Name Value Minimum Picture Donation

Mary Beth Restivo
Kent & Susan Glossop
Dick Widhu
Minimum Picture
Mary Beth Restivo
Mary Beth Restivo
Mary Beth Restivo
Mike Ballentine
Bonnie Reid Grodt
Shauna Dalleva
Hilary Keating
Susan Chadwick
U Pick Next Year's Auction
25 http://www.u14' Trampoline
$100.00 http://www.u"Music 4" drawing in ink and
colored pencil on vellum
$25 gift card to Texas Road
$25.00 gift card to Bertucci's
Have an idea for a Goods and Services Auction Theme? Be the
winning bid and you get to pick the theme for next year's auction.
We need your theme by mid-March 2014 in order to plan
Hedstrom Model 10450-Z 14' JumpGuard Trampoline. Approx 12
years old. Most of the time it was indoors. Will deliver
(disassembled) and help with setup. New 14' trampolines run
calligraphic rhythmic composition inspired by music
Legendary Food, Legendary Service®, and Legendary Fun! Located
on Amherst St Nashua and coming in November, S Willow St
Since 1981, Bertucci’s has prided itself on being a pizza pioneer,
using the freshest ingredients in new and exciting ways. Multiple
locations in NH and MA.
Signed copy - eXtreme New
This collection of real-life stories from famous New Englanders
England Weather by Josh Judge and ordinary people will fascinate and inform you from start to
finish. Signed by the author, WMUR-TV9's meteorologist, Josh
http://www.uBoston beer fest early June: 2 The annual American Craft Beer Fest (ACBF) is the east coast's
tickets, bus, lunch at Cheese
largest celebration of American craft beer, featuring over 100
Boy, and Pretzel Necklace
brewers and over 500 beers! Auction item includes 2 tickets to the
Fest, Round-trip on the Boston Express bus, and Lunch at Cheese
Boy in South Station. Bonus: Custom-made pretzel necklace! The
event date has not been set yet, we think it will be June 7, 2014,
1:00 to 4:30pm. We'll take the 10:30am bus from Nashua Exit 8.
We'll be back at Exit 8 about 6:30p. If you like craft beer, you go to
this, no question. Must be 21+ with ID.
Acrylic Painting
Nintendo DS
Chocolate Basket
Weekend at the Lake
Black Nintendo DS w/ case, chargers
Newfound Lake - House sleeps 8; 3 bedroom house
Roy Goodman
Minimum Picture
Trip to the MFA (Museum of
Fine Arts)
Jim McCormick
Jim McCormick
25 - 50 each
Apple MacBook Pro
2 Kindle eReaders
I will bring up to four people to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
on a day to be decided. Included are 4 tickets, transportation,
parking, and my 2 cents worth on the art we encounter. I have a
BA in Art History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: this
does not mean that I will try to make you like something you
don’t, but I might be able to shed some light on why it is the way
it is. The MFA has a huge collection - more than one can see in a
single visit, so I will try to tailor our time there according to your
3 yrs old, Hard drive sanitized, ready for next owner.
About 2 years old, chargers included
John Sanders
Minimum Picture
The Paris Dining Experience
(for six personnes at Chez
Sanders )
Nothing so crass and overrated as Maxim’s, La Tour d’Argent,
Taillevent or Alain Ducasse . Non, non, non, non! This is pure
elegance! This is a long, leisurely evening in which you can
explore the way the Parisians perfect the art of dining and realize
their ecstatic appreciation for La Grande Cuisine . The menu will
of course vary with the season (depending on what’s fresh, on the
availability of fresh truffles, … etc) and can be tailored to your
tastes. But you can expect to start with an aperitif and an amusebouche (a little amusement to tease the palate) followed by an
hors d’oeuvre (to arouse the appetite until it’s whimpering with
pleasure), then a light soup course to heighten the appetite even
further, so that it can find its release in the entrèe (also known as
I or “the first course”), followed by and culminating in the main
course (the pinnacle of this sensual journey). But we cannot end
the meal there with your senses dangling from such a high
precipice. Non, non, non, non! We must descend from these
heights slowly and carefully. The main course is sometimes
followed by a simple green salad to prepare you for the
mandatory cheese course (a lovely excuse to drink another wine),
and then a light playful dessert, which is followed (never
accompanied) by coffee and some little sweet to help it along (I
like to think of it as dessert of dessert). And of course (of course,
of course), messieurs et mesdames , there will be several wines
chosen to match perfectly with each course. I This is the way to
experience the finest dining! This is the way to live the elegant
sensual life for one beautiful evening! Perhaps that is why I was
awarded an unprecedented ten stars by a well-known local
restaurant critic! And all of this can be yours for the winning bid!
