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Case Manager
Head of Leadership
Full Time
Cape York Partnership is the engine room for innovative policy and programs designed to end passive welfare and
empower Cape York Indigenous people and families to improve their own lives. Each cog plays an important role in our
reform agenda.
The Cape York Leaders Program supports the development of current and future Cape York leaders. Cape York
Partnership is committed to empowering talented Indigenous leaders of the region to drive and own the Cape York
Agenda by providing them with the necessary leadership skills.
The Cape York Leaser Program has for many years through its ‘Academic Leaders’ phase, offered scholarships and support
to assist talented Indigenous secondary students to enable them to leave community and enter credible academic
institutions and graduate with a standard of excellence.
The Cape York Leaders Program is now building on the very strong success of the Academic Leaders to extend its reach
more broadly to support young people in Aurukun, particularly secondary-school- aged young people, to begin their
orbiting journey outside of Aurukun and to ensure they are on a pathway to work or education.
The role of the Case Manager will be to focus on planning for young people to be working and learning outside of
Aurukun and coordinating the new arrangements to replace Aurukun Alternative Secondary Provision (ASP) that has
ceased operation.
The Case Manager reports to the Head of Leadership, and is responsible for the case planning and coordination of
responses to compulsory school aged young people in Aurukun, and other young people where appropriate, to ensure
they are on a pathway to education or work, with a focus on supporting successful orbiting.
To Case Manage compulsory school aged young people in Aurukun, and other young people as appropriate, to
ensure that they are on a pathway to education or work.
To provide the initial point of contact for compulsory school aged young people in Aurukun and their families, and
service providers.
To coordinate both the implementation of a short term response as this new response is established and lead the
medium and long term planning for this new program.
To immediately begin work to develop a case plan for each young person in Aurukun of compulsory secondary school
age. Case management will aim to change behaviour, social norms and outcomes by ensuring participants have the
support they need to increasingly succeed in pro-social work, education and living environments outside of
To coordinate resources and support according to assessed needs and as set out in the Case Plans to provide
individual and small groups with support to:
a) transition successfully to secondary school where possible, e.g. this may involve:
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employing support officers/mentors/tutors to provide additional intensive extra academic or social and
emotional support to assist students succeed at a school outside Aurukun
o providing extra support while students are still attending CYAAA in order to ensure they are better able to
transition from Aurukun
o providing extra support to enable those that can to successfully transition to schools that have had success
with Aurukun young people such as Djarragun College, Abergowrie, John Paul College, Dalby Agricultural
College and Marist Brothers
o providing extra support in the form of house parents to provide supervision and support to a small number
of students in a house environment if assessments indicate this may be more likely to lead to success than a
placement in a boarding school environment
b) engaging participants in social enterprises and work placements where success at any secondary school is not
assessed to be feasible, e.g. this may involve:
o coordinating work placements wherever possible through our networks such as at Bama Services and with
o setting up and providing supervision, accommodation and support to small numbers doing work placements
in other industries
o engaging participants as volunteers in in-community pre-work activities coordinated by CYE (this is not
intended to be a permanent destination, but rather to be used to reinforce that even when in community it
is expected that all you people be productively engaged and ‘doing something’).
Key result area
Major activities/deliverables
Key performance measures
 Case plans in place for all
 Number of orbiting placements
successfully made
 Number of participants who
achieve their education or work
placement, or other pro-social
Prepare, assess, plan, implement, monitor and
review case management plans for participants
involving the young people, their families and
relevant service providers to ensure they are on
a pathway to work and education opportunities
Assist participants to achieve the goals in their
case plan
Support these young people to orbit
successfully wherever possible
Develop ongoing supportive relationships with
participants, their families and communities to
ensure participants feel supported and follow
through with their case plan
Ensure participants have access to tutors and
mentors where needed
Provide information, support, referral and
advocacy to participants as required
Act as a liaison point for partner schools and
other service providers working with
Assist in holding workshops, events and other
social marketing to develop social norms
around education, work and orbiting
Develop professional relationships and links
with service providers, funders and other
Maintain appropriate administrative systems
and assist with routine administrative tasks
 Documentation filed correctly and
in a timely manner
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Key result area
Major activities/deliverables
Key performance measures
Undertake other duties as directed
Completion of a tertiary level qualification in a relevant field.
Tertiary level qualification in relevant field.
Demonstrated organisational and communication skills.
Understanding of issues affecting Indigenous young people from remote communities and understanding of the
Cape York Agenda.
Demonstrated ability to communicate with young Indigenous people and to develop and maintain appropriate
working relationships with client base.
Sound interpersonal and teamwork skills.
Self-motivated and able to work independently.
Demonstrated well-developed oral and written communication skills (including computer skills).
A current driver’s license.
Experience working in and/or with Cape York communities.
 Case management and/or student support skills or experience.
It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of, and have an understanding of this document. Should the user
wish to clarify any aspect of the document they are advised to contact their line manager or the Business Manager.
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Head of Leadership
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