— Tunic 4226 Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern — Tunic 4226
Recommendations on fabric: natural / mixed knit fabric of
middle or high stretchiness
You will also need: decorative cord, elastic tape of 2 cm wide
(the approximate length is mentioned on the pattern of front
If the pattern has double contour the seam allowances are
If the pattern has single contour, the seam allowances are
NOT included and need to be added when laying out and
cutting details.
Seam allowance: on hem and hem of sleeve –
2. 5 cm, on short side of panel — 2 cm, all other seams – 0. 7
Attention! First of all please print all the paper patterns and lay
them out at the width of fabric you plan to use (usually from
90 to 150 cm) to see how much fabric you will need. Don't
forget to count pair parts and symmetrical parts.
When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches, they
must coincide.
Main fabric:
1. Upper back part - 2 details
2. Lower back part — 2 details
3. Central front part - 1 folded detail
4. Lower front part — 1 folded detail
5. Side front part - 2 details
6. Sleeve – 2 details
7. Pocket sidebody – 2 details
8. Pocket bag — 2 details
9. Panel — 1 detail
1. Sew relieve edges on front part. Serge and press the seam towards center.
2. Put pocket bag onto lower front part and overstitch pocket opening. Turn pocket bag onto wrong side
and press. Put decorative stitch along pocket opening on 2 cm off the edge. Stitch pocket sidebody to
pocket bag.
3. Sew middle edges on upper and lower back parts. Serge and press onto left side.
4. Sew shoulder and side seams on upper parts of tunic. Serge and press to back part.
5. Stitch loosely between markers on neckline and gather ruffles. Cut a panel of 6 cm wide and as long
as neckline. Sew panel into ring. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Stitch panel to neckline. Serge seam
allowance. Put the stitch along neckline on 0. 5 cm. off the connecting seam.
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6. Sew side seams of lower parts. Serge and press.
7. Turn seam allowances of panel short sides inside and press. Sew upper and lower parts of tunic,
inserting panel lower edge. Serge and press downwards. Turn upper edge of panel inside and topstitch
on 0. 1 cm off panel upper part, making a self-belt.
8. Sew sleeve seam. Serge. Sew sleeve into armhole. Serge hem of sleeve seam allowance, turn
inside and topstitch.
9. Serge hem of the garment, press onto wrong side and topstitch.
10. Run the decorative cord.
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