[Estimated value: $300 or more … much more!].
John Sanders
Minimum Picture
Kathy & Frank
Kathy & Frank
Kathy & Frank
A Chinese Adventure Meal, a
feast for 6 lovers of exquisitly
fine Chinese dining
A Chinese Adventure Meal, a feast for 6 lovers of exquisitly fine
Chinese dining. If you win this bid, Her Imperial Highness, the
Empress Wu will invite you and five of your friends to be her
guests at a lavish imperial banquet held in your honor. Such state
dinners normally consist of ten or more courses of rare, exotic
dishes and the most succulent delicacies, all prepared to exacting
specifications with the finest and freshest ingredients. The
imperial chefs and their army of minions will spare no effort to
ensure that each dish will be a unique new experience that will
surprise and delight your palates. They will exclude any
ingredients or flavours that your discriminating senses find less
than pleasing, so that your entire evening will be serene,
sumptuous and satisfying. All of this can be yours for the winning
bid! [Estimated value: $300 or more … more … more! ]
Turkey Day help
A collection of items from Pampered Chef to help you on
Thanksgiving: A carving knife, a cutting board, a wooden bowl,
wooden servers, and a turkey hat for the chef!
1 dozen Gluten-free chocolate Yummy Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Only ingredients are
chip cookies
peanut butter, sugar, baking soda, egg, and chocolate chips.
(Contains peanuts and egg.)
Soup & Bread Dinner for 6
Enjoy a delicious dinner of homemade soups and breads at
Chateau Grossman in Hollis! Enjoy such delights as Corn Chowder
and 10-grain bread, turkey chili and corn bread, winter vegetable
soup and focaccia, as well as some desserts to top off the evening!
This meal can be modified to be vegetarian or vegan or glutenfree.
Jerry Ross
Mike Ballentine
Minimum Picture
$400 $25/personhttp://www.uThe Barbecue to End all
An epicurian delight on a summer’s night! Join Jerry Ross and
friends for a cookout of marinated sirloin tips, chicken tenderloin,
grilled summer vegetables, corn on the cob and whatever else he
can dream up. Good food, good conversation, good drink (!) --how better to spend a summer’s eve? We’ll find a date next
summer that works for all. Let’s do this one different – there’s
going to be eight winners of this item. Put your paddle up if you’re
willing to pay $25 to attend. We’ll keep upping the bid to
eliminate bidders until there are eight people left. They each pay
the bid amount and they each are winners. Those eight will the
guests at my cookout. (Each person attending needs to bid,
couples included. No free guests --- hey, this is a fundraiser for
Pete’s sake!)
One dozen urban chicken eggs Working and living from their urban coop near Greeley Park, our
hard-working Australorps produce the best eggs ever. "I can't
believe I've been eating grocery store eggs so long", a noted local
foodie was heard to say.
