Percy Mashele -

I am a GAP (Graduate Accelerated Programme) Trainee, with a role within the
Central Distribution team. I form part of a team that is responsible for managing
the health of the business in terms of business flows, performance and customer
relationship management (CRM) and generating coherent reports that stakeholders
within the business can rely on to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. I also
assist the Tenders team with the required statistics when soliciting business, making
deadlines the name of the game without compromising on quality.
I first heard about the graduate programme when Old Mutual gave a presentation
on campus. I was sold when I heard that their vision was aligned to my career growth
goals in finance and asset management on the African continent. Straight after the
presentation I went through the GAP online process and was invited for an interview.
As they say, the rest is history.
I begin my day with a cup of rooibos tea and checking my e-mails. We receive a
substantial number of ad hoc requests so it is vital to respond to e-mails promptly. I
generally draw up a timeline to keep track of all deliverables expected of me, followed
by an average number of three or four meetings per day, which serve as problemsolving opportunities and a sounding board of ways to improve business processes.
My favourite part of my job is working for the Central Distribution team as we are
service-driven. There is a focus on quality, efficiency and reliability so the highlight
of my day is when I am involved in producing something ‘tangible’ and of great
significance within the business. It is the ultimate winner; the feeling is priceless and
aligns your mentality as a winner or building block of something big.
I usually work on average of eight hours a day. I am generally in the office by
08h30 and leave at about 17h00.
My corporate wardrobe is smart formal, but I always try to give it an edge and
keep it trendy.
My favourite place is Johannesburg. The Jozi hustle and bustle keeps you on your
toes, and you just feed off the energy of the people around you. I feel it improves your
competitive nature and propels you beyond your imaginable boundaries.
Percy Mashele
Age: 22
Place of Study: University of the Witwatersrand
Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce in Economic Science, Investment and Corporate Finance
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When I am not at work, I love to cook. I believe it is good for the soul. It’s an art and,
like any other form of art, you always need to work on it.
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