. This game has you playing as a fourth-grader on the
playground, destined to become South Park’s savior, from what? To find
out try the game yourself.
Titanfall, the most anticipated game of 2014 is for PC, XBox360, and
XBoxOne, and is set to come out on March 11th. This game closely resembles a mixture of the games Bioshock and Call of Duty. You play as a
human that uses gigantic robotic suits to save the world and yourself.
Dying Light is for PC, PS3, PS4, XBox360, and XBoxOne, set to debut on
March 31st. A first-person action, survival, horror game in a vast, dangerous world. During the day, you scavenge and craft your weapons, by night
you fight for your life as the big brutes emerge from the darkness.
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March 2014 Horoscopes
What’s Your Sign?
By: Jordyn Janeen Sachtjen
Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Aries: You find more joy in your daily routines this month.
Taurus: Re-organizing your home and work life will come into play this month.
Gemini: Communications and emotions are deeply expressed this month for you.
Cancer: A beautiful trend in positive relationships and fun appear in this month.
Leo: A greater abundance towards personal income is in this month.
Virgo: This is an excellent month for travel for you.
Libra: Your peers/co-workers look up to your hard work done this month.
Scorpio: You work especially hard this month and it pays off in the next.
Sagittarius: Life is a little challenging when it comes to personal relationships this month.
Capricorn: You’re into new activities this month. You have fun!
Aquarius: Relationships are taking a huge positive turn for you this month with a friend.
Arts & Entertainment
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For the warrior in you
How to
By Miranda Wohlrabe
If you’re sick of the snow and looking forward to spring and summer,
something you could do is paint your nails with a summer type design.
Just because there is snow on the ground, doesn’t mean you can’t get a
head start on the warm weather coming upon us! (Hopefully soon) Below
is a DIY for tribal print nails.
Step 1: Select your 3 colors plus black and white. Any colors will do, but
I recommend bright. This is a loud print that lends itself well to funky
Step 2: Cover the nail with a white base and allow 2 minutes to dry. Apply
a second basecoat.
Step 3: Stripe the nail with the 3 colors you’ve selected, again allowing 2
minutes to dry.
Step 4: Once that has dried outline the colors with a black nail art brush.
What designs you use is up to you. This is an adventurous trend, not for
the faint of heart. Get creative and let dry for 2 minutes.
Step 5: Add your topcoat to seal everything and allow to dry for 2 minutes
and voila! You’re officially on trend.
Arts & Entertainment
Page 6
by Sam Johnson
What do you know and what don't
you know? What has been found
out that you weren't told? Some
of the craziest facts I found on the
website Here are
some of the tweets on uberfacts
within the last week!
@Uberfacts- Stairs kill about
12,000 people every year, while
elevators kill about 27.
@Uberfacts- Residents of South
African can legally attach small
flamethrowers to cars to repel carjackers.
@Uberfacts-If you pronounce the
names of products wrong while in
an Apple Store, the employees are
not allowed to correct you.
@Uberfacts- Falling in love has
similar neurological effects as the
high produced from taking cocaine.
@Uberfacts- Pilots and co-pilots
always eat different meals because
it is unlikely that they’d both get
food poisoning.
@Uberfacts- Doctors will use maggots to clear up infected skin when
antibiotics don’t work.
@Uberfacts- Japanese researchers
have concluded that cats do recognize the sound of their owners
voice, however they've evolved to
not care when called.
@Uberfacts- 78% of Black Friday
shoppers say they’ve gotten into arguments with another shopper over
who got to a sale item first.
Arts & Entertainment
@Uberfacts- Ellen DeGeneres
broke the record for most retweeted tweet ever (see her selfie above
from the Oscars!)
I hope you enjoyed reading these
tweets! Definitely go hit that follow button and check out more on
2- Minute Chocolate Chip
Cookie For One
Aubrie Millard
2 tbsp unsalted butter, softened
1 ½ tbsp white granulated sugar
1 ½ tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp beaten egg
¼ tsp vanilla extract
5 tbsp all-purpose flour
¼ tsp baking soda
pinch salt
¼ cup chocolate chips
1. Combine butter and sugars
2. Add egg and vanilla
3. Add flour, baking soda, and salt
4. Stir in chocolate chips
5. Put mixture in the microwave for
2 minutes, and enjoy!