David Robbins
Bob Coulter
Minimum Picture
The Big House
Win a certificate worth $1,500.00 toward a Spring or Fall week at
the Big House on Bass River. The current (2014) rent is $2,900.00
per week. The amount due owners with the certificate is
$1,400.00.|Built in the 1840’s this 8 bedroom (7 currently
available), 4 bath house is offered to the winning bidder for a
mutually agreeable week in June or September, 2014. |Amenities
include:|Wrap around, screened front porch with excellent river
views. The river is 150’ away.|Very large kitchen seating 10+
around the table. |Use of the pier and float for swimming and
boating for watercraft you supply.|Large side and back yard for all
sorts of activities.|Small, little used public beach 300 yards up the
road, great for small children.|Larger public beach with parking,
on Nantucket Sound, ½ mile away.|More antiques, knickknacks
and fun stuff than you can imagine.|Cable TV with at least two
small sets and a sometimes quirky internet connection.|Bring your
own linens and towels or use ours for a nominal fee.|This is a livedin house. You will be guests in our home – without us. We limit
this to 14 including babies as the house requires some TLC and
has an elderly septic system which is expensive to service. The
winning bidder will be asked to sign a lease acknowledging listed
obligations and responsibilities.||This is a great opportunity for a
family reunion or multi-family gathering. If you have questions
call or email me at [email protected] or 603-459-8726.
|We would like to offer two separate June/September weeks.|Go
to and enter number 305895 for more details.
DeWalt Heavey Duty 10"
Compound Miter Saw (Used)
Model DW703
Flower Photos
Arthur Murray Dance Lessons
Lightly used compound miter saw - incredibly useful for household
projects! In excellent condition -- only used a few times. In the
original box.
Two framed (20 x 16 inch) photos of flowers, probably best suited
for the silent auction
Two dance lessons, two group classes, and one practice dance in
any Arthur Murray Boston Area Studio (the closest ones are in
Burlington, MA and Manchester, NH). The certificate is for new
students only! Can be a couple or individual. Donated by Steve
Mathon, Manager, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, 99 Elm Street.
Manchester, NH 03101, (603) 624-6857
Gary Lerude
Bob Coulter
Mary Beth Restivo
Mary Beth Restivo
Scott Shepherd
Ellen & Burns Fisher
Ellen Fisher
Minimum Picture
Hand knit ruffle scarf
Hand Knit ruffle scarf
4 hours of carpentry service
Antique Tray and Box
Earthopoly Game
Ellen Fisher
Elephant Necklace
Ellen Fisher
Kim Steele/Rob Bate
Black Seed-Bead necklace
Soup Supper or Soup of the
Mary Licking
Mary Licking
Wine & Chocolate basket Red/Red
Wine & Chocolate basket Red/White
Season Tickets to Simple Gifts
Coffee House, one pair Simple Gifts Coffee
70 inches long, hand knit with Boutique Sashay yarn. Color name
is Disco: Orange, green, blue.
70 inches. Made with Boutique Sashay yarn. Multiple shades of
Shepherd Residential Construction will provide four hours of
carpentry work on your home or business. If you've got a project
that needs completing or are looking to repair or enhance your
property this is the opportunity you've been waiting for! I'm
happy to meet with you to discuss your wish list. This donation is
for time only, materials are separate. All work is insured and I
have every confidence you'll be happy with your purchase.
Small wooden tray and box, dark finish with Oriental landscape
design of inlaid mother-of-pearl. Tray is 7"x11" and box is about 5
1/2" square. The story is that these items were salvaged from the
trash by my grandfather in the 1930's.
Unopened board game that plays like classic Monopoly (learn
ecological facts, trade carbon credits, and save the earth).
28" 3-Strand Necklace with gray, light blue and white beads,
including some beads shaped like elephants.
32" 10-strand necklace with black seed beads
Invite up to 10 people to our house or yours for a delicious Soup
Supper. We will provide up to 4 home-made soups, plus bread,
salad and dessert. As an alternative to actually scheduling
something, we will deliver locally a batch of seasonally
appropriate soup on or near the equinoxes and solstices.
