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Sprout Baetis Emerger
Thread: 8/0 to 12/0 – Olive, Dark Dun.
Hook: #16-#22, Daiichi #1130.
Shuck: Olive or Dun colored Z-Lon (or Antron) fibers.
Abdomen: Olive or Dark Dun Turkey Biot (or Goose Biot on the small flies).
Parachute Post: Widow’s Web or 1/16” foam cylinder.
Hackle: Medium to Light Dun Whiting Dry Hackle.
Thorax: Blue Winged Olive or Dark Dun Fine & Dry Dubbing.
Notes: Originated by tyer, Bob Brooks, this pattern has become the most popular
emerger pattern that CrossCurrents sells. Our guides love it, our customers love,
our staff love it and best of all... the trout LOVE IT! This pattern is tied in all
species of Mayflies and even Midges just by changed the color and size. The
original pattern uses white foam cylinders for the post and that does work great
but don’t hesitate to use Widow’s Web in colors that make it easier for you to tie
with and more visible for you to see on the water. Don’t come to the MO
without tying a few of these for your fly box. We have this pattern and many
recipes, tying instructions and tying videos on our website at
-Good Tyin’,
Chris Strainer