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Winter Weather
By: Josh Mauritz
This year the winter weather has
people colder than before. I interviewed Craig Hokenstad to find
out what he likes and dislikes in
the winter months. He likes winter
with a lot of snow so that he can get
the sled out and ride the trails but
all this below zero weather has it
sitting in the shed because it is just
too cold to enjoy a ride. But I have
had enough of the winter months
and think that once March comes
the snow should start to melt and
let the grass start to grow because
no one likes it when winter overstays its welcome!! TIME FOR IT
Morgan Moede’s Winter Tale
By: Allison Smith
Halfway through the winter you
start hearing all around people saying that they want it to be summer
already! Morgan Moede dreads the
month of January along with most
of the people around Wisconsin because, in her opinion it is the coldest winter month and the longest.
We all have some sort of way to get
our weather and Morgan says, “I
don't watch T.V. to get my weather;
I sometimes get it off the radio but
usually weatherbug.” She has got to
watch out for the weather because
between school and work this girl
needs to get places.When there is
white out and snowstorms, she is
happy to be able to stay home, not
do homework, and drink chai tea
Morgan already has her winter
wardrobe out of course but she
brings it out in October or NovemWinter Weather
ber. She said, “I love to wear my
snowmobile jacket when it gets
cold, but when I am not outside
I like to be by the woodstove
because it is the warmest place
in the house. I also like cuddling with my dog, Hazel.”
Some things that Morgan has
to do during the winter is break
open the water for her horses
and make sure they are well fed.
“I like to be outside and see how
pretty the snow makes everything
look, and love to snowmobile and
snowboard in my free time, miss
the summer to be able to go running though. It sucks that winter is
so long!”
The things that Morgan doesn’t like
about winter is that fact that she
has gone in the ditch THREE times
with TWO different cars! Her worst
experience though was, “being in
the ditch and having to wait for
Dalton in -60 degrees!” Morgan has
her ups and downs with winter as
we all do but we live in Wisconsin
so if you don’t like how the weather
goes then move. A true Wisconsiner like Morgan learns to enjoy
and make the best out of the long
winter months.
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Winter Just Won’t Give Up
By: Tanisha Fisher
We all know that summer isn’t
coming as quickly as we want it
to. The vision of luscious green
grass and that sunny and 75 degree weather is just too good to be
true with how the weather pattern
has been lately, not to mention the
numerous snow storms that caused
our school to cancel classes this
season. Cancel one too many that
is, and cause an extra day being
added to the school years 2013-14
calendar. Besides the lucky seniors,
which the added day doesn't affect,
other students aren't so lucky.
Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors
are all hoping that there is some
other way they could make up this
day without it running into their
sweet days of freedom that they call
summer vacation.
With just about an estimated 100
days in, there are many students
catching that summer fever just to
cope with the harsh winter cold.
Saharra Lane, a sophomore student
at Little Wolf High School, is one
of those students. “I honestly dread
winter,” she stated with anguish.
“There are just so much more exciting things to do in the summer!”
Which in fact there is! Many of us
are excitingly waiting of Country
USA this year, summer fair, or any
other family vacations. It’s hard
to bring up the excitement filled 3
months, and then looking outside
to see 5 inches of snow. The closest
we can get is to crank that temperature dial to 90 and drink some
ice cold lemonade; which I don't
recommend just for your parents
sake of paying the utility bill. So I
asked Miss Saharra how she exactly
coped with the frosty climate. “...a
Winter Weather
HEATED blanket, EXTRA socks,
and hot cocoa.”
With basketball season ending,
there is not much to look forward
to until track season for our sport
oriented students. February is the
most hateful of months; teasing us
with 40 degree weather and then all
of the sudden its -15 and kids are
throwing hot water out their windows for fun; I’m sure Mr. Celske
is proud of our scientific discovery!
“Winter weather affects my regular
activities,” Lane states. “...It’s just too
cold to go outside!” Ok, sure, we all
have to keep ourselves entertained
somehow and I understand all the
summer thirsty guys and gals are
bored out of their minds!