A basket filled with chocolate paired with a red wine.
A basket filled with chocolate paired with white wine
2 tickets to the 2014/2015 season at Simple Gifts Coffee House.
This does not include the Local Performers Showcase fundraiser in
Kate Messner
Susan Glossop
Pat & Steve Ladew
Sharon Machado, Ellen
Minimum Picture
160 10/person; 40/table
Martha Brooks
Ann Barker
Ann Barker
Ann Barker
Ann Barker
Ann Barker
Weekend in NYC
Weekend accommodations (Fri & Sat nite) in northern NJ - just
across the George Washington Bridge and 'up the road a piece'.
Lodging and light breakfasts included at the home of Kate
Messner's parents; Vye and Fred Messner (Woodcliff Lake, NJ). Do
whatever you'd like in NYC while there and come back to your
comfortable accomodations with New York lovers. For a
testimonial ask David, Carol, Jonah and Caleb Wagner who
enjoyed a crystal clear day last year wandering around the city.
Crazy Quilt Pillow
Multi colored hand made quilt pillow.
Summer Solstace Scrabble for Not Words with Friends on Facebook; not Scrabble on your
iPhone. Face-to-face Scrabble with real boards and no cheating
(although we will have dictionaries available for challenges).
Saturday June 21, 2014 7 - 11 pm. 4 tables of 4, the winners from
each table will play each other in the championship round. Will
provide beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks as well as dessert and
coffee. $10/person; $40/table
NH Wine and Dine
6 people will be taken to a local vineyard in NH for a wine tasting,
then back to Ellen and Burns Fisher's home for a delicious tapas
dinner with a tasting of more NH wines.
Weekend in New Harbor Maine Spend a spring or fall weekend at this lovely home in New Harbor,
Maine. House has two bedrooms and a fold out sleep sofa to
accommodate as many as six, and is less than a mile from scenic
Pemaquid Point lighthouse and visitor center. Booth Bay Harbor,
with its shops, restaurants, and parks is a short drive down the
coast. Several of our church members have thoroughly enjoyed
their weekends here.
Book entitled "Flotsam" by
A boy finds a camera washed up on the beach. See what the roll
David Wiesner--winner of
of film reveals.
Caldecott Medal 2x
Book "Shoreline Discovery" A Workbook good for home schooling--purchased at Acadia Nat'l
Guide to Acadia's Coastline
Park bookstore for Parks as Classroom Program.
Youth T-shirt
size Med
EARTHA from DeLorme store in Maine
Adult T-shirt
Sage color with various animal foot prints. Says Leave only
Adult T-shirt
Long sleeve, size Large. Purple with beautiful colored images of
canned goods and fresh produce. Says Common Ground Country
Fair---from Maine.
Ann Barker
Chip McGee
Olivia Holmes
Olivia Holmes
Olivia Holmes
Priscilla Bernasconi
Priscilla Bernasconi
Jerry Ross
Priscilla Bernasconi
Lori and Jack Law
Lori and Jack Law
Lori and Jack Law
Lori and Jack Law
Lori and Jack Law
Minimum Picture
100% organic cotton, size Large. Beige with wooden canoe
paddles in a circle on front.
Nashua Maple Syrup
One bottle goes to each of the three highest bids. Made right here
in Nashua at Merkel-McGee farm. Bring home some of syrup for
you pancakes and waffles.
A Hike (or not) and dinner for 8 A lovely afternoon in and around the Temple, NH area and a
in Scenic Temple, NH
special visit to the UU Nashua parsonage" for dinner. All food
offered will be locally grown so please think summer for the hike."
at least $100
Sermon Topic of your Choice
You pick the subject and I'll write a sermon especially for you.
Custom Mahogany Jigsaw
Rev. Olivia will use a photo or other art you provide and custom
cut a wooden jigsaw puzzle to your specifications.
