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Capital Area Beekeepers’ Association
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May Meeting
The monthly meeting
The May meeting is this Friday,
May 8 at 7 pm. Meetings are held
at the South Congregational Church
on Pleasant Street in Concord.
Speaker: Gary Neilson,
entomologist from JP Pest Services –
will speak about identifying honey
bees vs, yellow jackets and removing
Break: During the break the club
provides coffee and punch and
members are encouraged to bring a
snack to share with your fellow
Raffle: Don’t forget the raffle –
bring a few dollars to buy some
tickets and bring along something
for the raffle table. Things for the
raffle table can include bee related
items but don’t need to be – last
month the coveted items seemed to
be the John Deere hats! This is a
great place to bring those unwanted
gifts you receive….
Friday, May 8 at 6:30pm
Featuring: Fred Martin
Do you ever feel like you want to
ask a question but don’t have the
chance? We are going to try
something new this month and
give people the opportunity to ask
questions in a smaller forum.
Before the meeting from 6:30 to
7:00 we will have someone in the
chapel available to answer
questions in a smaller group
setting. This month Fred Martin,
one of our mentors and the vice
president of newest club in the
state, Winnepausaukee
Beekeepers, will be in there to
answer all your questions.
There has not been enough
interest in the workshop
this year so it was
deceided to cancel this
event. Appologies to
those who wanted to
Coming in June
JUNE 12th – Ken Kuhn will
discuss how to determine if
you have honey to take from
your hives and the different
ways to get the honey out of
the hive. Jean Chase,
Briajean Acres will explain
how to make creamed honey.
This July marks a major
milestone for our club. It has
been five years since an idea to
form a club in the Concord
area developed into the club
you see today. With a little
help from the state club to get
the word out and with some
advertising in local papers we
had 17 people at our first
As celebration of that
milestone we have booked well
known beekeeper and author
Marina Marchese to come talk
about her books and teach us
the art of honey tasting. We
will need 4 to 6 different
honeys to taste so if anyone
wishes to donate a jar of honey
for the tasting let Deb know.
As part of the tasting we will
have crusty bread crackers,
cheese, fresh or dried fruits or
nuts and flat or sparkling
So that we may all enjoy the
evening there will be NO
business meeting.
Capital Area Beekeepers’ Association
August is another big month for
us! AUGUST 2nd is our annual
cookout held at the Lawler
Farm in Bow. This year we will
have Jim Tew here as a
speaker. The following info
was taken from “About the
author” from his newest book.
We sold so many tickets for the
hive raffle that we were able to
raffle off two nucs in addition to
the hive! The winners were
Melissa Laverick, Michael King
and Elise Gauthier.
Discover Wild New
What a wonderful day we had
this year at Discover Wild New
Hampshire!! Just under 7000
people attended the event
Thank you to all that attended
and helped !
It is time again to compile a list of
members who want to be called if
someone in their area has a
swarm that needs to be removed.
If you are interested let Randy
James E. Tew has been
keeping bees for over 40 years.
He has a Ph.D. in Entomology
and is currently a Consulting
Professor at Auburn University,
where he conducts beekeeping
educational programs and
maintains social media systems
that support the Alabama
beekeeping industry. Recently
retired from The Ohio State
University, where he worked for
33 years as an Associate
Professor focusing on
pollination ecology and the use
of honeybees and native bees
as pollination agents, James
gives lectures and workshops
for beekeepers in the US and
UK, runs the website One Tew
Bee (, and
has written numerous books,
including Wisdom for
Beekeepers, as well as articles
for Bee Culture magazine.
The club receives a fair
amount of
requests to
provide talks about bees
from garden clubs, schools,
home school programs, kids
programs and more. We are
in the process of developing
a program to include in the
educational trunk that
anyone who borrows the
trunk will have access to. If
anyone has done some
research for a program that
you have given and would
like to add to the club
curriculum please contact
Jude Hamel as she has
agreed to prepare it.
Thanks to Jude for offering
to put this together!
Capital Area Beekeepers’ Association
www.capitalareabeekeepers.orgMembers wishing to use the
When we formed this club 5
years ago the general
agreement by all was that
Capital Area Beekeepers
Association should be fun and
educational for all members
and a way to educate the local
community on the importance
of honey bees.
The executive Board discussed
at length the need to have
guidelines in response to some
concerns we have recently
We on occasion receive an
email from a member wanting
us to pass along information to
our members. There may be
times when we as a committee
feel that that information is not
appropriate for the club to take
a stand on and developed the
following statement to address
CABA was started out of an
interest in honey bees and
beekeeping. We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization that
promotes education around
honey bees and beekeeping. In
recent years Colony Collapse
Disorder has brought attention
to honey bees and beekeepers
and a variety of hypotheses
regarding the cause of the
problem. Without conclusive
research available that clearly
identifies the cause of CCD,
CABA cannot cite a specific
cause nor offer any solutions to
the problem. We encourage
our members to research for
themselves the variety of
explanations that have been
offered for CCD as well as the
impact that CCD can have but
we ask that the CABA name not
be brought into public
Capital Area Beekeepers name
or logo on their own website or
It was felt that the club should
not be linked to facebook pages
or websites. The CABA logo
should not be used unless
permission is granted by the
CABA Executive Board.
Vendors wishing to set up and
sell products at meetings
CABA does not offer exclusive
rights to any vendors to sell at
our meetings.
We believe it benefits members
to have access to vendors at
our meetings
Vendors should be selling
agricultural or bee related
items and must first request
permission from the board to
set up and sell at meetings.