Just hang in there, because summer has to come sometime! Soon
enough we will be watching this
heavy coat of snow melt and it’ll
start warming up. Instead of complaining of how cold it is, we can all
complain about how hot it is. Three
more months, guys and gals, we can
do this!
Winter Weather
By:Shawn H.
The Wolftalk got the opportunity
to sit down with Brady Osterling
and talk with him how he manages
winter driving from his hometown
Shiocton everyday. The first thing
Brady admitted to me was his love
for watching the forecast with Tom
Mahoney. He said he couldn’t trust
anybody else with his weather
report. Brady also was quick to tell
me how much he hated sleet. When
asked on how the winter weather
inhibits his normal activities, he
replied, “It doesn’t”. With that attitude nothing will stop him! Finally,
I asked him if he’s ever gotten in a
winter accident and he said, “Yeah,
I got in a little accident this winter and totaled my car.” This is sad
news, but it was a great opportunity
to speak with the “Brodeo” himself!
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Draw My World
By: Courtlynn Oltz
Did you ever wonder who drew
the homecoming posters for the
class of 2014? The amazing artist
was Jessie Luedke, she is a hard
working, determined, wonderful person that loves art. She was
selected as a finalist for the “Artist
of the Week”. There was voting for
who would become the “Artist of
the Week” from February 24 until March 1. Although she did not
win her art is still very beautiful to
look at and the Wolftalk wanted to
acknowledge her for her achievements. Jessie got first place for an
art project at the New London High
School and was rewarded $25. The
Wolftalk wanted more insight to
the wonderful world of Jessie’s art.
FFA News
Ready, Set, Go. Spring is
upon us and that brings many
opportunities for FFA members
to get involved in FFA. The FFA
banquet is being held April 6th. It
starts at 12:28 p.m. and there will
be a potluck dinner. Awards will be
handed out and there is going to be
the 10th Annual Dessert Auction.
The FFA officers are looking for
help. If you would like to help ask
one of the officers what you could
do to help.
The officers and Mrs.
Cordes will be deciding on a date
for Food For America. They will be
looking for help so when the date
is posted, check to see what you
can do to help. The officers are also
looking at making a donation drive
for the Waupaca Humane Society.
If you have any good ideas be sure
and let either Mrs. Cordes or one of
the officers know. Seniors, remember to get those scholarships in by
their deadlines. Hope you have a
great rest of the month.
News and opinion
By: Allison Smith
WT: How long did it take you to
make your project that was in the
JL: Probably only a few days, it was
hard for me to choose what colors I
wanted so I chose all of them with
the background in black and white.
WT: What art classes have you tak-
en during high school?
JL: All of the art that we have, except for fiber arts, but I am learning
how to do their stuff in senior art.
WT: What is your favorite art class?
JL: I would have to say drawing, I
have taken it twice. :)
WT: What is your favorite project
that you have worked on?
JL: Probably my squad car but it
was also my least favorite because it
was a long, hard process.
WT: Does art contribute to your
future plans for after high school?
JL: Yes, because I am planning to
become a police officer and a sketch
WT: What do you do in your free
JL: I do police explorers and I knit
and crochet.
If you love art or you want to be a
police officer Jessie is the perfect
person to talk to! Also if you want
an opinion on what art classes to
take for next year then walk up to
Jessie and see what she has to say!
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Patty Cake Patty Cake…Mark it with a “P”
St. Patrick’s Day Facts
By: Courtlynn Oltz
St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, so pull out that green and show
some Irish spirit. St. Patty’s Day is celebrated on March 17th every year since
about the mid 90’s. To get in the green St. Patty’s Day spirit, below are some
fun facts about the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day that were taken from
Green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is the color of Spring.
The city with the largest population of Americans of Irish descent is Boston
At one time, there were more Irish living in New York City, than in Dublin,
Leprechauns are the official shoe makers of the fairy kingdom.
Shamrocks are the national flower of Ireland and are picked on St. Patrick's
Day and worn on the shoulder.
Over 8 million St. Patrick's Day cards are exchanged in America making
today the ninth-largest card selling occasion in the US.
Over 94 million people plan to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.
The original Guinness Brewery in Dublin has a 9,000 year lease.