In the eyes of the beholder
Original Watercolor
Original Watercolor by Priscilla (PJ) Scheibel, White Wing
teacher/local artist, circa 1960's. PJ was a featured speaker at a
UU Women's Fellowship meeting during my mother's (Eleanor
Dorr) time as president. PJ presented her with the finished
example of her work that she demonstrated that day. My mother
framed it and admired it for 30 years. And I have done the same
for 13 more years. Now it is your turn.
"Stag in the Mist" Print
75 http://www.u"Geocaching wih Jerry" Redux Let's do it again! Like last year, this auction item is an introduction
for 6
to geocaching by Jerry Ross. If you've ever wondered what the
fuss was all about, here's an opportunity to learn about
Geocaching, get set up with a geocache account on the web, and
go on a "guided" geocaching treasure hunt at a lovely local venue.
I can take up to six people on a mutually agreed upon day during
the spring or summer.
Ferry Beach framed photos
Set of 3 photos of Ferry Beach taken in 2013.
Bask in the Glow of a World
2 tickets for one Red Sox Spring Training game in Ft. Myers,
Series Win
Florida in May of 2014
$ 200 - $ 300
Indoor 40" x 60" tapestry by Judith Kohn Weaver/Designer in
Nashua. Beautiful fall colors.
Antique (?) board game
Dr. Livingston I Presume; African Adventure board game in
pristine condition, never been used -in original box
Wooden Rocker
Toy wooden horse rocker
Framed Print
Framed (metal) print of Boston Public Gardens by James F.
Adult T-shirt
Lori and Jack Law
Minimum Picture
UU Church
Parking Space #1
UU Church
Parking Space #2
decorative plate
Mike Wilt
Flying sightseeing trip Mike Wilt
Auto Repairs
Dave Hudson and Andy
Nona Storer
$15 per set $10 per set
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
$15 per set
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
Nona Storer
Bartending and Banter
Hand-made decorative plate purchased in Bermuda from
Bermuda Glassworks.
The most-coveted Reserved parking space in the Grove Street Lot.
This is the space closest to the playground. Impress your friends
for an entire year!
The second most-coveted Reserved parking space in the Grove
Street Lot. This is the 2nd space in from the playground. Impress
your friends (other than the ones who have parking space #1) for
an entire year!
We will take off from the Nashua airport and go on an aerial tour
to wherever suits your fancy. Previous trips have included the
lakes region, Mt Washington, Cape Cod, the coast of Maine and
more. We can make this tour as long or as short as you want. My
plane accommodates up two four adults (including me) or three
adults and two children. You buy the gas (~50/hr).
This is the auction item to fix whatever ails your car. Previous year
projects have included brakes and even a timing belt. You buy the
Dave Hudson and Andy Straussberg will graciously provide their
certified bartending skills to your next private party or event. You
provide the supplies and we’ll provide our alchemical wizardry.
We can also create a signature drink to commemorate your
special festivities. (Max. duration 3 hours).
Pair of locally crocheted pot holders in blue chunky acrylic yarn
Pair of Blue Crocheted Pot
2 Red Crocheted Pot Holders 2 locally crocheted pot holders in red acrylic yarn
2 Green Crocheted Pot Holders Pair of locally crocheted pot holders in green chunky acrylic yarn
2 Green Crocheted Pot Holders Another pair of locally crocheted pot holders in green chunky
acrylic yarn
1 Dark Blue Crocheted Pot
One dark blue locally crocheted pot holder in a wool-acrylic blend
Green Table Center Doily
Locally crocheted table center doily in green acrylic chunky yarn
Red Table Center Doily
Locally crocheted table center doily in red acrylic yarn
3 Blue Hats and Pair of Blue
Homemade loomed hats and fingerless gloves in various shades of
Fingerless Gloves
Beige and Black hat and
Hand-loomed set of fingerless gloves and matching hat in mostly
fingerless glove set
acrylic chunky yarn. Trim has some wool.
