Get Hired Using Hire-A-Redbird

Get Hired Using Hire-A-Redbird
Why Use Hire-A-Redbird
• Search and apply for full and part-time jobs and internships/professional practice experiences.
• Find and sign up for on-campus interviews with employers from a variety of industries.
• Publish resumes and cover letters into resume books for recruiters to find you.
• View upcoming career and networking events and find out which companies are attending, what positions they’re seeking to fill, and what majors they’re most interested in hiring.
• Find average hiring salaries, and much more.
How to Use Hire-A-Redbird
1. Visit
2. Click on the student login button.
3. Use Illinois State’s Central login with your ULID and password.
4. Once logged on, click on “Profile” in the upper left hand side and complete your personal and academic profile, then save.
5. To add an internship record, go to “Profile-Internships” and click on “add New Experience.” Internship records can only be entered one work term/semester at a time. If the internship lasts longer than one semester, submit the first internship experience record. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click “edit” and “copy to New Work Term.”
Hire-A-Redbird Works For Your Internships Too:
• Add your professional practice experiences to your academic profile for both credit and
non-credit internships.
• Track and submit internship hours completed.
• List and track duties completed during internship.
• Evaluate the internship experience. (309) 438-0230 110 Student Services Building Campus Box 2520 Normal, IL 61790-2520