Solo Ensemble Results
Tanisha & Lydia
Solo Ensemble took place at Wittenberg High School this past Saturday.
Manawa’s best and brightest singers/musicians worked hard to perfect their
pieces to show their abilities in hopes of being allowed to go to state. Everyone who participated did their best. A huge thank you to both Mrs. Trapasso
and Mrs. Eklund who worked incredibly hard to put this together for us, we
wouldn't be able to do it without them. Here are the of the results of how it
went and who is advancing to the state performance this May!!
Solo Ensemble State Qualifiers
Starred (*) 1st in Class A, earning a trip to State festival in May:
Senior Girl’s Triple Trio: Nicole Cady, Breana Haines, Rachel Parson, Ashley
Oertel, Molly Loughrin, Tiffany Thyssen, Allison Smith, Jessica Holtz, and
Jordyn Sachtjen
Men’s Triple Trio: Adam Langman, Remington Reeck, Andrew Kreklow,
Andrew Scheller, John Holtz, Todd Olsen, Camden Moser, Nicholas Much,
and Austin Wagner
Duets: Adam Langman & John Holtz; Adam Langman & Katie Velie
Soloists: Adam Langman, Breana Haines, & Katie Velie
News and opinion
Broadway Soloist: Breana Haines
Page 11
Winter Snow Rider
By: Ian Diermeier
Bodhi Gust loves riding snowmobiles whether it be riding down a
nice smooth trail or rough riding
it off the trails. His favorite part
of snowmobiling are the exciting
jumps and tremendous speed he
can obtain on his machine. His
least favorite part of it is the crashes
that occur when riding dangerously, but he keeps himself safe with
his helmet, extra thick jacket and
snow pants.
When asked how long he has been
involved in riding, he gave the
answer of two years. He also told
me that the perfect riding conditions are with no wind and 3 feet of
powder (fluffy snow).
Winter Wonderland (Indoors)
By: Courtlynn Oltz
Because of the cold, snowy weather,
winter brings many different sports
opportunities such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hockey, ice
fishing, and many others. But for
Chloe Koehn the weather doesn’t
stop her from playing her all time
favorite sport, volleyball. To stay
away from the cold weather, she
practices at home and at the Rec in
Waupaca.“I like it because it’s not
hot, like school volleyball,” she said
along with the reason she shares
the passion with her friends, “I love
Volleyball is meeting new people.
Not only does she meet new people
she also gets to play with her peers,
Aubrie and Katie.
Volleyball is a sport that a person
has to work towards and practice a
lot and Chloe says that she engages
completely when she plays. Not
only does she play volleyball, she
also plays hockey too, which keeps
her busy along with school. She
could be described as a well rounded athlete during the winter.
Chloe first played volleyball in
7th grade and has played for 3
years. She is coached by Brian and
Becky, her Club Volleyball coaches.
She said the best part about Club
Winter Weather
Page 12
Happy Birthday
By: Lindsey Marks
So either you don’t have facebook to remember or you don’t have the greatest memory. Just so you can get that perfect gift for that perfect someone,
get your best friend something, or even yourself. Here are the birthdays for
the month of March! Now mark it on your calendars so you don’t forget!
3/02~ Adam Michalowski
3/04~ Aubrie Millard
3/08~ Haley Reierson
3/09~ Jared Zielke
3/13~ Molly Loughrin
3/18~ Brady Clary
3/18~ Andrew Bristow
3/18~ Kassandra Dunnihoo
3/19~ Kaleigh Johnson
3/24~ Ian Diermeier
3/24~ Ellen Field
3/25~ Dyllon Lazic
3/29~ Brittany Burns
3/29~ Leslie Murphy
Fietzer Mobile
By: Heather Meyer
Have you ever seen a little green Kia zooming through our small town?
For this ride of the month we have chosen the famous Levi Fietzer and
his Kia. Sometimes he drives his truck but otherwise it is the Kia to get to
school and back. We decided to ask this shy guy some questions about his
ride. Here’s what he had to say..
What is your favorite thing about your vehicle?
Levi: It’s good on gas
What is your least favorite thing?
Levi: It’s small
What brand is your vehicle?
Levi: Kia shortage
How long have you had your vehicle?