Nona Storer
Minimum Picture
Tastes and Smells of Corsica
Geri Davidson
Geri Davidson
Geri Davidson
Portable DVD Player
Geri Davidson
Art Paint set
Mary Beth Restivo
Nona Storer
Calligraphy kit
Around New England T-shirt Cape Cod
Coffee Dreams Basket
Enjoy Corsican-produced foods and goods: Artisan-made
traditional Corsican basket from Pigna, hand-made coffee mug,
candle, essential oil of myrtle, myrtle berries (for roasts and
stews), oilive oil, citron and orange marmalade, myrtle and olive
spread, plus fruit and almond candy bought in Calvi (made in
Provence) and a game of tarots with traditional Corsican images!
Queen-sized quilt (82"x99"), cotton, made in India, "wedding ring"
pattern, scalloped edge. (The quilt is a never-used gift, but for
people with allergies, please note that it was stored in a house
that has cats.)
3 pen nibs, 14 ink cartridges, instruction booklet and practice pad.
Portable DVD Player from Polaroid: 7" color LCD; DVD, CD, MP3,
CD-R,CD-RW, JPEG image compatible. Lightly used (on a road trip
many years ago).
Watercolor paints - unopened box of 10 tubes of Permalba
watercolors; Oil paints - unopened box of 24 tubes of Art oil
paints; Paint brush set - 18 paint brushes in a fabric holder.
(Caveat: these items have been stored for a number of years.)
Blue Adult size L. Words and phrases that remind you of the
Hand-crafted hamper overflowing with guilty pleasures and
paraphernalia to help you enjoy your morning mug or evening
demi-tasse of coffee: Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto, Emporio Rulli
coffee flown overnight from from San Francisco, along with their
famous Panforte Rulli--a nut and fruit-filled treat, a box each of
truffles and nutty chocolates from Martha's Exchange, a French
press, an Italian espresso maker, a Hamilton Beach coffee grinder
with a cleaning brush, two large white porcelain coffee mugs, two
porcelain demi-tasse cups, two scoops, two air-tight canisters and
two sets of holiday dishtowels to clean up with!
Dave Hudson & Hal
Minimum Picture
Dave Hudson
M. Licking / S.
Barbara Spitz
Barbara Spitz
Barbara Spitz
Barbara Spitz
Wriiii-ting Gooood!
Startup Advice
Holiday cookie basket
grey labradorite and gold fill
drop earrings
Christmas package earrings
Handmade glass and sterling
silver earrings
Sterling silver and opal quartz
Well, Hal “Chico” Holway and Dave “The Man” Hudson will
provide up to four hours of writing assistance for your next
project. Maybe you have a big presentation at work or want to
jumpstart that novel you’ve been working on. Perhaps there’s a
screenplay hidden on your hard drive or a poem buried in your
heart. We’re happy to brainstorm, outline, design, write, edit,
refine, or just serve as a sounding board. Whether it’s academic,
professional, or deeply personal, we can help with your next
masterpiece. (Cannot be used for homework!)
You’re the type that has ideas, lots of ideas, but would any of
them make a good product or business? Where do you start? Is
your product or service ready for prime time? What about
lawyers, investors, market research, and production? Starting and
funding a business is easier than ever, but doing it right is as hard
as it has always been. Serial entrepreneur, Dave Hudson, will
spend up to four hours with you refining your idea(s), discussing
your options, answering your questions, and helping you develop
a roadmap.
from Trader Joes's: Mini choc hazelnut biscotti, Crackers savory
thins TJ.(2), Hol dk choc triple ginger cooki, liqueur brandy beans
Handmade by Barbara Spitz. Labradorite and gold fill earrings
earrings of red and clear Swarovski crystals with sterling silver
locally handmade blue swirled glass drops and sterling silver
earrings. Earrings hand made by Barbara Spitz
Earrings of large round shaped opal colored quartz drops with
sterling silver