Levi: I have had it for a year
There you have it. Short sweet and to the point,. Now you know a little
more about Levi’s smooth ride!
Student Life
Page 13
“When I saw her do a wheelie on a John Deere tractor,
I knew right then I had to have her”
Bachelorette of the month
by Sam Johnson
Are you fairly tall and looking for a cute little lady to ask to prom? Do
you like to stay at home and just watch movies with your girl all day?
I have just the girl for you! This sweetheart has been single for quite a
while now and it’s about time someone sweeps her up! If you are just
afraid to be rejected, take it old school and tease her to make her laugh.
Ellen Field is the girl to snatch up!
Country Red Head
By: Lindsey Marks
WT: What do you look for in a boy?
Ellen: Funny, sweet, cute, pretty eyes
You may have seen him around the
halls, he usually has Carhart on.
You got that right, it’s George Egan!
George is funny, sweet, and knows
how to treat a girl! The Wolftalk
had the chance to sit down with
him and ask him a few questions.
WT: Where would you want to go on a first date and what are your
Ellen: Stay at home and watch movies or something like go to the mall
WT: What do you look for in a girl?
GE: She has to be cute, funny,
likes cars/trucks, dirt bikes, and go
WT: Biggest turn off?
Ellen: Smelly, rude, and not nice to my friends
WT: What do you do in your spare
GE: I like to work on cars/trucks,
ride dirt bike, go snowmobiling,
and go mudding whenever it’s
WT: What is your ideal date?
GE: Going to the movies, getting
something to eat, and then taking a
cruise on the back roads.
WT: What are some of your pet
GE: I hate it when people chew
with their mouths open and when
people change the radio station
when a good song is on!
So if you like cars and trucks, dirt
Student Life
WT: Do you have any dating pet peeves?
Ellen: Definitely don't be pushy and I don't like if someone lies to me
or leads me on.
WT: Biggest turn on?
Ellen: Sassy, funny, athletic, and tall
WT: What would be the best way that he can catch your attention?
Ellen: Umm sense of humor, call me cute names, be patient with me...
lol (I’m really slow)
WT: What’s your favorite...
Food? Crab Rangoon
Place? Anywhere with my friends
Movie? 17 Again
There you go boys! Go get her!
biking or just anything that has
wheels, just stop him in the hallway
and start talking to him. He’s easy
to get along with and is willing to
talk to anyone. Just watch out, he
might try to steal your soul! :)
Page 14
Captivating Claire
By: Tanisha Fisher
This blonde beauty is known everywhere near and far, and loved by all.
This girl I’d like to call “Captivating Claire” is none other than Claire Kreklow! This cutie can be found on the volleyball court, bouncing around in
the hallways, or at the mall with her friends. This weather has really put
a toll on our trendy styles but that doesn't stop Claire! She never stops
amazing us with her adorable outfits. I got the chance to ask this charming
wonder a few questions about her style secrets.
Where do you shop the most?
Mostly Hollister and American Eagle; they are my favorite stores.
What’s your favorite outfit?
My favorite outfit would include some skinny jeans, a sweater and some
cute boots.
Do you have any weird style habits?
I don't really have any weird style habits but I try to look good!
What's your "Splurge" item?
My splurge would be shoes! Shoes make every outfit complete and perfect!
Well, there ‘ya go ladies and gents! Need more tips on how to gain this
super fashion sense? Just find Claire struttin’ down the halls and ask her
Drama Department
Comin’ In Hot!
By: Jordyn Janeen Sachtjen
The drama department is known for
their laughs, acting skills, and wonderful actors/actresses. It’s no secret
that they are super excited for their
first practice on Thursday, March
6th. The play/musical is called, Don’t
Rock the Boat, and the cast couldn’t
be more excited! Some of the stars
Molly Loughrin
Adam Michalowski
Mr. Collins
Olivia Newlun
Brad Grimm
Lydia Welch
Sam Johnson
Jordyn Sachtjen
Miranda Wohlrabe
Anna Karpinski
Lexi Smiles
And many, many more! The entire
cast is posted outside of the office,
right across from Mrs. Gast’s room,
so check it out to find who is going
to be a star this spring!!
Student Life
Page 15
Fiber Arts Takes Over LWHS!?!!
By: Lydia Welch.
Well folks, knitting and crocheting isn't just for grandmas anymore! Just in the past few weeks alone, you may
have seen a large number of people walking around the halls of LWHS with yarn, crochet hooks, and knitting
needles in their hands. Or maybe even sitting in class with a long, complicated, scarf looking thing that they are
making. It’s true, knitting and crocheting has taken over our school! You may be wondering where this trend is
coming from. So the WolfTalk decided to investigate by asking a few of these crafty folks a few questions about
what they were making and how they got started.
Wolftalk: What are you making?
Tiffany Thyssen: I am crocheting a scarf hood.
Jessie Leudke: Currently I am making a scarf with all the different patterns in it.
Megan Luedke: I am knitting a scarf as well as a few other projects :)
Courtlynn Oltz: I am making a scarf.
Wolftalk: How long have you known how to knit?
Tiffany: I’ve always known how to crochet but only straight rows, I learned how to make scarves like a month
Jessie: Since the quarter started.
Megan: Since the quarter began
Courtlynn: Like two weeks!
You may be wondering who the source is of this craze and where you can go to learn how to crochet/knit. Well
a great place to go is the art room! Sweet talk Mrs. Zabler and maybe she can teach you some of her wonderful
skills. She said, “I think its wonderful that everyone in the school is knitting.”
No matter what you're making, knitting or crocheting is a great way to keep your mind active while watching
TV or sitting in class. Its also a great way to pass time while on long car rides, or even sitting in class! So the next
time you want to find something to do besides playing flappy bird all day maybe hop on the bandwagon and join
the craze!!
Student Life
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Winter Fashion
Interview with DevynAnn
By: Jordyn Janeen Sachtjen
As the bitter cold gets even worse as the days roll on, people are being more persistent on bringing out their
jackets, hats, and mittens. Girls have scarves and super cute boots, guys have busted out that puffy jacket that is
needed for these ridiculous temperatures. We may look a tad silly in all the outer gear, but it’s worth it!
“I look really ugly in my jacket.. or anything that resembles a puffy jacket.” said DevynAnn Johnson, a junior
here at Little Wolf High School. She said the only reason she actually wears a jacket is to keep from getting
frostbitten and freezing her butt off. DevynAnn said she starts to wear her winter gear around late fall, where she
busts out the hat and cute, little mittens. “I get my warm clothes usually at the Fox River Mall. Kaleigh (Johnson)
and I don’t leave until we have the perfect winter stuff.”
When I asked her if she preferred winter wear over other seasons, she said that she doesn’t. But that ‘if she did’,
the clothes had to be warm, cuddly, soft, and super cozy. “My UGG boots are my favorite part of my outfit.
They’re just so perfect, and I love how they always keep my toes warm.”
Despite the nipping cold outside, DevynAnn only wears a coat and her mittens when she’s outside. She doesn’t
have any winter hats or scarves, but she does own at least five pairs of gloves. “Winter is so cold; I hate it. But if I
have to wear a big, ugly jacket in order to keep from freezing, I guess I’ll suffer for now.”
Winter Fashion
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Winter Style
Alyssa Scheuermann
By: Lindsey Marks
A girl with style, in the winter? Yes, you got that right. When most people hear the word winter, they think of
coat, boots, gloves, hats, and winter gear. Most people have to go shopping with someone, either with their mom
or best friend. Well Alyssa Scheuermann's goes with the first one. She shops with her mom. But who doesn’t? I
know I do.
Have you ever known someone for a long time or see them all the time? Do you ever notice a certain piece of
clothing that they also have on? In this case, Alyssa has to have a scarf. Scarfs have been becoming more popular
lately. Now you don't just wear them outside with your coat. You can wear them just about whenever you want
and with almost anything. Scarves are Alyssa’s favorite that she even gets one or more a year, but then again so do
a lot of other girls.
There are so many different places now to go and get your winter gear, from Aeropostale to American Eagle to
Hollister and even to Wal-Mart. Now most people have to have the name brand clothes, and Alyssa is joining
them! She is definitely an Aeropostale girl. She likes her scarves and clothes in general all from there. You can’t
have a cute winter outfit without the boots. The most popular boots right now are Uggs and just about every girl
has them or at least a close brand. It’s no shocker that Alyssa has them too. They’re cute and warm and all around
Now the question is the best time to go shopping for all of your stuff. “I like going in late October, early November, because it’s when all the cute clothes come out and the sales!” said Alyssa. So if you're looking when to go
shopping for the winter, I think this would be your best time. Just because you buy your winter gear this early
doesn't mean you have to wear it right away. Alyssa said she doesn’t start wearing hers until early December, or
whenever it's “cold for Wisconsin”.
Do you have a favorite place to shop? Just like brands there are so many different places to go shopping. You
have the stores in general like Kohl's, JCPenney, Macy’s, etc., and then you have the mall which has just about
every store in it. If you haven’t noticed most people like going to the mall
in Appleton. If you go, you probably see some people you know walking
I then asked Alyssa why it was so hard to dress for the winter. She said
“It’s way too cold and I can’t wear half of my wardrobe!” Well as you can
tell there is a lot to choose from when it comes to winter. What coat to
wear? What gloves and hat match? What scarf will look cute with my outfit but keep me warm? You never know what the winter will be like. it can
be a mild winter or the coldest winter in history. So go out and buy some
cute or cool (for the guys) winter gear and stay warm this winter.
Winter Fashion
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Snow Princess Rachel
By: Lydia Welch
You may see a girl walking around
the halls, looking cute, yet super
comfy. You may be thinking of
Miss Rachel Parson. Her style is
extra cozy this time of year and
she seems like she knows how to
handle Wisconsin's sub zero winter
weather with ease. The Wolftalk got
a chance to sit down and chat with
Rachel on her thoughts on the winter weather and how she copes.
We asked what her favorite season
is and she told us it was summer.
Not surprising at all when you are
living in the tundra. But when it
comes to where she shops she told
us her favorite place to go is American Eagle. She said that she likes it
there because the clothes can easily
work for casual/dressy and they
have a large selection of adorable
pieces for all year round.
Lexi Smiles!
Winter Fashion
By: Sam Johnson
You might see this cutie walking
the halls in her absolute favorite
roxy boots and some stylish outfit
she probably got from TJ Maxx!
Lexi Smiles is definitely the fashionista of Manawa! When winter
hits we usually all go into hibernation and turn up the heat and be
unsocial. You won’t find Ms. Smiles
under blankets at all!
If you happen to be looking for her
in the beginning of the winter she
will more than likely be shopping
with her sisters! Her sisters and
Winter Fashion
She told us that her favorite accessory for winter is a scarf. Often
times, you see her wearing a fluffy
white infinity scarf. It is knitted and
has a touch of sparkle detailing.
You can pair it with almost anything, wear your hair up or down,
wear a flowy top or a cute sweater,
and to tie it all together Rachel
likes to wear a pair of dark washed
skinny jeans and a pair of her furry
American Eagle boots. This is a
perfect look for a long school day.
Sometimes, you will see Rachel
sporting a leather jacket with a pair
of boots. This look seems to have
been sweeping the school and, just
like all her outfits, Rachel is on
point! You go girl!
friends all share pretty much the
same style as her and all show the
same interest in things she wears!
Need help finding a cute sweater
for a fabulous date you have coming up? Lexi’s favorite item to wear
is her sweaters! One brand she prefers while shopping for sweaters is
Hollister. She adores sweaters that
go great with her boots and jean or
floral skirts and she goes to look for
them at Hollister!
The winter season is usually pretty
difficult to dress for but in Lexi’s
case she knows just the thing! She
normally prefers summer over winter but when winter comes around
her conclusion is to layer up! Layering is pretty easy and
keeps you warm all together.
Fashion vs. Comfort is not even a
debate for Lexi. Why should it be
when you can dress cute and still
be comfortable in a pair of leggings
and a cute top? So, if you’re looking
for something to satisfy every girl’s
needs with fashion and comfy go
ask Lexi! Her personality is just as
great as her outfits. If you're coming from a warmer climate and are
not used to the cold Lexi’s best advice is to “Be prepared, you never
know what the weather is going to
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